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cmabw Younger COPD sufferers report job and life burdens - http://t.co/Vb0UKj0G

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DavidSheperd1 a person with copd can they get chicken pox.? - [...] http://t.co/jYzqZws9

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mimi_shimaisha 正解は×ね! 一般的に、COPD(慢性閉塞性肺疾患)が肺の生活習慣病と言われているわ。日本国内にも500万人の潜在患者がいるとされる怖い病気なのよ。「息切れ」や、「しつこく続く咳や痰」などもCOPDの代表的な症状なのよ。#shimaisya

sqjthec ABC of COPD (ABC) – Graeme P. Currie download, read, buy online http://t.co/p2xun8of

worhimuw ABC of COPD (ABC) – Graeme P. Currie download, read, buy online http://t.co/8wYUl0Xq

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bahodukac How does e-cigarette affect copd http://t.co/BXKZj4yr

chigrl13 RT @WomensCancer: 8 simple tricks to help you breathe better: http://t.co/ppDo8RDj

mochmouse RT @WomensCancer: 8 simple tricks to help you breathe better: http://t.co/ppDo8RDj


What is a good place to live if you have COPD? by Katherine Q: My husband has COPD and we are seeking a new location, money is an object, and safety of course. Tourist attraction areas would be nice. He is on a lot of medication for is COPD.

A: I live in CA, in Eureka, by the ocean. Here, the wind blows a lot, and it rains a lot. Between the two, it seems to clear the air very well. I used to live in the San Joaquin valley, where the air just didn't seem to move much. It was hot and dusty most of the time. That was horrible on my sinuses and my asthma. A friend of mine moved here from Fresno, CA, because she had COPD and couldn't breath in Fresno. My COPD is so much better, living in Eureka, CA. Good luck!

What is life like with COPD? Does it dramatically affect the length of your life? by PlasticTrees Q: My mom was diagnosed about 6 months ago and today she said she has bronchitis. What happens with COPD and how will her life be affected? She still smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

A: COPD will affect your mom's life dramatically since she still chooses to smoke. The lungs work really hard to get air into them, when a person has COPD. Smoking just compounds the problem. If your mom continues to smoke, I guarantee, she'll have to go on Oxygen one of these days. Her smoking days will have to stop, because smoking around Oxygen tanks, is very dangerous. Depending on her lung capacity, she may have to be on Oxygen, 24/7. That means she'll will have to carry around cylinders of Oxygen, where ever she goes. When she goes out, she'll need to take the Oxygen tank with her. There are much smaller Oxygen tanks out now, that people can carry or wear. In time, she'll have trouble walking distances because of the shortage of air in her lungs. Your mom needs to speak to the doctor who diagnosed her COPD, & send her for a breathing test, to measure how much air her lungs are taking in. She may be advised to go on Oxygen, pending the outcome of this test. The cigarettes have got to go!!! Read up on COPD & see for yourself exactly how it is/will affecting/affect your mom.

What could it mean if you have any over active Kidney and you have COPD? by susan w Q: My Father was just told that he has an over active Kidney, he also in stage 3 or 4 COPD. He told me that the doctor was going to be ruining tests. What would they be looking for?

A: they will probably be looking at more exact and detailed kidney functions etc. and whether or not any other systems are being affected. also how they will best treat it along with his COPD, so that the medications dont clash with each other. If he would like an additional opinion, he can ask for a referral to a nephrologist. Sounds like he is in good hands. Good luck to you both.

What prognosis doea a patient have with copd and lung cancer? by Connie B Q: My husband has had copd for 4 years and now has lung cancer and also has traveled to the lymph node, what prognosis will he have with no treatment?

A: Ma'am I hate to say this but Lung cancer is quite bad esp in the stage you are describing. With COPD its worse primarily because an already compromised lung cant compensate for cancer and treatment related further lung damage.

Can anyone suggest natural therapies for COPD and pseudomonas aeuriginosa of lungs? by Ms AA Q: I have early stage COPD and suffered with lung infections for about 30 years. I am 56 y.o. female. 4 years ago diagnosed with pseudomonas aeuriginosa of lungs which is drug resistant.

A: Have you cleaned out your pan under your refrigerator lately? That can harbor germs and that germ likes refrigerator-like temps... Also be sure to change the furnace filter and buy one of the $20 ones at Krogers that eliminates smaller particles and germs. You could also buy an electric air filter with a HEPA filter on it. Do you have diabetes? Controlling the diabetes will help you to overcome infections better. See an endocrinologist for the best diabetes advice on controlling it. People with allergies and lung problems sometimes eliminate rugs from their home, due to the fact that they harbor and collect dust and allergens (dust mites, etc). If not eliminate rugs, at least maybe use a sweeper with a HEPA filter so that the dust doesn't come back out of the sweeper bag into the air. And how is the air where you work? Do you need to change jobs or move to find better air at work and where you live? Lung problems best advice is to go to a pulmonologist (lung specialist). For infections best advice is to go to an infectious disease specialist physician. But sometimes drug resistant infections are hard to get rid of. And COPD is not reversible as far as I know as a nurse. For overall health you could try several things. One is a multiple vitamin with minerals like centrum or similar. Going vegetarian couldn't hurt (animal for food are pumped full of antibiotics due to overcrowded conditions to keep infections down, but may cause some supergerms in meat products). You could also try one of the Green Magma powders mixed in water or juice from the health food store, juicing with a juicer at home, sun chlorella algae or blue green algae pills or powders, and if you have a health food store that makes smoothies with fruit, veggies and wheat grass or barley grass juice, then those are good to drink also. These ideas are not a "cure" for what you have, just some healthy things to do.

How long do you have once diagnosed from COPD? by jay Q: My friend's dad was just diagnosed with COPD and i think of him as my own father which makes this harder. He's 45 and he refuses to stop smoking and drinking which makes me scared for him. How long does he have if he doesn't stop smoking? Will it be a painful way for him to go? Please be honest, i would like to show him this and maybe he will stop smoking and try to help himself.

A: I was diagnosed with COPD about 7 or 8 years ago. I'd quit smoking two or three years prior to my diagnosis. I can tell you that your friend's father needs to quit smoking it will only worsen his condition. I can honestly tell you that a diagnosis of COPD is not an automatic death sentence. While the condition is not reversible....there are many medications on the market that can slow down the progression of the disease and improve the quality of his life. In case you are unaware of what COPD is, it is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It consists of Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. Not all people have all three but many do. My own father has lived with COPD for many years, he will be 80 years old in Aug and only went into the nursing home for declining health about a year ago. I would strongly recommend that your friend's father find a good pulmonologist and begin treatment. Also, he needs to have a pnuemonia shot and yearly flu vaccinations. He also needs to avoid people who are sick, as COPD does compromise your immune system. I hope this helped.

Why is it necessary to limit O2 flow rate with people with COPD? by Oblivion Enigma Q: I understand that when providing O2 to a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), it is necessary to use a low flow rate (I often see 2L). In fact, high rates are contraindicated. No one seems to be able to provide a clear answer as to why this is the case. It even seems counter-intuitive (can't get enough O2=give them more O2, right? :P ) Does anyone here know why there is such a strict limit?

A: They say-- Co2 is the stimulus that makes us breathe so if we give too much oxygen, then we knock out our dirve to breathe. There is some new research that this may not be true.

Why do COPD patients have an increase PAP and why does a high SVR signify a negative candidate for heart trans? by FanRaven Q: Why do COPD patients have an increase PAP and why does a high SVR signify a negative candidate for heart transplant? Specifically with a PAP of 5 and actually its why a PVR greater than 5 is not considered for transplant.

A: Not sure on your values.. as the resistances aren't measured so 'low' -- But with high pulmonary arterial pressure, over generally overall pulmonary vascular resistance (aka: pulmonary hypertension) -- the risk for peri and post operative complications is drastically increased. Therefore it is not considered due to this increased risk. It is more or less a risk vs benefit equation, in this case the odds of life threatening risk outweigh the benefit of the transplant.

What foods should people with COPD and heart disease avoid completely? by 1-2informationalways Q: Someone in my family has COPD and heart disease, which may include enlarged heart and definetely arrhythmia. I add no salt to food and make sure canned goods, such as sausages are rinsed. This goes for ham and many other salty foods. Still, in last two years when she got very ill_having been diagnosed with COPD and some of the heart problems few years earlier_and having been in and out of hospital in at least five occassions, I still believe a lot of her crisis have to do with whatever additives (including salt) there are in packaged goods. By the way none of the doctors_and there have been plenty of them_have "strongly" cautioned against salt. Until unfortunately she has a crisis, which inludes a sort of inbalance, such as sodium being LOW instead of high, or normal for that matter. The potassium sometimes gets high, towards the end of her stay at hospital. And of course there's the worse part which is the high concentration of carbon dioxide, occurring in patients w/COPD.

A: Eat a varied diet. Eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereal and grains, and meats. Avoid foods that are difficult to chew. Use less salt. Too much salt can cause you to retain fluids, which may interfere with your breathing. Use herbs or no-salt spices to flavor your foods. Don't add salt to foods while cooking. Buy packaged foods low in salt. Don't waste energy consuming foods with little nutritional value, such as potato chips, candy bars, and soft drinks.

What is COPD and what are the stages of it? by Young mom of 4 Q: I'm trying to find out as much information as possible about COPD b/c my father has it. He's been living with emphazema for a while. He just quit smoking for the most, he's only smoked 2 cigs in 2 days, so i'm proud of him. But what are the final stages and how long does a person usually live after they've hit the final stage?

A: Hello. COPD patients have many options now days, but quitting smoking is very crucial. Congrats to your dad for kicking the habit (do encaurage him to quit completely). Your dad should be under a care of a pulmonary doctor. Therapeutic options include several type of inhalers. The is also pulmonary funciton testing to be done to see how advanced his disease is. Based on that testing, he may need to be on oxygen at home. It will help him a lot if his disease is severe. Check this link out from American Lung Association and good luck to both of you! http://www.lungusa.org/site/pp.asp?c=dvLUK9O0E&b=23050

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