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Darius miles

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Oh_Black_Ceasar Darius Miles > Les Miles

shortbusTimmy I'd sure like to know how Darius Miles got his own Jordan PE ?!!?!

nedgrennon Partying with wyclef jean and darius miles right now #gethigh @PFOthe3rd @kjcoughl

Troystoryy someone called me darius miles...lol

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NicholaSmoove @BOCaffiliate darius miles looking ass

TrevonFlores Where Darius Miles at???

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Is it time for the Celtics fans to put their spin on Darius Miles being a better player than James Posey? by Football expert Q: Not that Posry all that anyways.

A: I'm sure celtics fans will have being an all-star before the season ever starts!!lol

Was the Grizzlies signing of Darius Miles a blatant attempt to hurt the Trailblazers financial standing? by chippio Q: or do they feel he can actually be a contributor.

A: both

Do you know whats happening to Darius Miles? by bandwagon fan™(T.D.) Q: I heard he has issues with portland and portland doesn't want him to play because of his salary cap with the blazers.

A: Basically, Portland got an exemption from Miles' salary cap hit because he suffered a "career ending" injury. If Memphis plays him in 2 games, that is sufficient to say that the injury was not career ending, so Portland would lose the exemption.

What were my Celtics thinkin signing Darius Miles? by River Rat Q: I know the guy can run and jump if his knees are healthy but even at his best he was just a poor man's Tyrus Thomas. He's also a cancer in the locker room. I don't get it.

A: well given that fact that Danny is looking to fill the Posey slot with two or THREE players I wouldn't expend too much thought on this specific move..if Darius doesn't work out, someone else will...there are enough FAs to fill most any bench roster spot IF you are patient and understand the desired outcome, which Danny certainly demonstrated this year...

How exactly does the Darius Miles situation? by Mister R Q: hurt the Blazers? Do they really have to pay $18 million because the Grizzlies signed him?

A: the blazers originally gave Darius Miles a big contract, but then he blew out his knee so badly that the Blazers thought his career was over so they declared his injury "career-ending". That let them take his contract off their salary cap but if Darius Miles plays 10 games, then his knee injury most of not been "career ending" and so that 18 million goes back onto the Blazers cap and forces them to pay a luxury tax.

How will Darius Miles get out of his predicament? by Barracuda Q: Does Portland want to negotiate a deal with him? Do they want him to come back? It sucks if this guy has reformed himself but can't play because of a contract snag.

A: His knee is fine. Portland is just being a greedy little bitch. How can you honestly fuck up another persons life while your organization is average at best.

What team is the best fit for Darius Miles? by Jericho ( old account ) Q: Portland said they are going to sue any team that signs him. Ignore that for now. Which is the best team for Miles?

A: The suing thing is sorta rediculous. If a team wants Darius, that's great...but if they do it for the lone purpose to make Portland pay up, they will be in serious trouble. Anyway, I honestly think he should go... overseas. Look, he was an AMAZING prospect out of high school. A 6 foot 8 athlete with that set of skills....wow. But from yelling at coaches to multiple suspensions, he has blown prime oppertunity after another...one notably with the Boston Celtics this summer. He should try to redo his image overseas and come back to the league fresh next season hoping for another chance. and MC - please!! not the Thunder...lol

Does Darius Miles have to "play" or just dress in order to force Portland to pay the luxury tax? by Jose P Q: I know Memphis just signed Miles for a 10 day contract and that if Darius Miles plays 2 games, Portland would be above the salary cap and have to pay an 18 million dollar luxury tax. I was just wondering how they determine if he "plays" or not. Does Miles have to play on court or just dress for the games...?

A: He has to play atleast 1 second in 2 games for the salary to be counted against Portland.....

Darius Miles? ? by The Big ShaqaWockeeZ Q: he scored 13 tonight against Cavs the dude still can play ! thoughts?

A: Finally he has some meaningful minutes, and I think he can stay in this league for some years. Blazers will be on the salary dumping mode soon.

darius miles? by DARIUS MILES 2012 MVP Q: Darius Miles says that he is good to go this year why aint he playin

A: Because hes egotistical about himself and should've went to college and then he would've been a better pro

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