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Dia de los muertos

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marypp04 @coquetafiel princesa lea ste blog y si le gusta dele #FF @tonatiuh9 Día de los Muertos ó Halloween? http://t.co/7XsozSAB abrazos

marypp04 @mrfunkybot hermoso lea ste blog y si le gusta dele #FF @tonatiuh9 Día de los Muertos ó Halloween? http://t.co/7XsozSAB abrazos y bendicion

natalieRrusso @ricciardir feliz dia de los muertos senor! http://t.co/T0ZckF5H

marypp04 @meli1404 princesa lea ste blog y si le gusta dele #FF @tonatiuh9 Día de los Muertos ó Halloween? http://t.co/7XsozSAB abrazos y bendiciones

insidefullerton Art Walk time... Get Ready, Go! http://t.co/2iyJf2wS OR find comedy, live music, theater, Dia de los Muertos & more: http://t.co/vb7NVdb5

_juanitaladel8 @MONl_ en Colombia y en España también se celebra el día de los muertos, como homenaje a los ya fallecidos.

_LuuhMazza - Ain to pesqizando o trabalho sobre a catrina del dia de los muertos (español horiiiiiiivél o meu) kkk'

nanda_argolo Lindas, lindas! Amei essas "caveiras" do "Dia de los Muertos". http://t.co/yMWimX6D

HorizonHCH New Blog Post: Dia de los Muertos - Stop in at Horizon's Grief Resource Center this week as we honor Dia de los Muer... http://t.co/J6t2rpIg

left4dread_ Dia De Los Muertos http://t.co/hhbktIaA

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FutureDivaWWE RT @RealMelina: Feliz Dia de Los Muertos!! Hope everyone is having a great day. Love you all! Hope the pic ok: http://t.co/3xALdZto

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marypp04 Día de los Muertos ó Halloween? http://t.co/7XsozSAB hermosos y princesas ya leyeron este blog de @tonatiuh9 ? ta bien interesante

Manantial3 #Houston. Sab 5, en Talento Bilingue de Houston (TBH) presentan obra sobre Dia de los Muertos, une fecha muy celebrada en #Mexico.


Is it inappropriate or disrespectful to have a "Dia de los muertos" themed wedding? by Phinnius Q: We want to have a Day of the Dead themed wedding. Since Dia de Los Muertos is generally a holiday that celebrates death and rebirth, a reasonably significant theme in our relationship, we thought it wouldn't be totally unacceptable. But if anybody has any opinions based in experience, we'd love to hear about it.

A: Well, it IS your wedding. However, I don't think it would be my cup of tea.

Dia de los muertos (Day of The Dead)- easy recipes? by Jenniey Bee Q: I would like to make some Dia de los muertos food for a college class, any suggestions? I don't' have enough time to do the skulls since I would have to get a kit. Something that is not too time consuming but delicious would be great :-) Halloween and Day of the Dead are two separate holidays, they are distinct in so many ways. Educate yourself next time before you talk. Thanks everyone for the answers, bread it is! And happy holidays to all on whatever you celebrate

A: Pan de Muerto is a great dish. It's a very yummy bread sprinkled with sugar traditionally severed on day of the dead. It's very easy to make, and recipes are everywhere. http://www.globalgourmet.com/food/egg/egg1096/panmuert.html good luck XD

Where in Dallas to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos? by SOLIDROQ Q: I am looking for a celebration, carnival or parade for Dia De Los Muertos in Dallas. I would like to participate in dressing up, face painting and photography.

A: If you end up painting your face, here are some really good brands :) I have a tutorial on my youtube account also in the 'what's your source section". Good luck! http://www.wolfefxmakeup.com/ http://www.tagbodyart.com/shoppingcart/products/TAG-Face-Paint-Starter-Kit.html http://www.facepaintingtips.com/shop/category/face-paints/diamond-fx/

How to start celebrating Dia De Los Muertos? by kitty Q: I'm Mexican but born in America and my family hasn't celebrated Dia de los Muertos since they left Mexico 20+ years ago. Mostly because there hasn't been many deaths in our family in a long time. Anyways, the past few years has brought about the death of my great-grandparents, an uncle, and a friend. What would be a good simple way to start honoring them on this day?

A: Start a family altar with their pictures just for the event, not for all year long. What are some things that they particularly liked? Gather up those things to place in their sections. Usually Virgin of Guadalupe images are included. There is a special incense that is burned and flowers as well. Finally, you include their favorite foods. My mother loved avocados and olives. Olives are easy because I don't have to open the can or jar until the last few days, but avocados will spoil if I don't buy them at the last minute. Just a few ideas.

Has anyone ever been to the festival called dia de los muertos at the hollywood forever cemetery how is it? by blackorkid1 Q: Do they sale food there and do they paint your face like a skeleton and do they sale merchandise of dia de los muertos can you take pictures of the altars and dancers and performers.

A: I have not been to the festival, but here is the link to their website and perhaps you'll find the info you need: http://www.ladayofthedead.com/ Best of Luck to You!

How do people greet one another on El Dia de los Muertos? by Aubrie Q: Do you say feliz dia de los muertos? This is probably a dumb question, but I'm trying to expand my knowledge of and explore my ancestors' cultures and part of me is of hispanic decent.

A: "Live long and prosper"

What are important rituals when celebrating el Dia de los Muertos in Peru? by Q: I need to know different things that are done in Peru to celebrate El Dia de los Muertos.

A: I don't believe they celebrate sl dia de los muertos in Peru...I have a Peruvian friend, and he says thy do not. Also, I can find nothing on Yahoo Peru about it. El Dia De Los Muertos actually falls on All Saints Day...which is celebrated in Peru. See 1st site below for an article on Yahoo Peru about the all Saints Day celebration. People go to the the cemeteries to clean the grave sites, take flowers, and remember loved ones who have died. This holiday is distinctly Mexican, tho it is recognized in Bolivia and Brazil also...but not in all Latin American countries. All Saints Day, on the other hand, is a religious holiday recognized in all Catholic countries. 2nd and 3rd sites below tell about All Saints Day in Peru.

What is the name of this Dia De Los Muertos souvenir bought in Mexico? by sfaye Q: I bought a small souvenir in Mexico around Dia De Los Muertos. It is made of brightly colored plastic fabric and lined with blue silk. It contains a bunch of religious art. It opes with a Virgin Mary,and it has a tiny beaded charm of a Saint, it also has a cut out of what looks like a prayer that starts with "de el feliz", and a Corazon de Jesus. I was wondering what this was and its purpose.

A: What you describe sounds more like an ex-voto or a miniatura than anything having to do with Día de los Muertos.

Dia de los muertos calavera tattoo? by carlospalomares1985 Q: Do the colors or design of Dia los muertos=( Day of the dead) calaveras=(skulls) have a meaning? Thinking of getting a tattoo but want to make sure I get the right one, any links would be really helpful.

A: the day of the dead is a day to remember your dead loved ones..... its a day in south amarica for celebrating the life of their family/friend i guess any pic of a skull is representative of the dead member.

Can somebody give me information on dia de los muertos toys? by xX_sgtk155a55Xx Q: I'm researching on dia de los muertos and my topic is toys. Can somebody give me some information because I can't really find any good info online.

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