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Demian maia

Demian Maia TKO's Dong Hyun Kim: Immediate UFC 148 Fan Reaction
From Yahoo! Sports: The welterweight division was home to a fight between Dong Hyun Kim and Demian Maia at UFC 148. Maia was 15-4 in his career, but was making his welterweight debut after dropping 3-of-6 fights, including losses to Anderson Silva, ...

Dong Hyun Kim vs Demian Maia: Final Preview and Prediction
For fans of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo, this is your match. Arguably the best BJJ expert in the UFC in Demian Maia vs Judo master Dong Hyun Kim...

UFC 148 Play-by-Play
Also appearing on the main card is Forrest Griffin vs. Tito Ortiz, Cung Le vs. Patrick Cote, Dong Hyun Kim vs. Demian Maia, Chad Mendes vs. Cody McKenzie and Ivan Menjivar vs. Mike Easton. Tonight's fights take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, ...

Demian Maia Looking to Make a Statement vs. Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 148
Demian Maia reached the highest level in the UFC, outside of becoming a champion, when he faced Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title in 2010.

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NoHappy_Endings Que ridícula a luta do Demian Maia com o coreano-japa-whatever , o cara quebrou a costela do outro só agarrando , vai aprender a lutar lixo

msvidal_ RT @RobAsm: O cara desrespeitou o Demian Maia q é brasileiro como ele,por isso mesmo sendo brasileiro nunca vou torcer,não merece a minha torcida

nonerika Demian Maia *kirain?*


decorubleski Até o Demian Maia ganhou dele ........ KKKKKKKK

Princ3geeb0i So Demian Maia and Cung Le were my only fighters that won in the main card. #thisneverhappens

DaniloX3 RT @Bj_Ferr: #UFC148 Demian Maia gana por KO n el 1er round. Le rompió una costilla al coreano Kim.

tomifortes Demian Maia nocauteou Dong Hyun Kim no 1º round;

thamires271 RT @paulomartinsf: na globo ainda ta passando a luta do demian maia hahahha nussa #GLOBOFAIL #GLOBOLIXO

GadelhaDenilson Na de Demian Maia, Galvão acertou:"um dois acabou.."

Jeimes_Cesar Tem q avisa a Globo q Depois da luta do Demian Maia teve a luta do Tito Ortiz

ufcfanautoinsta UFC 148: Main Card Match-Ups “We ’re athletes, we need to pay the price. ” Cung Le, Patrick Cote, Demian Maia and Dong Hyun Kim discuss t

rafaelamilagres Só eu ainda não entendi aquele nocaute que o Dong Hyun Kim tomou do Demian Maia ? Mas parece que ele sentiu na costela após a queda :/

marcoandrews Como eu pensei: a Globo só exibiu a luta do Demian Maia por ele ser brasileiro. Nossa, que surpresa... #UFC148

MyNameZumbie Até o Steven Seagal e melhor que Demian Maia .


Taking bits from the best fighters in the world name your ultimate MMA fighter? by hoylesdaniel Q: BJ Penn - Take down defence GSP - Take down offence Anderson Silva - Striking Demian Maia - BJJ Forrest Griffen - Cardio Wanderlei Sivlva - Clinch

A: Kevin Randleman: speed/explosiveness Georges St-Pierre: work ethic, transitions between striking and grappling, athleticism Melvin Manhoef: killer instinct Fedor Emelianenko: mental calm, adaptiveness Anderson Silva: composite striking ability, chin, footwork, Thai clinch BJ Penn: balance, flexibility Jon Jones: takedowns Randy Couture: strategy/craftyness Kazushi Sakuraba: ground grappling, heart Ikuhisa Minowa: courage Frank Mir: submissions, ruthlessness Sean Sherk: top control, conditioning Quinton Jackson: punch power, boxing defense Dan Henderson: dirty boxing, wrestling clinch, strength Karo Parisyan: Judo throws Matt Hughes: ground and pound, slams Rodrigo Nogueira: guard work Wanderlei Silva: intimidation, aggression David Loiseau: elbows Lyoto Machida: defense, timing, counter-striking

when are these fighters next fight and who against and if you dont know who you think it will probly be? by Q: court McGee,demian maia,clay guida,anthony pettis,and matt serra i love these fighters but i havent seen them fight in a while or been wanting to see them fight.

A: Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis's next fights will actually be against each other at the TUF13 finale on June 4th Court Mcgee doesn't have an announced match up at the moment. A big problem the UfC is facing is they have to many fighters and not enough open slots for events. Its likely we will not see him till June. Since he is a former TUF champ they will probably put him on a free card so that he ca expand his fan base. They will probably toss him a low to mid tier middle weight that on paper at least court should be able to beat. Maybe Jorge Rivera. maybe Kendal Grove. More likely than not it will be someone the UFC hasnt even signed yet. Maia also has no announced match up. I could see him jumping in as a last miute replacement for another injured MW. but if he doesnt i could see him fighting someone like Akiyama, Chris Leben ive also heard rumors of a potential match up with Rousimar Palhares. Matt Serra. Honestly maybe retirement. I know he runs a gym on long island. The GSP win was definetly the high point of his career.

what did u think about anderson silvas fight at 112? by [x x] Q: on ufc 112 anderson"the spider" silva fought demian maia...anderson was acting cocky the whole fight lol..what did u think of this?and why did u think he acted like this?

A: Anderson Silva let his strategy and arrogance get to his head last night. He was trying to emulate his idol Muhammad Ali by bouncing around the ring and throwing short jabs but that type of fighting is meant for boxing to beat your opponent. In MMA you need to focus on your strengths whether it be stand-up or ground work and engage your opponent, Matt Hughes did a terrific job of using his stand-up to beat up Gracie and even used leg work that no one, not even Renzo was expecting. I think Silva just wants to stay undefeated so badly that he's willing to do whatever it takes to win a match. His obvious taunting at first really helped to break down Maia's confidence and even threw him off balance on a few occasions, but after the second round it started to become ridiculous. I was rooting for Silva before but I think he needs to face someone who's willing to put him in his place and show him what true MMA is all about.

What are your thoughts on the following fights? by Q: Who would win and were would it put them i there class? Jorge Rivera vs. Alessio Sakara Kendall Grove vs. Demian Maia Stephan Bonnar vs. Igor Pokrajac Jim Miller vs Charles Oliveira Clay Guida vs Takanori Gomi Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim Antonio McKee vs Jacob Volkmann Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin

A: Rivera KO in 2 Maia Sub in 2 Bonnar UD Oliveira UD Gomi UD (but hope he can get a ko) Diaz KO/SUB in 3 McKee UD hard to say its gonna be a good fight i think Franklin is better at striking but Forrest is better on the ground i have to wait and see but i would want rich to win

how would you rank the top 10 middle weights in the ufc? by Q: Between Vitor belfort, Anderson silva, Chael sonnen, Michael bisping, Yushin okami, Wanderlei silva, Jake shields, Nate marquard, Yoshihiro akiyama, Demian maia, Chris leben and Brian stan. I think that the middle weight division has become off the hook. How would you rank these fighters on a top 10 list.

A: A.silva i hate it but he is champ Belfort Sonnen Okami Marquardt Maia W.Silva Shields Akiyama Leban Stan

Here is my opinion on the best ufc fighter for each weight division? by Q: Heavyweight-Junior Dos Santos Light Heavyweight-Shogun Rua Middleweight-Demian Maia (I know anderson has the belt but i like demian more) Welterweight-GSP Lightweight-Gray Maynard u pick ur favorite or who u thinks best for each weight division

A: Heavyweight- Shane Carwin- The dude is a beast and a KO artist, always fun to watch LightHeavyweight- Quinton Rampage Jackson- Has great hands and it's fun to watch him use them Middleweight- Nate Marquardt- Has awesome KO highlights, fun to watch Welterweight- Thiago Alves- Always buts on a good show with good kicks Lightweight- Diego Sanchez- He always brings it his all, and has some of the best lightweight brawls

what upcoming mma fights you looking forward to? by Davey Richards (THE BEST IN THE WORLD) Q: B.j penn vs frankie edgar 2? Jose aldo vs manny gamburyan? King mo vs Rafael cavalcante? Nate marquardt vs rousimar palhares? George st. Pierre vs josh koscheck? Demian maia vs alan belcher?

A: Koscheck/GSP Hughes/Almeida Fitch/Alves Florian/Maynard Belfort/Silva Machida/Rampage Lil Nog/Bader Shogun/Evans Davis/Wallace

Why are people giving Chael Sonnen a chance? by Q: He's lost 10 times, 3 times in the UFC Lost to Demian Maia in 2 minutes, got choked out by Forrest Griffin in the same amount of time, lost to Jeremy Horn. His win over Nate was very unimpressive...And he almost got choked out by Nate also. Do people actually buy into the hype THIS easily? He said his resume was more impressive than Silva's....What? I don't see an impressive victory on there.

A: This is a previous post of mine a minute or two ago: Honestly...I'm not pay per viewing this one. The main fight is a joke. They should be sending in "2" MMA fighters at a time to fight Anderson Silva at this weight class or at least send one of them in with a "gun".

Does it not seem like the middle weight division is stacked? by Q: Between Vitor belfort, Anderson silva, Chael sonnen, Michael bisping, Yushin okami, Wanderlei silva, Jake shields, Nate marquard, Yoshihiro akiyama, Demian maia, Chris leben and Brian stan. I think that the middle weight division has become off the hook. How would you rank these fighters on a top 10 list.

A: well shields is a current welterweight... but no i have to disagree... the lightweight div. is super strong though...

Who are the top Brazilians in MMA? by night vision Q: 1. Anderson Silva 2. Lyoto Machida 3. Thiago Alves 4. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua 5. Demian Maia Nogueria is a legend but he is too old to be considered the top. Lyoto Machida in someways is the most dominant MMA fighter today. He has not lost a round in the UFC. Talk about dominant. Lyoto Machida outwrestled Tito Ortiz thats impressive considering Machida is a karate guy.

A: Your list is right. Right now Anderson "The Spider" da Silva is the best Middleweight MMA fighter in the world.

Anderson Silva says Maia is disrespectful??? *FIGHT SPOILERS*? by TheHonorableReese Q: Anyone who watched Anderson Silva's latest title defense has to be insulted. For those who didn't see it, Silva ran around the cage doing practically nothing for 25 minutes straight, making faces, taunts, and curses at his opponent, Demian Maia. Immediately after the fight, Silva apologized and said he "didn't know what happened," but in the locker room and press conference, he rescinded that statement and said it was Maia's fault, and that he wasn't sorry. Silva claims Maia "disrespected," remaining unspecific about the details. He said his goal was to humiliate Maia rather than beat him. I find this very hard to believe, since Maia is one of the nicest guys in MMA and I never heard him say anything bad coming up to the fight. For those who watched the fight or have good knowledge surrounding it, did you consider anything Maia said during any point before, during, or after the fight to be "disrespectful?" Do you think Anderson Silva is justified by saying this? @Michael I did hear Maia say he thought his ground game was better, but that's not disrespect, that's just talking about strengths. Cote said he had more KO power, James Irvin said he was stronger: Silva didn't badmouth those guys. What are they supposed to say in the interview? "I guess Anderson Silva is better than me at everything: I don't know if I can beat him standing or on the ground." Silva's off his rocker. @Sam IKMF: No kidding: when every other fighter gets pissed off at another fighter, his way of dealing with it is to beat the sh*t out of the other guy. Liddell vs. Tito, Lesnar vs. Mir, you name it. What the hell does dancing around prove, I don't even get it? If he really was trying to humiliate Maia, he did a really poor job, because the only person he ended up humiliating was himself.

A: Silva dodged the question several times, but finally said vaguely that he felt Maia disrespected him in prefight interviews when Maia, a jiu-jitsu black belt, talked about breaking his arm. That's from the article by Kevin Lole on the front page of yahoo sports. Frankly, I think Silva was just making excuses to cover up for his antics during the fight.

Maia got any chance versus Silva? by Q: If you don't know Demian Maia is fighting champ Anderson Silva at UFC 112. Does anyone give Maia a chance against Silva? Silva has been submitted before.

A: I agree with colton. Maia has a little chance, definately not on the feet, he must somehow take it down to the ground. However, with Silva training with the Nogueria Brothers, he is probably well prepared for any submissions (or at least most). When he got caught in the past, he trained with chute boxe, more stand up focused than JiuJitsu focused. I see Silva winning via KO (knees), round 2 but Maia will try and put up a fight standing but he'll come up short i believe. However, it is MMA and we could see a matt serra like upset in this one! (Probably not though)

could demian maia cut to 170? by gss p Q:

A: He could, but I dont think he would do well. He seems to be a very slow striker. The welterweight division is very fast paced, maybe too fast for him.

Anderson Silva's vs Demian Maia? by Q: im hearing so much controversy about this fight.. and dana white announced if silva fights like that one more time his cut from the UFC? so can someone explain what he done ?

A: During the first two rounds, Silva mocked Maia while attacking him. During the last three rounds, Silva continued to mock but did very little attacking. Dana White called it “running around and acting like a jackass”. He mocked and taunted Maia more than you could possibly imagine.

poll do you like demian maia? by Gss P Q:

A: Yes. He is a very good ground fighter. We have not really seen his stand up to much because he has not had to use it. I would be interesting to see what would happen if he did have to use it. I do hope he gets the next title shot.

Demian Maia or Ronaldo Souza? by Q: 3 rounds

A: These are the two best ground/bjj fighter in MMA. I think it would be an amazing fight to watch but dumb fans would be booing the entire time while the fight is on the ground. Maia beat Jacare in BJJ Worlds back in 2005 but in MMA it may be a little different. I think Jacare has better striking. At the end of the day I think this fight would go to the judges cards with neither fighter able to lock in a submission. I will say Jacare wins a split decision.

demian maia vs frank shamrock? by gs p Q:

A: Wanderlai who trains with Maia said there are no light heavyweights who can compete with his submission skills, so I'm gonna go with Maia submitting whoever, and eventually being some competition for Silva.

Demian Maia Vs. Nate Marquardt? by na2 Q: I think these 2 will fight next as they both just won at UFC 95! Who would win? Winner is to get Anderson Silva, who would win that one?

A: Maia is crafty on the ground, but that's it. Marquardt is strong everywhere. I have to go with experience and ring generalship and pick Nate. By the way, thanx for the spoiler.

demian maia vs Rousimar Palhares? by Le O Q: who has the better striking

A: Neither of them are great at striking, but I assume you know that already. Maia currently trains under Wanderlei Silva at his gym in Las Vegas. Silva comes from Chute Box - a camp known for its aggressive style of Muay Thai/BJJ. Palhares trains at Brazilian Top Team - who are not really known to be big strikers - they are more BJJ oriented. I would have to say Maia at the moment - he's undoubtedly working his striking like a madman, as it's really one of the only holes in his game.

is demian maia so bad ass? by Skullman T Q: that he could do a flying submission

A: ..........you mean jump into a armbar? sure, many have and can. do you mean leap into the air, scream ninja power !! and do a rear naked choke from the front in mid-air with fireworks shouting out his backside? no.

What are your predictions about Anderson Silva vs. Demian Maia ? by phitephan Q: I think Maia is a great fighter and has done really well in the UFC but I am sure he will get knocked out when Silva is ready. Maia was knocked out really quick by Nate Marquardt and Silva's striking is more precise than Marquardt's. There is very little suitable opponents left in the UFC for Silva in the Middleweight division. I would love to see Silva in the light heavyweight division and face guys like Rashad Evans, Jon Jones,Thiago Silva, Ryan Bader or any other top level 205 lb fighters. I think the only one of those fighters I just mention that stands a chance against Silva is Jon Jones. But back to my question, What are your thoughts and prediction for Silva vs. Maia? All comments, predictions and thoughts are appreciated and respected even if they differ from mine.Thank you

A: You have to go with Silva just based on pedigree. But, based on Silva's destruction of other strikers...A guy like Maia may pose a threat to Silva if he can get the takedown before absorbing damage on his feet. The only times ( I can only think of two) Silva has been in precarious situations is when Dan Henderson took him down and for a second with Travis Lutter before Silva submitted both of them. Dan Henderson going to Strikeforce, Marquardt losing to Sonnen, and Belfort getting injured...really put the division in limbo as far as champion contenders. By the way, I think Henderson would be a more worthy opponent then anyone in the middleweight division. I agree with you on Jon Jones or maybe Shogun or Rampage (we'll see how he looks next month). Not yet for Jon Jones unless Silva is getting ready to retire though. Still, that speaks volumes to Silva that we are talking about him fighting the best guys at 205.

did demian maia beat this guys? by Gss P Q: in adcc gonzaga,yushin okami. and who else did he beat in adcc

A: In 2007 Maia beat Yushin Okami, Rafael Lovato, Tarsis Humphreys & Flavio Almeida to win the Under 88kg category. In 2005, Maia beat Marko Helen, David Avellan, Saulo Ribeiro and lost in the final to Ronaldo Jacare da Souza in the Under 88kg category.

Demian Maia vs. Nathan Marquardt? by Robert D. Q: @ UFC 102. Who's BJJ is better?? If this goes to the ground, I see Maia winning this one

A: The question is, will Maia pull a "Leites" or not. If he doesn't end up spending the match waiting for a good ground-connecting move, will he attempt to trade leather or work more on getting the takedown? I hope he doesn't pull a Leites, so I am guessing Maia will go down with Nate and submit him via Guilotine rd 2. Its hard to answer this because it all depends on whether he trades leather for too long or not. If he does, he is less likely to pull out a KO than Nate, but on the ground, Nate will prob. lose....

Is Demian Maia good at Jui Jitsu? by Q:

A: Is Michael Jordan good at basketball? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demian_Maia Grappling credentials ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships ADCC 2007 77–87 kg: 1st place ADCC 2005 77–87 kg: 2nd place Record of opponents: Lost: Marcelo Garcia (points), Romulo Barral (choke), Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza (points) CBJJ World Championships 2001 Brown Belt Medio-Pesado: 2nd Place 2000 Purple Belt Medio-Pesado: 1st Place 1999 Blue Belt Medio: 2nd Place CBJJ Brazilian Championships 2006 Black Belt Absolute: 2nd Place & Black Belt Medium Heavy: =3rd Place 2002 Brown Belt Medio-Pesado: =3rd Place 2001 Brown Belt Medio-Pesado: 1st Place & Brown Belt Medio-Pesado: =3rd Place CBJJ Brazilian Team Championships 2003 Brown/Black Pesada: Master, 1st Place 2002 Brown/Black Pesada: Alliance, 2nd Place 2001 Brown/Black Pesada: Alliance, 1st Place 2000 Purple Belt Pesada: Alliance, 1st Place CBJJO Copa Del Mundo 2005 –85 kg Black Belt: 1st Place 2003 Black Belt Meio Pesado: =3rd Place & Black Belt Absolute: 1st Place 2002 Black Belt Meio Pesado: 1st Place & Black Belt Absolute: 2nd Place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pImvS0OuQdU The "Gabrial Napao" at about one minute into the video is Gabriel Gonzaga, who fights at Heavyweight in the UFC and outweighs Maia by about 60lbs. Yeah, he's good.

what do you think of demian maia? by rolla112233 Q: underrated/overrated?

A: I don't think he is over or under rated. His BJJ is some of the best in the world. He will never be that good of a stand up fighter but he needs to work on it. His game plan is always the same; low kicks, high kicks, clinch and get it to the ground by what ever means possible. No one out there is screaming he is the next long time champ and no one is saying he is not going to make it that far in the UFC. He is one of my favorite fighters but I don't really think he will get the belt, not unless devoting some serious time to striking

Demian Maia striking 10 points for best answer? by Randy Couture C Q: is it good how good is hes muay thai or boxing

A: Who??

demian maia vs patrick cote who would win and why? by Q:

A: I think Clowns needs to chill a bit. I agree Cote does seem to look a bit over his head in fights too... But I think the reason Meia takes it is because Cote has a lot of trouble with great ground fighters. Look at the Lutter fight. Armbar in about a minute... and Meia's BJJ is on a completely different level from Travis Lutter. Not taking anything away, but Meia's just that good on the ground. Now, if he (Meia), can bring up his striking game... he'll be a beast.

anderson silva vs demian maia? by Q: well i missed the fight basicly and everyone is saying anderson silva was being disrestpectful and stuff.. can someone plz tell me the story. thanks.

A: He felt disrespected that Maia was a little lippy in hyping the fight (not really bad in my opion for a little 190lb guy vs a 220lb guy was aware he shouldn't be mouthy). So Silva went in with the intention of abusing him and making it last all five rounds because he'd hurt Maia early and was able to humiliate and abuse him the rest of the fight. In this, Silva made MMA look like an S&M club with half naked men in a cage, one black man abusing a lighter skinned opponent in some cathartic cleansing of historical slavery and opression. The viewers in general were not there for ritualistic abuse...Silva enjoyed it though. Never believe he is a good man after his three performances. He took a big shit on everyone and said he didn't owe an apology. I hope Chuck, Tito, Tank Abbot, Royce Gracie, Mirko, Matt Hughes, every old time MMA guy who had to suffer to build the brand Anderson is shitting on, just all jump him one night. He is going against his business...he betrayed his clan, his fans, his opponents, everyone. I actually feel bad for him though because I think he is messed up in the head worse than Rampage was.

what do you think about demian maia? by niceguy Q: i was watching this guys videos all day today, his brazilian jiu jitsu is amazing what do you think? in my opinion i think this guy is on a whole other level on the ground i agree with you on that, i think he needs to work on his striking as well, then i believe his the man to take down silva

A: Maia might not have good standup skill, but his jujitsu is entirely on different level too. ADCC champ, 3 times world cup champ, Pan-american. Anderson Silva might have decent jujitsu, but Maia's jutjitsu is way better than Silva's. Silva obviously has better striking ability, but Maia actually has his basic martial art in a standup MA, he trained in kung-fu and karate, it's just that his jujitsu is world-class, and that sometime can make people neglect other aspect of the game. I think dismissing Maia's lacking in certain aspect will be a mistake since in this particular aspect of the game (ground game), Maia's skill is just phenomenal with very few people out there to match him.

Why Is Anderson Silva Fighting Demian Maia Now!?!? by PastelXCore Q: He Was Supposed To Fight Belfort But Now He's Up against Maia which is totally dumb considering maia got smashed by marquardt and silva smashed him so really my question is what the hell happened to Belfort?

A: Screw this fight.....they should not even have it...just a waste of time. Silva should be full time LH and go into the hall of fame as an undefeated MW champion!!

who is demian maia fighting next in the ufc? by Q:

A: i don't know but a fight against yoshihiro akiyama would be sick

Do you think demian maia can or will win the title ever? by Wondering Q:

A: Yes, however, I think Nate is actually a tougher fight for him than Anderson Silva; considering their styles. I still don't think there is any 185lber in UFC that Demian can't submit in 3 rounds. That includes Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia? by Daniel Q: is there any reason to believe this wouldnt be a fast knockout? Maia is great on the ground but so was thales leites and u see how that went. if someone was going to beat anderson it would be in a submission cause thats been the only proven way. is there any logical chance that could happen from Maia? . . . . . . o yea . . . and what the heck happened to vitor belfort >: 7 ( i been excited about that match up for months. why is it off?

A: Vitor Belfort hurt his shoulder. and im glad. i think he needs to win a few more before he gets a title shot. the guys comes back and wins ONE fight, against a guy Anderson already destroyed. nothing against Vitor but thats just not fair. Maia has literally gone on a tear in that division and he's earned it. i don't think he would be the same as Leites because Maia is alot more of an active fighter. Thales Leites was never really that good. he was always boring. Maia on the other hand will not try to get fancy, he'll just keep trying to get the fight to the ground. he can even jump guard on Silva. we know how well that works for him. i think if ANYONE has the tools to beat him, its Demian Maia.

how good are demian maia takedowns 10 points for best answer? by Randy Couture C Q: did he takedown jason mcdonald with ease or ed herman

A: I've seen Demian Maia fight three times in the UFC. In watching his fights, his takedowns didn't really make an impression on me. I would say his takedowns are probably above average, but not better than your average collegiate level wrestler. However, his jiu-jitsu is top notch, and he is the 2007 ADCC champion. I will say this though, in the UFC middleweight division, I believe Maia has the best chance of beating Anderson Silva. If Maia can get Silva to the ground, he will sub Silva. Silva has a black belt under Nogeira, but Maia's jiu-jitsu is on another level.

who would win in this adcc match dean lister vs demian maia? by Q:

A: hello, dean lister. he has been a high level grappler for a lot longer. he has more experience and is a bit larger and more powerful of the two. further, his overbearing (throwing and takedown) and lower half position (leg attacks) arsenals are a lot more highly developed than those of damian maia. if skill sets and skill levels are roughly the same, the larger, stronger opponent will usually win. dean lister is larger and stronger, and has a larger skill set AND a higher skill level. thanks

Would you like to see rousimar palhares vs demian maia? by Tyler Q:

A: Absolutely. I've liked Palhares and Maia both since their first UFC matches. I think Maia's got the better technical BJJ, but Palhares has a strength advantage that can't be underestimated. I don't think it would be that exciting to the casual fan, but for fans of grappling (assuming they didn't decide to turn it into a half-hearted striking match), it would be a fantastic matchup.

Who's got more air, Demian Maia or Shaq? by Microbeast Q: After taking that punch from Marquardt, Maia's feet went like 4 feet off the ground, lol Was Jardine's KO loss reminiscent of his first loss to Wandy Silva? It looked like a replay, he was layed out like he was ready to be placed in a casket..

A: Dude Maia did a 360 butterfly twist like he was trying out for the Chinese wushu demonstration team

UFC 95 entrance song for Demian Maia? by Helmes Q: It's probably a very easy question but I can't get it for the life of me, can someone please help me.

A: Numb Encore - Linkin Park ft. Jay Z

Who wins in Michael Bisping vs. Demian Maia during UFC on Fox: Evans vs. Davis? by Q:

A: Considering Mayhem Miller took Bisping down, I don't see Demian having a problem getting it to the floor, where he should finish him. I'm going with Demian via submission, 2nd round.

UFC 102 - Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia who does this guy train with? by Swizz77 Q: Damn Nate "The Great" destroyed Maia. Who does he train with?

A: Greg Jackson, the MMA genius. So he trains with GSP, Rashad, Jardine, Diego Sanchez, Carwin, Donald Cerrone (top WEC lightweight), Roger Huerta and a whole bunch of other great fighters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson's_Submission_Fighting

If Nate Marquardt beat Demian Maia in a spirally KO of doom what will Anderson Silva do to him? by curtie2486 Q:

A: Maia will choke Silva out just like Daiju Takase did in PRIDE! bet on it.....

Who won the fight between Demian Maia and Anderson Silva? by Q: What happened?

A: Anderson Silva on points. It was a shocking display by the spida. He was very disrespectful towards Maia.

Does Demian Maia have the best transitional Jiu-Jitsu in MMA or what? by oooooreallyfoo Q: Alot of tradition Jiu-Jitsu practioners seem to lack that good transition skill to get them into submission attempts and they just lie in guard.

A: the only other guy in mma who has even come close to replicating the success of maia's jiu jitsu is jacare but at this point i feel maia has evolved his game to be best suited for mma. so yes, he is the best.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia, this is a joke right? by Microbeast Q: Maia just got his clock cleaned by Marquardt, he has NO chin and he is facing world renowned striker Anderson Silva?! Lol, Maia won't even have time to get this to the ground before Silva knocks him out. Why is the UFC letting Silva slide? First Thales Leites, now Maia, cmon, where's Belfort, Henderson?

A: This is the only option the UFC had, they had signed Silva vs. Belfort but Vitor had to pull out due to an injury, Henderson is out of the UFC and going to fight in Strikeforce, Chael Sonnen is the #1 contender but also out due to injuries, Nate Marquardt would be a contender but he got dominated in his last fight to Sonnen who Maia has beat despite losing to Marquardt. It is a confusing situation but the UFC needs Silva to defend his title and Maia is the best option because he is the most healthy and a different test for Silva due to his amazing BJJ skills, I think this will be a more dangerous fight for Silva then people believe.

Whos a better grappler Demian Maia or Jake Shields? by my 17th Y!A account.... Q: i always hear people say hes the best or the other guys the best. which do you think?

A: Maia is more technical and has won at higher levels against better competition. Shields has great grappling and should be respected for that, but Maia is simply on a different level than most people. He's arguably one of the top three grapplers in the world.

links to the anderson silva vs demian maia fight? by jeff Q: I want to see a video of the ufc 112 fight between them.

A: Its half an hour of your life that you will never get back. Maia gets hit once in the first round with the knee that breaks his nose. Then for the next 3 rounds nothing happens, then in the last round, maia tries to attack silva, but silva just keeps avoiding him.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia - Will this be a repeat of Thales Leites? by djt8928 Q: Both Maia and Leites are talented grapplers with limited striking. Do you think the match will be similar, if not, what does Maia bring to the table that Leites didn't?

A: I don't expect Maia to flop to the ground like Leites anytime Silva closes the distance. Maia standup is still a work in progress, it's not near as good as Henderson or Marquart. Anything can happen, just like with Serra and GSP but I cannot see Maia trying to strike with Silva for too long. He will eventually need to get the fight to the ground. Unfortunately, I don't see it happening as Silva picks Maia apart as he tries to work his way in for a takedown.

What is Mark Munoz and Demian Maia UFC 131 entrance music? by Q: The walk out music for both fighters at the June 11th UFC 131 ppv?

A: Do you have any video footage or anything? use Shazam or send it over to me and I can figure out.

How long will it take for Anderson Silva to finish Demian Maia? by Johnny!!! Q: Well?

A: ide say late in the first round. since his takedown defense is great and demian maia has no striking offense what so ever (as seen in the marquardt fight.) but you never know the MMA world is full of surprises

So do you give Demian Maia a chance against Anderson Silva? by Aticus Ski. Q: Yes or No? Also a bonus question: Anderson Silva in a one on one fight against Suge Knight, who wins?

A: I have Maia winning this fight in the third round on the ground. Anderson has been taken to the ground and he has lost there before, nearly lost there in his 10 fight winning streak, the one against Dan Henderson was a close call in my opinion. As for the bonus question: Anderson Silva knocks out Suge Knight in under 15 seconds. Vicious Muy Thai knees to the head.

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