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MacyAguilarWDS Andy Rooney dead at 92: We loved his knack for life's small worries - New York Daily News

0ok Andy Rooney dead at 92: We loved his knack for life's small worries | New York Daily News http://t.co/CD3qTh6N #60Minutes #Media #Opinion

AprilSarmieLCE Andy Rooney dead at 92: We loved his knack for life's small worries - New York Daily News

LudacrisGkro Girl Walk//All Day project by director Jacob Krupnick releases trailer, turns ... - New York Daily News

NScevaJr #QRCode News Daily - #Denver CO is out! http://t.co/gdeCsIvu ▸ Top stories today via @gracefullplate @julianlefebvre

Natalie_Dangelo Okaloosa should diversify | diversify, edc, new - New EDC chair - Northwest Florida Daily News http://t.co/Rv8BJiMN

MeetChina RT @mister_china: The Mister China Daily is out! http://t.co/2gyDMHJj

Clarencehru Ship SS Telegraph Charges to N.O. 12-9-1849: This list was copied from the news Daily/Picyune of New Orleans. P... http://t.co/a4kNLd0Y

SprintingAcla Breeders' Cup Clocker: Union Rags, Goldikova look ready to run big - Daily Racing Form http://t.co/7Q7k9T7R

HaySchueSnazz Buying from online retailers can be convenient, but risky - Dayton Daily News

LaneGarvergift Pastor at Diboll church encourages people to investigate Halloween history - Lufkin Daily News

TweetyDealFinds groupon is so yesteryear. these folks are pounding groupon's savings daily http://t.co/V79Sg68k

YankeesInk Here's the plan. If I'm arrested for murdering my neighbor, I'll be in the Post and Daily News, right? So when I see the reporters coming--

Peta_de_Aztlan Andy Rooney dead at 92: We loved his knack for life’s small worries  - NY Daily News> http://t.co/SMSAOcD3 ~RIP 1%ers

GabeElliott Sears makes out-of-home ads shoppable via QR codes - Mobile Commerce Daily http://t.co/cezsq8wj


what issue or facts provoke your curiosity about middle eastern people , apart from regular daily news? by rassai Q: what issues or facts provoke your curiosity about middle eastern people and their culture , apart from regular daily news? . what you are keen on to know more in deep about them?

A: Why can't the same tribes get along after 2000 plus years? Actually the same family? and they are killing each other. Lots of practice. Well, some families just don't know how to get along, but do most families go out to kill each other? What happens when the neighbors start killing each other? Middle East is a Modern Term 20th century - it is still Asia, western Asia and may be one or two countries in Africa, Middle East - not very "middle" - just maybe causing a lot of trouble and want others in the "middle." Look at history - this miss named region - the so called birth of humanity - may just end up being the end of it all - or will the day come when East and West will meet in the MIDDLE and finally shake hands, and brother, cousin, and ... will see their commonality?

what is todays harry potter code for the daily news? by Gary Q: The daily news is having a contest that you need November 20th's code, but i cant get the daily news today, can anyone help me and tell me what todays code is?

A: there is no such code.

What is the best daily news podcast? by ICAccidental Q: I'm trying to stay away from the extreme right or extreme left. I'm simply looking for a reliable daily news podcast to listen to on my morning commute.

A: Check your local public radio station web page. Many of them offer a podcast of their statewide news. NPR also offers national news and many of their programs in podcast form. I've managed to put together a playlist of podcasts that takes me a week of commuting to hear. Most of them are NPR and BBC documentary and comedy shows. I don't know if the Big Three networks put out their news in podcast form. I never watch or listen to network news because they don't do very much news! Only sensational "human interest" and canned things the political parties shove down their throats. .

Are you sick of the daily news about the Gulf oil spill? by Pete Q: I read my news on a daily basis on Google News, and the Gulf Oil Spill news is right in my face everyday. Are you sick of it as I am? Even worse, you know people will politicize this news.

A: It's the biggest environmental disaster in history and if you don't think it's news worthy, then just stick to your supermarket tabloids. Those of us who care want to be kept up to date on the spill.

Where can I get a copy of the daily news newspaper (ny) from today and yesterday? by ycewilliams Q: I did not get to purchase today's newpaper with the Obama's special. Anyone has any idea where I can get a copy of the daily news?

A: Go to a news vendor, and buy them.

How do I find a 1956 NY Daily News article online? by WP Redux Q: My father was in the sports section of the NY Daily News for boxing. How can I get my hands on a digital or physical copy?

A: i think internet is not the best idea i suggest u to go to the office and ask for the copy of 1956 in office they have the copy and after having that copy u can scan it for making it digital hope this will solve ur problem

How Does Memphis Daily News Get Away with Internet Harassment? by protool11 Q: Memphis Daily News is one of many small companies throughout the US that rummages through private and embarrassing public records and lists the most embarrassing on the internet for all the world to see. I was wondering what can an individual do to fight back against this? Also, Does listing the personal divorce information on the internet and other records that have nothing to do with others constitute harassment?

A: They are public records so are freely available. Don't want it to happen? Don't get divorced. Or fly to Reno to do it.

How can I control what goes on the daily news feed for facebook? by ALIFE Q: Say iwrite something on someones wall, and it showes up on the daily news feed, is there annway i can get it from not showing up?

A: You can set your feed settings by moving your mouse over "Account" (top right), and select "Privacy". Then click "News Feed and Wall Privacy". Alternatively here is the direct link: http://www.facebook.com/privacy/?view=feeds Once you have unchecked whatever you would like to remove, remember to click "Save".

What do I need to make daily news updates on a website? by Sharif Q: I want to add daily news to my website that has time stamps and that is easy to create new posts. What would be the easiest way to do this?

A: You can download a "miniblog" at www.web2coders.com (free scripts), and adapt it to your needs. It is basic and will give you a good start. As for getting news from another site, I suggest you get an RSS agregator on your site, linked to some RSS feeds from external sources (There is one on www.web2coders.com: the kind of "mobile phone" on the left.)

Daily News? by sxydoll15 Q: do you think there is some type of diversity/biase in the newspaper, like do u think the daily news likes the democratic or republican side better... your opinion please

A: Newspapers are the worst for biased, inaccurate reporting. Most of the time it appears that the authors are writing to sell their prospective and opinion rather than present facts to allow readers to develop their own opinion. I finally got fed up with it after reading articles about issues I had personal, in depth knowledge of. I canceled my subscription years ago and have never renewed.

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