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Credit-card cash

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NazzyBoo17 If u were a waiter and someone puts a credit card AND like 30 bux cash in the little pay booklet what's tht suuposed to tell u.

_DjDirt Fml.. my credit card bill and my cell phone bill are due the exact same day -____- Means I gotta go to Santa Monica Blvd for some extra cash

rena_0903 @drumapea RT @Garuda_Promo: GA travel fair berlaku utk pembayaran cash, debit dan semua credit card. Khusus bca ... http://t.co/T0b42iIh

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blossom3699 RT @Garuda_Promo:GA travel fair berlaku utk pembayaran cash, debit&semua credit card. Khusus bca card holder bisa cicilan dpt cashback lagi.

brugrinc @diah_pusparini denda telat sehari 25rb. Credit card, cek, atau cash juga boleh =))

kr1st1reyn0zaBl @JZoblisein Look into these types of credit card cash reward I discovered http://t.co/Pl07SBku

Helene123 at the credit card machine, people waiting to cash out. So I am just thinking what the heck???

SummerHHGraham for those who havn't bothered getting a debit card with a chip, get it. its worth however much the limit on your credit card advance cash is

CricketRT RT @LavelleJael @beautyful_bliss: I would help you but I dot have any cash! Guy: funny thing is I have a credit card machine! Imani: *crick

Moranew Big Cash Back Offer For Caltex Customers http://t.co/DaFpPak2

dred3 I've Been Watchin This Lady Try And Ram Her Credit Card In A Cash Machine That Says "OUT OF ORDER" for like a gd 5m #Epic I Mean I Can C It

LavelleJael @beautyful_bliss: I would help you but I dot have any cash! Guy: funny thing is I have a credit card machine! Imani: *cricket* well

CastelWilliam Cash Advance within 5-9 business days...and the lowest credit card processing rates! - Classified Ad http://t.co/3xhJ7Bwb

missychantique I knw that I have nothing to make u happy. Even I don't have a condos, cash, credit card but I have a big heart to love in honest.


What's the best credit card cash back program for an eBay powerseller? by EdgeNinja Q: I just started an eBay business and don't have a lot of money. What's the best credit card cash back program someone like me can enroll in that would allow me to recoup some of the losses I'm experiencing in sales due to eBay's numerous fees, shipping costs, etc.?

A: I think that Discover card has the best cash back cards, check out www.fastcreditcardapprovals.com under reward cards here you will be able to compare them all side by side on rates, fees and rewards

Is it possible to have a $50000 credit card cash advance limit? by Brenda Q: I have been trying to learn about credit card cash advances, as I'm curious to learn how they work. How do credit card companies determine this limit? How high can this limit be? Thanks guys

A: Even with no-limit cards their cash advance is not that generous...

How do you do a cash advance from a credit card? by varys01 Q: Exactly how do you get a credit cards cash advance? I know you go to the ATM, but I don't have a pin number to use.

A: varys01, Try finding other methods to get the cash first. Payday loan companies offer a great service, but it's not something just anyone should get invovled with. If you do take a loan, pay it back quickly. http://www.americaschoicetoday.com/Payday-Loan.html

Are credit card cash rebates or statement credits taxable? by great_and_mighty_adam_levine Q: Do you have to report/pay taxes on a credit card cash rebate or statement credit? Is this considered income (taxable), or a discount for products purchased (not taxable)?

A: Generally, No. However, if the card was used for deductible business expenses, you would have to subtract the rebate/credit from the amount of the deduction.

Any financial ppl know if my credit card cash limit goes down? by JR122 Q: Ive got a credit card with a $0 balance and a $4800 credit limit with a 1500 cash limit, my question is if I spend say $3000 credit, will I still have that $1500 cash limit or will it go down if the balance goes up, its a citibank card?

A: Your maximum combined credit from spending and cash advances is $4,800. Of that, your cash is limited to $1,500. Mix and match anyway you like as long as cash doesn't exceed its limit. So the answer to your question is if you spend $3,000, you still have $1,500 in cash and another $300 in unused spending.

Does your credit card cash back bonus count as income? by askyourmind Q: My friends tell me that you don't have to claim your credit card cash back bonus on your income tax as long as it is under a certain amout. Is this true?

A: From the Wall Street Journal: The IRS hasn’t issued any specific public guidance on whether cash-back card rebates are subject to income tax, says an agency spokesman. But the IRS did issue a private-letter ruling in 2002 that said certain card rebates aren’t included in a taxpayer’s gross income. Although a private-letter ruling applies only to the taxpayer that applied for it, such rulings are considered to be a gauge of the agency’s thinking on a particular issue. Tax advisers say rebates are generally considered to be a reduction in purchase price, and not likely to be taxed. Rebates on purchases made for business or investment may have more complex treatment, so consult a tax adviser.

How do I get my Wells Fargo Credit Card Cash Back? by Karl M Q: Ive been using a Wells Fargo credit card for a few months and see in my online checking I have over 20 dollars cash back. I know once you hit 20 you can get this money, but I cant figure out where to click or what process to go through for it. If you could point in the right direction, thanks.

A: Call customer service at 1-800-642-4720. They can help you.

How do I get Online Cash Advance in the form of Credit Card Cash Advance from the service provider? by Jack Swagger Q: I am stuck in a problem and need money. I have heard that it is possible to get quick cash advance from the Credit Card Service Provider. I need $2500 cash advance, please let me know about the procedure to follow.

A: Ya you can get quick cash from your credit card provider But before getting cash you have to be checked all details and limits which are writes by you credit card provider.

credit card cash ????? by applesauce Q: I just got a credit card from capital one and I went to an atm to get cash out and it declined me, I know I still have money on there but how do I get cash out of a credit card if I cant go to atm ?????? Sorry this is my first credit card so Im trying to figure it all out

A: They probably declined you because you only have a certain amount of cash line. It might be that you went over it. So for instance, if your limit is $500 your cash amount might only be $100 even though you have a $500 limit. Call your credit card to find out why you were declined.

Credit Card + Cash? by CTA Q: I've been arguing with a friend recently on where you can pay with a Credit Card and Cash together in a major retail store like Target or Best Buy. i.e. Product price is $80. You use $60 from your credit card and you use $20 that you have in your pocket. I don't think it's possible in a retail store but my friend says otherwise.. what do you guys think?

A: it definetly is possible.... you pay them the amount of cash you have first and then give them the credit card and the swipe it for the amount due. You can use multiple payments pretty much anywhere- the only thing you usually can't do is use 2 credit cards from the same company (IE 2 visa cards or 2 American Express cards)

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