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Dez bryant

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RustyRyanSteeze @cridez Yeah it's no doubt in my mind Blackmon will have a high grade he will be on our board.He is better than Dez Bryant was at Osu imo.

TonyRomo_News Cowboys | Tony Romo defends Dez Bryant http://t.co/7XglYKtf #NFL

TonyRomo_News Dez Bryant isn't changing sideline style http://t.co/n7CUwkdl #NFL

KingJamesWho Week 9 Top WR 1. Roddy White @IND 2. Greg Jennings @SD 3. Dez Bryant vs SEA 4. Marques Colston vs TB 5. Dwayne Bowe vs MIA

DCFanaticsBlog DCFanatic's Blog: Woodson has message for Dez 'boycotting the media' Bryant... http://t.co/gD2BJTLG

KevIngles RT @Dez_BryantWR: Cowboys WR Dez Bryant dishes on performance, sideline antics, how he is perceived http://t.co/d11RcSHo #NFL

FantasySP_NFL Dez Bryant / Mac Engel: Dez Bryant is 23 going on 13 http://t.co/AXU1hOd6 #NFL #DAL

Dez_BryantWR Cowboys WR Dez Bryant dishes on performance, sideline antics, how he is perceived http://t.co/d11RcSHo #NFL

Dez_BryantWR Mac Engel: Dez Bryant is 23 going on 13 http://t.co/gknZk7zm #NFL

Joey559 @CodyDavids__ dez Bryant had 4 TDs on you bro you suck pretty bad.

CowboysLatest Mac Engel: Dez Bryant is 23 going on 13 (Star-Telegram) http://t.co/RokvFwwk #Cowboys

Brown_Mario Dallas Cowboys: The Attitude Is Good - Blogging The Boys http://t.co/uXDeFvZ7

brashay Dez Bryant makin it rain @BeamersDallas!

ShodB Lol Dez Bryant going bananas in this hoe lol

AJENIKOKO U stay meeting ppl lol RT @btamangani: Just met Dez Bryant and it just happens to his bday.


Who should I start Week 1, Dez Bryant or Julio Jones? by King Papichulo Q: Dez Bryant is going up against one of the best pass defense in the league in NYJ, but could still put up points. Julio Jones is going up against a middle of the pack pass defense (ranked 20th last year). But he's an unproven rookie, so I don't know what to expect from him. Who should I give the nod to?

A: Romo will probably target Dez more, simply because Revis and the jets will cover Miles Austin well---I would go with Dez over Julio Jones, who could do well, but has yet to play a game.

Should I trade Dez Bryant for Reshard Mendenhall? by kipreiserer Q: I really need a good RB, my receivers are Hakeem Nicks, Roddy White, Dez Bryant, Braylon Edwards and Santana Moss. I have Ray Rice and Ryan Matthews at RB but Matthews is hurt. Would Bryant for Mendenhall be worth it?

A: Yes

Fantasy Football WEEK 4, Do i start Dexter Mccluster or Dez Bryant? by Brad Q: Fantasy Football WEEK 4, Do i start Dexter Mccluster or Dez Bryant?

A: Mccluster

who do i start week 1 Dez Bryant or Jeremy Maclin? by Boston Sports Fan Q: Dez Bryant is probably going to be covered by Revis so thats concerning and Jeremy Maclin is still not 100% so i got a big decision to make.

A: I think Revis will be covering Austin! Either way, I'd go with Dez Bryant.

Does Dez Bryant have a shot at rookie of the year? by Jay (cynical) Q: Put your hatred of the Cowboys aside for two seconds. Do you think Dez Bryant is a candidate for rookie of the year?

A: Yes absolutely. I think he should be the frontrunner at this point. He's been playing well while Sam Bradford has been struggling the last few games. The only other obvious candidate it's Ndamukong Suh and the NFL rarely gives rookie of the year to a defensive player. I think Bryant is going to make a strong case for rookie of the year with an impressive end to this season.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys should use Dez Bryant more? by Trevor Q: The Cowboys have had a new weapon Dez Bryant now for 5 regular season games but have only thrown to Bryant a few times. He caught his first Touchdown last week for a 33 yard pass from romo and that was the only pass thrown his way the entire game?

A: Definitely, Dez Bryant is a Beast! Demarcus Ware and Miles Austin "bring it" every game as well! Go Cowboys!!

Who should I start this week and Should I drop Dez Bryant? by Damien Q: My Wide Receivers are: Wes Welker Steve Smith (Giants) Hines Ward Roy E. Williams and Dez Bryant My Running Backs are: LT Lesean McCoy Darren McFadden Peyton Hillis Joseph Addai Marshawn Lynch Pick 5 players to start this week from this list. I can have 2 receivers and 3 backs or 2 backs and 3 receivers. Also, should I drop Dez Bryant? Available options include Pierre Garcon and Jabar Gaffney. & Davone Bess. It is standard scoring.

A: wes welker hines ward lesean mccoy LT peyton hills

Should I start Dez Bryant or Thomas Jones? by Miguel Lewis Q: For week 11 in fantasy football, in my RB/WR spot, should I put in Dez Bryant of the Cowboys or Thomas Jones of the Chiefs?

A: I think you pretty much have to at this point. Bryant has outperformed Austin every game that Romo has been out. Thomas Jones hasn't really done much these last few weeks either.

How far will Dez Bryant Go In The Draft? by Kevin F Q: Does anyone thing that Dez Bryant will drop back to the 27th pick overall for the Cowboys to pick him up?

A: The raiders will take him we love future bust picks....

Does Dez Bryant deserve a pat on the back for saying no to stupid hazing rituals? by Patches O'Houlihan Q: If a guy like Larry Fitzgerald told Bryant to carry his pads I guess I could get it on some level, but an underachieving clown like Roy Williams? Attaboy Dez.

A: People who have a problem with him for not participating in a hazing ritual are mindless idiots just like the guy above who senselessly ranted about being part of a team and tradition. Yeah because the Cowboys are the first team he's be on, I'm sure. Keeping his head down, staying out of trouble and working hard should be enough.

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