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Darren Wilson interview

Michael Brown's family blasts Darren Wilson interview
And on the eve of Thanksgiving, both men revisited the tragedy that upended their lives in dueling TV interviews two days after a grand jury chose not to indict Wilson for killing 18-year-old Michael Brown. “Why did you choose to wake up with a chip on ...

Darren Wilson says he's sorry but his conscience is clear
(CNN) -- Ferguson, Missouri, police Officer Darren Wilson, in his first interview since he fatally shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown, said he's not tormented by that fateful encounter on a street in suburban St. Louis last summer. "I don't think it's ...

Watch ABC's Full Interview with Officer Darren Wilson
ABC's George Stephanopoulos sat down for an extensive interview on Tuesday with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who was not indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The two discussed everything from the events leading up to the shooting ...

George Stephanopoulos Conducts First Interview With Ferguson Officer Darren ...
ABC News broke into scheduled programming Tuesday afternoon to give a brief preview of the interview. Stephanopoulos told viewers that he spent more than an hour with Wilson in a "secret location." He said Wilson told him that he is "sorry" for the ...

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What do you think of my mock draft? by Detective of Life Q: 1Miami
Long Jake OT

2St. Louis
Dorsey Glenn DT

Ryan Matt QB

Long Chris DE

5Kansas City
Clady Ryan OT

6New York
McFadden Darren RB

7New ...show more

A: 1. i still think fins go with chris long. if you heard the jeff ireland piece, he accidentally revealed that he was going with defense.
2. if jake long is there, the rams will go for him. they already have a crappy oline with a oft injured orlando pace
3. atlanta wont take a QB, why? because QBs demand top dollar and why overpay a QB when you can get a gem in flacco or brohm in the 2nd round and save a ton of money? it makes more sense to go for glenn dorsey or jake long.
4. if chris long is there, then yes. if not then they go for gholston
5. clady at 5? that is a huge reach. clady isnt even top 10 material.
10. saints 2ndary sucks, i think they go for DRC
13. brohm at 13? that is a bigger reach than clady at 5. brohm is a 2nd rounder.
16. az will either go for a CB or RB
19. phillips at 19 is a reach. eagles will go for OL or DL or even WR first.
21. skins wont go for a CB, they need DE more badly
23. Pitt will go for OL after faneca left. either albert if available or cherilus
25. fred davis isnt as good as dustin keller and even then, im not so sure seattle wouldnt go for a RB since alexander sucks and is getting old.
26. they need DT more badly after stroud left. perhaps they go with kentwan balmer (which isnt even in the 1st round of your mock, im not sure why though)
27. i see SD going for a 2ndary guy. either a corner or S.
29. i think SF would rather go for groves than mayo
31. manningham at 31 is a reach. that fools stock is falling fast because he lied during his interviews and tried to email all the GMs that he lied. that shows immaturity and dishonesty. NY goes for phillips if he is there after losing girbril wilson to oakland.

What are some wrestling storylines you think ended dumb or didn’t end at all? by Lord Disick Q: There have been so many over the years but some recent ones I remember are

Big E. Lagston a Face on NXT and a Heel on Raw and Smackdown

This is very confusing ‘cause Big E. is ...show more

A: The infamous WCW Hummer storyline.
The ill-conceived Black Scorpion feud between Sting and who'd end up being Ric Flair due to no one knowing who else to put under the hood.
Samoa Joe being abducted by ninjas.
The Shockmaster
The whole "Who Ran Over Stone Cold" storyline with Rikishi being the driver.
Mae Young and Mark Henry's hand baby
Al Wilson's seduction at the hands of Dawn Marie, that ultimately led to lesbianism and death.
Al Snow vs Bossman, not only was Kennel from Hell bad, but the storyline involving Al's dog pepper leading into it was horrendously bad.
Big Show's father's death, that led to a feud with Bossman after Show was drug through a cemetery on his father's coffin by a police cruiser driven by Bossman.
Katie Vick
May 19th.
The McMahon family feud that led to Vince drugging his wife and Shane taking on his father in a fairly good streetfight actually.
The list goes on and on.

Children book suggestions? by ? Q: I have a job interview tomorrow night to work in a children's book shop. It ranges from toddler books to young adults. Obviously young children probably don't need as much ...show more

A: Percy Jackson, Alex Rider, Twilight (though I am not a fan of this one or the next), Harry Potter, Treasures of Darkness Treasures of Light

Is the word "thug" the socially accepted term for the N-word now? by What A Fine Day For Science! Q: Going off by the guy who asked the question "Why do Liberals get offended by the word thug" I think its code for the "N" word. Its the socially accepted term used ...show more

A: It is pretty much what you say it is. The people saying thug want to say the n word so badly but know in today's society they cannot lest they be marginalized as racist.

Is the justice for Michael Brown more about White Guilt than actual justice.? by ♀BlvckGxrlSvpremacy♀ Q: Can this incident bring campaign to push for a separate state for Black people Louis Farrakhan proposed 50 years ago.

Is Officer Darren Wilson being used as a scapegoat for White ...show more

Can I have some help on this English speech please? by Bert Q: I got my draft back of an English Speech assessment and I got back some advice that I could
should add sympathy/empathy into my analysis (development) sections a little more.

I ...show more

How can I improve this English Speech? by Andyboy Q: I'm having diificulties on improving this English speech based on a '60 minutes' news segment and I was wondering if you could help me in improving this speech because I ...show more

A: to long, you can't be serious expecting a stranger to read that and help you??
Hope you find one that helps.

Why do liberals lie so much? by Average College Idiot Q: This story was taken off of yahoo.com... It quotes Darren Wilson's interview and it couldn't be further from the truth.. I watched the interview.

Any wonder why the comments ...show more

A: I read that earlier, it shows how much media propaganda influences a person's thinking. The very detailed account of the shooting doesn't match with the propaganda told by the media, so the writer can't bring him/her self to accept the account totally and tries to find nonexistent holes in it to match more to what they were led to believe.

Why isn't the Michael Brown killer not bought to trail for 1st degree murder?? by Serene E Q:

A: Legal analysts and experts interviewed on CNN and MSNBC have all said that Officer Darren Wilson should have been arrested and the evidence vehicle should have been impounded at the scene---neither of which occurred. In fact, the killer cop Wilson drove the EVIDENCE from the scene and was not checked at the scene for powder residue, for recoil effects of the gun he pulled on an unarmed jaywalker 18-year-old, for DNA and trajectory for that first shot, with blood spatter from the first wound---these should have warranted the IMPOUND of the vehicle. The SHOT IN THE BACK and the negligent failure to even check for a pulse for the 35 minutes it took to have an ambulance come to the scene was enough for AN ARREST. If you add in the Netanyahu-like OVERKILL at point blank range after the kid turned with his hands up in surrender and the words, "I am not armed"---MURDER in the 1st degree.
What I have been wondering, knowing North St. Louis County as I do, for what deed did this killer cop and jaywalker-abuser receive his "commendation" (that his dad planted in the paper)? For the first two ROOKIE years, this control-issues and anger-issues policeman worked in Jennings, Missouri---an almost all-black community. The Police Department has been refusing to release this information, so I am now wondering if this guy perhaps shot another young black male.

Do you guys think officer Darren Wilson is innocent in the Freguson case? by xpatinasia Q: It is pissing me off seeing people complain over this story and blaming it on racism. Maybe if they actually watch the interview and ignore the fact the officer was white they would ...show more

A: There was an overwhelming amount of details, witnesses and factual evidence that shows Wilson acted within proper measures as a police officer.
4 or 5 black witnesses actually testified how things took place and Michael Brown had every opportunity to stop what he was doing, but chose not to. Wilson made every attempt to get him to stop and gave the guy warnings. Brown was not shot in the back, he charged at least twice and chose to physically assault Wilson.
Cops are not like just someone off the street. They are trained to shoot to kill, period, not to wound, not slow down, but to kill someone who is acting dangerously or violent.
Brown was not a docile child. He was a large, belligerent, angry guy that felt he could do whatever he wanted....and you can't do that in a civilized society. He chose to improperly engage a cop, and he paid the price for his actions.

Darren Wilson Interview on ABC News with Stephanopoulos ' I Would Of Done It Again' Darren Wilson Interview With George Stephanopoulos - FULL VIDEO (ABC NEWS) Darren Wilson Interview With George Stephanopoulos - Exclusive Interview | FULL Michael Brown’s Parents React To Darren Wilson Interview Exclusive: Darren Wilson Speaks Out For the First Time to George Stephanopoulos Ferguson Community Reacts to ABC News' Darren Wilson Interview Darren Wilson Interview with George Stephanopoulos (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) 11-25-14 Exclusive Interview With Ferguson, Mo., Officer Darren Wilson Darren Wilson defends shooting Michael Brown A Closer Look at Darren Wilson, Cop who Murdered Michael Brown - Lawrence O'Donnell OFFICER DARREN WILSON SPEAKS OUT ABC INTERVIEW 2014 Darren Wilson Speaks About Shooting Michael Brown For The First Time Darren Wilson Tells ABC News He Would Of Done It Again During Interview Was Justice Served In Ferguson ?  Darren Wilson Interview with George Stephanopoulos my thoughts Brown Family Reacts: Fallout From Officer Darren Wilson Interview Exclusive: Darren Wilson Speaks Out For the First Time to George Stephanopoulos Darren Wilson George Stephanopoulos FULL 45 MIN INTERVIEW. Darren Wilson ABC News Breaks Silence Officer Darren Wilson Interview Darren Wilson interviews with ABC's George Stephanopoulos Darren Wilson supporter relieved by grand jury decision Darren Wilson Interview with Stephanopoulos - ' I Worried Michael Brown Would Kill Me ' - 11-25-14 Who will interview Darren Wilson first? Michael Brown's Parents React To Darren Wilson's Interview Who is Darren Wilson? Video shows Officer Darren Wilson in new confrontation? Officer Darren Wilson Says He Struggled with Brown, Feared For His Life Dana Loesch On Interview With Darren Wilson's Friend Grand jury decides not to indict officer Darren Wilson in shooting death of Michael Brown Darren Wilson INTERVIEW with ABC NEWS Darren Wilson's Friend says Cop was afraid of Michael Brown when he shot him Police Officer Darren Wilson Speaks First Time Since Grand Jury Decision - I Know I Did My Job Right Can Darren Wilson’s use of deadly force be justified? Ferguson Shooting 2014: No Indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in Michael Brown Death Pittsburgh response to Darren Wilson interview George Stephanopoulos Previews His Interview With Officer Darren Wilson Ferguson Looting Riots Grand jury NO Indictment Darren Wilson NOT GUILTY - Michael Brown St. Louis!! Disseminating  Darren Wilson Interview Darren Wilson’s Testimony Is Pure Weird Racist Fantasy Darren Wilson Supporters: Michael Brown Had It Coming Darren Wilson Breaks Silence in Interview with ABC; Says New Wife is Pregnant Ferguson Looting Riots TEAR GAS Grand jury NO Indictment Darren Wilson NOT GUILTY - Mike Brown HD!!! What's Next for Darren Wilson The Ferguson Verdict: Propaganda Decoded - Darren Wilson, Michael Brown and Racism Darren Wilson 'a murderer,' Michael Brown'... Rick Ross -- I Might Riot Too If I Were in Ferguson ... 'Cause Darren Wilson Is a LIAR! Ferguson: High-Profile News Anchors Have Been Meeting with Darren Wilson In Secret! Dorian Johnson Now Admits Michael Brown Assaulted Darren Wilson INSIDE The Police Car Officer Darren Wilson Says He Wouldn't Have Acted Differently in Michael Brown Situation Darren Wilson Interview: ABC Par 1 Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Interview George Stephanopoulos Darren Wilson #Bruh
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