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Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl stadium sits silent on day of the game that bears its name
DALLAS, Texas - A few hours before the Cotton Bowl, the scene at the Cotton Bowl was as quiet as could be. The stadium that once bore the name of one of college football's most famous bowl games was silent. The game has moved on to bigger and better ...

Cotton Bowl preview: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma
About the Aggies: Pretty much all you need to know about Texas A&M football can be summed up in two words: Johnny Manziel. Manziel, better known as Johnny Football (or Johnny Heisman) is the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and he's every bit ...

Twittercast: Cotton bowl kickoff
Khan Jr. (@skhanjr): Cotton Bowl set to kick in mere moments. Keep an eye on RB Ben Malena for the #Aggies. I think he could be a factor with all focus on QBs. First Take's Skip Bayless ( @RealSkipBayless): Hate to do it but going w/ Johnny Football ...

Video: A&M, OU tailgaters get Cotton Bowl party started early
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Pills4L What channel is the Cotton bowl on??

jonogreco13 RT @OUDailySports: Watching the #Sooners and #Aggies in the #Cotton Bowl? Get your halftime analysis by @DillonPhillips_ here: http://t.co/D4X9VHA8 #ATTCBC

kmkbenjamin RT @KoolJay_IT: Shout out to the 2 Cedar Hill graduates playin in the Cotton Bowl right now TX A&M RB Ben Malena and OU O-Line Adam Shead AYE!

Stantonious RT @cnstack: Cotton Bowl 👆❤ @Stantonious 👍

fillingstnbama has the TEXAS A&M/ OKLAHOMA Cotton Bowl game NOW + $2 TALLBOYS & ROLL TIDE SHOTS til 10!!! Chris Coleman &... http://t.co/fCTlcZYz

Sfoles18 Dad hooking it up for the cotton bowl game! http://t.co/WlQSq2av

smokelessSTONER im sittin here watchin this pie ass miami game and the damn cotton bowl on #JOHNNYFOOTBALL

ACKelley55 @loganbrianne Yeah but think. Y'all play a lot more games. OU plays in the cotton bowl once.

AlexRand_LHS This Friday is just me sitting at home doing nothing but watching the Heat and the Cotton Bowl #ChillNight

2015Nicki RT @t_damiano: It's kinda funny that there's a bunch of black people playing in the Cotton Bowl

LukeSnowden25 RT @stonegarrett22: How are they gonna paint over that big cotton bowl sign midfield and replace it with a star in time for the cowboys game tomorrow?Oh wait...

BeksOnDeck @KilleRby_naTuRe haha nothing special, we are just watching the cotton bowl

rachelwilson48 I unlocked the Cotton Bowl 2012 sticker on #GetGlue! http://t.co/9XOPP4Ao

Bone_2255 What's the score of the cotton bowl?


Should LSU be in the Championship in the next few years? by Damon Q: Here's why: -Jordan Jefferson is a senior now and he should be at his best. We saw what he is capable of in the Cotton Bowl. -Zach Mettenberger, for those who don't know, he is 6'5" and he has a very good arm Many other things point to LSU winning it all. Why not: -New offensive coordinator, which means JJ and others aren't used to him. -Z-Mett looks like Justin Beiber. What do you say?

A: Agreed!! Jefferson could break records this year given the chance.

Who will tech play in the cotton bowl? by mcdaddy is AVAIABLE LADIESSS!!!! Q: WQ: Do you agree that there should be playoffs of at least 4 teams and keep the bowls at the same time? They should at least do that. WQ: Do you think texas is proud to have defted oklahoma even more now than ever?


Should Texas play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl? by I said, SON! Q: We need to prove once and for all the Big-12 superiority over the SEC. Texas would smoke Bama as would the Sooners. OU has matchup problems with Florida due to season ending injuries to their top defensive players. I want to see Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Nebraska. and Mizzou beat the crap out of SEC teams in bowl games like Mizzou did to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl last year.

A: Why not? Im all for creating the best bowl games possible. Oklahoma Florida, Penn State USC and Alabama Texas would be 3 sick bowl games. What actually should happen is Oklahoma and Florida get buys. The other 2 games are played, then the lower ranked winner plays Oklahoma, the other plays Florida. Then the winners of those 2 games plays in the Champ game. They can all be sponsered by whatever bowl sponser wants be it Tostitos, Chik fil for mother or whatever.

The final Cotton Bowl in the Cotton Bowl? by Orangeblood Q: Does that seem right? Does Jerry Jones get everything he wants? Should the name change? Best Cotton Bowl memory? 45-35 Enough Said! Hook'em!!! Joseph - Not what I asked but nice answer. Joseph - Not what I asked but nice answer. Truth - That would be "Longhorns", you know the team that handed nOU their butts this year, in the Cotton Bowl no less. One of my favorite memories.

A: its his ball and his stadium so i guess he gets his way... best memory... easy Miami 41 Shorthorns 3 what a blowout and an embarrassing beat down of an overrated shorthorns team...

Should the Big-12 get 5-6 BCS bids, or should college football continue to be totally fake? by Bradford 4 Heisman! Q: I can see an Oklahoma State running up and down the field on an Alabama like Mizzou did to Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. The Big-12 is so superior to all other conferences that it is painful to watch anyone else play. It's like having Brett Favre, John Elway, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Roger Staubach, and Steve Young all in the same conference at the same time!

A: ok first off...get off your high horse. the big twelve is def having a good yr but the sec is by far a better confeence all around. you think OK st is gonna run all ove alabama? have you even watched any football this season or do you just catch the highlighths on sportscenter? lets face it. what college football needs is a playoff, and thats that

What are the best non bcs bowls? by kcawh Q: This has nothing to do with the teams matched up against each other. I mean which non BCS bowl games have the most prestige. I know the Cotton Bowl is the #1 non BCS bowl, which are the best after this?

A: The Capital One (formerly Florida Citrus) and the Chick-Fil-A (formerly Peach) probably have the most prestige after the Cotton.

What decides the two teams that play in the Rosebowl? by antwerp54321 Q: Also what two teams play in the Orange Bowl, Cotton Bowl, etc

A: The weakest conferences in all of College Ball.......which would be Pac 10 vs Big 10

Who thinks the cotton bowl should be a bcs bowl? by c dubb Q: it was one of the original big 4 bowls, so isnt it more deserving than the fiesta bowl? besides it would be a little fairer so big 12 fans can have a home field advantage bowl like the rose and sugar bowls. how is it fair that ou/texas fans have to shell out to go to arizona when usc takes a half hour trip up to pasadena.

A: I agree but the old Cotton Bowl just isn't good enough. They poured millions into it but still it is not enough to step up with the BCS bowls. Now if they move it to the new Cowboy stadium then they could be the very best bowl.

Any good stories from soccer games you have gone to? by Mexicano100 Q: When i went to go see Mexico vs USA play back in 2004 in the cotton bowl two Mexicans got into a fight and one took of his belt and started to beat the other one

A: Mexico vs Columbia just some months ago Some mexican guys were getting in to a verbal fight with the finest Columbians you will ever see!

What airport is closest to "Cotton Bowl" in Dallas? by truthfully777 Q: would it be easy to get to the Cotton Bowl from (DFW) - Dallas Fort Worth International, or from Love field in Dallas?

A: Love Field

Has MISSOURI proven once and for all that the BCS is a pathetic joke? by vinny_says_relax Q: This Cotton Bowl blowout of Arkansas is total 110% proof.

A: well as an OU fan I have to say ha ha first since both of MU loses came to OU but seconded I think MU was more deserving the Kansas to be in a BCS bowl game and this is some more proof as to why the BCS sucks

Can someone help me with this BCS question? by Brian B Q: If Georgia actually holds on, and wins the SEC championship, can three teams from the same conference end up in the BCS? Would Alabama be kicked to the Cotton Bowl? What are the odds of a Alabama-Oklahoma Cotton Bowl matchup? Man, the BCS is screwed up.

A: Even if Georgia holds on to beat LSU in the SEC Championship Game (which will not happen), LSU and Alabama can still play in the BCS National Championship Game, if the two teams are still ranked #1 and #2 in the final BCS standings. This is the only exception to the rule of having no more than 2 teams from a conference playing in BCS Bowls.

do garbanzo beans grow the same way as lentils? by cloud16 Q: i grew lentils indoor(in cotton-filled bowls with water) a few years ago & they grew into nice long green stems :) now i want to try the same thing with garbanzo beans..will it work? will it turn out the same way?

A: Did the lentils grow into mature plants with edible seeds? I would be surprised that you could do that in a cotton filled bowl of water. I don't think it would work for garbanzos either. Garbanzos are supposed to have a large tap root. But if you just want them to sprout and have some greenery, that would probably work.

Where can I buy Texas longhorns vs Oklahoma Sooner football tickets for face value? by brads11887 Q: I just want to know where the tickets can be bought at face value instead of the marked up prices from stubhub.com and ticketmaster.com. Does the Cotton Bowl Stadium have a box office?

A: The only place to get them is through stubhub and sites like that. This game has been sold out for awhile so trying to get face value tickets will be hard to come by.

What are your thoughts of making the Cotton Bowl a BCS bowl? by BamaAndy Q: That is if the BCS kicks the Fiesta Bowl out. Thanks for your answers ahead of time. Will get back to you soon.

A: I thought the Cotton Bowl should have been a BCS bowl orgininaly

Expectations for Johnny HeisManziel have to be pretty high now right? by Obi-Wan-Jacoby Q: Not only to perform at the highest level in the Cotton Bowl but next season too.

A: Very high. Tebow-like

How to find out what is scheduled to record? Direct tv? by JD Q: I need to record the cotton bowl. But it says that the program conflicts with other schedule recordings. I have 4hours...

Which College football program is the most tormented? by We're #1!!! HOOK EM!!!! Q: By this I mean which team is used to being let down the most? You know losing the big game, coming so close yet so far? Up until the 2005 National Title I woulda said Texas. We had to go 35 years without a national championship, put up with "Big Game" Chris Simms, getting blown out by UCLA in our home stadium back in 97 (i think that was the), a dropped punt snap to lose to basically to the national championship back in the 1983 cotton bowl (i think again), going 12-1 back in 1990 only to get crushed 31-3 in the cotton bowl again to Miami, and many more let downs that I just can't think of right now. I can only think of these cause I'm a Texas fan. In your opinion who is the most tormented?

A: looking at ur face in ur avatar ur is hahhah

What is the Dallas Cowboys win-lost record at Texas Stadium? by LJ Q: As well as the win-lost record at the Cotton Bowl?

A: 213-100 "The Cowboys finished 213-100 in regular-season and postseason games at the home they moved into in 1971, going 6-2 this season"

Is it normal to feel nervous before big time? by Zpider 20-0 Q: Or was it just mind trick with me? Tomorrow is big time for us. Texas Tech vs Ole Miss @ Cotton Bowl 2pm. We'll go to there. Is it normal to feel nervous or not?

A: hehe....its normal..me too....when i get nervous before something huge/...i'll get the butterflies my muy tummy & i just feel like poo poo in my pants..LOL... happy new Year!

Who enjoyed the throttling that Ole Miss gave to Texas Tech yesterday? by G C Q: I'm an Ole Miss fan. The Cotton Bowl yesterday was in my mind one of the best bowl games of the season. Did yall enjoy an underrated Rebel squad taking a stout Big-12 team to the woodshed? Keep the Utah shite out of this question. This isn't a Bama vs Utah question.

A: Fraud 12 fans sure didnt like it.

With all the controversy regarding the confederate flag, why do Ole Miss fans wave it so much? by Rick C Q: It's a state in the 'deep south' with many African-Americans. The rebel, or confederate flag, is waved at their sporting events. Today, during the Cotton Bowl, i saw many rebel flags being waved. The confederate flag is a symbol offensive to so many blacks. It just makes you wonder why the fans wave it so much. I am sure there are just as many black fans in the seats as there are white ones, and i'm sure the black ones, seeing that flag waved, were very uncomfortable.

A: To be honest with you, I’ve been to several Ole Miss games and while there are a certain few who insist on waving that flag they are increasingly becoming a small and marginalized minority. To answer your question, there is certainly a vocal subset of white conservative culture that takes special pleasure in being virulently anti-PC and as offensive to minorities as possible.

Does anybody have the article talking about how the BCS is going to change next year? by PennywiseR Q: I believe it was yesterday or the day before but there was an article about how the BCS wasn't going to allow anymore 6-6 teams into the bowls and the cotton bowl was going to be a BCS Bowl. If anyone could help i'd appreciate it.

A: You can probably find it at your local magazine store, but I don't have it. I will keep an eye open for it.

How much would a autographed photo of Bear Bryant, Joe namath and Shorty price be worth? by Nikki35563 Q: We have a 3x5 pic of Joe Namath, Bear Bryant and Shorty Price standing together and it is autographed by all three and on the back it has (1942 Cotton bowl and 1962 Cotton bowl, AL & Texas A&M- Shorty Price-Head #1 Cheerleader). Does anyone know about how much this is worth or know where i can find out? Thanks for the help!!


Who should be the new head football coach at the University of Arkansas? by nibem37 Q: Personally I wish he would have stayed, but I think its a bit too late to change his mind. It's a sad day losing the second best coach in Arkansas history (Frank is arguably the best college football coach ever). My choice is Brent Venables who is the co-defensive coordinator at Oklahoma who we will possibly play in the Cotton Bowl.

A: It'll either be Lane Kiffin from the Raiders or Coach Leach from Texas Tech. At least, that's what I hear. I'll also miss coach Nutt, but it was definelty time for the program to move into another direction.

How can two TV sets tuned to the same channel be out of sync? by Boris Catrell Q: Last night I watched with a friend LSU stick it to Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl 41-27. The house had two TV sets going tuned to the same program on Fox Comcast cable channel 25. The TV set in the kitchen was about 2 seconds ahead of the TV set in the living room. How is this possible?

A: One of the sets was probably receiving the signal from the digital box, which causes a delay during processing. The other was probably just tuned to the raw, analog signal from the cable. The other possibility is that one of the sets was processing the signal digitally.

Who is going to the Cotton Bowl? by RKS Q: How is the Cotton Bowl decided? I know it is an SEC team but I want to know how they pick that SEC team. I've got tickets coming and I want to get a good guess on who I'm going to see. I know things might change too but I just want to know how they pick this one so I can estimate.

A: cotton bowl gets 3rd or 4th pick from the SEC. outback and capital one pick SEC teams before. you are looking at alabama or Auburn. that's if 2 SEC teams get in the BCS. it will go like: NC- LSU Sugar- UGA cap one- Florida out back- tennessee or Auburn Cotton- Alabama or auburn i am going to guess Alabama because i think their fans travel the best.

You know what why does a &m have to play in the captial one bowl? by the man who farts Q: That is stupid, the cotton bowl is probably the most vauable non bcs bowl and they have to play in the captail one bowl, that is dumb. The captial one bowl should not get the first sec pick, the cotton bowl should, johnny football deserves to play in dallas. Plus the state of florida gets a title game and the oragnge bowl, so why should the captial one get the better sec team. Plus it is played in cowboys stadium, and A&m would get a better game against a big 12 than big 10 team. I hate A&m but they deserve better than that. REally michagan st fan and how many titles have your school won, the big 10 sucks, the big 12 is way better.

A: who knows. Just one more example of how the BCS has completely fucked up college football

What is more likely to happen this year in college football? by Iverson Fan Q: Houston getting a BCS berth Auburn winning the cotton bowl or Northwestern winning 10 games?

A: Aub winning the cotton bowl is the most likely of these three scenarios; but none of them are particularly likely to happen.

What year did they start playing true national championship games? by Joel S Q: And what year did they do before the BCS was made in 1998. I mean i've seen that old footage of Richard Nixon giving Texas the National Championship but they still had to play in the Cotton Bowl. So what exactly has been the history is what I'm asking

A: A certain bowl was assigned as the NC that year like one year the NC will be the Fiesta, the next year Orange bowl, etc. pretty much the best teams in the nation matching up at the end of the season

How do you get Oklahoma vs Texas football tickets? by mjshear Q: I know they play every year at the Cotton Bowl the first week of October. Who sells the tickets and when do they usually go on sale? Do you have to be a season ticket holder of one of the schools to get a chance?

A: A certain amount are held in reserve for Oklahoma students and Texas students, the best way to find out how to get a hold of the others is to contact one of the schools. The person who sales them seems to change year to year. Also, stub hub is a decent place to look, if you don't mind paying a marked up price.

Why are the big football games called bowls? by chazzzzz Q: Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, etc..... Why are they called "bowls"? None of the trophys are a cup. Except for the Orange Bowl, but that one isnt even silver. There has to be another reason.

A: It's because of the stadiums. For instance, the Rose Bowl is held at Rose Bowl Stadium. They are all relatively bowl-shaped.

how does the selection process work for all these bowl games? by ricko Q: I know that the BCS championship games are between the #1 and #2 seeded teams in college football but how does one qualify for all these other bowl games of which there are so many of them??? And is one bowl game a higher caliber than another? For instance, is the Rose Bowl played between 2 better teams than say the cotton bowl participants??? I could use some clarification! thanks!

A: it works by rules.

What bowl do you think South Carolina will go to this year? by Brad Q: I think it is going to be the Capital One Bowl against the loser of the Michigan State vs Wisconsin game. I think South Carolina would sell there allotment as opposed if they were chosen to play in the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas. Good day.

A: Most projections have them in either the Capitol One Bowl, or the Outback Bowl, against either Wisconsin, Michigan State, or Nebraska.

How would a college football playoff system work, bowl-wise? by el Águila Q: I think it would be a good idea, I just wonder what would happen to all the important bowls. Would they then become college playoff games? Or would games be added? Like the Cotton Bowl, for instance.

A: Top 20 teams play against each other

What player do you think has had the best individual effort so far in the bowl games? by smithdj42 Q: I gotta go with Tony Temple, 281 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns in the cotton bowl, I hope NCAA grants him eligibility to play next year. Go Mizzou!

A: Tony Temple. I hope he can play next year to. GO MIZZOU!

Which College Football Bowl Game is your favorite game to watch on TV? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: In College Football, there are over 30 bowl games one is able to watch on television. Some of the bowls included the Humanitarian Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the New Orleans Bowl, and the BCS National Championship. Out of all the college football bowl games broadcast on televison, which is your favorite to watch on television?

A: Championship Game, though the last couple of years we've all put in a few dollars and pick the bowls winner take all. Makes the other games more interesting. Florida State messed me up today, put me out of the running. I had already picked them when I heard of all of the suspensions.

Where is the best place to sit in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX? by LSUfan Q: I have a feeling that LSU is headed to the Cotton Bowl, so I wanted some information on the best seating there before I buy ticket.

A: At the end of the South Endzone.

What is the weakest college football bowl game? by lanny_ray2001 Q: I'd like to know what the crappiest bowl game is. (there are 32 bowl games this year) I know you can rule out the BCS afffiliated bowls, the Cotton Bowl, and the Gator, The Capital One, but what is the weakest bowl game still being played in the 2006 season?

A: Motor City Bowl Middle Tennessee (7-5) from the Sun Belt Conference, worst in 1A football vs. Central Michigan (9-4) from Mid American Conference, second worst conference in 1A

Which college bowl games will you be watching this year? by HOOKED Q: I will be watching only two bowl games: the Cotton Bowl and the national championship game. None of the other games matter to me. I would much rather see a playoff like they have in every other sport. I will make an extra effort to avoid watching even a second of this year's Sun Bowl. I never liked Notre Dame, and the Miami Hurricanes should never have been invited back to the state of Texas for another bowl game.

A: Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and National Championship.

What are the college football bowl rankings? by J_Stan Q: I am looking for what the rankings are for the bowls like example, Cotton Bowl #5 Orange Bowl #4 Any help?

A: Here is a list of bowl games. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3444571 Bowl games are not really ranked like you are thinking about. College football has a lot of work to do before I will be happy with the way things go. They are just games between certain regions based on their rank throughout the season with the exception of the national champ game

Did the Cowboys ever paly a home game in the Cotton Bowl during teh State Fair? by NWK Q: TX-OU game is tomorrow and I was curious if the Cowboys ever played a home game in the Cotton bowl during the fair. They played in the Cotton Bowl before moving to Texas Stadium

A: I think the Dallas Texans played in the Cotton Bowl (they were moved to Kansas City and became the chiefs). When the league moved back into Dallas, the Cowboys were created and played in the Cotton Bowl in the early years.

Who win will the Cotton Bowl game this year? by CutiePutie Q: okstate vs. ole miss. jan 2. at the new cotton bowl stadium in dallas. who do you think will win? what do you think the score will be? thank you for reading.

A: OSU 45-30 GO BIG 12!! too bad that a&m lose

Does anyone know if the Cotton Bowl game is being replayed on any tv station? by Q: I want to watch it again and a lot of the bowl games are being replayed on ESPNU but I have not seen any channel replaying the Cotton Bowl.

A: It was on CSS just a few nights ago. Try their website or check your local listing if you get it.

Why did the Cotton Bowl get all those renovations? by jwash7499 Q: I past by there a couple of weekends ago and saw that they've added new upper deck bleachers and added a new scoreboard last year and new bleachers this year. Why would the city of Dallas spend all this money on this when the stadium will loose it's two biggest money makers in a couple of years (Red river shootout and Cotton Bowl game) to the New cowboys stadium? What other games do they expect to draw to this place?

A: They are going to be there for at least 8 more years. http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/042007dnmettexoucotton.25448997.html

Is the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX open to the public to run stairs? by Tyler B Q: I would like to run stairs in a full sized stadium much like in Houston where you can run at Rice Stadium when an event is not going on. Wanted to know if this was possible at the Cotton Bowl. I know SMU's Ford Stadium is kept locked.

A: Don't know for sure, but I would think it's locked.

How will Ole Miss do after winning the cotton bowl? by jutzin12 Q: How good will Ole Miss do this year,after winning the cotton bowl last year?

A: They will get 2nd place in the SEC West. That and a bag of peanuts will get you a snack.

Where is the player entrance to the Cotton Bowl? by Ethan H Q: There is a job fair at the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park and my potential employer told me to go in through the player entrance. However, I have no idea where that is. I need to know which gate it is or if they go through an entirely separate entrance.

A: Once you get there just ask one of the security guards where it is located... They will know.. Good luck...

How can I watch the Cotton Bowl live on my phone? by Tyler Q: I want to watch the Cotton Bowl between Texas A&M and OU on my phone, I have an iPhone 4S. Also I don't mind paying a little bit for the it either just need to know where.

A: WatchESPN or FirstRowSports.eu... Good luck...

How much money is the football used for the 2008 AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic worth? by *Butterfly* Q: I have the actuall football used to play with for the 2008 AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic. If I want to sell it, like on ebay or craigslist about how much money is the football worth? Will anyone even purchase something of this nature?

A: It's worth exactly the amount that you are able to sell it for. If you sell it for $1.00 then it was worth $1.00. If you sell it for $1,000,000.00 then it was worth $1,000,000.00. People buy stuff like that all of the time.

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