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enackgenys > Got D http://t.co/PhwKStq6

blue_note_okc RT @_JUCIFER_: when our dachshund decides it's dinnertime,he runs +throws himself into the air+punches my leg with his front feet <3

Alexandra012369 Dachshund Welcome Sign: These stunning dog breed Welcome Signs are imprinted onto high gloss aluminum and the co... http://t.co/mkQKxdXD

Raphaelearlene American Hairy Women I Love Hairy Men Women Love Hairy Men Naked Hairy Girls Hairy Chest http://t.co/YllIMUpA hairy dachshund

KY_BowlingGreen #Adopt #Ky Dachshund - Lacey - Small - Senior - Female - Dog - Please Contact (Nashville) http://t.co/HOq4aGBm

Alytheodora7Xp Cute Dachshund Pics Cute Puppies Photos Cute Cartoon Desktop Wallpapers Cutest Cat Breeds http://t.co/3MwQA8EH cute rain boots for girls

HeadshotHeather Frakkin hysterical watching our dachshund try to play with Daddy while he is napping. She lays ball on him, nudges it and then sits waiting

SassySashadoxie little work place humor http://t.co/61efvnYD

_nomada ¡ Dachshund hizo una muy buena noche en Bar Americas @kingreymon @pbritos !

ThacherTv Some Tips About Dachshund Puppies - The puppies of the Dachshund breed are cutest among all the puppies in the... http://t.co/5QzsTh1I

SaveSnailMail Vintage dachshund stamp dispenser, so cute! http://t.co/bJvOn6nh

katieRUNSthis @randomsubu Pure bred dapple dachshund! He's a lover!

CarolannSicac8 WIREHAIRED DACHSHUND Circle Swirly Metal Wind Spinner: Everything we make is made with pride by a small family b... http://t.co/Dez33fmZ

ushiro_atama かわええ(*´д`*) RT @tamao_iris: 可愛いすぎる( ●≧艸≦) 絢ちゃん、ありがとう! #dachshund #cavalier #dogs #petstagram #dog #犬バカ部 #短足部 http://t.co/DCpJ9FJx

SassySashadoxie holly wiener dog Christmas cards with a classic feel http://t.co/4k7eKpSp


How to Be Sure a Dachshund Is the Dog for You? by Aleasha C Q: I went the the animal shelter yesterday to look at the dogs. I found a wonderful little dachshund named Clyde. His legs are a bit longer than most dachshunds, but he is gorgeous! I really like him, and feel sorry for him. He went through three homes before being dumped at the shelter. I'm considering adopting him, but how do I know that a Dachshund would be a good match for me? I keep hearing how important it is to choose the correct breed, and I don't want to make a mistake. Can anyone help me with this?

A: does he make you happy when your around him? can your lifestyle fit his needs?

How long before a male dachshund puppy can make puppies? by Evin G Q: I bought a male dachshund puppy about a year and a half ago and i want him to reed my to female dogs. Theyve hooked up many times but no puupies! When can i expect some?

A: Does he have both testicle down? It sounds like he is shooting blanks..at his age, it is likely permanent..

How can I tell how far along my dachshund is in her pregnancy? What are signs of labor? by Lilly Q: How can I tell how far along my dachshund is in her pregnancy? Also what signs do I look for to tell she is going in to labor? I can already feel puppies move in her stomach! My dachshund accidentally got pregnant! I am getting her spade after this litter. So please don't leave any comments about doing that.

A: the vet. could give you a better idea since we cant see her. also if the male was bigger than her he can check and see if she can deliver normally or will need a C section. when moms are going into labor they will go off food and start making a nest. have the whelping box ready now and put her in with some old towels to nest in. it can take hours before she delivers puppies. please have her checked by the vet. he can xray her and see how many puppies and the size of pups.

Whats the difference between Dachshund dog food and regular dog food? by Justanotheryahooligan Q: I have a Golden Retriever and feed him Wellness, its kibble is small so would this be ok for my Dachshund? Thanks to all who answer =)

A: There really is no need for breed specific dog foods, I think your dog will do just as good on the food you feed your golden retriever. As far as how much to feed i disagree with whoever commented on this question first... Never feed your dog the amount it says to on the back of the bag. No dog needs as much food as it tells you to feed it for how much it weighs. Monitor your dog and see what amount is good for him/her to be eating and settle on that. The reason to most over weight dogs is because people feed what the bag tells them to and it ends up being too much for their body to handle. The only reason why it says that on the bag is so YOU go through food faster, buying it more often therefore the company makes more money.

Where can I get a female dachshund in the Wyoming-Montana area? by verleenparker Q: My male dachshund is very lonely and we are looking for a female dachshund in the Wyoming-Montana area. If you can find an add in a Wyoming or Montana paper for a dachshund, could you please post the paper? We would like our dachshund to have someone to play with while we are gone.

A: well here is an entire list of dachshunds in the Helena, Monatana area.

How can I convince my parents to get me a dachshund puppy for my birthday? by irishdude456 Q: I already have a dog who I love but I would really like a dachshund puppy for my birthday in a couple of weeks. I am very responsible when it comes to taking care of animals i walk my dog everyday i do chores i have alot of experiance with caring for animals but i would really like just a small dog that i can carry around because i miss having my huge dog as a puppy . I have the money for it and everything. I just need to convince them. So the point is i want to get a dachshund puppy for my birthday. I just need to show them how responsible i am and can be how can i convince them to let me get a dachshund puppy for my birthday? This would be my only gift. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I really want this how can i convince them?

A: Well you sound really responsible. I would not be suprised if they would let you get another one. But you should lay hints that it would be nice to get another dog. Then make a b-day list and put the dog on it with a letter saying why you want the dog. I think that will work somewhat.

What the difference btw a miniature dachshund and a regular dachshund? by bella Q: Ive been looking into adopting a dachshund lately but i noticed theres such thing as a miniature one too! What is the difference in size? Do they look like puppies forever? Can anyone tell me some of the differnces btw the two thank you : )

A: There are two different kinds of Dachshunds. The regular, and the miniature. The regular Dachshund is 14-18 inches tall and weighs 20 pounds when full grown. The Miniature Dachshund can get up to 14 inches tall and can get up to weighing 9 pounds. Dachshunds look pretty much the same when they're older, just there is a difference in size, of course. If you want more information on either type of Dachshund, go to this link: http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/dachshund.htm Good luck!

What is the size of a average Miniature Dachshund? by Mr. Jake Q: I have a Chihuahua and a Chi-weenie (part Dachshund and part Chihuahua). But now I want a full Miniature Dachshund. But first I need to no if it will evan fit through the small dog door I have right now. So please help me by telling me the average height and weight of an adult Miniature Dachshund. Some of you are confused. When I said "tall" I meant from the bottom of its front paw to the top of its head not from its tail to its nose.

A: Ok, I'm sorry to break it to you... but there is no such thing as a miniature dachshund. Regular Dachsunds are small enough, there is no such thing.

How do I breed my Dachshund with my German Shepherd? by Shepherdgirl § Q: Since there are all these popular new "breeds" what do you think I could call them. I want to get in on the quick cash everyone is making on the new designer dogs and I think doxie/shepherd crosses will be awesome. Also do you think it would hurt my Dachshund to have the Shepherd puppies? My Dachshund(mother) is 11 pounds and my Shepherd is 88 pounds. Is 5 weeks too early to find them homes? I forgot to ask how much should I charge for my awesome new puppies? And I really need a name for this new breed. For all of you telling me not to breed stop it becasue I am only going to breed her one time ....... after another and then I will keep a female pup to start over with. I am not in this for the money I love my dogs and I just want others to have an affordable puppy.

A: OOhhhhhhhhhh, I want one! I was thinking of breeding my Shih Tzu with a Jack Russell. That way people here will start to know Jack Shih, since obviously most of them don't!!!!

????Dachshund? by babycake Q: I have two dachshund and there ears look diff, one holds up his ears all the time, the other one lets hers hang, Why is this? I anyone eles see this before? There ears are not clipped, I have them both since 8 weeks old, His ears do not stand up all the way, they do flop over, its like he holds them up at the base of his ears

A: i have 3 dachshunds 2 ears hang down one ears are always back so i think its just the way they are.the males ears are back.

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