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EricWeinhardt Live and let die <--> Devil Dateline -anagrama

darnocva http://t.co/aC7RdcBF

EmilyKSchmidt #dateline loving the conrad Murray trial special....building suspense for the verdict!!

HelgaAngJavier still up watchin dateline, interesting case

dsgruntled_goat @textoocho possibly both, with a Dateline special as well.

gooodtoKNOW @_BingCherry she clearly wanted say good bye to her fan base O.o lbs she def wanted to be on dateline NBC #imgoingtohellforthat

isho0osh http://t.co/m5DjBwuO خرفآن العيد ;P

TheOtherNicole tv lineup: Dateline Real Life Mysteries, Welcome to Sweetie Pies, Design on a Dime, Color Splash, Dinas Party, House Hunters Int., SNL

JaMaVe3781 Kinda want to watch dateline on ID...

MeelaPeela *HoldsChest* ROFL!!!!!! RT @justlaureng: I hope this is legal, don't want to end up on Dateline

MrSmithNoMatrix LMAO WORD CALL DATELINE --> RT @RudeAsFuck this guy gonna say to me oh I like a women with kids.. fucking pedophile.

AdelDarwish @blondearabist he has wild imagination. Many times he would be reporting with us from a place, then his dateline appears 800 miles away !!

thehollywoodhit RT @NikkiGlaser: If Dateline: Disappearance at The Dairy Queen is on, I will watch.

NikkiGlaser If Dateline: Disappearance at The Dairy Queen is on, I will watch.


what was the dateline episode from a few nights ago with the autistic girl who was able to write.? by Dani Q: The other day on TV , i think it was on dateline, there was an episode of a girl with a mental disability that was taught over the years to communicate, and one day she just started typing, and is now making a book about her life. what was the girls name and do you know what the link is to the full story? thanks!

A: She was on both ABC World News and on 20/20..her name is Carly Fleischmann, here's the link to the story from 20/20 http://abcnews.go.com/2020/MindMoodNews/story?id=8258204&page=1

How did Dateline on NBC trackdown the ipods? by radicalize Q: About a year ago Dateline put out an episode about tracking down ipods and they did it! I just want to know how did they do it because i want to find my long lost/stolen ipod!


How fast can I get a GED transcript send directly to the college because the application dateline is May 15? by bigntallguy2006 Q: If I take the GED test and pass it, then, I'd like to ask for the transcript to send directly to my college. How long will it take? Because the application dateline is May 15, 2006.

A: call the place where your transcript is, get the fax number of the coolege. ask the transcript place if they can fax it to the college themselves.

what brand of sunglasses does Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC wear? by chevy Q: what brand of sunglasses does Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator on Dateline NBC wear? Clips can be found on youtube if you type in "to catch a predator." His sunglasses are super awesome does anybody know what rand they are?

A: Hi, I'd like you to have a seat....right over there.

what countries would be affetced if the international dateline was perfecty straight? by shantel_misteeq Q: Im doing an assessment for my diploma and part of it has this question that really threw me. "Which countries would be affected if there were not some 'twists and turns' in the international dateline" can anybody help me out?

A: http://goleadpro.com/area_code_timezone_map/images/us-time-zone-map.gif look at that.

Is there a place where I can submit a story to Dateline or Inside Edition? by Christopher T Q: I have a bit of a sad story that I'd rather explain to nobody but Dateline or Inside Edition. Is there like an email address or something?

A: For Inside Edition you may submit your story using this link: http://www.insideedition.com/submit.aspx Dateline is a little bit harder to submit any story because usually they request for certain type of stories It may be easier to submit your story to Inside Edition

How does the international dateline turn back time? by Melissa Q: I was watching a show and a package had 1 day to get from China to the US. They said that because the plane crossed the dateline they gained a day. But the item (medicine with only a day shelf life) was late until it crossed the dateline. I guess I am confused. The medicine would still be bad by the time it arrived, wouldn't it? The time and date in China didn't change. Just because it is still the day before in the US? Am I right or is there some strange phenomenon I am unaware of?

A: You are right. The dateline is only an arbitrary line. It could have been placed to generally follow any longitudinal line, but it was placed in the Pacific to cause the least confusion to people traveling across it. Natural and other processes do not stop and reverse themselves because of the international date line.

What countries am I heading to if I cross the international dateline towards west? by sergs Q: It says I have to add 24 hours to my clock if going west crossing the international dateline. Thanks.

A: The International Date Line (IDL) is a generally north-south imaginary line on the surface of the Earth, passing through the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where the date changes as a ship or airplane travels east or west across it. It is roughly along 180° longitude, (opposite the Prime Meridian), but it is drawn with diversions to pass around some territories and island groups. Crossing the IDL travelling east results in a day or 24 hours being subtracted, so that the traveler repeats the date to the west of the line. Crossing west results in a day being added, that is, the date is the eastern side date plus one calendar day. The line is necessary in order to have a fixed, albeit arbitrary, boundary on the globe where the calendar date resets. In practice, there are two such boundaries: one is the International Date Line, while the other moves around the globe as the midnight time line (2400 hours local time), marked by the moment at which the date changes to the next day at a given point on the globe. These two boundaries mark the transition from one day to the next.

Dateline?? by kaymay09 Q: I wanted to see JK Rowling's interview on Dateline last Sunday but I had to work. I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could find it online to watch it... Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!

A: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20001720/ Enjoy!!

dateline?? by mr_ignorant Q: see the dateline special? the one were they hire female decoys to lure in sex predators? I have and heres what i think "then women wonder why they get raped all the time" I hope none of the men they arrested get out of jail and rape the women dateline used as punishment and revenge.but hey if it happens it happens. whatever rape is rape

A: Your name suits you buddy!;

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