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Collusion and the Department of Justice? by Q: What are the basic laws that make collusion illegal and that empower the U.S. Department of Justice to block mergers?

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_antitrust_law http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman_Antitrust_Act

how can i work in department of justice or parole officer? by dvcgurl Q: what r the requirments? what test do they do if any? iam planning on getting my associate in criminal justice degree how do i get started to investigate to acheve my goals.

A: www.google.com

What are some things the department of justice is involved with today? by Omar E Q: I'm looking for the major issues it deals with today, and preferably a brief overview of the department's general duties.

A: google it

Any cheers for Holder's Justice Department in busting up the largest spy ring ever? by Step up your Game Q: Some of you have been dragging the guy down (some appropriately, some not). How about this though: Busted up the largest spy ring in American history. Doesn't that deserve some serious praise?

A: The right wingers will use lies and excuses to dismiss success. They cannot bring themselves to favor anything the administration does, it is pure partisan blindness at its worst.

Difference of the Attorney General and Department of Justice? by luna Q: I am doing a project for Government and I am Department of Justice. But I am confused because there is also an Attorney General in the class. The attorney general is the leader of the Department of Justice isn't he? Can someone explain who heads the Department of Justice if it is not the Attorney general?

A: You are correct, the head of the Dept of Justice is the Attorney General.

What is the Israeli counterpart to the US Department of Justice? by mcompaniesinfo Q: What is the name of the "Department of Justice" like we have here in the US in Israel. (need it for MUN conference) or some sort of legal/crime sector of government.

A: sorry can't help you on this one.

Shouldnt the Justice Department file against the "Sanctuary Cities" also, instead of Arizona? by Touche' Q: The White House and Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona for trying to enforce the constitution against illegals. So shouldn't the White House and Justice Department also file against the "Sanctuary Cities" for NOT enforcing the law? Should work both ways shouldn't it?

A: Absolutely. There is a clear double standard emanating from the White House and it does appear that even our own president is not in the slightest bit interested in actively enforcing federal law in order to protect citizens in the Southern border states. It is almost some kind of payback.

Is it time for the FBI and Justice Department to take over the case? by French Fry Hunter Q: Before the Sheriff of Pima County totally blows it and the guy spends his life at a cushy mental hospital? Uh...Billy? A Federal Judge was murdered. I am pretty sure that qualifies.

Why isn't the Justice Department Investigating the NBA? by Q: Its becoming more and more obvious that there is corruption in the NBA. The latest incident with Chris Paul and the lies and cover ups afterwards was unbelieveable. Stern's control was bad enough with the salary cap. (This allows David Stern to penalize owners who spend more ti improve their teams, then what is allowed by David Sterns Law and those fines collected are funneled to NBA "small market" teams. Its all about Stern doing what ever he wants with his Toy. The Ethics committee and Justice Department should investigate David Stern before he ruins the NBA and turns it into another WWE. The creditability of the league us at an all time low.

A: the credibility is already gone, NBA fans are more interested in what player is boning Kim Kardashian than anything that happens on the court NBA will continue to get worse until another Bird/Magic thing comes along or another guy like Jordan who just changes the game nothing can be done about it, NBA now is like it was in the 70s, a bunch of selfish players that want to go party in South Beach or New york rather than entertain fans

Separate departments within Department of homeland security, dept of justice, and dept of state? by Oracion en Orlando Q: My government teacher asked "what departments comprise the Department of State", what departments comprise the department of homeland security, and what departments comprise the department of justice. I have looked and looked, but I can not figure out what departments are within these departments. There are agencies, but not departments. Please help!

A: Maybe your teacher misspoke. You cannot have a department within another department (think of the confusion this would cause).

Why did Obama appoint the defense Lawyer for Johnny Taliban to the Justice department & ban Enemy Combatant? by Hillarys lovehandles Q: as a charge against the terrorist we have captured?Obama thinks he is banning the phrase Bush used when in fact it is an actual Military Charge he is dropping that pertains to terrorist that are caught in the field of war.He also said that the US must have Substantial proof that these terrorist are linked to Al Quieda. Why is he doing this to our soldiers that have been maimed or killed by insurgents?

A: All I know is that this BS is really getting on my nerves. I'll be honest here. I haven't seen him do anything that I'd call patriotic since he was elected. I'm starting to wonder who's side he's on.

Should the Justice department ignore the fact the Supreme Court has ruled only congress has the power to ? by Mr. Wolf Q: regulate immigration? The Supreme Court has already ruled that the Congressional power to regulate naturalization, in Article 1, Section 8, of the U.S. Constitution States also includes the power to regulate immigration.

A: No and if any other entity ever tries to regulate immigration then they should take action. That simply hasn't happened in recent memory.. State and local officials have long arrested illegal aliens when they ran across them..

Why is it instinct for the Department of Justice to appeal rulings in constitutional lawsuits? by Lois Griffin Q: It seems like it's instinct for the Department of Justice to appeal rulings in constitutional lawsuits......... even rulings they happen to agree with. You would think it would just be easier to let the ruling stand. It would cost less. It would be less aggravation. Less time-consuming. Why do they always do it the hard way? They always gotta appeal the rulings. I understand "They have a duty to defend the law of the land"........ but defending the law in the initial trial is different from APPEALING a decision that was already made.

A: Lawyers do very little by "instict." They make considered decisions. The DOJ appeals only a small percentage of the cases that they are involved in. In most cases, the DOJ cannot appeal at all. If you want to know why some specific lawyer would want to appeal some specific ruling, ask that lawyer.

obama had such a great idea in circumventing the justice department and deciding how much BP should pay? by sadcryingclowninironlung Q: to its victims and how it will be done and who controls it dont you think? i think we should just eliminate the justice department and make obama decide all claims in the country. did you know that BILLIONS of dollars are spent every year on the DOJ? and to think, obama could do it all himself....

A: NOT. Its unconstitutional. If BP told him to shove it, he would have NO recourse. BP played along because they care, not because that idiot did or said anything.

I have a question about an entry level Department of Justice Job? by dhardma1 Q: They have a * next to: A security investigation will be conducted to determine suitability for this position. Employment is contigent upon completion of a satisfactory background investigation as adjudicated by the Department of Justice. What does this mean? Do they do a credit & background check when you apply for the job or after a recommendation has been made for you to be hired? I noticed they ask for your social security number on the application when you apply so I assumed they did the checks to make sure you're qualified for the position in order to move to the next step. Anybody familiar with this process?

A: Not sure about DOJ, but I do know that state government jobs, they wait until they have interviewed everyone and have settled on various people before expending the resources to do a background check on the potential employee. Otherwise, they would have to do hundreds of background checks and weed people out that way, rather than weeding them out in the interview process. It seems to be a waste of time to do it before anyone has been interviewed. So, my best guess is, that the credit and background check is done AFTER the DOJ has decided to hire you. Most employers ask for the social security number on the employment application. The time to run the fingerprints through DOJ varies - I have heard anywhere from 1 day to 1 week, depending on the backlog of fingerprints. Plus, depending on the type of job it is, the DOJ may do more than a cursory credit & background check on you.

Who did barack obama confirm as the new secratary of the department of justice? by Kristen Q: i need to know who the new Secretary of the department of justice is for a project in class. can anyone help? and if u could also tell me when they were confirmed?

A: The Acting Attorney General is Mark Filip.

How come no one for five months in the Justice Department has been able to tell who approved the sale of guns? by R J Q: We all just found out about it but according to the news they have been being asked to fess up for over 5 months and some agents have been BLACK balled for coming forth and retiring. The ones on the tv stated that everyone in the ATF thought it was completely stupid. But this is serous and should lead to at least some being fired. I mean an agent was killed by one of the guns. I 'm sure mexico is thrilled about it.

A: They'll find Oliver North somewhere. Dig him out of obscurity and drag him before some senate committee. Or someone just like him. Trust me, whoever did it won't be taking the fall. Especially not in an Obama administration. They can't define the word accountability.

The Justice Department prefers to use WHATrather than WHAT to measure the degree of competition in an industry? by Q: The Justice Department prefers to use _____ rather than _____ to measure the degree of competition in an industry. A. Consumer Price Index (CPI); concentration ratios B. Concentration ratios; the Herfindahl- Hirschman Index (HHI) C. The number of firms; concentration ratios D. Total industry output; the Herfindahl- Hirschman Index (HHI) E. The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI); concentration ratios

A: It's E. Hey have you ever read the answer?

Why is civil rights panel investigating justice department over the new black panther case? by Christine K wants Obama to fail Q: Civil Rights Panel Subpoenas Justice Department in New Black Panthers Case http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/12/20/civil-rights-panel-subpoenas-justice-department-new-black-panthers-case/ Is this another BHO way of protecting his friends?

A: You Know Obama getting away with a lot right now. but we have a very fair and loving God, who tells us ,Vengeance is mine and I will repay. So just trust God. that's our hope as Christians. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

How can I get my police report from department of justice in sacramento - I'm in Texas? by Thank You Q: I have have been trying to get a copy of my police report/records from Department of Justice in Sacramento for almost two weeks now and I am running out of time, I need to have it for my court date and it's about 30 days or lesss from now and I am in Texas. Thanks to all who respond.

A: You should contact the public defenders office or legal aid in your area to see if they can help. California requires an (electronic) or finger print to get a back ground check. They Pub Defen office or legal aid may be able to speed up the process for you.

How many people approve of the Gestapo like tactics by the Justice department in their attempt? by Q: to shut up Sheriff Joe? Holder is a criminal and should be prosecuted as a traitor to this Nation.

A: Holder is an incompetent idiot. Just like his boss.

where is the knoxville, tn department of justice located? by LiVe YoUr LiFe Q: Anyone know exactly where the department of justice is located for knoxville, tn? I would think downtown, but when I try to search it, I cant find anything on it.

A: I'm assuming you are talking about Knox County rather than the City of Knoxville. Go to www.knoxcounty.org and click the "Laws and Justice" tab at the top for the various offices. Most are at 400 Main Street, but double check which office or court you are looking for.

Why hasn't Obama Pressured the Justice Department to arrest Bush for the war in Iraq? by Chilly Willy Q: That is one of the reasons I voted for Obama, he said he would investigate. But now it's like he doesn't care anymore.

A: The decision to go to war in Iraq was an official action taken by the former President and any official actions taken by the President can only be illegal if Congress determines those actions to be illegal (like the war in Iraq). Had they impeached and convicted Bush, then he could have faced charges. Had the President broken a statuary law that had nothing to due with carrying out his official duties, he could have been arrested when he left office. But no such crimes has ever been levied against the former President. Besides the President cannot order his arrest even if he wanted to, he can only direct the Justice Department to investigate Bush, but an arrest would not be his decision. No sitting President is going to try to get a Former President charged with an alleged crime while carrying out his official duties, they would leave that to Congress. Even if only because no President will do anything could limit their own power or have themselves be next on the chopping block by next President who is of the opposing party. The bottom line is, it's over.

The Justice department and the ACLU have the Arizona immigration law in front of a federal judge today? by NONAME Q: how many think Obama and Holder have read it yet and what do you think the judge will decide. Will the judge allow it to go into effect or stay the implementation until more proceedings have been pursued?

A: Well its in front of a liberal activist judge so more than likely that judge will rule against Arizona and then will be sent to the 9th circuit of appeals because Arizona will keep appealing all the way to the Supreme court because liberal activist judges do not care about the constitution

What does a lawyer do who is working for the US Department of Justice? by shionagie Q: I want to know more specifically, if a you get a job out of law school working for the US Department of Justice, what do your day to day activities/duties include? What would you be doing exactly on a daily basis?

A: She might prosecute folks who are accused of federal crimes

why is the department of justice making california close medical bud dispensaries? by Q: Isnt it ironic that its the department of justice too? How is it considered just and fair to deny people of their medicene? More importantly what is the logic behind this decision and how is medical marijuana or marijuana in general harmful?

A: Marijuana is illegal, by federal law. States have the authority to write their own basis of the existing laws. In this case, the federal governement stands strongly behind the law, and although california authorities aren't bound to enforce federal law over state law, that just means that the feds will come in and do it themselves, they have that authority. This isn't anything new, it's been going on for years. California, by allowing it's citizens to believe there are no consequences is ultimately getting them trumped up federal charges for what would otherwise be a misdemeanor. To answer your other question, marijuana is considered a gateway drug. It has an adverse effect on your body and limits your inhibitions. Our founding fathers never intended this country to take on a lifestyle similar to amsterdam, nor will the federal government allow it, and I applaud them for their actions while I sympathize with the poor people whom examples are being made. But just for the record, if you come to Texas with your RX they'll put you in the pin for longer than the feds.

Is the man who once served as the Justice Department's top official in Seattle, Now supporting Marijuana? by Q: A man who once served as the Justice Department's top official in Seattle said Tuesday that he is sponsoring an initiative to legalize possession of up to an ounce of dried marijuana in Washington state, a measure he hopes will help "shame Congress" into ending pot prohibition. - - Washington Marijuana Legalization: Former Seattle U.S. Attorney Sponsors State Pot Initiative

A: I'm glad good for him.. I'm sure we'll be hearing a reduction on crime.

Why would the Justice Department ok the sale of guns to the Mexican cartel? by Sunny louise Q: Tonight on Hannity. he covered the story regarding this country's supply of arms to gun dealers along the borders and they ended up in the hands of the drug dealers. They are investigating Eric Holder and Obama and they don't seem to know anything about it. Do you believe them? Sounds like Obamagate to me.

What are some issues the Department of Justice are dealing with right now? by love.life:) Q: I am really interested in the departments in the gov, and today we were discussing the Department of Justice. What are some issues they are dealing with right now? And can you possibly provide a link so I can read more about it/ check it out? Thanks!

A: Passing laws. Different parties want different laws passed. There's also enforcement, etc. etc.

Why has Obama's justice department decided to send terrorists to a federal trial in NY City? by DC Maximus Q: Talk about a BAD decision! First, these guys are supposed to be tried by military tribunals. But old Barack, looking out for his buddies, has decided they will be tried in a civilian Federal court in the heart of 9/11 country!! Talk about insensitivity!

A: New Yorkers are for it, the justice department is for it, Mayor Bloomberg is for it.... New Yorkers DESERVE to try them in NY and hand down the verdict in NY. I think it's poetic justice. These were not military people that were representing a government. They acted as individuals. Many 9/11 families are hoping to attend. I hope this brings them some closure.

How long does it take for Department of Justice to Respond ? by Bob Q: I sent a Adult with Disabilities Act violation complaint to the Department of Justice - Civil Right Division. How long does it take for them to respond? It been two months without getting a mail from them.

A: What I would do is to call them and see if they got your information, maybe it got lost in there system somewhere. I know I was dealing with the American Disability Act for my daughter and I had to keep calling them before I actually heard from them. If you need to do this, that is what I would do. Be determined, and just keep on calling them, and leave a shit load of messages to let them no you mean business, and you want shit done. Good luck.

What are the qualifications for candidates in the Executive Department of Justice? by QuestionCGRL92 Q: For school, I need to find out what qualifications candidates need to have to work in the Executive Department of Justice. Please tell me the exact qualifications and if possible, a link to show where you got your answer. Thank you.

A: different jobs have different classifications.

Why the "Double Standard" in the White House and Justice Department? by Touche' Q: Shouldnt the Justice Department file against the "Sanctuary Cities" also, instead of Arizona? The White House and Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Arizona for trying to enforce the constitution against illegals. So shouldn't the White House and Justice Department also file against the "Sanctuary Cities" for NOT enforcing the law? Should work both ways shouldn't it?

A: There was a law in place that allowed Arizona to enforce the border. But instead of you know, following the laws already there they had to write a controverisal law to stir stuff up.

Why is the Justice Department wanting Rezko to lie about Obama? by Joan L Q: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0608/11041.html Why is our tax dollars paying the Justice Department to try and bribe crooks to lie about the next president of the United States?

A: Everyone's scared of Obama. He will be the greatest.

One role of the federal government's Justice Department is to? by Q: One role of the federal government's Justice Department is to A) encourage price fixing. B) break up monopolies. C) provide businesses with loans for start-up costs. D) eliminate all barriers to entry.

Has Obama allowed the department of justice to become nothing more than a strong arm of the Far Left? by Q: So far the Justice Department has refused to investigate violations of the Black Panthers in voter intimidation and La Raza vandalism in Arizona but are won't hesitate to come after anyone who challenges the affirmative action of anyone non-white

A: No.

Why has the Justice Department suspended it's investigation into ACORNs illegal voter registration activity? by Okemos Q: What are they scared of they will find? I am now more pressed than ever to know what ACORN was really hiding, since the Justice Dept has suspended it's investigation into their illegal voter registration activity.

A: Because it's not clear if there is a federal statute on which one can prosecute. Thus far, everything that I see is potentially punishable under state laws, but not federal laws.

Is Obama planning on filing a lawsuit against ice the Justice Department contends that the U.S. Constitution? by Q: Is Obama planning on filing a lawsuit against ice the Justice Department contends that the U.S. Constitution doesn't give ice the authority to deter illegal immigration or regulate an issue with foreign policy implications ?People perceived as "foreign" by border agents will be in constant jeopardy of harassment, detention and arrest ??

A: The U.S. Constitution does not protect illegals or those who are foreigners who came legally. Unless they fit the criteria set forth. Which are, naturalized or acquired any domicile or residence in the United States Under the 5th Amendment "Aliens: Entry and Deportation .--To aliens who have never been naturalized or acquired any domicile or residence in the United States, the decision of an executive or administrative officer, acting within powers expressly conferred by Congress, with regard to whether or not they shall be permitted to enter the country, is due process of law. 43 Since the status of a resident alien returning from abroad is equivalent to that of an entering alien, his exclusion by the Attorney General without a hearing, on the basis of secret, undisclosed information, also is deemed consistent with due process. 44 The complete authority of Congress in the matter of admission of aliens justifies delegation of power to executive officers to enforce the exclusion of aliens afflicted with contagious diseases by imposing upon the owner of the vessel bringing any such alien into the country a money penalty, collectible before and as a condition of the grant of clearance. 45 If the person seeking admission claims American citizenship, the decision of the Secretary of Labor may be made final, but it must be made after a fair hearing, however summary, and must find adequate support in the evidence. A decision based upon a record from which relevant and probative evidence has been omitted is not a fair hearing. 46 Where the statute made the decision of an immigration inspector final unless an appeal was taken to the Secretary of the Treasury, a person who failed to take such an appeal did not, by an allegation of citizenship, acquire a right to a judicial hearing on habeas corpus. 47 Deportation proceedings are not criminal prosecutions within the meaning of the Bill of Rights. 48 The authority to deport is drawn from the power of Congress to regulate the entrance of aliens and impose conditions upon their continued liberty to reside within the United States. Findings of fact reached by executive officers after a fair, though summary deportation hearing may be made conclusive. 49 In Wong Yang Sung v. McGrath, 50 however, the Court intimated that a hearing before a tribunal which did not meet the standards of impartiality embodied in the Administrative Procedure Act 51 might not satisfy the requirements of due process of law. To avoid such constitutional doubts, the Court construed the law to disqualify immigration inspectors as presiding officers in deportation proceedings. Except in time of war, deportation without a fair hearing or on charges unsupported by any evidence is a denial of due process which may be corrected on habeas corpus. 52 In contrast with the decision in United States v. Ju Toy 53 that a person seeking entrance to the United States was not entitled to a judicial hearing on his claim of citizenship, a person arrested and held for deportation is entitled to a day in court if he denies that he is an alien. 54 A closely divided Court has ruled that in time of war the deportation of an enemy alien may be ordered summarily by executive action; due process of law does not require the courts to determine the sufficiency of any hearing which is gratuitously afforded to the alien. 55" http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data/constitution/amendment05/12.html#4 And these are aliens seeking legal avenues for residency. Which is why illegals do not have the same rights, and should not have the same rights as their counterparts who come legally. Illegals do not have permission from Congress, expressed or otherwise to be in the country at all.

Has the Justice Department failed to prosecute those who cheat Black voters? by Reba K Q: "This week, a series of articles have been published underscoring the ways that the racist restrictions of the past have been revived, in often disturbing ways. In the Huffington Post, I reported how the FBI ignored threats to jail voters in Dallas during a hard-fought 2006 state legislative race. The Campaign Legal Center today demanded an in-depth Justice Department probe of its failure to investigate this blatant violations of civil rights. The articles are called "The Republican War on Voting," and indicate how local, state and federal officials and GOP operatives targeted the community group ACORN with phony claims of voter fraud because of its successful voter registration drives. The claims of widespread voter fraud live on in briefs supporting the Indiana photo ID law filed by the federal government, the state and conservative Republicans now before the Supreme Court." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/art-levine/40-years-after-mlks-death_b_95116.html

A: Ya gotta love the evil beauty of it. First they rig elections in 2000 and 2004 and now they're accusing others of doing the same. They could teach Mugabe a thing or two.

What do you think Brewer responds to Justice Department challenge? by THE GREATEST GODDESS JILL Q: Gov. Jan Brewer has filed a response in federal court to a Justice Department challenge of Arizona's tough new immigration law. Brewer says President Barack Obama is trying to prevent Arizona from protecting its citizens with the Justice Department challenge, one of seven lawsuits seeking to have the new law blocked before it goes into effect July 29. Brewer's filing seeks to have the Justice Department's challenge rejected. The Tuesday filing says illegal immigration and a lack of comprehensive enforcement by the federal government has caused "crushing personal, environmental, criminal, and financial burdens" on Arizona. The law requires officers, while enforcing other laws, to check a person's immigration status if there's reasonable suspicion that the person is here illegally. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/arizona/article_af4c0246-9464-11df-a7ac-001cc4c03286.html

A: I'm sure she's not afraid of it & will tell them where to put it.....

Why does the justice department hate white folks now? by I miss him now Q: Holder, the token head of the alleged justice department refuses to take action onb hate crimes against whites. Time to lock and load folks, lock and load.

A: They deny that they are showing any bias claiming they judge each case by its merits. At least they are going to investigate it. We'll see how far that goes.

why do Cons keep complaining about the justice department doing its job by suing AZ? by Westboro Public Relations Rep. Q: If the courts say the Immigration Law is Unconstitutional then the Justice department is right, but if its found Constitutional then the law will stand and AZ is right! Whats there to be afraid of? COULD IT BE THAT CONS KNOW THE LAW WILL GET STRUCK DOWN LIKE A WHORE BY HER 1970's STYLE PIMP?

A: http://www.linkedin.com/answers/law-legal/criminal-law/LAW_CLW/682530-23320606 http://www.law.com/jsp/article.jsp?id=1202457530844 http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2010/06/23/2010-06-23_mexico_asks_federal_court_to_reject_gov_jan_brewers_arizona_immigration_law_ctie.html http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/49leg/2r/bills/sb1070h.pdf The question should be what are LIBERALS AND THE PRESIDENT AFRAID OF? AMERICANS ARE AFRAID OF BEING RAPED, MURDERED, KIDNAPPED ANOTHER TERRORIST ATTACK (DUH, DO YOU THINK AL QEADA IS NOT HEARING OUR MF PRESIDENT AND THE ICE OFFICIAL WHO SAID IF FROM AZ HE WOULD NOT PROSECUTE!) If this solid law gets "struck down like a whore by her 1970's style pimp", I never wish evil on others, but I would make an exception and wish it on all Americans who don't support this law, they deserve it in my mind, and the judges that ruled to strike it down.

Why do you think the Justice Department chose to support the DOM with feelings instead of facts? by Jordan W Q: According to the Justice Department, same sex partnerships are akin to incest and molestation. Why does a country based on the freedom for all have a government that is so dilatory in its action against overt unconstitutionality within its own ranks i.e. the Attorney General's Office.

A: You have to remember that the Republicans PACKED the Justice Department for the last eight years with those of the same political ideation. Obama has been in office now for almost six months but the Justice Department still is over 3/4's hardline Republican. Obama is running into political sabotage from every department and agency that the Republicans have packed for the last 8 years. But, he refuses to blame the Republicans, he has class. I am a former Republican(1971-2003) Independent.

Do you believe the Justice Department's shutting down of Megaupload was an act of pure evil? by bean crisp Q: I believe the members of the Justice Department are evil people who go through life seeking opportunities to do harm. People who side with the Justice Department = EVIL. People who side with Megaupload = RIGHTEOUS.

If the Justice Department believes a law is unconstitutional.......Are they required to defend it? by Lois Griffin Q: The legal answer is, NO, they are not required to defend it. Yet they seem to THINK they are. Those bullsh*tters keep insisting, "it is the legal responsibility of the Justice Department to defend existing law." No, it's not! If they believe a law is unconstitutional, they are not obligated to defend it. So why does everyone, (including the Justice Department themselves), seem to think they are required to defend existing law? There have been precedents set where the Justice Department has refused to defend existing law. But such occurrences are very rare. Why are they so rare?

A: No, because what is constitutional to one may not be constitutional to the other. The Justice Department should not defend laws which are country to human rights, but unfortunately Obama is trying to be all things to all people Hope this helps

Should the USA force The Justice Department into action? by ? Q: Should the USA just let the Justice Department take over operations in the Middle East? Aren't they the ones that have tied the Defense Departments hands when it comes to running operations. If this isn't the case, why is the pentagon taking orders from the justice department? So what the hell, let the FBI agents go to the Middle East and use their skill to avoid IEDs', sniper fire, and all of the other wonderful adventures that the US military has had to contend with over the past decade.

A: ANYONE who controls the war effort other than the military will lose the war. It happened in Vietnam when Congress decided to run it.

Besides Obama who else has used the Justice Department to prevent states from enforcing federal law? by Q: Obama is suing states in an effort to prevent them from simply enforcing federal law that he has chosen not to enforce. The framers never intended the Justice Department to be used in a manner to put the rights of illegals over the rights of legal residents of this country. President Obama is not reforming immigration; he is trying to stop states from enforcing and developing effective immigration laws. With the estimated number of illegal aliens in the United States ranging from 11.5 million to 12.5 million, South Carolina, Alabama, and Arizona are trying to combat the problem infecting their states. http://www.examiner.com/republican-in-charlotte/president-obama-battles-new-illegal-immigration-laws

A: Clinton (U.S. v. Virginia) Clinton (U.S. v. Tennessee) Clinton (U.S. v. Alaska) Reagan (U.S. v. Maine) Kennedy (U.S. v. Oregon) Basically, type "U.S. v. *any state*" Into google and you'll see that they've been sued by the Federal Government over something at some point in time.

Does the Justice Department have any choice in prosecuting Bush? by Joe Bloggs Q: The Justice Department is charged with prosecuting anyone who violates the law - period. It's not the president's personal attorney - that's the Office of Legal Counsel. Since it's clear from legal precedent (see, for example, Ronnie Reagan's Justice Department prosecuting Texas lawmen for violating federal law) that waterboarding is illegal, how can the Justice Department not prosecute Bush?

A: Patience, daddy's little criminal will be prosecuted in due time.

Does the Justice Department have to appeal all lawsuits which go against the government? by Chris L Q: As most of us probably know, a judge issued an injunction against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Obama's administration claims that they "have no choice" and that the US Justice Department "must" appeal. I think they're lying, but I need to know if there have ever been any instances in our history when the Justice Department did not appeal a ruling. Thanks!

A: Being the representative of the "defendant" (US government), the Justice Dept. is obligated to appeal rulings, especially one where, although it's disagreeable, even to the President, the authority of the Executive branch, over the military is being questioned. It has to be appealed.

Obama says he and the Justice Department will no longer prosecute violations of Defense of Marriage Act? by Q: Since when does the President have the ability to order the Justice Department to NOT ENFORCE the law just because it doesn't fit his beliefs? So, let me get this right. When the next president comes in and says the 14th Amendment is not what he believes is right and orders the Justice Department to not prosecute states who violate it? What is right and wrong is completely up for debate. Laws are what makes things concrete. And then the President does something like this, he is setting a dangerous precedent. Thoughts?

A: Hmmmm - - - Obama saying not to spend resources to persecute er ah prosecute people for the act of marriage, BAD< way BAD -- - Cheney/Bush demanding that people be tortured, their phones and computers 'tapped,' that people be held in indefinite captivity without charges, GOOD-- This is truly a strange country. ALL PRESIDENTS throughout history have the duty to give their Attorney General directions as to what are priorities in the way of justice from John Adams having to deal with French nationals during the early days of the French Revolution through how to deal with runaway 'slaves' to the the 'threat of anarchist and socialist' at the time of World War One and so on and so on. Al that President Obama has said, in essence, is that rsources are best spent elsewhere, that it is best to turn a blind eye when someone files a lawsuit against their neighbor for living in sin in violation of the 'law' that says they are not a couple etc and etc. Peace/////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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