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viplive Kim Kardashian -- Banning Divorce Drama from E! Reality Show http://t.co/79QbO4ui #kimkardashian #celebritydivorce

midgee2012 Kim Kardashian divorce: Meet the women who also cut their marriages short http://t.co/RQBcA7yW

sepdira @day_diana si s*vert yg divorce ya? XDD

yo_sgood @BET Tonight at Midnight on @BET @krisjenner reveals if @kimkardashian and @reggie_bush met for a secret lunch before Kim filed for divorce.

warmandtote Tips to help your #child deal with #divorce. Share. http://t.co/lzogfWLD

Loh_Lah Instead of divorce, marriage licenses should be allowed to expire. Driver's licenses expire. Still love (cont) http://t.co/HjdL31bt

mpool11 RT @Jkirk22: Check out the quotes from my wife @LuxuryPRGal RT @THR: KimKardashian's Divorce Exposes Her Ambition for Fame and Money http://t.co/um4Ht8sI

msricks38 RT @LifeDictionary: Most don't understand that love is self-less thats why the divorce rate is so high.

YSuwaifi I need to divorce my blackberry.

DevarustixNO Real Housewives Orange County Gretchen Real Housewives Of New Jersey Clothes Real Hou http://t.co/w0KlXyVP real housewives of oc divorce

AnderGuerArost CLOSE ENCOUNTER http://t.co/uVqRgnic

SanfordPetit After Divorce Dating Tips: More Than Fifty cent Of All Marriages End In Divorce, And All Those Divorcees Have Proven... http://t.co/HL5kApcJ

ItsKimBtw Like I don't care about them. Because for me divorce or not it's just a status since they fight every once in a while.

MissGuru What's going on with Kim Kardashian's Divorce? Somebody Bring me up to sleep.

BestRappers "We're All Human Beings, Celebrity Or Not, We All Make Mistakes" http://t.co/QEI5FmtB


Will getting a divorce make it harder to get permanent residence? by Ask _DR!!! Q: I received my conditional green card based on my marriage to my wife. We are planning to divorce because it is just not working out between us. I have to apply to remove the conditions on my green card 90 days before it expires. I looked on the USCIS website which says that you can still apply if you get divorced. But my question is if it is harder to have the condition removed if I get divorced? What are they looking for in order to accept the removal of the condition? Thank you.

A: Yes it is harder. They will look at your time here. Have you held a steady job? How long were you there? Did you get arrested or have convictions while you were here? Can you support yourself? Do you already have a place of your own to live? These are the kinds of things they are looking for.

What is the divorce rate between average americans and the celebrities? by collegegirl9 Q: I need substantial proof and great information. Can anyone tell me what that rate of divorce between the famous celebs and the average americans are? What my actual question is; is the divorce rate among celebs higher than the divorce rate of average americans? Because in today's society, in my opinion it seems average Joe's can stick it out in marriage with more problems than the celebrities can? Anyone who can help me discover this assumption to be true would be terrific help to me!!!

A: I bet for celebrities it is higher because the pressure of traveling and doing love scenes in movies can be hard for the spouses. You have to be a strong person to hear about or see the love scenes. Celebrities also get a lot of flattery.

After my divorce hearing, will they mail me a divorce certificate? How long does it take? by Mommy of 1 Q: I already had my divorce hearing, and the judge signed off on everything, but i forgot to ask if they were mailing me the paperwork. Are they going to mail a divorce certificate? And if so, about how many weeks will it take?

A: Yes, all courts will mail a final divorce decree however when depends on the state and the court. Some states have waiting periods after the divorce papers have been filed. Some will require a wait of 30, 60 days even up to 6 months after the papers have been filed before you are legally divorced. If your state has a waiting period, you will receive papers by mail once the time has expired. If not, it should not take more than a few weeks to a month, all depending on how busy the clerks office is.

How do I get a cheap divorce without using a divorce attorney? by Greg Q: I know that divorce for men is not easy. My partner and I are done, so how do I leave my ex without spending all my money on a divorce lawyer? Is there a way to get a free divorce? Any divorce advice that will help me win my divorce is greatly appreciated.

A: Hey Greg, I have been divorced once already and am going through my second divorce, this time without a divorce attorney. A cheap divorce for men is tough, and knowing how to get a divorce without breaking the bank is even tougher. I just came across http://newdivorcetactics.com/ and there is some great advice for men and women planning a divorce here. This site is filled with divorce tactics and strategies that will allow you to learn how to move on, and keep the divorce attorneys from stealing everything you and your ex have accumulated. I love my kids and get along with my ex, but not enough to go bankrupt in the process. Hope this helps you figure out how to get a divorce!

divorcE......? by -caps-lock- Q: do you agree on divorce? why or why not?

A: I agree with divorce. We are just people after all and we do change as we grow older. Sometimes that change in us and the changes in life with the people we are committed too just don't work out. It is a part of life. If we knew the path our life was going to take, we would have reached our destination some time ago, but we don't. We live for the now, plan for best and have faith in what we believe. The choices we make are the ones that drive our feelings, at times those choices become what we feel are mistakes. We live, we learn and life goes on. When we are broken from love, we find it in ourselves to move forward, while at times when moving forward - we leave behind our lovers. Why? It is just the way life roles some......

.....DIVORCE...............? by LauraC Q: If u are separated from your spouse for years (over 10) and have no contact with them, live in Ireland, and the spouse cannot be found (last living in England) is there a way to divorce without been in contact with the spouse??

A: Yes, but contact a lawyer. There is a waiting period, but it's once you state to a judge that you can not find the spouse the waiting period starts.

DiVoRcE.....? by Mandie Q: my boyfriend's parent just told him tht they're getting a divorce. what can i do to ease his pain? serious answers plz! 5 stars 4 best answer!! *parents sorry..

A: It's not something you can DO ... just BE THERE with him ... respect it when he wants to be alone .... occasionally remind him it's not his fault .... and that he stil has two parents .... You could also ask him what he would do to prevent this ever happening in his future marriage. Don't accept abuse .... but try to hang in there when his moods change....

DIvorce..............? by envisiondreaming Q: I got married in july 2005 and we fight all the time. I just cant continue to feel bad anymore over stupid crap. we got married in nevada but we live in california. How do i file for divorce or do Ihave to file for legal seperation

A: if you live in ca, you file in ca. it doesn't matter where you are married. also, if you want a divorce you can do that too. the filing fee will be 320.00

Divorce.....? by mysteryman.princecharming Q: Hi, Lately I Have been wondering why people divorce eachother...and why there are so many unsuccessful relationships in the west. I live in India and there are'nt many divorces here..My grandparents have been married for 60 years and are still happy,together. My parents have been married for 30+ years and am sure they will stay together for the rest of their lives. I am not saying these marriages are perfect.I have witnessed horrible fights .. But at the end of the day, one of them compromises. Lately, divorces have become more frequent in India too. Don't you think our elders are setting a bad example for us.. I am 23 years old and am allready skeptical about marriage and I am sure a lot of people all over the world feel the same way.. Is there a way we can find a solution to this ??

A: education brought the second class woman into the twentieth century and with brains you get equality the problem is in many other countries the woman is taught from birth to please her man and here the little girl are taught to think for themselves. It's really not a problem but when you are a domestic goddess you aren't going to likely find a free ride as easily as staying where you are on the other hand... If you work and make enough to carry you own weight when the old man comes home late smelling like a pub and with lipstick on his collar you are easy to say buck off fastard! and leave so you do the math there kiddo and figure with education and equality you get divorce increasing off the charts because now a days there no reason to put up with any ones B S

divorce......? by couture yourself. <3 Q: My mom is thinking about getting a divorce from my dad in a couple of month. I don't know what to think about it. I want her to get a divorce because my parents just don't understand eachother, but then I feel guilty because I want my dad to leave. Have any of your parents ever gotten a divorce, and how did you handle it?

A: Don't feel guilty........I was never so relieved as the day my Mom and Dad split up. Even at 10yrs old I knew that the fighting wasn't okay and that they were better off apart, of course, I never said that to my Dad, because he was heart sick, but that was 27 years ago and it proved to be the right decision for them and us kids!

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