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Dario franchitti

Dario Franchitti wins 3rd Indy 500
By JENNA FRYER, AP INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — It was an hour before the Indianapolis 500, and Dario Franchitti and Tony Kanaan found a quiet corner to prepare for the race. They were interrupted by Parnelli Jones, Bobby Unser and Johnny Rutherford, ...

Indy 500: Dario Franchitti wins his 3rd 500-Mile Race at IMS
He bolted to the lead after the last caution before Dario Franchitti quickly took it back. Then, just before Andretti's crash, Kanaan jumped back in front. Scott Dixon is running in third, while Ryan Briscoe, the pole sitter, has bolted back up to the ...

Dario Franchitti's third Indy 500 win filled with emotion
Dario Franchitti celebrates after winning the Indianapolis 500 with the milk bath that last year's winner, Dan Wheldon, became known for. / By Mark J. Rebilas, US Presswire By Jeff Olson, Special for USA TODAY By Jeff Olson, Special for USA TODAY ...

Dario Franchitti wins his third Indianapolis 500
Speedway, Ind. (WISH/AP) - Dario Franchitti has won his third Indianapolis 500 as Takuma Sato crashed in the last lap of the race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Scott Dixon came in second, followed by Tony Kanaan. The top three battled it out with ...

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gymchat Dario Franchitti wins 3rd Indy 500 (The Associated Press): Image: http://t.co/n4Yjm6Xy... http://t.co/DS4YhV1F

yrh47 RT @MauriceHamilton: No mention of Dario Franchitti's third Indy 500 win on @BBCBreakfast. #Pathetic

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roba666 RT @f1fanatic_co_uk: RT @MauriceHamilton: No mention of Dario Franchitti's third Indy 500 win on @BBCBreakfast. #Pathetic

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Bennellidooli RT @MauriceHamilton: No mention of Dario Franchitti's third Indy 500 win on @BBCBreakfast. #Pathetic

badamerica Dario Franchitti wins 3rd Indy 500 http://t.co/7owGbug9


*wipes tear* Indycar season is over. :(? by Indycar Girl won suspension Q: Congratulations to Dario Franchitti. thank goodness Scott Dixon didn't win. Anyway what are your thoughts of the outcome? yeah I know. (about the green flag thing) talk about rare! 148 more days. I just counted. lol.

A: I'm happy for Dario. Out of the Ganassi drivers, he's the one I wanted to win. I wish Briscoe could have won. That was INSANE that there weren't any yellows! It was a good race, though. Lots of passing and good, clean driving. Weird day for AGR. TK and Mutoh finish 4th and 6th while Danica and Marco finish 19th and 22nd. Sucks for Marco because he could have had his best finish in points in his career if he didn't have that brake problem. At least the season starts in March and not April!

rate my fantasy nascar team? by Neil P. Q: So im in a 4 team league...we picked 7 drivers...we start 5 per race i have Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Kasey Kahne, Reed Sorenson, Dario Franchitti.

A: shoulda picked the Dale, But Johnson and Busch should carry you. And just from personal experience no one really does fantasy Nascar or answers questions on here. good luck though

Did you know that 8 points is all that seperates ... ? by Jay Q: The top three IRL drivers as they head into the final race of the season at Homestead on Saturday, Oct 10? Yes, it's a shameless plug for the IRL, but with only 8 points from 1st to 3rd, it could be one helluva race between Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti, and Ryan Briscoe.

A: yes it will be good and i hope Briso or Franchittti wins i wish Nascar would come down to something like that with 3 or more drivers that can win it but it won't happen unless they change the point system for the chasers

The other race, who's in and who's out? by CB Q: 30. Casey Mears -334 31. Jamie McMurry -347 32. Dale Jarrett -350 33. Michael Waltrip -362 34. Jeremy Mayfield -364 35. J.J. Yeley -367 36. Sam Hornish Jr. -385 37. Dave Blaney -392 38. Dario Franchitti -401 39. Reagan Smith -433 40. Kyle Petty -448 Which of these drivers will get in and which drivers will fall out?

A: ummmm i think they all pretty much stay out

Who do You Want to Win the Indy 500 ??? by I-am-indy Q: Danica Patrick ? Sarah Fisher ? Dario Franchitti ? Milka Duno ? Scott Dixon ? Vitor Meira ? Tomas Sheckter ? Scott Sharp ? Ryan Briscoe ? Darren Manning ? Tony Kanaan ? Michael Andretti ? Alex Barron ? Buddy Rice ? Buddy Lazier ? Jacques Lazier ? Marco Andretti ? Or Anbody else ? Name it !

A: Michael Andretti, I just can't bear the thought of him running the Indy 500 for a 17th without a win. he was been running in the top-10 in practice most of the week, so he could be a contender for the pole and win.

Do you agree with Kyle Petty's assessment of Danica Patrick's NASCAR future? by Q: http://msn.foxsports.com/nascar/story/Kyle-Petty-Danica-to-be-under-pressure-in-NASCAR-08561614 I think he made several good points - like this one: "She's not Dario Franchitti and she's not Tony Stewart. She's not really shown over there (in the Indy Racing League) and won races and done stuff over there numbers-wise. She's just a marketing machine. Let's look at the facts and be blunt about it.''

A: She's not incredibly talented. I know trust me because I watch IRL and all of a sudden NASCAR fans want to act like they know everything about the IRL and Danica. I agree with Kyle 100%. I don't think he's jealous. He always tells the truth and the problem with the pu$$ified society of today is too many people can't handle the truth. She's a less then mid pack IRL driver in TOP IRL equipment. But of course like everything else in NASCAR she now has ties with JR so she has already gained the support of about 60% of NASCAR fans no matter what facts are presented. And we all know what it's like dealing with some of that fan base. Danica Patrick will NEVER win a race in Nationwide or CUP. Maybe it also makes an argument that NASCAR drivers aren't athletes. IF she could do it (100lbs wet) and that 80 year old Hylton guy could do it then how much of an athlete does it take?? My dear Madame you could do it if I bought you a multi million dollar team.

Who desrves to win the Indy 500 the most ???? by I-am-indy Q: What are your top 5 ? Deserving drivers : Michael Andretti, Vitor Meira, Davey Hamilton, Scott Sharp, Darren Manning, Tony Kanaan, Dario Franchitti... know any others ? the questions IS who Deserves to win, not who do you think will win.

A: 1. Michael Andretti without a doubt. It is his 16th "500". He has raced 6,217 miles for 9th on the all-time mileage list. He has raced more miles without a win than anybody else. If that's not deserving I do not know what is. 2. Tony Kanaan got screwed out of a win in 2004 with that whole late lap yellow/rain thing. 3. Scott Sharp has put his time (and laps) in. He did forget to turn left on the first turn in 2001 when he started on the pole. 4. Marco Andretti lost his chance at a victory last year when Sam Hornish snatched it away from him. 5. Ryan Brisco has won with just about anything with wheels, except the "500". Although, this will only be his 2nd try.

Who has the best shot to WIN @ Chicagoland this weekendiMmA {}D {} {}\/{} {}D? by Formerly known as Josephus Q: JJ YELEY? JUAN PABLO MONTOYA? DARIO FRANCHITTI? KYLE PETTY? out of those 4 only!

A: Well, since Franchitti and Petty are not going to race, doubt either will win. Juan Pablo has the best chance of the 4 since there is a good chance he will be the only one racing. It's a lot easier to win a race if you are actually racing in it.

[IndyCar] Does Ashley Judd ever wear a bra? by ALL-MAN © Q: At the race track that is. Every time I see her celebrating a Dario Franchitti moment (i.e. Indy 500 with a see through dress and today with the poking nipple green dress) she is sans brassiere.

A: Uh yeah I see this as an issue because she really doesnt get enough camera time. Knowing she is braless and not having a camera track her every move is upsetting.

Poll: Who is your favorite Indycar driver? by Q: OK, out of these choices, who is your favorite Indycar driver? Helio Castroneves, Will Power, Dario Franchitti, Ryan Briscoe, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Danica Patrick, or Tony Kanaan. I will start us off. My favorite is Ryan Briscoe!

A: in this order: 1. Marco Andretti 2. Tony Kanann 3. Danica Patrick 4. Dario Franchitti

Goodyear's rating for the Talladega weekend? by Jay Q: How many races have been run at Talladega without any tire issues, but both Saturday and Sunday saw cars with problems? Dario Franchitti blows a right front and pays for it. I find it unacceptable that at the track that is the easiest on tires to have the problems that popped up. The leader of the Cup race even had a right front go down. Goodyear needs to step it up or go away. I'm sick of seeing drivers knock the wall down due to blown tires.

A: There would have been more tire failures if THAT was the issue with the ones that blew this weekend. At least in the cup race, it appeared to be an issue with camber and NOT the integrity of the tire itself. 3 STR8 N 08!!!

How about that Indy 500 polesitter? by ncjay08 Q: Penske Racing's Helio Castroneves lays down 4 good laps in the final hour of qualifying and puts it on the pole. Did you see that coming? I feel bad for Dario Franchitti. He sat on the pole for hours only to be bumped off near the end. All of AGR's cars are in on the first day of qualifying. Pretty good deal.

A: I like his chances alot. thanks ~josh

which sprint cup drivers should race full time in the craftsman instead of sprint cup? by Jay Q: my picks were dario franchitti makr martin(yea he runs good but he was supposed to retire two seaons ago) dale jarret kyle petty jeremy mayfield john andretti robby gordon afterall johnny benson, bobby hamilton, todd bodine all ran in sprint cup and look they seem to be doing good.

A: I like Casey Mears but I think him driving in the truck series for a few years might help him get his confidence back and come back up to the cup series and be successful.

Which celebrity/sports personality do you like AND dislike.? by GibsonEssGee Q: OK, to start you off Like: Dario Franchitti - brilliant 3 times Indycar champion Dislike : Married to Ashley Judd movie star. (It's just jealousy by the way.)

A: i don't really take much notice in sport stars. But I think its not so much the sports people its their wags. eg. Victoria Beckham, I don't mind Colleen so much but she does get extravagant, I don't like Nicola who ws on a celebrity in 2008. I think Ian Wright I don't favour very much.

Which driver deserves a sprint cup ride the most this season? by the worlds biggest nascar fan Q: i think dario franchitti should still race. people should at least sponsor him on road courses. isn't he a good driver on road courses?

A: I have to say Tony Raines. When he was in th #96 he stayed in the top 35 and was competitive throughout the season. He should still be in the #96 instead of JJ Yeley.

Who is going to sponsor the 01, the 27, the 40, the 28, or the 38 next year? by Monkey Brains Q: It's getting pretty close to Daytona and there haven't been any official announcements on sponsors for the 01 (Regan Smith), the 27 (Jacques Villeneuve), the 40 (Dario Franchitti), or the two Yates cars - 28 (Travis Kvapil) and 38 (David Gilliland). Does anyone have any idea who the sponsors will be for these cars?

A: This is what I think may happen but not a definite answer 01 Regan Smith Coors Light 27 Jaques Villeneuve Unicef 40 Dario Franchitti Canadian Club 28 Travis Kvapil I think maybe K&N Filters? 38 David Gilliland not sure Check Jayski.com for Silly Season updates.

Which open wheeler will have the best rookie season in NASCAR? by Monkey Brains Q: Several famous open wheelers will be NASCAR rookies next year. Which one do you think will have the best rookie season? 1) Dario Franchitti (Chip Ganassi Racing) 2) Jacques Villeneuve (Bill Davis Racing) 3) Patrick Carpentier (Gillett-Evernham Motorsports) 4) Sam Hornish Jr. (if he commits) (Penske Racing)

A: ...I honestly think Jacques Villeneuve will. He recently bought part of BDR so he will be there to win not just to have a seat. He has shown that he has respect for the other drivers (Talladega) and they will do what they can to help someone like that . He has been getting practice time in at the truck series. If he can handle a truck he should be able to adjust well to the cup cars. The respect he shows for the other drivers may contribute to some degree of consistency.

In IRL who will have a better season Dixon or Franchitti? by Q: I still say Scott, but I hope Dario has a good yr also. I agree Nas88, Rahal could have a break out yr. Yes, Greengrass, I do hope somebody else wins the championship, nothing aganist Dixon, he is just to bland for me. David+, like the 500 prediction, and yes I hope and hope Sarah Fisher has the best yr ever, she has the talent, after all its not glamour that wins races its talent & driving skill.

A: I think Dixon will have another good season. I don't think he'll win the championship again, but he'll do well. Dario probably won't do as well as Scott, but I think he'll win a race or two this season. Go Dario!

Did anyone see any of the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona? by Soldiers Mom Q: I thought there was not a very strong showing of NASCAR drivers there. I saw Juan Pablo, Dario Franchitti, I forgot the others. In the past there have been alot more NASCAR drivers in the 24 hour event.

A: The only top level driver was Jimmie Johnson but they broke early and then before his last stint in the car, Johnson cut his finger and had to get stiches so he missed his last turn in the car Nascarologist, how many in the list you put up have a chance at championship: Juan Pablo Montoya Casey Mears Jimmie Johnson Kyle Petty A.J. Allmendinger 1. Jimmie Johnson, that makes him the only top level NASCAR driver in race

Do you agree that Dario got hosed? by Q: Dario Franchitti complained about the draw for starting positions in the second race in the Twin 275s at Texas Speedway. He did that BEFORE the draw happened saying it was unfair to have a completely random starting lineup for a points paying race. NASCAR has a couple races that have draws for the starting grid, but those races do not count in the championship. Will Power got a good spot and went on to win his first ever oval race while Dario started in the back and never got to the front. Dario said that the only fair way to mix up the starting grid would be to invert the field, run the second heat in reverse order of the first, which would give the same relative advantage or disadvantage to everybody After the second race Will has a 5 point lead on Dario. Is Franchitti righteously ticked off or was the draw for position fair?

A: That definitely gave Will an unfair advantage over Dario. I hope they never do that again.

Dario's NASCAR Team? by ☼lucky13☼ Q: I heard this morning that Chip Ganassi Racing in NASCAR was done because of lack of sponsership, and thats the team Dario Franchitti is on. Does this mean that he is gonna be done with NASCAR, or is he going to try and find another team? Or this is just a rumor, has anybody else heard anything?

A: OK ... here's my 2-cents ... buckle up. Franchitti's 2008 NASCAR season ended due to the lack of proper sponsorship. Basically, TCGR was funding Dario's team pretty much out of Ganassi's own pockets, and if you've seen Dario's sponsorships over the first half of the season, you'll see he's had a TON of them, but nothing regular. Without a regular sponsor willing to contribute $22-25 million / single season, racing a full season is very tough. I am REALLY interested what happened to the money Dario supposedly brought with him with Canadian Club Whiskey, and whether they pulled the plug as well. In any regards, Ganassi signed Franchitti to a long-term contract, so I really don't see him trying to find another team in the near future. Now ... onto Dario rumors. I believe Ganassi & Sabates really want him to drive the rest of the season in the Nationwide Series. Personally, I think this is the best move. He's a lifelong open-wheeler, and driving NASCAR vs. IndyCar is apples to elephants. It takes time, and I think most IndyCar fans know Dario can absolutly drive the wheels off a car. He just needs the "tintop" experience. As for 2009, I think sponsorships are absolutely necessary, but he *could* be back in the Sprint Cup series. Now ... the return to IndyCars? Forget it. Absolutely forget it. Dario has *NOTHING* left to prove in the IndyCar Series. He's got his Indy 500 victory, and he got his IndyCar Series championship - both in 2007. He left IndyCars at the top of his game. Could he get back into an IndyCar? Sure. Does he want to? Personally, I think we've seen the last of Dario in an open-wheel car. Last year's "flights" at both Michigan and Kentucky I think made him think long and hard about returning (plus, I find it highly ironic that both "flights", he walked away from unscathed, but his big NASCAR accident, he broke his ankle). Dario may have gone to NASCAR for the money, but personally, I really believe he went to NASCAR more for the "next challenge". After several years doing something, we all need to be looking for that "next challenge" to keep ourselves and our sanity fresh and active. This is why he went to NASCAR. Could he have gone to a full-time sports car? Personally - that's where I think he will end up in 3-4 years. Much safer, and he's a proven winner there, too. Perhaps in one of TCGR's sports cars in ALMS. Mind you - my opinions only.

Does anyone know how the sprint drivers qualified at Talladega? by Angie H Q: I am in a Nascar pool and when there were 2 drivers to go on qualifying Dario Franchitti was in 19th place for the Sprint race. However, becuase he had to get a driver to fill in for him he had to go to 43rd. My question is. Does anyone know what position all the drivers were in before the nationwide race took place?

A: Here is the Nationwide Series lineup. Dario wrecked DURING the race so they should have started the same way. Pos Car Driver Team 1 20 Tony Stewart Old Spice Toyota 2 1 Mike Bliss Miccosukee Resorts Chevy 3 38 Jason Leffler Great Clips Toyota 4 40 Dario Franchitti # Fastenal Dodge 5 88 Brad Keselowski NAVY Chevy 6 2 Clint Bowyer Camping World/RVs.com Chevy 7 5 Dale Earnhardt Jr. DELPHI Chevy 8 18 Kyle Busch Z-Line Designs Toyota 9 33 Cale Gale # Camping World Chevy 10 32 Denny Hamlin Hass Avocados From Mexico Toyota 11 60 Carl Edwards Save-a-Lot Ford 12 9 Patrick Carpentier # Lipton Dodge 13 21 Stephen Leicht Childress Vineyards Chevy 14 41 Kyle Krisiloff Polaroid Dodge 15 16 Greg Biffle CitiFinancial Ford 16 27 Brad Coleman United States Postal Service Ford 17 81 D.J. Kennington Northern Provincial Pipe Lines Dodge 18 47 Kelly Bires Clorox Ford 19 29 Scott Wimmer Holiday Inn Chevy 20 7 Mike Wallace GEICO Toyota 21 6 David Ragan Discount Tire Ford 22 75 Johnny Sauter Arctic Ice Chevy 23 01 Kertus Davis RACEGIRL Chevy 24 64 David Stremme Atreus Homes & Communities Chevy 25 66 Steve Wallace Atreus Homes & Communities Chevy 26 70 Mark Green ForeTravel Motorcoach/Biomet Chevy 27 99 David Reutimann Aaron's Dream Machine/Best Western Toyota 28 28 Kenny Wallace U.S. Border Patrol Chevy 29 24 Eric McClure Hefty Brand Chevy 30 59 Marcos Ambrose Kingsford with Hickory Ford 31 0 Dwayne Leik Lori Morgan, LLC Chevy 32 22 Reed Sorenson Arctic Ice/Supercuts Dodge 33 89 Morgan Shepherd Victory in Jesus Racing Dodge 34 91 Larry Gunselman MSRP Motorsports Ford 35 11 Jason Keller America's Incredible Pizza Chevy 36 25 Bobby Hamilton Jr. Smithfield Ford 37 4 Robert Richardson Jr. Jay Robinson Racing Chevy 38 61 Kevin Lepage Ford 39 52 Donnie Neuenberger Royal Farms Wraps Chevy 40 05 Brett Rowe 31W Insulation/CertainTeed Chevy 41 90 Johnny Chapman MSRP Motorsports Chevy 42 57 Justin Ashburn dverne.net/Fidelity Printing Dodge 43 84 Mike Harmon Talladega Dirt Track Chevy I hope this helps. 3 STR8 N 08!!!

What are your thoughts on foreign drivers in NASCAR? by KJo<3racing Q: Are drivers like Juan Pablo Montoya and Dario Franchitti good for the sport? Its said that drivers like this bring in more fans of a different culture and expands NASCAR from more then just The USA. Thoughts on this?

A: Since I was a child, as far back as I can remember, foreign born drivers have been competing in NASCAR at least on a part-time basis. The 1960's was a decade in which foreign drivers competed regularly as the Holman-Moody team made a lot of contacts with drivers through their involvement with the development of the Ford Le Mans winning car. As an example, soon after Jim Clark won the F1 crown, he was hired by Holman-Moody to wheel a Ford in a race at "The Rock". No less than a half dozen F1 drivers have tried it once or twice. The difference today is the number who are willing and have the desire to take on the challenge full-time. I take it as the compliment it truly is as these drivers, attracted by fierce competition, have acknowledged that NASCAR is where the racing is. Yesterday a young Hispanic boy was in my place of employment. He spoke English well enough to talk to. I asked to look at his ball cap. It was a Jimmie Johnson cap. He handed me his cap and I asked if he liked Jimmie Johnson. He smiled and said he did. I told him I liked JPM at which point he tilted his head, dropped his jaw while his face took an expression which was priceless. From the heart of NASCAR country I send a big salute to NASCAR fans, wherever they may be, Kyle Busch fans, too.

Who thinks Ryan Briscoe will be able to hold his position in the Indycar Championship? by JConfuzed Q: Given his track record, pardon the pun, I am curious to see if he can keep the position with Dario Franchitti breathing down his neck.What do you think?

A: I think you'll see Ryan B. at the top of the charts the rest of the year. Penske Racing (along with TCGR) is riding high this year. Here's another valid argument: Briscoe is more of a Road/Street course driver than an Oval driver. Richmond is a short-track that is almost like a street course. The next three (Watkins Glen, Toronto, Edmonton) are road/streets. There are two other road/streets remaining in the season (Mid-Ohio & Infineon), and the four remaining ovals (Kentucky, Chicago, Motegi, & Homestead) he's performed fairly well in. In my opinion, it's Briscoe vs. Franchitti for the championship - HOWEVER - don't be surprised if Castroneves, Dixon, or (yes) Patrick get their noses closer to the top. All three have been very consistent this year, and should still have good runs left in them this year. Unless something changes, I predict of the remaining 10 races, these 5 drivers will win all but one (I'll give T.K. a nod for a win this year - he needs one).

How much does it cost to repair or totally replace a wrecked Sprint Cup car? by Michael T Q: I'm asking because Chip Ganassi and Roger Penske must be spending thousands of dollars to fix or replace the cars that Dario Franchitti and Sam Hornish Jr wreck every week. It's becoming so common that it wouldn't seem like a typical race if these two didn't get in an accident. Patrick Carpentier can be included in this group as well.

A: depends on what the damage to the car is sometimes a couple $1000 and sometimes over $75000 but it all depends on the damage

Who is going to replace Dario? by turquoiseturtle Q: Who is going to replace Dario Franchitti on Andretti-Green?? Has the team announced it yet?

A: Depends who you talk to. Speedtv says Mutoh. Because he brings 6 million in sponsorship. Honda wants a Japanese driver to win a race and is throwing money to get him in the car. Scheckter and Buddy Rice were early candidates, but bring no money. Both are quality drivers and can set up a race car. Miera ran ALMS with AGR a couple of weeks ago. If you listen to Internet rumors you will hear other wild rumors that include Paul Tracey, because of his relationship with Team Green. Regardless, this is one of the most sought after seats in racing. Indy 500 Champion and IRL champion car.

Ouch! Dario Franchitti? by Brett Q: Dang that had to hurt, a car heading straight 150mph into his driver side. Hope he can race tomorrow, i seen he had to be carried away from the car.

A: he broke his ankle and has a lot of contusions and hes not racing tommorrow stremme is

Dario Franchitti won the Indy 500 : how do feel about it : are you happy , sad, mad or neutral ?? by I-am-indy Q:

A: I have mixed feelings. Im happy for him cause he does work hard like everyone else and hes on the Andretti team, which is my favorite. And I think he deserves it a little...but i HATE it when its called on account of rain...i dont know...i like it when they finish and win because they won...ya know? For example, last year when Sam Hornish Jr. passed Marco (i cried by they way....HUGE Marco fan!) he won cause he had an advantage because of the draft and passed him... I dont know....Dario does work hard and he got to first so.... I just hope Marco wins next year :]

Where will Dario Franchitti go? by Ch :) Q: If you haven't already heard, his team has stopped running the no.40 car. Anyone any ideas where he will go? Will he leave NASCAR? All ideas appreciated. :)

A: NNS or home to Ashley.

Does anybody have a picture of Dario Franchitti's Michigan 2007 Flip? by elliottsadler06 Q:

A: Here are the pictures of the flip: http://www.indycar.com/multimedia/photos/gallery.php?series_id=1&event_id=667&track_id=10&eventDate=2007-08-06&display=60&photo_id=62041 And here is the video: http://www.indycar.com/multimedia/videos/player.php?v=738

When Dario Franchitti wins this weekend will it insure he stays in NASCAR long term.? by tim a Q:

A: I like Dario, but as long as he Drives for Chip, he will be in sub par equipment. Chip likes to blame the drives for the teams short comings, unfairly I may add. The injury causing him to miss a few races did't help either. Ganassi needs to step it up, he dumped David Stremme, and look how good he is doing in the Nationwide series for RWI. Rusty only brought him over to help out Stephen, but he is now in the top 10 in points.

Dario Franchitti coming to nascar? by tim a Q: does this mean another guy wrecking people?

A: I don't think he will be wrecking people. Juan is a one off wonder. Plus he has been doing lots better as far as not wrecking people as much. I look forward to comparing the best in Nascar to the best in the rest of racing. The Nascar greats will more than hold their own.

Two of my favorite Brits are Alain de Cadenet and Dario Franchitti. Are they immigrants? by TD Euwaite? Q: Do I need special permission to post on the Immigration page? My questions are not being shown. Hey. Mr. Y!A...How is Randy's OK and mine not, you ignorant, souless clod?

A: Sounds like one's a Frenchman; the other an Italian. If NOT, at least their ROOTS would lie in those places. YES, you need to speak fluent Spanish to post on the immigration page--perhaps Russian, Polish, and whatever they speak in the Muslim countries. Possibly Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chech....the list goes on!!

what's the lastest condition on Dario Franchitti? how long will he be out? by It's Slime Time Q:

A: Here's the most recent update I could find on Jayski. It's from yesterday. Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates (CGRFS) driver Dario Franchitti was re-evaluated this week by his doctors and will sit out this weekend's Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) race at Richmond International Raceway (RIR). NASCAR veteran Ken Schrader will drive the #40 Kennametal Dodge on Saturday for the 400-lap event. Franchitti was seen by Dr. Terry Trammel and Dr. Kevin Scheid in Indianapolis, Ind. on Monday. The doctors confirmed the slight fracture in Franchitti's left ankle. Franchitti will be fitted for a carbon fiber brace later this week. His status behind the wheel of the #40 Dodge will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis. Schrader is confirmed to race for CGRFS in Richmond only. Franchitti will also be in Richmond with the #40 team. It sounds to me like it might not be that bad, they are only going one race at a time. I would think Dario will be back in it for Darlington or Lowe's at the latest. 3 STR8 N 08!!!

Is Dario Franchitti Ashley Judd's husband? If so,how lucky he is with pretty Ashley!? by randy c Q: Ashley Judd is my favorite movie actress!

A: Very lucky indeed :) I love Ashley Judd!

True or False: Will Dario Franchitti win Indy 500 back to back, today? by AGM Q:

A: false Dan Wheldon wins

Good Picture of Indy 500 Dario Franchitti? by Q: I would like a good picture (larger than 100x700 that i can make into an 8inx10in.) of Dario Franchitti either kissing the bricks at Indy 500, or with the Indy 500 trophy, one similar to these of Scott Dixon:(http://blog.cochesalaventa.com/_fotos/92nd-Indy-500-ends-with-pole-sitter-Dixon-taking-checkered-flag_53772_7.jpg , if not a good photo of him crossing the yard of bricks ant Indy. Thanks 1000x800 is the size of the photo my bad not 100x700

A: The links below should give you what you want with a resolution of at least 3800 x 2500.

is Dario Franchitti out of his league? by Wolf Q: this guy wins all those IRL races last year so he thinks he can hang in nascar? the competition level in nascar right now is so much higher.. he's even out of his league with women. we will be seeing way more ashley judd then him. what was he thinkin?

A: I love Ashley Judd! Double Jeopardy was a great movie, she has a cool scene with a car on a ferry boat. Remember that?

when will dario franchitti race again? by ronzohooter Q: like to know.

A: Not this week, Marlin will be in the #40 ganassi entry this week at the 600. Not able to find any time table on his return after this week.

Dario Franchitti Winner of Indianapolis 500 Race Dario Franchitti won his second Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, M? by Q: http://today24news.com/sports/dario-franchitti-wins-indianapolis-500-31364

A: This belongs in the Auto racing section, not here. It has nothing to do with horses.

who do you think overall is a better driver dario franchitti or juan pablo montoya? by tim a Q: no hater answers plz

A: JPM wins that one hands down.

Would it be a good idea, to let Dario Franchitti run Homestead ? by Q: It make's me start think'in about that Steve Bartman guy,at that Chicago Cub's game,a few year's ago,messing with the ball !!!

A: I don't see a problem with it. Dario is a great driver. What do you see as the problem? Also, did you know you put this in the Pregnancy and Parenting/Grade-Schooler category?

What's up with Dario Franchitti? by Austerity! Q: I'm asking mainly because he had someone elses points to run on for the first five races! In fact, what's up with all the open wheel guys that came in this year? Seems like Sam Hornish Jr. may be the only one to make it in cup this year? (and that's iffy) Sam Hornish Jr. - 34th Dario Franchitti - 38th Paprick Carpentier - 43rd Jacques Villeneuve - 60th

A: The drivers and team owners were foolish to think they could run in cup without a couple of years in truck and nationwide. Nascar is harder to drive than the IRL or F-1. The cars are harder to drive and the intensity from all the traffic is more than the open wheel guys can handle. Edit ------ Lots of thumbs down here so lets look at the facts. Villeneuve raced 6 truck races and averaged a 27th place. Trucks aren't cup, they are 2 steps below cup. The Wallace girl drives one truck race and finishes 17th because she had 2 years in late models. It doesn't matter how much you love open wheel and the drivers you can't dismiss the facts, the drivers needed lower class experience. Maybe even going all the way down to late models. Scott Speed is smart to run ARCA, he has a chance to learn and succeed.

Dario Franchitti, Sam Hornish and Patrick Carpentier have dropped below 35th? by beth Q: in owners points after 3 races. Which of them if any will get back to 35th or above in the next 2 races? Will those that end up below 35th race the whole season or will they drop out. Hey Snake, I agree it is sad to see the Wood Brothers in this position. Your Fords were running well today!!!!

A: Dario is barely on the outside and I think he will be back in after Atlanta and probably Sam as well. They still are guarenteed 2 more starts before they have to "earn" their spots in races. The bigger tracks, like Atlanta this week, will help them feel more comfortable in the car. It will be interesting to see how they do at Bristol and Martinsville after that. Patrick is in too big of a hole to get back into the top 35 before they start using this year's owner's points.

IRL's Dario Franchitti moving to NASCAR in 08? by mAD~mOD Q: Chip Ganassi Racing is expected to announce next week that Dario Franchitti will drive the No. 40 Dodge in 2008, sources told FOXSports.com. Energizer will be an associate sponsor for the car. Franchitti, 34, who won the 2007 Indianapolis 500 with Andretti-Green, currently leads CGR driver Scott Dixon by three points in the Indy Racing League Series with the season finale scheduled for this weekend at Chicagoland Speedway. Franchitti will participate in a training program similar to the one Juan Pablo Montoya (who beat Franchitti for the 1999 CART title) used to prepare for his rookie season. Franchitti will drive in a variety of series, including NASCAR's Busch Series in Ganassi's No. 42 Dodge.

A: Dario Franchitti is moving because he is going to make 3 million this year in Indy and he can make tons more money in NASCAR because even Dave Blaney is going to make that much this year probably. Staying in Indy would just be stupid when he can easily make more in NASCAR.

What is Dario Franchitti's car color and sponsor? by OmgItsHayley Q:

A: Red Target..

how will Dario Franchitti do in Nascar, what kind of competition does Juan Pablo Montoya get out of this? by It's Slime Time Q: how many former Indy and Formula 1 drivers are already in nascar?

A: I would imagine Dario would have the same kind of start that Juan Pablo has had in his first year. I figure he'll finish in the top 20 to 25 in points next year and probably have a few good showings along the way.

What do you think of Dario Franchitti returning to IRL? by Pink Chickens Q: Good riddance or a great loss? Bad team or bad luck?

A: He had to do what he had to do I guess. I liked Dario, he was a very well spoken driver who respected the other drivers around him and was happy to be in Nascar just like Patrick Carpentier. I say its a loss for Nascar and a gain for the Indy Car series and I don't think Chip was putting all his efforts into his Nascar program.

How does everybody feel about Dario Franchitti going to NASCAR? by My backhand is your forehand Q:

A: NASCAR is quickly becoming the Indy Retirement League. And nothing...NOTHING...is purely 'American'. Miller is made by a South African company. Chrysler was (until recently) German-owned. My Mercury was built by Mazda (in a US plant) with European Ford parts.

How is Dario Franchitti getting on In NASCAR? by Robbie-D Q: Hi all, we don't really follow NASCAR out in the UK, but I was wondering how Dario was getting on seeing as he's a Brit. After kicking ass in IndyCar I was really hoping he was making a good impression in NASCAR as well.

A: As of right now, he's currently struggling to adapt to a car and tracks he's not familiar with. His NASCAR team, Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates, a satellite of his former IndyCar team Target Chip Ganassi Racing, is giving Dario time in the Nationwide Series one step below the Sprint Cup to help acclimate him to "stock-car" racing. Dario Franchitti is a very talented driver but learning anything takes time, no matter how talented you are. He will likely make more of an impact next year once he has some experience under his belt.

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