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Daytona 500 start time

Monday Night Daytona 500 Start Time Could Jump Start Critical Nascar Season
Rain has forced the postponement of Sunday's Daytona 500 twice now with the latest start time being at 7 o'clock Monday night. The race had previously been rescheduled for Monday at noon. It is the first time the Great American Race has been postponed ...

Daytona 500 start time moved to primetime due to weather
The weather that front that forced the first weather postponement in the 54-year history of the Daytona 500, bumped Monday's start time back once more. So instead of a racing matinee, the 2012 Sprint Cup Series will get underway in primetime, ...

Daytona 500 start backed up to 6 pm Central Time Monday
His 17 victories at Daytona include everything but the 500, ranking him second on the all-time list behind Dale Earnhardt's 34 wins. Stewart will start third when the green flag drops. And there's Earnhardt Jr., the 2004 Daytona 500 champion.

Daytona 500 start time delayed, UFCs Jon Jones 'pals around' with Kate Upton ...
by Jesse Holland on Feb 27, 2012 9:46 AM EST in UFC News Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones, who was named "Honorary Race Official" for the 54th annual Daytona 500 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, didn't get to see much ...

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DeniseAnderson6 Daytona 500 2012 Start Time: With Rain Looming Expect Delayed Start Again: Rain showers were off and on yesterda... http://t.co/bQUwy8GI

juanmuriango Monday Night Daytona 500 Start Time Could Jump Start Critical Nascar Season http://t.co/ThCiAGlb [Like it? http://t.co/pdk5GVOu ]

tw_top_1zjtuto RT @cnnbrk: Daytona 500 start time pushed back to 7 tonight due to rain. http://t.co/3Ez92xSW

cartired Rain moves Daytona 500 to under the lights: The Daytona 500 is going prime time -- weather permitting. http://t.co/hDDHXmX8

cjk8848 Rain moves Daytona 500 to under the lights: The Daytona 500 is going prime time -- weather permitting. http://t.co/X96F6cZ0

billybobpalmer Rain moves Daytona 500 to under the lights: The Daytona 500 is going prime time -- weather permitting. http://t.co/FiUabTpf

xNascarx Nascar - Rain moves Daytona 500 to under the lights: The Daytona 500 is going prime time -- weather permitting. http://t.co/0tM2OeSh

motor_racing #nascar #autosport Rain moves Daytona 500 to under the lights: The Daytona 500 is going prime time -- weather pe... http://t.co/Umb20YMB

tw_top_1z1fjsi RT @cnnbrk: Daytona 500 start time pushed back to 7 tonight due to rain. http://t.co/3Ez92xSW

ThePossemaster Because of the rain, the Daytona 500 will start at 7 pm for the first time!

tw_top_1z2hc9u RT @cnnbrk: Daytona 500 start time pushed back to 7 tonight due to rain. http://t.co/3Ez92xSW

vmatulewicz I'm sure the rednecks are DEVASTATED... Rt:[email protected]: Daytona 500 start time pushed back to 7 tonight due to rain. http://t.co/pI0sS4QJ

HermanHarper Daytona 500 start backed up to 6 pm Central Time Monday http://t.co/XbXEU0hl

4gustinmoren0 Monday Night Daytona 500 Start Time Could Jump Start Critical Nascar Season http://t.co/tP4Lno2x

PinoyVideosTK Video: Ha! Ha! Hayop 10-14-11 @ http://t.co/JYd760fr #daytona 500 start time


do i try to work things out with him? by Q: i went to daytona, florida last summer and met this guy. we were in the waves and one knocked me down (haha) and he helped me up and said he liked my laugh and my smile after i had laughed at myself for falling. he asked my name and i asked his and we talked for a while. we got to know each other and swapped numbers. we later met up at a restaurant and talked for a little bit longer. we hit it off right away. we kissed. thats it. we both left florida in 2 days and we didnt know what to do. we were both 17 him 5 days younger then me. we met up one more time and talked about what we were gonna do about this and i said we would meet when we turned 18. we went home (him to georgia, me to tennessee) and his parents baned him from talking to me and blocked me from him on facebook. she took his phone called me and demanded that i never talk to him or try to contact him in any way and erased my number. i didnt wanna be temped to call him so i erased his number. almost a year has passed and i never stopped thinking about him. he always somehow crept his way into my head. he randomly texted me a week ago and told me that he had written down my number and wanted to wait for his parents to forget about me so he could talk to me again. i had completely given up on ever seeing him or talking to him again and when he texted me i started to wonder if there was somthing to him. like perhaps im meant ot be with him. we havent seen each other yet and we are both 18 but neither of us have cars yet and we live over 500 miles away from each other. do i try to work things out with him or give up?

A: If you both are 18 yrs. old now, then you are actually adults. A long distance r/s is very difficult to maintain. And even if you do respond and send him a text now and then, it doesn't mean that you and he will eventually get together, (but you might). I think the fact that his Mom interfered and forbid him to keep in touch with you made you even more desireable to him. If you and him were to have a romance or fling, his Mom would be your worst enemy. And it would cause him a lot of stress, cause every guy wants to please his Mom. So there would be conflict in the r/s. Here's my counsel... always let HIM be the one to seek you out. Don't initiate anything. Let HIM take the lead, you follow his lead. Let HIM pursue you. All you need to do is: "Be easy to be with, not easy to get." Answer his text if you want to, but don't be the aggressor. That is for HIM to do. You should keep things light 'n easy, free and breezy. Don't take him too seriously... just when you think everythings gonna be okay, that's when his Mom will step in. His Mom will always be interferring in his life unless he moves far, far away to the other side of the earth from her.

what car should I get for under $20k? by floorthehemi Q: ok so here are my choices..... 2006-2009 dodge charger daytona 2005-2011 ford mustang GT 2011 ford mustang V6 (starts at under 23k may b out of 500 price range bc insurance will be....on a new mustang haha. dad would be primary driver tho to lower it 2010 hyundai genesis coupe 3.8 2005-2006 pontiac GTO I did like the nissan altima coupe until they put CVT in but not now I am 19 and currently have a full time job and going to college part time 1 class a week and live at home with parents so I can afford $500/mo for car payment and insurance. My current car is a 2004 chrysler crossfire and this car sucks mechanically shifts hard and delayed throttle and throttle sticks and sometimes doesent want to go but no codes so mechanic says nothing he can do and its got 60k miles I want a newer car I only paid 11k for it a year ago and will trade it in. I must have automatic and i like the tiptronic option but mustang and gto dont have that option. I drive 200-250 miles a week,maybe,so no gas mileage comparisons I will pay for power. Dont just tell me to get a car becasue its faster bc i dont have to have fastest theres always a faster car then yours always. I go fast but mine does 60 in 6.8 and thats fast and my choices all beat that. I dont street race just go fast bc i want too. To get voted best answer I need links of sites that break down the cars reliability and cost to own dont just tell me a car bc its cool I'm not making the mistake of picking "cool" car like I did with crossfire. And im not considering any other cars and ive looked at every car in my price range. Thanks

A: The 2011 Mustang or the Hyundai are the best choices IMO. If you go with the Charger, definitely put an extended warranty on it.

Can I sue a friend of the family over a verbal agreement? by Q: I would like to know if I can sue a friend of my mother's over a verbal agreement? Last November (2009), my mother and her friend (Kelly) came to visit me and my fiance in her home in Daytona Beach. Kelly was curous about our plans for the future. i told her we will be getting married in 2011, and eventually get a house. She said that she had some extra money coming her way ($30,000), and that we should start looking for a house. She said she would help us buy one. We initially did not believe her, but she assured us that she would help us. About a month ago (March 2010) I came across a nice fixer-upper. The house wasn't in horrible shape, and the repairs needed were not too much trouble. We fell in live with the house. It was only $25,900. We immediately contact Kelly, and she said she wanted more information, We gave her the extra information. She then agreed to pay for the house. (She also said that if something fell through with this house, not to worry. She said would still help get a place) We were then going to pay her back every month. We gave her the realtor's phone number, and she even contacted a lawyer. After we signed the contract, we paid for an inspection and put $500 in escrow. Kelly still said everything was fine. In the contract the closing date was scheduled for May 3, 2010. The realtor contact me and said that the closing date would be a week earlier. We let Kelly know that teh money would need to be transferred before closing. I was asked to contact the lawyer to find out the total amount to be transferred. Four hours later I received an email from Kelly saying that she could not finance me. We had already paid money to get the house and it was literally a day before the potential closing date that she refused to help us. We were devastated and will likely be homeless in a few months. She wasted our time and money. At the moment we can afford out rent, but it does get tight. My fiance was laid off, and my schedule is random. We can still pay our rent, but in July it will go up past our budget. If we would have been able to buy the house, the payment would be less than our current rent. The extra money would go back into the house and to help pay for my tuition.I would like to know if I can sue Kelly. Do I have a case since she waited literally down to the last minute and we already put money into buying the house. She was in contact with a the realtors, the lawyer referred by the realtors, and the title company.

This is what I think is the real problem of NASCAR...thoughts? by ohiostatebasketball14 Q: It just seems like powerhouses like Hendrick, RCR, and Roush are too strong nowadays. I can't remember the last time a true underdog has even come CLOSE to winning a race. The people that win are always the same. Johnson, Busch, the other Busch, Gordon, Kenseth, Edwards, Hamlin, people like that. Sure Trevor Bayne won the 500, but the 500 is a total crapshoot. The last time I clearly remember the underdog winning was McMurray, who subbed for Marlin in the 40 car, and won a race in his second career start at Charlotte. It's one thing for an upset at Daytona and dega. But isn't it time for the power in the sport to shift more toward talent rather than power under the hood?

A: its like that in just about every sport there is. domination for a period of time is sometimes good for a particular sport. it makes the competition step up their game. it also makes them search for new talent that can give them a Advantage. that's what we are seeing now in NASCAR new faces and other teams we haven't heard from in awhile are starting to show they can indeed hang with and beat the big boyz. the competition eventually catches up and sometimes surpasses the dominate teams then it cycles through and starts all over again.

Is NASCAR fake? Is this evidence? by JM #1 Q: Article from 2008: Great question. NASCAR is much like the professional wrestling we see on TV nowadays. Much like wrestling, it started out as not being pre determined. However, through the years and with the advanced technologies that have arisen, NASCAR quickly gravitated toward the predetermined state it is in now. Growing up watching the sport while it was still anyone's game was fun, and it's hard for many fans such as myself to come to terms with this new "scripted" NASCAR we tune in and watch each weekend. However, much like wrestling, NASCAR makes a good premise for professional predetermined sports. The storylines are often gripping, and usually leave the viewer on a hook in order to make them tune in the next week to see what happens. NASCAR was widely accepted to be non-scripted until mid 2007 when outspoken NASCAR driver Tony Stewart came out and said that NASCAR basically dictates the outcome of the races. This turned many diehard fans away, but fans looking for entertainment tuned in each week to watch the faces take on the heels inside the ovals. The biggest "face" in NASCAR is Dale Earnhardt Jr. The storyline for him is that he lost his father in a tragic wreck on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. Obviously this was faked much like Vince McMahons limosine death in 07. Since then he went from small baby face, to the biggest fan favorite in racing. The storylines make him out to be an humble racer, who tries so hard to win, but a blown tire, or engine failure always seems to come into play. In 2007 the storylines began a feud between he and "the evil stepmother" in which Jr used his large fan base to try to take control of his fathers race team. The storyline concluded with Teresa (The stepmother) keeping controlling stock of the DEI team, while Jr made the ultimate decision of Good vs Evil. He chose evil. He went with Hendrick motorsports, the long hated team for Earnhardt Jr. fans. This was a surprise to all. Jr. was expected to turn heel at this point, but as we've seen in wrestling countless times, the positive crowd reaction he'd earned over the years didn't leave. He did gain a few more boos, but many fans stuck behind him, even though he began acting more arrogant than ever. It was surprising. By the beginning of this season NASCAR was thirsting for fresh storylines. Since Jr's move to becoming a heel did not go quite as planned, NASCAR looked for a new route. Meet Kyle Busch. Dale Jr replaced Kyle Busch at Hendrick Motorsports, and NASCAR jumped at the opportunity to put these two in a feud together. The feud went perfect. Kyle Busch constantly seemed to out duel Jr throughout the beginning of the season. The hatred was building for Kyle Busch, while the underdog Jr had his fans in turmoil as he tried to snap a long losing streak. No one knew where this storyline would end up. Flash forward to May 2008 at Richmond. Denny Hamlin leads 342 laps in what looks to be one of the most dominating performances in YEARS in NASCAR. The race was becoming a borefest. Little did we know what NASCAR had in store. With just 17 to go, Denny blew a tire after dominating. Dale Jr took the lead, and Kyle Busch moved into second. It looked like Jr was finally going to snap the streak that had burdened him for over 2 years. Suddenly, Kyle Buschs teammate Denny Hamlin stalled in turn 4 with less than 10 to go. Jr nation was stunned. Could Jr still hold off Busch? Only NASCAR knew the answer. Jr was able to pull away, but now Busch was right with him. With just a few laps to go the green flag waved. As scripted, the heel Kyle Busch was able to get under Jr. The crowd went crazy as the biggest face and the biggest heel in the business went at it for the win. Then the unthinkable happened. Kyle Busch wrecked Jr. The crowd went insane and began throwing debris onto the track (it is unknown if that was a real reaction to the storyline, or scripted as well) Kyle Busch ended up finishing second as the storyline planned, while Jr. finished 15th. Ever since then Kyle's heel status has exploded, while Jr's face routine is slowly going stale. Fast forward to late August, and Kyle Busch has 8 wins. Dale Jr. won a race that was cheating in Michigan, but no one really complained since he was the fan favorite, and it was all part of the "will he run out of fuel" story line. The NASCAR officials also planned this win right as it had been 76 races since Jr's last win, and his father (who died kayfabe) won 76 races in his career, and it all took place on fathers day. Earnhardt lovers rejoiced as if it was on skill alone that he won. NASCAR later would state that it was part of a storyline that will conclude next week at Bristol. Meanwhile the new storyline seems to be Kyle Busch vs Carl Edwards entitled "Battle of the best" The story line is expected

A: Holy cow, you must have spent a long time writing this. If this is how you feel, just stop watching NASCAR. No need to go to all this trouble.

Has anyone had a long-lasting inner-ear infection that took them into a second script of antibiotics? by Awesome Bill Q: I'm 50 and in relatively good health, eat well, don't smoke, do drugs, or drink and yet I'm having quite a time of dealing with this thing. I saw the doctor on the 17th, got a steroid and antibiotic immediately afterward and followed all the instructions to the letter. I got through the meds but the symptoms still persisted. I lose my balance immediately after I stand up, I get dizzy when either turning my head or watching something in motion. Headaches and nausea come on strong after each episode of losing my balance. It all feels like a concussion I had in 2003. I started to feel better this morning and upon watching the taped rerun of the Daytona 500, I got up and went right back down onto the couch. I'm feeling sick, shaky and dizzy now. I'm on the second day of the second script of antibiotics. I know to keep in touch with my doctor about this and I will rely upon his advice. But this question is more of a casual one. In your experience and with these details, does this happen to people on occasion? Thank you.

A: The second paragraph sounds like a middle ear infection and the third sounds like you might be having an adverse or allergic reaction to the new medication.

How many of you shooters have "focked" up your ears.? by Q: I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for doing the following without ear protection: Age 12/13ish, SBR fully auto registered M4, I can remember not being able to hear for hours after that. AR-15 many times shotgun many times .45 ACP many times Then there's the lawnmower, circular saw, weedeater, Daytona 500, air show, drag races.....I think I should stop. I didn't start giving a damn about my ears until I was probably 16. Now, my left ear isn't as good as my right, and I'm sure it isn't that good either.

A: What?

Qualifying for next year in Cup idea? by mAD~mOD Q: Qualifying idea, I know that everyone’s got an idea about how qualifying should be changed in Sprint Cup (yea that will take a while to get use to) After the first four races, before that the previous years standings count Change the top 35 owners to the top 20 in driver points, and top 10 in owner points (Gives the elite teams a reward for past results, the owner point part to protect teams with new drivers on established teams in the first four races and elite drivers on new teams) Race winners from the current year are in. (Rewards winning, the extra 10 points don’t mean anything if you don have a chance of winning championship) Past Champions Provisional up to five times per year, only available if you have previously qualified on speed an equal amount of times that the Provisional is used. (For the Daytona 500 the past Champions Provisional is available to the fastest past champion in qualifying not the duel races). Every one else races in. Qualifying Day: All the “go or go home teams” qualify first, if it rains before the locked in teams put the first cat on the track. They go with the top 43 in owner points, if not the teams are in based on the all previous rules with the best qualifiers starting first thought 43rd .

A: I actually like your idea alot... very thought out... For those of you who say fastest 43 cars should race every week, thats a nice wish, but will never happen... First time a big shot like Gordon, Dale Jr, Stewart, etc, spins out in qualifying and misses the race your going to have a TON of pissed off fans... You have to have some way to make sure your "money makers" get into the races! I also like the part about race winners getting in... Really gives those guys that are way back in the standings a reason to take some chances and try anything to get a win as opposed to them just racing for points to stay or get in the top 35... One thing I would add is when the chase starts, only the top 12 are locked in, everyone else qualifies... Just to spice things up at the end of the season!

What do you think of our schools policy on absences.? by Heads will roll Q: This is just one aspect. But we have 10 days to be tardy all year no matter what. Im not sure if doctor excuses do anything anymore. Then they do not get renwed like they used to for the 2nd semester. Our principle said that like if your parents go for vacation, you don't have to go. Vacation is for spring break. Hey are you suppose to go skiing in late march and early april? What if your going to an event? They arnt going to reschedual the start of the Nascar season because of our schools policy if you want to go to daytona 500. If we go on our snowmobile trip, um how is that suppose to happen on spring break? -On Christmas time there isnt enough snow and people like to be HOME for the holidays. Same goes for skiing. If you are more absent you have to take the 2nd semester exams no matter what. What do yall think about this? Thanks.

A: States evaluate schools partially based on attendance, in addition to other things. If the public does not want the schools to enforce attendance restrictions, then they should be lobbying to the states/federal governments to get rid of that portion of the evaluation.

What would you have done if you were Regan Smith racing today at Talladega? by Matthew K Q: Pretend for a moment you are regan smith on the final lap of today's race. coming off of turn 4, you are right behind tony stewart. you had held back to make your move. you make it, and it's a great one. you had juked him from up high to down low. you get position on tony underneath him with the momentum to pass him. but now, tony being as competitive as any other driver out on that race track, is coming down to not only block you, but cut you off and crash into you if you are still in that position. so here's where you have to make your choice: a) you hold your line and momentum, stay in the throttle, let tony crash into you, spinning him toward the inside wall near the exit of the pits. you will probably crash as well, more than likely taking out a number of cars, angering these drivers, their owners, and fans, not including tony and his legion of fans. b) you do whatever you can to avoid making contact with tony, including going below the line and backing out of the throttle, forfeiting any chance of victory, and possibly falling out of 2nd place as well. i'm sure nascar would appreciate this move the most, as it takes all of the burden off of them, and handing it all to you. tony probably thinks he made the greatest move, and he greatly deserves the victory. c) or finally, you do just what regan did today...what every racer on the nascar circuit would do. you just drove 499.9 freaking miles, and you tell me you are going to just throw the chance of your very first victory in the spring cup series away? and just because tony makes a competitive, but very reckless move. a racer is not a racer if he doesn't make that move. nascar got this all wrong this afternoon. i fully understand the reason for having the yellow line rule. but, has nascar ever penalized someone for pushing somebody below the yellow line? i don't believe so. i recall nascar saying in one of their drivers' meetings that they will do this when jeff gordon asked them about it. i heard andy petree saying in the broadcast that the yellow line rule is not in effect on the last lap. i do not believe this is entirely true, but i do recall a competition director or someone of that same level saying that if you can see the checkered flag, anything goes. i have just gotten angry over the past several years over nascar's inconsistency with some of their rules. that is the main reason for me writing this pretty darn long post. another one of these inconsistencies i am speaking of is in the 2007 daytona 500 when they didn't throw the yellow flag when the wreck was well underway. they instead waited for harvick and martin to cross the start/finish line. yet, in the previous year at the fall race at talladega, nascar threw the caution for a wreck that was taking place in turn 3, well behind the leaders on the last lap, rather than letting them race back to the caution. this would have given them ample time to slow down (turn 1, turn 2, the entire freakin' backstretch) before they got to where the wreck started after the race had concluded. i believe jeff gordon won that race and that brian vickers was the one who wrecked to bring out the caution. nascar just needs to be far more consistent with their rulings, and i would love it if they would come out and explain more of the decisions that are made in their tower during some of these races. i know, sometimes i've seen mike helton come on tv and give some explanations, but that is something that i would love to see more. i feel really cheated on today's race. and let me say, i am not a tony stewart-hater, i love what nascar has been, in general, since i was in the 2nd grade. it just seems sometimes nascar plays puppet-master a little too strongly.

A: After hearing Jeff Gordon explaining this tonight on Wind Tunnel I would say A. That's what he said he has learned in his years of racing there and at Daytona. Kinda hard to argue with a a former champ. Thats what he said he would do.

Fod Jacqui....you like race cars? by Jake5282 Q: I knew I had become a Stock Car Fan when... ...Tailgating became "drafting" ...I started calling slower cars "lap traffic" ...I started lightly tapping the cars bumper in front of me when I wanted to pass ...I started signaling the cars behind me to pass (they probably thought I was "flipping em off") ...I began timing my fuel stops ...I started calling every curvy road in my neighborhood " Glen" ...I found myself pausing after the traffic light turned green to get a better "restart" than the car behind me ...I miss a gear, it reminds me of Pocono ...I began hoping the car in front of me, would "go high" on "clover leaf" exits and finally, ...I found myself cleaning "marbles" off my tires when I went slow TOP 10 SIGNS YOUR RACING SEASON SHOULD BE COMING TO A CLOSE 10. You find yourself drafting highway patrol cars 9. You get a tingling sensation every time you hear a wet hacking cough like Dick Trickle's 8. Your daughter attends the prom in a gown your wife sewed together from your old Earnhardt T-shirts 7. You named the twins born during the Daytona 500, Maybeline and Valvoline 6. On weekends without a race you get ripped and cheer freeway traffic from the roof of a parked school bus 5. You fake your own death to get the minister off your back about missing church every Sunday during race season 4. During the last lap at Atlanta you get so mad you pound your way through your rec. room wall onto your front lawn 3. You fantasize about renting a Pocono honeymoon suite for you and Todd Bodine, hoping your wife will understand 2. Sex is lasting about as long as a Goodwrench pitstop TOP 10 SIGNS YOUR WIFE WAS OBSESSED WITH NASCAR 10. Damned lugnut jewelry left nasty bruises when line dancing 9. Got you out of bed every morning using heavy duty floor jack 8. The "move over" flag at your local track looked suspiciously like the nightie you gave her last Christmas 7. Always "impounded" your underwear for inspection when you returned from a "night out with the boys" 6. Still complaining about you jumping the start and her always recording a DNF 5. Put a restrictor plate on your stereo volume knob 4. Attached a bitchin' spoiler to the Kirby 3. Chugged a six pack of Red Dog, smoked a pack of Camels and washed your Hooters t-shirts in all temperature Tide 2. Kids attended Easter service dressed as the Goodwrench pit crew AND THE NUMBER 1 SIGN YOUR WIFE WAS OBSESSED WITH NASCAR: 1. Kept giving you the black flag in bed for using "leaky equipment" Bad speller it is supposed to be FOR JACQUI...

A: I love it! Thanks for thinking of me!

Fastenal to 99 Cup team? by Q: From Jayski: Fastenal Steps up to be primary sponsor for Edwards: Fastenal announced that it has signed a multiyear agreement with Roush Fenway Racing to become a primary sponsor of Carl Edwards' #99 Ford in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Fastenal will be the primary on Edwards' #99 for 17 Cup Series races in 2012, starting at Daytona International Speedway. The company will also sponsor two additional Roush Fenway entries in a yet to be determined 2012 Sprint Cup Series race, putting three Fastenal-branded Fords on the track during a single event. "I've appreciated the long relationship that I've had with Fastenal," said Edwards. "I'm proud that they believe so strongly in our team and program that they are making the commitment to sponsor us in the Sprint Cup Series. My partnership with Fastenal started in 1999 at my local dirt track. I would have never imagined that we would be going to the 2012 Daytona 500 together. They have always treated me with the same respect that they treat their customers and I am proud to represent them." "It's hard to imagine a better driver, or a better spokesperson for our company, than Carl Edwards," said Cory Jansen, Fastenal's Executive Vice President, Operations. "He's become a true member of the Fastenal 'blue team,' and we can't wait to see him make a run for the championship in the #99 Fastenal Ford." For Fastenal, the road to this marquee sponsorship began back in 2006 when the company began sponsoring a team in NASCAR's Truck Series. Fastenal moved to the Nationwide Series two years later. But through it all, a Fastenal-sponsored car had never won a NASCAR race until its partnership with Roush Fenway and Edwards began in 2010. Edwards and Fastenal have teamed up to go to NASCAR victory lane five times in the #60 Fastenal Ford Mustang, including four times this season. "Because of the phenomenal season Carl is having, we've probably had more brand exposure this year than we've had in the previous five years combined," added Jansen. "We're looking forward to taking another huge step forward next season by presenting our brand to the tens of millions of fans who follow the Cup Series."(Roush Fenway Racing)(9-1-2011) Also... Dale Jr. re-signs with Hendrick thru 2017: Hendrick Motorsports and driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. have agreed to a five-year contract extension that will keep Earnhardt behind the wheel of the #88 Chevys through the end of the 2017 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. "We're excited to have everything formalized and announced," said Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports. "Junior and I had a handshake agreement months ago, and we let other people work out the finer points from there. It was as simple and smooth as it gets. My feelings haven't changed since the day he first signed with us. I'm committed as ever to putting him in the best possible situation to be successful and compete for wins and championships." Earnhardt, 36, has earned 18 Sprint Cup race wins since joining the circuit full-time in 2000. The Kannapolis, N.C., native has won the Daytona 500, the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race and two Nationwide Series championships. In NASCAR's national touring series, he has a combined 41 points-paying victories. "It's great to have it all wrapped up so quickly and far in advance," said Earnhardt, who currently is ninth in the Sprint Cup standings. "Rick and I were on the same page from the first time we talked about it, so there wasn't any sense in waiting. There were never any questions or hesitations from either of us. It was just, 'Yeah, let's do it.' I'm really happy at Hendrick Motorsports and enjoy working with everyone here. The team's been very competitive this season, and we're all excited about the direction of things. I want to make sure we're giving our fans something to cheer about for a long time." Earnhardt originally signed with Hendrick Motorsports in June 2007 for the 2008 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season. That contract was set to expire at the end of 2012.(Hendrick Motorsports)(9-1-2011) Thoughts? Richard W... Look at the "Thoughts" thing below all the stuff.

A: Glad to hear about Jr not going anywhere, because he's on the verge of putting it all together and winning some races in that 88. Also, don't know if I just missed this or what, but where's Aflac going? Maybe they're gonna be Matt Kenseth's sponsor to replace Crown Royal?

Who else here is very upset with NASCAR about the finish at Dega? by Kahneroxmysox Q: I am very upset.I think Regan should have won.It wasn't fair.Contact NASCAR at [email protected] and complain and tell them how you feel.This is what I wrote to them: NASCAR, I think you need to figure out your rules and get them straight because I am very very upset over how you handled the finish at Talladega.If you looked at the video of the finish,clearly Regan Smith was forced down below the yellow line by Tony Stewart.It wasn't his choice.And no I am not a Tony Stewart hater so this is not the reason why I am complaining.I am complaining because I wish that someone would get their rules straight because if I recall,there was a Truck race last year at Daytona where there was a 3 truck finish at the line and Johnny Benson was aloud to go below the yellow line and inprove his position and he didn't get in trouble for it.Regarding the situation and why Johnny Benson was not penalized,A NASCAR Spokesman,Owen Kearns said,and I quote,"if you can see the checkered flag on the last lap,anything goes." So where do you really stand regarding that rule NASCAR?Please inform me.What is the exact rule here?Why don't you make your rules public to the fans so we know what is going on and what is/isn't allowed?Then maybe we would understand a little better. Regan Smith clearly deserved to win that race and if he wasn't allowed to go below the yellow line,then don't let others do it too.It's not fair.At least give him 2nd and don't penalize him and put him to 18th.It was the last freakin lap...give me a break. I have seen plenty of times,including the 07 Daytona 500, where it is a green white checkered finish,or the last lap and they start wrecking.Well the rule is that the race is supposed to end and whoever is in the lead when they start wrecking wins the race...You let them race to the end for the fans purpose.That's not exactly sticking to the rules.I think you definitely stretch the rules a little when you want to.We all know that.You can't hide that.And the only reason why you made it this way and scored Stewart as the winner is because Regan Smith is not a big name in NASCAR.Dale Sr got away with a lot of stuff in the past and guaranteed if Dale Jr was in Regan's position today,we would all see a different winner right now.We trust you NASCAR to make it fair for everyone each weekend and we don't apprecaite this. So next time NASCAR stick with the rules for everybody and get it straight.Don't play favorites.Or if your so confident that you made the right choice and that Regan clearly was in the wrong,THEN SHOW US THE RULES AND PROVE IT TO US.

A: Shame on Nascar, that's all i have to say!

Are the cars in a Nascar race really that close in terms of time at the final laps of the race? by Mr. C Q: I never really watch Nascar, but last week I was watching the ending to the daytona 500 when Ryan Newman won. I don't get it. Right before the final 2 laps there was a caution, and the race was stopped. Then they lined up single file almost bumper to bumper according to position and started the race again for just 2 final laps. But there are like 200- 2 1/2 mile laps in the race. Shouldn't the first place car be ahead of the second place car by at least a minute or 2. Or at least a lap or 2? I don't believe that after 200 laps that it should be that close at the end. For instance in the Daytona 500, after the caution flag in the final laps, they lined up single file with the first place position at the head of the pack. What if the car in the back of the line ends up crossing the finish line first? Will he be awarded first place? That doesn't sound fair. What if he was like10 minutes behind the first place driver right before the caution flag? What is he doing still in there? I just don't believe that after 200 laps, pit stops, crashes, flat tires, that a race that long could be that close at the end. Sounds kinda funny if you ask me. Somebody please explain this to me. Thank you To Steffy, that was a good explaination, but is it still that close at the end for even the top 5? We ARE talking about 500 miles here. Shouldn't the finish time from first to second be at least 30 seconds? To acf7ride, not that it's confusing, just not believable that so many cars in a 500 mile race could be that close at the final lap. If that's true, then I guess my question is answered. I just never sat there in front of the TV for 4 hours to see the race finish. I give up after about 10 minutes. I just want to kinda learn more about it so I could see what all the hype is all about. I used to think golf was the most boring game on the planet. Now I watch it and play it every week. With that said, How can somebody get excited about Nascar? Only true fans would know. Please tell. I might want to join your club.

A: It's not that close at the end. If a car was involved in a wreck or had a horrible pit they are still in the race but at the end of the pack. They can go 1, 2, 5, 10 or 50 laps down but if they can still make their cars go they can continue to race. they will never win but they can still get points for still being in the race. After a caution they do line up as if still being contenders but if they are laps down they will never win, they would have to make up those laps and get in front of the leader. So yes, it looks like they are all still in it but no, only the lead guys on the lead laps have a chance to win. So if you are 10 minutes behind you are still racing for some points but you will never win that race. It looks close but it isn't. Lead guys have a chance not the lap down guys. Hope this helps. >>>>Yes if there are no cautions or few cautions then they can be really spread out but remember the guys on the lead lap are really only like 10ths of seconds behind the leader, at the most the lead guys are within seconds of the leader. So yes they are that close. After a caution they bunch up for a restart but the leaders are leaders and the guys a lap or 10 down may still be close but they are behind because of thier speeds. After a caution they all line up together behind the leader, cars 1-43 get in line behind each other in order of their track position in the race. Say the guy in 15th place is 2 laps down he may restart after a caution in 15th place but he has to pass the leader 2 times to make up the time. Probably not going to happen, although he still seems to be in 15th place he is really way down. They may be racing close in the line but they can still be very far apart. The top guys on the lead lap are just milli-seconds apart, so yes they are that close. Does this make sense?

What was your favorite season or year of NASCAR? by The Gray Man Q: I been watching it since '96, i was a big Sr. fan, when he die i just quit watching NASCAR. I started watching again in 2004, after i heard Jr. won the Daytona 500. And decided to become a Jr. fan. I would say overall my favorite season of NASCAR would be 2000 though. Sr was very great that year and finished 2nd in points. Plus lets not forget his last win at Talledega, he went from way back in the pack to win the race in a matter of a couple of laps, good times.

A: early 90's whe the man in black was winnin all those championships

NASCAR offseason scenario time? by Q: Congratulations NASCAR fan! You've just won $200 million in the lottery! Now you're going out and starting up a race team. Brand new cars, big sponsor (maybe), talented free agent driver, the whole shebang for the next Daytona 500. Which current free agent driver do you hire to drive your car, what manufacturer will your team race for, and what new sponsor are you luring into NASCAR that isn't already sponsoring a car?

A: I'm starting up my #40 DODGE team with Brian Ickler as my driver. The sponsor we're trying to get into NASCAR is Arizona Teas. Their paint schemes would rotate on the car based on all their different flavours. (Green Tea, Pomegranate, Half & Half, Half & Half with pink lemonade, etc..) Brian Ickler would be my pick because he's likely to continue to get some starts in Trucks and Nationwide from KBM, and their stuff is flying fast. And DODGE because they have clearly sped it up the past couple years, and they have said they want to add more teams.

Top 10 greatest sports performances of all time? by Nascarologist Q: My question for you is to look at this list and vote for 8 of these feats. After this is all said and done I will take the top 10 and make a youtube video honoring the feats. The decision is in your hands!! If you need clarification on anything just ask me about it! When you answer this just please list the eight you are voting for if you would. The list in random order Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 pts. Dale Earnhardt Sr. wins the 1998 Daytona 500 USA v. Russia, "Miracle on Ice" Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters Red Sox Break the WS Curse 2008 WCWS ASU 11, Texas A&M 0 Superbowl 42 "Eli's Triumph" Alan Kulwicki wins 1992 Nascar title as owner/driver Tiger Woods wins 2008 U.S. Open in pain Ricky Craven/Kurt Busch: "The Finish" Darlington 2003 Tom Dempsey 63 yd. field goal w/ a club foot Kirk Gibson's Walk-Off Pinch-Hit Home Run Don Larsen's perfect game 1956 World Series Jimmy Connors holds World Number 1 ranking for 160 consecutive weeks Evander Hollifield wins 4th World Title Substitute driver Jamie McMurray wins in second start… 46 year old Jack Nicklaus wins 6th Masters B uffalo Bills win 4 straught AFC titles NC State upsets Houston for NCAA title Joe Gibbs wins championships in two different sports 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team wins Bronze US Women win Soccer’s World Cup The Thrilla in Manilla Joe Louis 1st round Knockout of Max Schmelling Tony Stewart completes 1100 miles of racing in one day Danica Patrick wins at Twin Ring Motegi Michael Spitz wins 7 Gold Medals in Swimming at the 1972 Olympics Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron Romania’s Nadia Comaneci scores a Perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars The Immaculate Reception Kyle Busch earns Toyota’s first win Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Bobby Thomson Shot Heard Round the World Michigan State vs. Indiana State Larry Byrd vs. magic Johnson A.J. Foyt becomes first person to win 4 Indy 500s #11 George Mason reaches Final Four Broadway Joe predicts Superbowl Win Secretariat wins Triple Crown in record fashion Affirmed and Allydar finish 1-2, 3 times US Women win Soccer’s World Cup The Thrilla in Manilla Joe Louis 1st round Knockout of Max Schmelling Tony Stewart completes 1100 miles of racing in one day Danica Patrick wins at Twin Ring Motegi Michael Spitz wins 7 Gold Medals in Swimming at the 1972 Olympics Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron Romania’s Nadia Comaneci scores a Perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars The Immaculate Reception Kyle Busch earns Toyota’s first win Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Bobby Thomson Shot Heard Round the World Michigan State vs. Indiana State Larry Byrd vs. magic Johnson A.J. Foyt becomes first person to win 4 Indy 500s #11 George Mason reaches Final Four Broadway Joe predicts Superbowl Win Secretariat wins Triple Crown in record fashion Affirmed and Allydar finish 1-2, 3 times Bill Wambsganss’ Unassisted Triple Play Martina Hingis wins Wimbledon at 16 Mighty Muhammad Ali loses to Leon Spinks Douglas defeats Tyson for World Title Wendell Scott first black driver to win a race Al Kaline wins the 1968 World Series Billie Jean King defeats Bobby Riggs in Battle of Sexes Kurt Angle wins 2 Olympic Gold Medals in Wrestling Carolina Panthers make playoffs in second season Harry Gantt wins at age 52 Richard Petty wins 200th race 1969 Miracle Mets If you know of anymore just put it as one of your 8 and then I will add it to the list as well. Speed Skater Steven Bradbury wins olympic gold Joe Dimaggio 56 game hit streak has been added to the list. I'm sorry some got posted twice!!

A: Don Larsen's perfect game 1956 World Series Douglas beating Tyson USA v. Russia, "Miracle on Ice" Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 pts. Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters Secretariat wins Triple Crown in record fashion Kirk Gibson's Walk-Off Pinch-Hit Home Run is DiMaggio 56 game hit streak here?

please help on this question at least to start somewhere- physics? by COURAGE Q: Jef Gordon and Dale Earnhardt are racing their stockcars to try to win the Daytona 500. Jef makes a pit stop to gas up and change his tires. When he gets back on the track, he discovers that he is right next to Dale. Both are traveling at speeds of 150 mi/hr, but Dale is one full lap (2.5 miles) ahead.1 Jef wants to catch Dale so he decides to try to accelerate slowly and uniformly (constant a) until he catches Dale | so that after Dale has done 10 laps, Jef will have done 11. (Jef knows from studying physics that uniform acceleration will use less gas.) a. How much time does he have to do it, assuming that Dale keeps a constant speed during those 10 laps? b. What distance will Jef have to cover in that time? c. Again, assuming that Dale keeps a constant speed, what does Jef's average speed have to be in order to catch Dale after Dale has gone 10 laps? d. What was Jef's acceleration during the time Dale was going 10 laps? e. What would Jef's speed be when he catches Dale? thank you

A: a. For the first one, you will need to find the amount of time it will take Dale to finish those 10 laps. You will need to find the total distance that Dale will need to travel and divide that by his speed. (Hint: distance / rate = time) b. You'll need to find the distance it takes to go 11 laps. (Hint: Find the distance for 1 lap and multiply it by 11) c. You know the time and you know the distance, so you can find the average speed which Jeff will have to go. (Hint: distance / time = rate) d. Since you know the time that Jeff has to catch up to Dale, the distance he must travel, and his starting velocity, you can find his acceleration. (Hint: look down below at the very bottom) e. Since you know what time Jeff has, you know the starting velocity, and the acceleration of Jeff, you can find the final velocity. (Hint: velocity = initial velocity + acceleration * time) Hint for d: x = x0 + v0t + (1/2)at^2 Use this equation. Also, if you need help with what the symbols mean, here is a key: x = final position (your answer to #2) x0 = starting position (this will be 0, so you don't even need to put it in there) v0 = starting velocity (this is 150 mi/h; it was given to us in the problem) a = acceleration (you're solving for this) t = time (your answer to #1) I hope that gets you somewhere.

Would this be a sweet NASCAR game? by It'sSupercharged!2000 Q: The game is built on a career mode that begins in 1985. It progresses through time to the current season. At the beginning of each season there is some sort of "historical video" that gives some info on the time. Ex. 2007-NASCAR begins the COT. 2001-Earnhardt dies. Drivers would retire when they actually did, and all the drivers and tracks would be there. Even if a driver only had a few starts, there would be a car there, assuming he did actually make it in a race. Race results would be affected slightly by how the actual race ended. All special paint schemes would be available, but track variations would not, such as a different sponsor on the deck lid. Some things, like Dale Sr. could be easily figured out. He retires at the end of 2000. Doesn't start the Daytona 500, Harvick doesn't start until Rockingham, and the video explains why Dale isn't racing, and has a short tribute. The game would be monstrously huge, and be difficult to create, but wouldn't it be sweet if it were to be made? If I get any haters, you're getting deleted right away, so don't bother. And please, don't start ranting about EA vs. Papy. I like both, I just don't have a good enough computer to play one of Papy's games. @Rusty: Wow, cheering for a driver who retired 5 years ago. That's the dumbest concept I've ever heard. How about you come up with an idea D**KHead? @Fluffy: I respect your opinion, it is just different than mine. Thanks for not being a jerk while going about expressing them. :) I would say, yes, you could start at any point in time. The finishes would not be exactly the same as real life, but they would be influenced by their real life counterparts. Ex. Dale would probably win the 1990 Daytona 500, since he would probably not wreck in game. I also didn't quite think about the fact that you would be changing history (it is still just a concept) but I think that you would just bump out the driver who qualifies last. This is why the "start and parkers" may not work in the game. It wouldn't be a carbon copy of history, and you could be a custom driver if you so chose. You could also probably start at whatever era you want. The idea started because I hate playing 2004's career mode in the year 2010, and still see Pontiacs racing with retired drivers under the old points system. It is entertaining, but it just bugs me.

A: I think the concept is cool but I don't understand completely how it would work. I have some questions. So I get that its from 1985 to present right? Ok so if I was starting a career, I would be starting in 1985 and racing all the way up through present day? Or could you start in any era? Also, if the races are set to finish how they really did for the most part, then how would you race as being a new driver who wasn't really in the race? Would I just be a driver in the race that would be trying to change history so to say and win the race from the driver who would be programmed to win based on reality? I do think its a cool concept and it would allow you to experience the different cars, eras and drivers which I definitely like. Those would be my only questions and those are just questions to fully understand what my role in the game would be. So if you can let me know some of your ideas that could make me understand as I've said just when you would start a career. Would it be 1985 or basically when ever you choose? And what would be the role you would play as a driver in pre-programmed races that are based on actual history? Meaning do you as a driver try to change history and beat the drivers who actually won the races. Such as in 1998, would I race to win the Daytona 500 and keep Dale Sr from winning his first Daytona race?

wow it is still early and judgeing by todays questions? by 51 Q: we are now 2 months from daytona.i guess it is time for all the less fortunate to start their uneducated remarks about nascar and nascar fans?am i right?do u have nothing better to do on a sat. night?are u that lonely that u have to sit at home and think of bumb things to post on YA?and by the way,who will finish second at the daytona 500?

A: I hate the questions too, but I don't let them bother me like I used to. For those people, NASCAR just isn't their thing. I think Scott Speed will push Kyle Busch to the win and run 2nd.

Vacation ideas, where can we go with $1,500 starting from Pa? Love the beach and las vegas, need new ideas?? by funperson Q: We're very good with hotel deals, and cupons, been to vegas 4 times, daytona beach 3 times, russia once, calif once..can only drive 4 hrs or so( bad backs)..willing to fly... want water with calm atmosphere, love to dance, to 80s-90s trying new foods... want to vaca in march or sept. to avoid high summer prices..any ideas??

A: Why not try a cruise? I love cruises...they are a good deal considering almost everything is included. Have fun!

Danica Patrick to make Nationwide debut at Daytona next season with JR Motorsports? by Will-I-Am Hendrick Supporter Q: The below statement is from http://jayski.com/cupnews.htm#news-danica UPDATE: Danica Patrick is nearing completion of a two-year contract with JR Motorsports, the NASCAR Nationwide Series operation owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr., and a source close to the negotiations described them as "in the final phase." The partnership is expected to make its on-track debut during next February's Daytona Speedweeks. Both the Patrick and Earnhardt camps declined comment. Patrick will compete in NASCAR's second-largest series for JR Motorsports while continuing to race full-time for Andretti Green Racing in IndyCar. Earnhardt and Patrick already have a corporate connection, in current sponsorship deals with GoDaddy.com. If this is true, Would NASCAR let her do it? I thought I heard a story this past week about someone (dont remember name, possibly the Richardson dude that made Cup debut this week) that wanted to race in Daytona for his first Sprint Cup start and they told him he needed some experience first, so he raced at Talladega to help the approval process. I know the Nationwide Series isn't the Daytona 500, but it should be a similar rule I'm sure. Would NASCAR possibly bend the rules though so Danica is there for Daytona 500 weekend? I'm sure the $$$ difference in her being there racing in it, and not is enough to turn some heads.

A: There is no guarantee Nascar will grant her permission to drive at Daytona but I imagine they will considering her extensive high speed experience in Indy cars. And I heard she will be in an Arca car at Daytona, not Nationwide.

Should i start watching nascar again? by CTownBoy Q: i used to be a die hard fan but in the last couple years i went from barely watching to not watching at all. last year i just watched the daytona 500 and then lost interest completely. but they made a bunch of changes recently to try to make it more competetive and exciting. they also have danica racing this week. should i invest my time into nascar again or is it still going to be what its been for the past couple of years? also is dale jr any closer to actually driving well?

A: yes watch it they are letting them be bad again and show emotion and side by side racing again

I still need advice.How do I become a NASCAR driver for the next year's Daytona 500? by darthvaderfan1990 Q: Hi. I still need advice on becoming a NASCAR driver. How do I become a NASCAR driver for the Daytona 500 for Next Year? I am a girl and I wanted to be in NASCAR for a long time now. I have been praticing my driving skills on NASCAR 07 for Xbox. Can you offer any good tips for me inorder for me to become a NASCAR driver? I will be turning 18 this year and should I talk to my parents about letting me become a NASCAR driver? Should I start applying to NASCAR schools? Should I do the NASCAR reactor simulators at the NASCAR speedpark? Because I need to sign up for NASCAR soon to be in the Daytona 500 next year!!!! My favorite track is Daytona International Speedway. My top two drivers are Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. Who is your favorite NASCAR driver? I have been watching NASCAR since I was only 4 years old. I am going to the all star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway and that is my home track. Which track is your favorite one? Wish me luck in NASCAR!!!! Support me!! Thank You!!!!

A: I don't even know where to begin. I am going to try my best not to insult you because everyone on here is a tattle tale. Anyway. You will never be a NASCAR driver! Ever! If playing video games was good practice, I'd be in the NBA, NFL, and the PGA.

2001 Tenth Anniversary: Does anyone seriously think that this will be a legitimate Daytona 500? by Jrh88er Q: Several times in the past 10 years NASCAR has taken steps to ensure the victory of Dale Earnhardt Jr at Daytona, 6 months after his dad died the 2001 Pepsi 400, then the 2004 Daytona 500, and then last year with the Wrangler #3 car. Every time there his a special significance that ties Juniors "needed" victory at this track it magically happens. I can't imagine any other driver who is going to pass Jr on the last lap of this race to snatch a win from Earnhardt Jr this year. I know it, you know it, everyone who knows NASCAR knows it. Lets just get this charade over with so we can hopefully start some legitimate racing. The script has been written, and the stage has been set.

A: Finally some one has realised that nascar will have Jr win any race that has to do with his father. as you said all of those races and soon to be the 2011 Daytona 500. this is the only way he can win is if nascar cheats for him. so i agrre fully with you that the 500 is already over and Jr is the winner.

What do you think of Bill Elliott Driving part time in Cup for Phoenix racing? by Heather Q: From this article "Bill Elliott will drive in at least 18 Sprint Cup races for Phoenix Racing, starting with the Daytona 500, a team spokesman confirmed Monday. Elliott Elliott, 55, has driven a part-time schedule for Wood Brothers Racing the past four years, but the Wood Brothers are working to put together a deal for Trevor Bayne, leaving Elliott to look for another Cup ride." http://www.nascar.com/news/110118/belliott-phoenix-racing/index.html

A: I wish he would invest his time into his own team, being a GM, or sitting in a sound booth giving commentary. I love the guy, always did he was great! just Nothing good can from him being out there way past his prime.

What do you think of the earlier start times for races in 2010? by Pink Chickens Q: 20 races will start at 1 pm eastern, including the Daytona 500. Your thoughts? http://sports.yahoo.com/nascar/news?slug=ap-nascar-starttimes&prov=ap&type=lgns

A: Thanks Pink. I didn't see that. I like it. It's like football times 1:00 on Sunday afternoons is sport time. I do feel bad for the western fans that means the party starts at 10:00am....that's a little early for a party. Heck I think the Daytona should be on Saturday afternoon not Sunday anyway, they should change that too while they are at it :)

Is Trevor Bayne guaranteed a starting spot in the Daytona 500? by Rick31 Q: I read articles that said Bill Elliott, Joe Nemechek, Travis Kvapil, and Terry Labonte were guaranteed starting spots in the Daytona 500 based on their times, but Trevor Bayne was third and faster that all of the 4 mentioned as being guaranteed starting spots. How can the 21 not be in that group? To the wise guy who said they said it 20 times on Sunday, I was not able to see it so therefore I asked the question. Please don't answer if you can't give a decent answer. I would not have asked the question if I already knew the answer. The article I read only mentioned the 4 above and not Bayne.

A: Trevor Bayne is guaranteed a spot because he has owners points from one of the RPM cars - the 19 if I'm correct.

NASCAR: The Daytona 500? by Ryder Q: When its time for the Daytona 500 to kick off the new Nascar season, are all the driver points reset to zero so that every driver has a fresh start for the season in terms of points?

A: Yes they are reset.

2011 Hall of Fame Enshrinement: Is it time to start up the annual Dale Jr HOF conversation? by Fan of Junior Q: A gatorade duel, A Winston, A Bud Shootout, A Daytona 500 Victory, 2 Busch series championships, 18 wins. Pretty good driving for only being in NASCAR 14 years. Its time to enshrine Jr next to his old man, enough said!

A: No ,not in your life time.

Where is Jimmie Johnson starting in the Daytona 500? by brandon Q: He was starting 15 the last time i checked but he had to change the engine on his car. Does he start in the back because of that? And why did he change his engine?

A: Johnson will start 23rd on Sunday. The 48 team did change the engine, but it was prior to the Dual race, meaning he started that race from the back. He will get to keep his starting position on Sunday granted they don't have to change engines again or wreck in final practice. No word on why the needed to change the engine.

How come the Daytona 500 ended under the lights? by abustos_ab Q: The Daytona 500 usually started at 12:30 p.m. Central time, about 5 or 6 years ago.

A: AS USUAL NASCAR is bending over for the west coast fanbase. So that start the races later and later for them. It doesn't matter that west coast is all about drifting competitions and drag racing. and of course NASCAR could care less about the true fans they already have.

Will the Daytona 500 end at daytime or night time this year? by isi44_44 Q: Just wondering because I want to go but I love night races a lot more than daylight. I know its supposed to start at 1pm but if it does end during the day then i'll just go to the Coke Zero 400 in summer which is more exciting anyways. I can only go to 1 of the 2 because I live very far away. I mean its obviosly going to finish during daylight if it starts at 1pm but maybe it starts a lot later with all the talk and stuff.

A: It won't start at 1:00, that's when Coverage Starts, but it should start early enough that it ends around the same time the 2002 race did (video below, also an interesting finish, imagine that!). If you want a night race, go to the 400 for sure.

What time is the green flag scheduled for the Daytona 500? by LeFraud James Q: I know coverage begins at 2:00 EST, but what time do they actually start the race and wave the green flag?

A: Scheduled for 3:30 according to Jayski.com MRN starts broadcasting at 3:20, so it will be at least that.

when Daytona 500 main event starts on GMT time? by Siisi V Q:

A: It is noon eastern time, so it would be 1700 if I'm not wrong.

What time will the green flag actually drop at the Daytona 500 today? by Kate L Q: I want to watch the race but don't have time to catch all of the pre-race stuff. What time is the actual start time of the race rather than just all of the pre-race stuff. We are in Central Time.

A: About 2:40 - 2:45 your time. Unless they move the start time up because of threat of rain.

what time does the daytona 500 pole qualifying race on Feb 8th start? by angiegamez1025 Q: TOMORROW

A: 1 ET 12 CST On Fox

what time does tv coverage start for daytona 500? by lala Q:

A: if you don't want to listen to them and their useless banter...and just want the race 3:15 est. If you like the useless banter, 2pm est.

I need to know the start time of the Daytona 500 race this year (Feb 19)Thank you.? by strohsandy Q:

A: Dayton 500, first race of the year will start at 2:30pm (ET) on NBC. The purse is $18,029,052. Thats alot of money!!Don't forget the Bud Shootout on the 11th @ 8:30pm on TNT, the 16th is the Gatorade Dules- #1 is @ 2:10 pm on TNT and #2 is @ 3:40pm. Happy Racin!!!

Start time of Daytona 500 for 2009? by Joanne Q: Could someone give me the exact green flag start of the race? I searched answers but got confused as the last couple years start times were provided.....Thank You

A: 3:40 EST.

What time does the Daytona 500 Race get underway? by Q: What time does the Nascar Daytona 500 start?

A: the pre race is on now but the actual race should start around 1:30

what time est does daytona 500 start tonite 7/4/08? by Patty Q:

A: Anytime you choose...this is your hallucination... Go Jr.>>>>

what time centeral time does the daytona 500 start???? by akicky Q:

A: Supposed to be 3:30, but they still are having concert time. Expect it to be closer to 3:45

What time does the 2009 Daytona 500 start on the 15th and the Camping World 300 on the 14th? by M D Q:

A: daytona 500 sun @ 2 pm est on fox and the camping world 300 on sat @ 1 pm est espn2

What time does Daytona 500 start? by John Q:

A: TV Broadcast: 2pm MRN: 3:20pm Green Flag scheduled for 3:30pm

What time does the Daytona 500 start? And which networks are covering it? by Thrice Blessed Q: I'm on the West Coast, and I really want to watch it if I can! Okay, I found out it should be on fox.. but what time does the race start????

A: Hey, Thrice. I'm gonna give ya an inside track ( ! ) for the rest of the season! You've already gotten the specific answer you were looking for. Now let me give you a way to be ahead of the crowd for the rest of the year. If you want to know when ANY race being televised in the US or Canada takes place, and which network is televising it, go here: http://www.racefantv.com/ The next time someone asks the Q you just did, YOU can tell them how to find out. Enjoy the rest of the season! Rrrrmmm Rrrrmmm...

What time will the Daytona 500 start (pool)? by Q: I suggest we all put in $10 and closest guess to the green flag gets the pot. My $10 is on 3:30 PM. Weird. They actually looked at the radar and made an informed decision based on that. Oh, and the bet is off.

What time (eastern time) does the Daytona 500 start tomorrow? by Bully Q:

A: Green Flag at 3:30 EST FOX Pre-Race at 2:00 EST FOX NASCAR Raceday Built By the Home Depot 11 AM EST SPEED

What time does the daytona 500 start? by jaterry2003 Q: Not what time does the tv coverage start, but what time does the green flag drop? neither the Daytona website nor the NASCAR one had an answer.

A: Not soon enough bro!!! NOT SOON ENOUGH!

What time does the Daytona 500 start? by fhsorlando Q: I live in CA and the nascar site said 10am but is that the actual start time of the race or just the pre race show? Thanks.

A: that is the starting time.

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