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yurikoturleyHNA County taps into goodwill of diaspora diaspora ;O http://t.co/ByLmKOxK

ANAyxd http://t.co/OYKtofQX ;O diaspora Open Facebook killer survives on cash donations • The Register

agyu RT @HuffPostTech: Diaspora* co-founder dies at 22 http://t.co/ardpjwrG

leaderswest Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Dies at 22 [REPORT] via @mashable http://t.co/bzFVd2mB

lizbethladucerW County taps into goodwill of diaspora http://t.co/460bTxBr diaspora

ritalavon6615VF http://t.co/FOshIdMW diaspora ;) County taps into goodwill of diaspora

CelebrityNews69 Diaspora Amazing | Ilya Zhitomirskiy which lets... | http://t.co/ITRi6j52

gw_vatieri Damn! Really?! Ilya #Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 22. http://t.co/KMTPMIkZ

evelynsamuel Might Facebook and Google+ expand Illya's ideals? http://t.co/T9biorpQ

pranitcomps RT @anoopan: Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 22 via @techcrunch http://t.co/7elqHcMi

Jefftheman45 Just got on #Diaspora*. Nothing too awesome yet, but I'm glad to be part of it nonetheless. I guess a lot of the innovation is backend.

Jaynewmhic RT @ECTHEGREATEST: Tech Talk News: Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 22 http:tco7acLPYfe

PrintManiaJapan RT オープンソース版Facebook、Disaporaの共同創業者llyaが22歳の若さで亡くなる: Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Dies at 22 [REPORT] http://t.co/RjI6Wjfa [英文]

vladkorotnev RT @alexmak: холи шыт :( 21 год... RT @gigaom: R.I.P. Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy http://t.co/23gS1nsF

AdamStorr Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 21 http://t.co/2IWkICnJ


Do you have a topic idea that involves the African American Diaspora? by Tania P Q: I have this 8 page research paper to do. Somehow it has to involve the African American Diaspora. Do you have an idea for this topic? Please let it be a topic that I can find plenty of information about.

A: The railroad system. Without it, the diaspora would not have been as dramatic.

Can someone please explain the Jewish diaspora from the Romans? by Julia Q: There are a lot of sources confusing me with dates and how it started. I just want to know what the Romans did to the Jewish people around what time (around 70 CE I believe) and why. I just want to understand this diaspora that actually influenced the Israeli National Anthem, 'Hatikva'. Thank you. I appreciate all your help

A: Rome and the Romans sacked Jerusalem and most of Judea in 70 AD sedition and the temple high priests flagrant disregard to the pagan traditions. They failed to pay their tribute and revolted against Roman rule. The seige at Masada in 73 AD was one of the last great acts of defiance by the Jews against the Romans. This was the start of the diaspora with some of the population run off their land. The main diaspora would not be until around 135 AD after the Bar Kochba revolt where the remaining jewish population fled to Mesopotamia, Armenia and Eastern Europe.

How did the Jewish Diaspora come about? by paydog23 Q: Hey, I've been wondering how the Jews of ancient Israel came to be dispersed throughout the world? For example, how did substantial populations of Jews come to live in France, Germany, Poland, etc.? Was the Diaspora a gradual or rapid process?

A: The Babylonians, The Greeks and Romans and others that oppressed the Jews helped to bring it about, forcing Jews into exile in various ways

Do you think there is really a big physical difference between africans anf african diaspora? by ✿AFR✿CAM✿De✿Bafang✿ Q: By african diaspora, i am talking about the ones who were taken out of africa by force to the western hemisphere.

A: You know, it really just depends on the person. the ancestry. whether there is a lot- or a little admixtutre. I usually feel I can tell the difference between born W. or Central Africans vs. AA people- but, other blacks from other countries, their resemblance is closer. But, there have been times where I've seen a AA or an African person who I could never know the difference until they began to talk. lol @ Digga- 'washed up" features. thanks. - and just so people can really stop pretending like African women dont wear weaves and makeup. yes they do. I know many.

What was the diaspora and how did it begin? by Brianna D Q: What was the diaspora and how did it begin?

A: The first significant Jewish Diaspora was the result of the Babylonian Exile of 586 BC. After the Babylonians conquered the Kingdom of Judah, part of the Jewish population was deported into slavery. Although Cyrus the Great, the Persian conqueror of Babylonia, permitted the Jews to return to their homeland in 538 BC, part of the Jewish community voluntarily remained behind. The term 'Diaspora ' has since been used to describe other substantial movements of population.


A: I'm not really sure what you mean by your question. If you are asking if there is a true "diaspora," meaning a dispersion of people from their homeland, of Africans, then I would say that there certainly is. Africans were brought to the Americas and the Caribbean, and to a lesser extent to Europe through the slave trade, and their decendents remain spead accross these continents. Currently there is a more focused migration of Africans into the European Union. However, if your question is based on a more specific definition of African, or of diaspora, there is obviously room for intellectual debate. The word diaspora initially referred to the dispersion of the Jews leaving Israel. In this case Israel ceased to exist as the center of the Jewish culture for milenia. This is obviously not the case in Africa which was never depopulated by Africans and repopulated by another group. However in modern day the term diaspora often refers to a forced dispersion of people, either through expulsion as was the case with the Jews, or through kidnapping which was the case with Africans. Therefore, although Europeans have also spread accross the globe, there is little discussion of a "European diaspora." In this way the spread of Africans and their decendents can be differentiated from the spread of other peoples by calling it a diaspora as opposed to emigration or exploration. Another reason some people do not recognize the forced dispersion of Africans as a Diaspora is that Africa was never one cultural unit. Therefore, one might accept the idea of a diaspora of the Yoruba and Igbo people for example, who were heavily hit by the slave trade, while maintaining that the Berbers and Khosa have not experienced that phenomenon. However the strong Pan-Africanist movements that have developed over the 20th century identify Africa as having important cultural unity and includes those decendents of slaves living in the Americas and the Caribbean. If one accepts the idea that a culture is self-defining (meaning that a culture is defined by the people that culture includes and excludes as being a part of it) then one must accept that Africa does have a level of cultural unity that allows for the application of the word diaspora.

When is Diaspora set to launch to the public? by Jordan Q: I am sick of using Facebook but I love to connect with my friend easily. I've heard Diaspora will be pretty similar but give you more privacy, but when does it launch? I've been reading articles that said it was launched on September 15th, but there's no address link or anything. Could someone please clarify this

A: That was a developer preview on that day, basically an pre-alpha stage release. In otherwords, they finished the most of the initial development, but now there is a lot of bug hunting and fixing before it is completed and released to public. An alpha release, (somewhat usable, but very buggy) is to released this month. However, I do not know when the final release will be released. The developer preview is found here: http://github.com/diaspora/diaspora PLEASE remember, it is not completed yet.

What is the exact number of the Lebanese diaspora in the world? by K.J Q: They say there are 3 to 4 million, some 12 to 13,million over the world? sometimes even 13 or 15 million? So we don't know. I want only the diaspora who are fully Lebanese and not mixed Lebanese or with ancestors. Thank you.

A: Lebanese diaspora refers to Lebanese migrants and their descendants who by choice or coercion emigrated from Lebanon and now reside in other countries. The diaspora is estimated from 12 million people to more than 15 million people - far more than the internal population of Lebanon itself(which is estimated at 4 million

What types of documents are useful to explain the Jewish diaspora and why? by 986Orange Q: Can someone tell me what types of documents are good enough to explain the Jewish diaspora and why they are good sources? For example, I know that the Quran must be a good document to refer to, but why? I also need a few more. I would appreciate it and thank you.

A: To start, it is told of in the Torah in several references. Your question is a bit hard to follow. Are you looking for source documents to explain the progression of the diaspora, or looking to explain the reasons for the diaspora, or maybe even trying to find information on the similarities and differences of the diasporic communities? There is a lot of material, and I need clarification to help point you in the right direction. The Quaran has an interesting point of view on the subject, but it is not what I might call a scholarly source document. Paul was right to suggest you may want to stick to Josephus in the beginning and branch out form there.

How much money Armenian diaspora will be paying to historians, parlements in 2011? by Greyfut Q: Why they don't help their country? How many more illegal immigrants in Turkey? When will diaspora accept Armenians killed numerous Turks?

A: Diaspora only look for their own benefit, they dont really care about their own people. And other countries who support them already looking for weak point of Turkey to punch. It has never discussed by historians, only by politicians who are going for vote.

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