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How to completely transfer a contact list to a new cellphone? by Dan Q: My mom got a new phone and had me activate it. After I completely did that, she now tells me she wants the entire contact list from her old phone onto her new one. The contact list is 157 contacts. I have backup assistant on the old phone but it won't let me download it on the new one. How can I transfer the contacts without manually typing each one in? BTW: My service is Verizon Wireless.

A: Go to the store and they should do it for free... it only takes a few minutes.

How do i remove my contact details on one of my skype contacts? by mariafeda Q: II recently just delted a contact from my skype and I want to remove my details from his list too. How can I do that. I know that on skype, even when you delete someone from your contacts, your name and contact details still appears on that person, So what can I do?

A: I dont think we can delete ur contact details on someone else contacts... hope the following helps: http://getsatisfaction.com/skype/topics/does_a_person_i_removed_from_my_contacts_see_me

How do you contact Yahoo to find out about a problem, like everyone loosing contact lists? by Here it comes Q: Is there a contact to notify Yahoo of a system problem, like contact lists missing, when you see that others have also seen the problem but no one is getting answers.

A: Seem to be major problems at the moment. My avatar pic has vanished, my name has reverted to one i dumped months ago and no contacts. Not much is working currently. Amanda has put this on the forum. There is an issue with the service that provides your avatars today. The team is looking into it and we should have things back to normal shortly.

What is the longest length to wear contact lenses? by - Q: For example I have 1 month long disposable contact lenses. However, I only wear contacts for special occasions which counts as a week per month. Does this mean I have to switch the contacts every month or is it the length of time you actually wear the contacts? Could I keep the contacts for the 30 days I wear them or throw them out every month? I have specific type of contacts so its rather expensive.

A: Ask your eye care professional which type of solution you should be using for your lenses and situation. Some are better for storing. Even if you are not wearing the contacts, clean them regularly as bacteria can continue to grow if left in the case. Get a spare case, clean your lenses well and put in the clean case with fresh solution. Dump out the solution in the first case, rinse with hot water, and air dry (store this case open, but covered--bacteria cannot grow in a dry envirionment.) If you clean and store them correctly, you should be able to keep them at least twice as long since you are not wearing them regularly. Have you asked your eye care professional about one-day disposables? I have patients who use their lenses like you do and like just being able to throw them away and skip all the care at the end of one day's wear. Since you don't wear them all the time, the cost may be favorably comparable to a monthly disposable and solutions.

How do I delete contacts not in my contact list from my blackberry? by Sanchez4567 Q: I have a Blackberry Curve 8530 and want to know how to delete contacts that are not in my contact list. Every time I write an email a whole bunch of contacts come up that I do not even have stored in my phone and I want to delete them. Does anyone know how to do it?

A: To remove this feature where you see contacts that are not in your contact list while adding contacts to send an e-mail, navigate to "Messages", click the menu button (Blackberry symbol), "Options", "General Options", and lastly to disable this feature scroll down to "Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email:" and turn off the feature.

How do I permanently delete a contact from my Yahoo Messenger? by Cherry Q: I have a contact on my Messenger List that signs in and out constantly... The Messenger window flies open and this is very distracting. I prefer to be notified when my friends enter or leave Yahoo Messenger. I just want to remove one contact. And know how to do so in the future if someone else becomes annoying. I have deleted the contact's information, and removed the contact from my list. However, every time this contact enters and leaves I am still notified. Help!

A: Go to Preferences, Ignore List, check on-Ignore anyone who is not on my Messenger list, or type in their name on Ignore list.

How to contact cell phone companies to give my land for tower on rent basis? by Sai P Q: We have to sites near to our town in India(Andhra Pradesh). We are not using them. We want to invite cell phone companies who ever want to install towers in that area. But we don't know the procedure how to contact them. Please tell me whether we have to contact them or they will contact the people after selecting their own location. Please let me know how to give my land to them in rent basis to get income. Thanks in advance.

A: does not work that way, get a job

What is the difference between contact solution and contact rewetting drops? by David Q: I have a big bottle of contact solution and a very small bottle of contact rewetting drops that can be used while wearing contacts to rewet them when dryness/blurriness occurs. Is there any difference between the two? Can I use the big bottle of contact solution in my eyes?

A: Contact solution is used to clean your colored lenses, this could be your simple saline solution or a multipurpose solution for disinfecting or cleaning. Rewetting eye drops are used to moisturize your contact lenses. You often use this when the contacts are inside your eyes. This is optional for contact lens wearer, this often used for people who suffer from dry eyes.

Do contact lenses work differently if flipped the other way? by David Q: I have soft contact lenses (and basically 99.9% of people who have contact lenses have soft contact lenses, hopefully). Since contact lenses can be flipped inside out if you know what I mean... My question is... Do contact lenses work differently if I flip them the other way and then put them on, or should the contact lens affect my eye the same no matter which side is in contact with my eye?

A: I have soft contact lenses too! They definitely work differently flipped the other way. I accidentally put my lenses in the wrong way last night and when I blinked, they moved, it felt like they were trying to come out. It felt super weird and I just had to take them out. It was uncomfortable for me :3 they definitely work better the right way hahah Hope I helped! X

Contact???? by GothicAngel Q: How do you conact Dane Cook to send him letters? My mom wants to know thanks!

A: Dane Cook New Wave Entertainment 2660 West Olive Avenue Burbank, CA 91505 USA

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