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David cook

'American Idol's' David Cook and RCA Records Part Ways
Season 7 winner David Cook debuted a new song on American Idol Thursday night, but it won't be coming out on RCA Records. The show alum tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm currently without a record deal." He's self-releasing "The Last Song I'll Write ...

'American Idol': Hollie Gets Voted Off, David Cook Sings And Jennifer Lopez ...
While the show continued procrastinating what could literally take two seconds to tell us, David Cook returned to the Idol stage to perform his new single “The Last Song I'll Write For You”. The good news is that Idol keeps inviting him back to perform ...

'American Idol' Elimination Night: Who Made the Final 3?
SPOILER ALERT: On a night that featured performances by Season 7 champ David Cook and judge Jennifer Lopez, one contestant was sent home. With just two weeks until the finale, American Idol's top four discovered who was going home for a hero's welcome ...

Texas man's execution stopped at least temporarily
Bartee, 55, faces execution Wednesday evening for the slaying of 37-year-old David Cook more than 15 years ago in San Antonio, Texas then stealing Cook's Harley Davidson. Photo: Texas Department Of Criminal Justice / AP This photo provided by the Texas ...

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Jas5809 RT @FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

GraceC4David RT @FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

emrasaturngirl RT @FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

maryaowen Actress Nicole Leigh who plays "Karen" in HOME RUN is @ the #David_C_Cook booth at #CatalystDallas TODAY! Go by & say hi! #homerunthemovie

LetMeLearnToFly RT @FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

crzytarau I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TeRuydid David Cook: The Last Song I'll Write For You - Top 4 Results -

iluvDCyes @NeilDiamond David Cook? He is a lot like you!

celticsfaninNH RT @FoolsApril64: NEW David Cook single THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU on American Idol! *AVAIL NOW!* via iTunes & Amzn @thedavidcook #Idol #davidcookonidol

lifeleft_togo RT @FoolsApril64: [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

FoolsApril64 [VIDEO] AmericanIdol (YouTube) | THE LAST SONG I'LL WRITE FOR YOU (David Cook) http://t.co/5BdUlo9Q @thedavidcook #FF

LetMeLearnToFly RT @Karen_FH: Hey David Cook's The Last Song I'll Write For You is 106 on Rock in UK!!

LetMeLearnToFly Newly Uploaded!! David Cook at Tiger Jam ~ Rock & Roll & Whole Lotta Love & Bar-ba-Sol! (avazanne) http://t.co/DSWGsnhO

skihlman David Cook: The Last Song I'll Write For You - Top 4 Results - AMERICAN ...: http://t.co/oXbkOnog via @youtube

Karen_FH Hey David Cook's The Last Song I'll Write For You is 106 on Rock in UK!!

MoviesNews RT @ljrTR: @MoviesNews David Cook's new single "The Last Song I'lll Write for You" is available now on itunes and at Amazon


How do I put a David Cook (American Idol) song on my Myspace? by AppleKK Q: I want to put a David Cook (American Idol performance) song as my profile song on my Myspace. Are there any websites besides Myspace that has videos or just the song that you can add as your song for your page? I need the link to an actual website that allows me to have a David Cook song on my Myspace page. First one to show me where and how will get best answer! Thanks!!

A: I don't know - but - damn he was good last night! I LOVED his version of Billie Jean...

What songs David Cook performs on his tour? by monika Q: David Cook is doing a Spring Tour right now and I just want to know how many of you went to a concert? and what songs David sings? (of his album and if he sang any other songs that are not on his album please let me know!) Thanks! :D

A: I haven't been and won't be going, although, he'll be in my state the 30th...*sigh* But anyway, he performs all the songs on his record plus 1-2 cover songs. They vary so I don't know what those cover songs would/will be. I've seen[on youtube] Hot for Teacher & others..'cause I am now drawing a blank. ohh, & gah..David Cook! ! ! (:

How do they make the David Cook video? by *lol:] Q: More David Cook's video "Come Back To Me", he is in reverse. I know most videos like that are shot in reverse...but how is he singing perfectly??? I doubt they had him sing the entire song backwards...so how did they do it??

A: I just checked this out. thanks for putting it out there. http://www.accesshollywood.com/behind-the-scenes-david-cooks-come-back-to-me-music-video-shoot_video_1077320

WHERE CAN I FIND FREE SHEET MUSIC FOR DISNEY AND DAVID COOK? by Q: Hey guys! =) where can i find FREE SHEET MUSIC for Go the distance (disney hercules) and TIME OF MY LIFE by david cook? i really need it asap. thanx thanx!

A: You won't find Disney sheets for free. Buy them. If you're still looking for pop sheets, you can try the following website: http://popsheets4u.blogspot.com/

Who do you think is more popular, David Cook or David archuleta? by *waiting for a falling star* Q: Who do you think is more popular, David Cook or David archuleta Why? Just wondering what ya think... :]

A: I think you posted this question FOUR times. Answer - it depends what age group you ask and what area of the country.

What was that "Merry Christmas" song David Cook was singing on TV two nights ago? by lucivarxandersurrelrozabeth Q: Two nights ago I turned to a random channal and saw David Cook singing. I'm not sure what channal it was, but after him Beyonce sang a christmas song I think. David Cook was surrounded by lights & christmas decorations. I remember the one part of the lyrics was "Have a merry, merry christmas", but I can't find it anywhere.

A: That was at the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center. David Cook sang "So This Is Christmas."

Free Sheet Music for permanent by david cook? by Why is love so hard? Q: I'm looking for the piano sheet music to David Cook's song Permanent. Any help?

A: /http://ffpianomelody.com http://popsheets4u.blogspot.com/ http://thechopincollection.blogspot.com http://theimmortalmusic.blogspot.com Might not be the specific ones you are looking for but... You can find plenty of sheet music for download at these websites. They have over 1000+ of them. Good luck!

What does the sond "lights on" by david cook meaning? by . Q: What does the sond "lights on" by david cook meaning?

A: Um...hit the switch and save electricity???? He is actually saying even though we broke up, I may come back one day, so leave the light on to welcome me back if that is what you want.

Where is David Cook in the smash mouth all star video? by lydzreturns Q: I have heard on the FUSE network that David Cook made a cameo in the All Star music video by Smash Mouth way before he went on American Idol... so where is he?

A: Somewhere between the beginning and end.

Who did you think David Cook or David Archuleta would win American Idol? by acemusic16 Q: I love David Cook ( I am a Missouri person), but I thought for sure that David Archuleta would win just because all the littler girls that were voting for him, I was soooo happy when I saw the finale! I would love to hear your opinion

A: i like both of them. i use to like David Archuleta but i don't really like his single "Crush" so i'm pretty happy that Cook won. well, i think Archuleta is a better singer so maybe he should have. idk. maybe if David Archuleta was going to be like Elton John and not like another average cloned pop singer whos songs would stop being played on the radio in 2 months. he could have done better on his new single.

Does anyone know why David cook wasn't singing with the winners for season 9 finale farewell to simon? by Jenny Q: Hi ... I love David cook and was bummed he wasn't there... Does anyone know why?????

A: For some reason he wasn't invited,

Where can you find david cook posters? by Joejonasisdanger01 Q: I am a HUGE fan of david cook. but where can you get posters of him?

A: Dear Friend, I suggest you to buy posters online at http://www.posters-paradise.com - http://www.posters-paradise.com

Does anyone have or know where I can get the piano sheet music for songs from David Cook's new album? by Steph Q: any of the songs off of david cook's new album that was just released.

A: I found two of his songs. http://w3m.t35.com/sheets/DavidCook-AlwaysBeMyBaby.pdf http://www.david-cook.org/Time-of-my-Life-Piano-Sheet-Music-t12385.html

Why can't David Cook fans and David Archuleta fans just get along? by Archie, Cookie, and Castro fan! Q: I am a huge fan of both, and I really don't like it that some David Cook fans hate David Archuleta fans, and the other way around. Also, they don't need to criticize the other David, just because they don't like him. Can't there just be peace between the two David's fans?

A: Maybe they both don't like each other because it feels like they are still rivals since the show. I think that both of the Davids' challenges or the person to look out for was the other David. Basically the fans of each David were "rivals". But seriously, I know for sure that the David's didn't of themselves as rivals, they didn't even think the show was a competition! Both David's are great! =)

David Cook 2009 Tour Does he always meet with his fans after every show? by laurie b Q: We were surprised that David Cook came out and talked to us after one of his shows. Some other fans that we meet say he does after after most of his concerts. Is this true? If so does he visit with fans by the bus and does he start at the front of the bus or back of the bus?

A: I haven't been to any concert but I have read many concert reports and David and the band often come out after the concert...though not always, sometimes he's not feeling well or they have to leave but generally David and the band are accessible to the fans.

whats your interpritation of permanent by david cook? by cj Q: i love the song and it fits my siteation perfectly but im kinda wondering if i just think so. so what do you think the song means? i wish i could meet david cook becuase hes awesome and that would be my number one question, whats the meaning of the song.

A: Let me just start by saying after having met David, he's truly is an amazing person. The song was written for his brother who just recently died from cancer. The song to me was a way to let his brother know that even though everything is happening at once that no matter what he'll always be there for him and he shouldn't worry even when he's not there. It's an amazing song, very touching.

What needs to happen in order for David Cook to win American Idol and not David Archuleta? by Xanthos Q: Odds are David Archuleta is going to get #1 and David Cook #2. Is it even possible for David Cook to put on a beyond amazing performance to take the lead?

A: david archuleta has the voice of a 30 year old man. its all fan base. i bet my life that if archuleta sang im a barbie girl, he wouldnt be voted off.

What other vocalist does David Cook sound like? by Q: Former American Idol David Cook's voice highly reminds me of another vocalist. In some songs, they literally sound identical. Someone let me know I'm not crazy. Tell me who you think I have in mind. First person to answer with the person I'm thinking of gets the 10 points.

A: I think it is the lead singer of Our Lady Peace - Raine Maida

Were can i download a certain David Cook and David Archuleta Song? by flash128 Q: i was wondering were i could download a certain song by David cook Its calle "Dream big" And everywere i looki find the live version and i dont really want the live version.Same with David Archuleta's "in this moment" song.Or a duet of them called "hero"

A: www.beemp3.com

Place to find David Cook mp3`s, and any new songs to put on my mp3 player? by I♥pix Q: I want some songs that david cook sang, on american idol, for my mp3 player. I especially like the song "Music of the night" Any place to find that song, any good MP3 websites or any good songs to put on my mp3 player?

A: limewire has the stuuf he performed on american idol, pretty good quality too :) answer mine plz http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoSmhWHCCfc5zzbZfMdX1U_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080527115654AA8kUSS thanks

Does anybody else cry when they hear Permanent by David Cook? by Q: Or is that just me? I mean I haven't even had anybody close to me die-but David Cook wrote the song about his brother, which makes me imagine what I would do if I was in the same position, but with my twin sister. You know?

A: My younger Sis does aswell,.

who is playing at the red white and boom concert with david cook? by Lexi L Q: who besides david cook and kevin rudolph is playing at red white and boom hosted by ashley Tisdale ?its on saturday the 20th of june 2009 i really need to know

A: David Cook, Blue october, Kevin Rudlof, the veroicas, Matt Nathanson, Saftey Suit, White Tie Affair, and Love Sick Radio hope this helps!!! :)

Does anyone know where to get sheet music for David Cook's album Analog Heart? by Rexreta Q: I really love this album of David Cook's and I have tried to find the sheet music for the songs online but can't find any, if someone could help me I'd really appreciate it. Any of the songs. And if you haven't ever heard of this album of David's then you should really check it out right now.

A: What sheet music? if it's guitar then go to Ultimate Guitar if not then I can't help you there

Could anyone give me the chords to permanent by David Cook? by Drew H Q: I have been searching the internet like crazy and I can't find the piano chords to Permanent by David Cook. Can anyone give them to me? Also, it would be ideal it you could tell me the notes in the chords are opposed to just the chords. (example: C Eb G not C mi) Thank you.

A: That was easy, you must not be looking hard enough. http://www.davidcookofficial.com/content/permanent-chords http://www.911tabs.com/tabs/d/david_cook/permanent_tab.htm

Which song is better for David Cook, Light On or Time of my Life? by ♫♥Waiting For Yesterday♥♫ Q: I think that Light On is more like David Cook's style. He sounded kind of funny singing about "magic rainbows" in his song Time of my Life. But I love that song anyway. What do you think?

A: I actually really like both [:. A lot of people hated Light On when it came out but I couldn't understand why. He does a great job on both of them. Edit- Nice name, btw haha (: Archie=<3

How did the rumor about David Cook dating Lacey Schwimmer start? by Separate Ways ♪ Q: Ok people! David Cook is NOT dating Lacey Schwimmer! But I just want to know how this rumor even started. The American Idol contestants barely have time to sleep let alone sneak away from rehearsal and date!

A: It's a rumor. Who knows how half of them start. One person makes it up. They tell someone, then they tell someone...etc.

What do you all think is going to happen to David Cook? by cdawg Q: His brother died of cancer so do you all think David Cook will write a song about his brother? Also you all should make a donation to help find a cure for cancer. if you agree with me respond.

A: I didn't know his brother died. That is so sad. I don't believe the cure for cancer can be solved with money. I believe it is a path that some people have to take to making their transistion. I believe it can be a challenge for others to teach them how to heal themselves. The healing has nothing to do with money though. I think he is just going to go on the way he has. We don't know but he may have been grieving for a long time cause a family knows before something happens like this. My younger son passed away & my older son is like David he is mature & serious & he focused on work for a long time. It has been 9 years & now my son is balancing out his life & so David is probably going to do the same thing & put his pain into his work.

david Cook?? by Dalia G Q: Okay i wanna say congrates that he won, because i thin he's so talented, and I've been voting for him since the begnning :) Three questions though? 1. When is his first album going to release? 2. Does anyone agree with me and think that he has a big belly lol, :P 3. Is he dating Kimberly Caldwell?

A: 1. No idea 2. Yes, I little bit 3. I think so. But not definite

DAVID COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Yahoo! Whoregasm & Sexy Answers Q: What do you think of him? He's my future husband! :D

A: Look at my name :))) He is SO hawt and talented his CD rocks!! No he's MY future husband! lol! :)

Is David Cook going to make a new song anytime soon? by i like turtles Q: David Cook is so amazing he should be making songs. when is he going to bacause Time of my Life was really good but its getting kind of old he needs a new song. anyone agree?

A: i totally agree he is releasing his album in this fall so he probably will have another single by then http://www.davidcooknews.com/david-cook-debut-album-to-be-released-in-november/

How many numbers of cd david archuleta sell and how many cd david cook? by Q: How many cd's david archuleta sell so far?? How many cd's david cook sell so far?

A: Sales for the week ending 12 April 09 David Cook “David Cook” 21K (-14%; lw 24,769) Total: 1.09 million David Archuleta “David Archuleta” 5K (35%; lw 4,045) Total: 682K

Can anyone find David Cook's Time of my Life Instrumental Version with guitar and piano? by Q: I'm looking for the instrumental version of Time of my Life by David Cook but NOT the karaoke version. I can only find piano covers of the song. I'm thinking of walking to it down the aisle for my wedding so it shouldn't sound karaokeish. hahaha Can anyone help me with this?

A: Here's a site that has the Instrumental of this song. (Not the karaoke) You have a choice of either with or without background vocals. http://www.karaoke-version.com/mp3-backingtrack/david-cook/the-time-of-my-life.html

Who is the chick in the David Cook video ? by scgurl11 Q: Who is the main girl in the video for "Light On"? I HATE David Cook and the song, but I cant stop watching the video until I figure out where i've seen that girl before! Thanks for helping.

A: Mika Boorem http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mika_Boorem

How would you describe the rhythm, tempo and the beat to the song "Time Of My Life" by David Cook? by Earth → Forever. Q: How would you describe the rhythm, tempo and the beat to the song "Time Of My Life by David Cook? I would appreciate you helping me to describe that. Of course, you can also suggest to me another fast song that is good for a presentation in class. Thank you very much. If you do have suggestions, then you can just add that info with the rhythm, tempo, and beat too.

A: It's a slow, I'm guessing around 80-90 bpm, ballad type song in 4/4 time with a straight modern-pop 2-4 beat.

Who is a better singer josiah leming or david cook? by gymnast4life Q: I try to compare myself to david cook but im not sure! I think i sound awesome but im not sure? look me up on myspace and hear for youself?

A: David Cook

Does David Cook have special fund raising bracelets? by Grobanfan! Q: I heard somewhere that David Cook has special rubber bracelets for the cause of Cancer awareness. I am interested in buying one and am wondering if anyone knows about these and where I could find them. I saw some on his site that say 'David Cook'. Are those the ones? Thanks for your help!

A: While brain cancer awareness in general is not well-publicized, in 2008, American Idol contestant David Cook helped raise money and awareness for the cause with a brain cancer awareness bracelet. Cook's brother Adam had brain cancer and the goal was to raise money for both Adam's family and the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). The bracelet was purple and grey; grey for brain cancer, and purple for the ABTA, http://www.livestrong.com/article/28087-brain-cancer-awareness-bracelets/

Where can I find David Cook concert tickets at Westminster? by Mary N Q: I love David Cook! And im dying to see him in concert at Westminster! But there sold out! Anybody know where I can find any tickets?

A: SeatBOT has David Cook tickets for Westinster...

Video of David Cook trying to throw David Archuleta offstage? by Starlight Q: I remember David Archuleta mentioning something about it after Cook tried to pick him up again. I was just wondering if there's a video or pictures, etc?

A: I think it was during one of the Can't Stop the Music (last song) of each Idol Tour concert. I think one time Cook picked up Archuleta and made believe he was going to toss him off the stage.

I am 14 and This is me singing permanent by David cook! Tell me what you think? by Living for fear Q: I would post a link but I can't so sorry just go to YouTube and type in paindonthurtme and watch the video David cook permanent! Thanks! Please rate and comment the video on YouTube please!

A: i found it. but well.. uhm... it's not very good =((((((( sorry. =/

Where do i send this David Cook letter to? by Mrs David Cook Q: I have david cook's fan mail address, but now that hes on tour, should i still send it there? I want him to get the letter on tour, but i have no idea where i should send it. HELP!

A: Well I guess depending where you are, you could try to make it to a an upcoming show and try to meet him before. That's what I did, but I don't know if that is an option for you.....I guess you could try to find the address to his home in LA and send it there.

where is david cook going to be playing around west virginia? by Kaysie L Q: i love david cook, and id like to see where he is playing preferably around winchester, virginia or inwood west virginia.

A: well keysia he will be in Morgantown on march 6 and Elkins on march 14th. you can find the list here:http://www.david-cook.org/Official-Concert-Discussions-f83.html I hope you get to go to one. can I have best answer please:).

How many seats are left for the David Archuleta and Cook concert on May 16 at the MOA complex? by ilovemotherearth Q: Does anyone know any sources i can find online? Or can u please tell me directly how many seats left? I would particularly want to know how many seats are left for the GOLD or V.I.P. area? David Archuleta and David Cook Live Mall of Asia Open Grounds, May 16, 2009 8:00 pm Thanks!

A: four. Your welcome!

Who here thinks that David Archuleta can sing better than David cook? by strife Q: I am a huge fan of Archuleta, People keep saying that David can not sing. I think he is better than Cook. What do you think?

A: I think they are both good singers. They have different styles and different voices. You can't compare apples and oranges. But I think they can both sing.

What song should David Cook sing in the Finale next week? by ra_chandler Q: David Cook has so many memorable performances. As Simon has said, he deserves to win because he has done enough in the past 11 weeks. Comparison to the charming Archuleta is pointless. It's Cook-to-Cook comparison now. Usually, the final two sing a song they've sung from the past themes... Which of his past performances do you think Cook should doa a repeat?

A: What a question!!! I believe he was magnificient every week. It's difficult to choose from his past performances. Right from Hollywood week to last week(what a blast!) he's been brilliant. My favorite is Always be my baby. I loved everything from top 3 night. Happy together was a big fav with me. I loved Lionel Richie's Hello and Andrew Webber's Music of the Night. Eleanor Rigby, Baba O'Riley, Billie Jean, All I really Need is you, I'm Alive, Day tripper, whoa...I might just name every performance. Erm lets leave it upto him to decide, I really can't choose...if i had my way i'd ask for every single performance to be done again. David Cook is the best singer on the planet and I could spend the rest of my life listening to his voice over and over again. Nice Question anyway.

DAVID cOOK ..........? by Mae Q: what should David Cooks debut album be called??he is asking for his fans opinions

A: Cook Me up a #1 Billboard Debut.

David COOK?!? by black balloon. Q: What did ya'll think of David C. tonight?!?! Personally, he is by far my favorite idol. Michael Johns comes in second (I loved him tonight - he was one of my favorites). But anyway, I actually liked him a lot today - but my family all thought he was horrible, and the judges apparently didn't like him either. It wasn't his best, but I still loved it. So what did you guys think of the show tonight? What about DAVID COOK (ahh <3)?! Who do you want to win? Haha sorry, I just have so many questions. PS I voted for David 216 times because I'm a total loser like that lol. I know, I'm cool.

A: David Cook over David Archuleta any day! Michael Johns is my 2nd choice. I LOVE David Cook, & if he doesn't win then we'll know that American Idol is a popularity competition, not a talent one. If this truly was a talent competition, the final 3 would be David Cook, Michael Johns, & Carly or Brooke. But obviously, it won't end up that way. David Archuleta has a great voice, but is a terrible performer. His songs all sound EXACTLY the same, & he personally bores me to tears. He is also inconsistent: he is either great or terrible. He hasn't shown much improvement if any & THAT is why I will never vote for him. I sure as hell am annoyed with all the teenie-boppers who drool over him & vote for him because he's cute, but that's America for you. Sure, he's cute & has a great personality, but this is American Idol, a singing competition. Honestly, if people would take the time to think about it (imagine if you didn't know what David Archuleta looked like), then you would see he's not all that amazing. Talented? Of course. The best of the group? Far from it. Again I run into the problem of 12-year olds who say David Cook is only capable of singing rock. That's about as hypocritical as you could get! David Cook can sing anything, but just happens to be the best at rock. Look at Kristy, for goodness sake! She can either sing country averagely or she can't sing at ALL. David Archuleta is an even better example, he can sing ballads & ONLY ballads. He is the least versatile contestant this season, besides Kristy. He needs to step up his game, but luckily, he will probably win this season because little girls like to vote 204938 times a minute. I'd like him to go far, maybe Top 3 or 4, but if he wins I'll never watch Idol again. PS: Notes about David Cook! His brother has cancer & that his why his blood pressure went wild last week. After receiving bad news about his brother's cancer, he panicked & his blood pressure started to rise. At the will of his brother he performed that night, even after a major breakdown resulting from being so worried. His song last night was beautiful not because of his performance (which I thought was better than the judges though, he is just so good that it didn't sound like his best) but because he sang it in dedication to his brother (note the "cancer" lyric in the beginning). Also he dedicated it to Lindsey Rose, a little girl he doesn't even know who has cancer, whom he wears his orange wristband for. He helped out regularly with charities before he was on Idol. David Cook's got a heart of gold. Sorry about the long answer! My conclusion would be this: I'd MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have David Cook on my iPod then David Archuleta. Personally, I wouldn't even download David Archuleta's music for free on Limewire, sorry.

DAVID COOk$? by Carol H Q: O.K., now I will continue.Well, for those of you who think David Cook is arrogant, you have NOT heard the stories about him.The Lindsey Rose braclet for example.How could such a caring person be arrogant.COME ON PEOPLE!He is NOT arrogant.His brother has brain cancer,but he didn't ever mention it on the show.(Don't ask how people found out 'cause I don't know)So, since he never metioned it, he's NOT USING his brother!I'm sure that if any other contestant had a brother with cancer, they would whine about on the show. DAVID COOK IS A GREAT GUY AND THAT IS WHY WE LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I've made my point now. FIND A CURE FOR CANCER AND VOTE FOR DAVID COOK!

A: omg deff not i am in love with him his voice makes my heart melt like i seriosly want to marry him its soo sad his brother has brain cancer but yeah he doesnt use that for an advantage at all he has the best voice!!!! david a shouldnt win he isnt cute at all and he is not as good as david coook and trust me i vote for him everyweek I LOVE DAVID COOK!!!!!!! VOTE COOK!!!!!

David cook?? by Legendkilla Q: David Cook rocks. I am so glad he won American Idol last nite. I was gonna cry if he didnt. I am sooooooooo happy for him. He is gonna go really far and sell alot of CD's and albums. Is anyone else a die hard fan of David Cook like me

A: i want to have his children, LOL

David Cook? by TD Q: I am really wating for the David Cook version of Baba O' riely does anyone know if it is avalible on itunes. P.S- the Studio version

A: i think they removed it you got to get the song that week and before next weeks performance.

david cook? by Hrjyjytk J Q: david cook is my favorite singer on american idol. i like him more than daughtry! i was listening to this song and i think it would be perfect for david cook to sing. it's called "in the fade" by the "queens of the stone age". listen to the song and tell me if you think david cook would be perfect for the song. you have to listen to the whole song though.

A: i love love love david cook! he has been my favorite since the start and he just keeps getting better. i want him to win really bad. yeah i like him better then daughtry too and i love daughtry. that song would be awesome for him to sing. go david cook!

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