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Cyber monday 2011

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When is the best time to buy a new laptop? by Charles Q: I'm a junior in high school and i plan on getting a new laptop before I go to college. I was wondering when I should get this new laptop, that is, when the best deals are. I know there's black friday, cyber monday, back to school etc, but when is THE time to buy it? I want to know which one of these sales would have the best deals over the other sales. I am not concerned with time (just as long as it is before i go to college in fall 2011) and I am not really too concerned with money (as long as it is less than $1000)

A: Immediately before or immediately after Christmas. The prices start dropping for last-minute gift sales, and after the holiday, they have a lot of inventory to clear out. HP is always sending me emails about laptop bargains (I've owned a few over the years). If you're going retail (which I do not recommend), haggle. Consider the price in a store a suggestion. If they want to sell to you, they'll come down.

2 American Girl questions Please help!? by American~*~*~Girl Q: 1) Does American Girl have Black Friday deals or specials? 2) Who is American Girl of the year 2011? On Wikianswers they say she is called Cassie Jones. Help me and tell me if that is right. If you know the AG company or work for AG please tell me, I WILL NOT tell anyone else ! And for my first question, does anyone know? Because I'm a new costumer to AG. I have known about it for 6 years or so but now I love to BUY their products! But the dolls are $95.00 and i need to know about specials and specials for Cyber Monday if they have it too. Thanks!!!

A: AG usually has the free shipping codes the week before Thanksgiving and in October sometime. They do not do black friday but they do have Cyber Monday items for sale. These items go very quickly so I suggest ordering in the early morning because they sold out before the afternoon. The dolls themselves are NEVER on sale, the sales are on clothing and accessories for the dolls. As for the doll for 2011, no one knows. Employees didn't find out the name of this year's doll untill December and more details about her were not released until after Christmas. AG reserves several names for dolls at a time because it takes up to 4 years to bring a new doll to market. You will just have to patient like all the rest of us.

Who will go to the people protesting on Wallstreet Warning them of a possible Cyber Attack? by Idiots Equal Marxists Q: They need to know they could be stuck there in the streets if there is Cyber attack next week. Van Jones warned Everyone in the world will remember Oct. 2011. Anonymous said they will attack on Monday Oct 10th. So if these people are not joking, all the protesters would be stuck where they are and couldn't go home. Shouldn't they have the choice - to know of the warnings at least? Or don't they have Freedom under the Left wing Leadership? If there was to be a Cyber attack, there would NO CARS- NO TRAINS, NO Electicity, NO PHONES NO NOTHING!

A: Hackers gonna hack my car? cool beans

Online Black Friday Shopping 2011? by Seeker Q: So, will stores online have sales like in the store during midnight Black Friday? I'm thinking of purchasing my stuff online this year because last year was a pain to stand in line and get runned over by scary big people who don't know how to be civilized. Or is that only for "Cyber Monday?" The terms are kind of confusing me[never done it so...yah].Thank you! Oh and if you could give me some sources that tell me about deals and such?Thanks again!

A: Just like last year, there will be tonnes of online stores offering online Black Friday deals to online shoppers. And yes, I agree that it's much safer to buy online if you want to avoid getting into a stampede at the stores and may even end up not getting what you want. You could start doing your research and comparison now on what you want to buy. If you know to look for a specific product, just go to Google and click on Shopping. Search using that feature and you'll see the display of products, pricing and websites offering that item. Hope this helps. Tyler

Baseball Bat Deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? 10 points? by S Man Q: Ok so i am looking for a store/ site that will have their baseball bats clearenced out for Black Friday or a website that will do the same for cyber monday. i have tried justbats.com and baseball express but justbats have nothing and baseball express only has the bats im looking for ( 2011 DeMarini M2M and 2011 DeMarini Vexxum ) for free shipping ( no 15% off :( ) but anyways any help would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch 10 pts for BA

A: You can check http://pungle.org/deals.htm for Cyber Monday Deals at Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods.

which computer do you think i could get for under $400 on black friday/cyber monday 2011? by Sherry B Q: I need help from someone who knows something about computers. I am not technologically inclined. I am a school teacher who will use the laptop for work and play. I want something that will do a little of everything, and do it fast and well. I currently have a pc that was an xmas gift in 2004 so i am well overdue for an upgrade. I am not a big gamer or number cruncher. I don't need my computer to do all kinds of unusual things, but I want it to be able to have enough memory for me to install software programs like dragon. Here is my top 10 list in no particular order- these were recommended by pc world. If you know of any others that are good, please share. I don't have a lot of money to spend $2000 on a computer, and I will need to be buying a printer/scanner also, so that's why it can't cost a lot. If you think $400 is too low, then let me know how much I should be looking to pay if the laptop is on sale- what would be the top price I should pay for the computer, and it still be reasonable and a good deal? Thanks ahead of time for the info. Dell xps 15z Maingear ex-I 15 Dell Latitude E6420 ATG Acer Aspire Timeline x 5830 TG HP Pavilion dv6 Lenovo Thinkpad T420 MSI x460DX-006US Gateway ID47H02n Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E420 HP EliteBook 8460p

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