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Constitution day

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Tumfweko PF 90-Day Constitution ‘U-Turn’ Criticised http://t.co/qXfggmGo

rosauradeis RT @WDLorg: It's Culture Day in #Japan. Commemorates the announcement of the Japanese constitution #onthisday in 1946, http://t.co/LALFoJKe.

robertalasagas Kingdom of Tonga Celebrates Its Constitution Day http://t.co/E1WoqZTY

hotelcolonbcn Dia de la Constitución - Constitution Day - Public holiday: Start date: 2011-12-06 End date: Type: Public holi... http://t.co/RwgDyoCk

OnaBarclona Dia de la Constitución - Constitution Day - Public holiday: Start date: 2011-12-06 End date: Type: Public holi... http://t.co/LeIBEnah

etylebetof Secondary constitution day lesson plans http://t.co/NB24nUtR

JayandSteve [email protected]: 3 years ago today, discrimination was written into California's constitution. http://t.co/7lP2bdcT #Prop8 #NOH8” sad day!!

xCalvinism @Court_Cheers Because when James Madison wrote out the Constitution he thought that I might want to tweet that one day so put in Amendment 1

TheWeinMachine4 [email protected]: Goodnight, all. Tomorrow is a new day for #buddy he must win this election we get our constitution back

sherilaine @dollhouseyyc constitutional right to camp in a park? what constitution are you reading? not ours! let them protest during the DAY

dollhouseyyc @Tomain58 @sherilaine the day the constitution is ignores for political expediency or peoples comfort... It does.

dollhouseyyc @PlaceboComic The day our constitution defends the groups you mentioned, I will support them too. As it doesn't, I don't.

rojemumuk Lesson plans for constitution day http://t.co/qUrxTxXM

easthawaiiarts RT @SylvieDahl: Hawaiian word of the day: olakino (oh-la-kee-noh) = state of health, constitution #H50

tijekocom Ultimate constitution day lesson plan http://t.co/qlVPEAMc


Polish Constitution Day Parade 2010 in Krakow? by Kate Q: Does anyone have information on the events going on in Krakow on May 1- May 3? Is there a parade or celebration for Constitution Day or Labour Day? I can not find any info online. Thanks!

A: couldn't find anything either. There will probably be more info available when closer to May. On May 3rd there usually is a mass in the church and then a parade.

Are Republicans celebrating Constitution Day today? by Bopped Q: Today is constitution day. Have the republicans introduced legislation to take away more of my rights?

A: They're dancing all over it

Anyone up for a Constitution burning on this Constitution Day? by I.P. Orange Q: The Constitution was written to protect individuals FROM big government, and to keep the gov't from interfering in our religions. Bill Ayers, Obama associate, is well-known for using the American flag as a floormat. Obama has said the Constitution has too many negative liberties. Are any groups planning a Constitution burning today - Friday - or would it expose something they don't want known?

A: Never, If I ever saw someone burning a constitution in my presence....I might have to take off my belt.

Why hasn't the main stream media (MSM) and Yahoo announced that today is Constitution Day? by lremmell64 Q: Interesting that no one in the MSM or on Yahoo has even announced that today we are celebrating Constitution Day.

A: Because the Constitution is dead, hasn't anyone told you yet? You'd think everyone would know it was dead based on the things that happen in America every day.

Today is a federal holiday…How do you plan to celebrate Constitution Day? by trumain Q: The act mandates that all publicly funded educational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on that day. The United States Department of Education announced the enactment of this law and that it would apply to any school receiving federal funds of any kind. Ask your children what they learned about the Constitution today…If the Constitution was not given priority in your school today, the teachers and administrators are in violation of federal law and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! What Fun! The Federal penalty is…NOTHING! Not unlike their protection against illegal immigration. Federal intervention Has degraded Americans knowledge, understanding, and respect for the document that founded the most successful nation in the history of man-kind. Bruce, federal mis-education of American history and your fear that watching murdering foreign terrorists that communicate with some in America is quite telling that you are just one of those ‘Government educated individuals”. Bleh! Catch the first sentence of the details! Yours was an idiot answer, you are welcome for the two points.

A: Federal intrusion into local and state education systems has had test scores and actual results falling since they got involved. Now they (Byrd D. W.Va) mandates curriculum and sequence...liberal control freaks all. Federal level libs took over education and the cost went through the ceiling, and the results went through the floor... Now they want to take over America's Health Care System??? Who is crazier! Them for wanting, or American citizens for even considering such lunacy!

What is the significance of Constitution Day??!!? by Q: I am trying to help my younger brother (7th grade) out with his report, and I cant find a website that sums up the significance of constitution day in a way he would understand. any websites?

A: That was the day the Constitution was created?

Constitution Day? by arnin Q: Tommorow I have to where red white and blue but i'm not sure how to do hair. My hair isn't that thick and it's like 3-4 in below the shoulder, how should i style it. It is layered, without side bangs and i want it to look cutie

A: Part it on the side Tease it up a little bit??? I DONT KNOW LOL

As today is Constitution Day, shouldn't we recognize the only pro-Constitution presidential candidate? by _ Q: Congressman Ron Paul is the only member of Congress who supports the Constitution and he is running for president. On this Constitution Day, shouldn't we recognize Ron Paul for his service in protecting the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

A: My answer to your question is, YES! And you also bring up very good points! Thank you! *************************************************

What are some patriotic songs for my history class? the topic is constitution day? by Blehk B Q: I need a playlist of songs for my history class. And the topic is constitution day. Honestly... i'm having quite a hard time. the only thing i can think of that relates to constitution day is.... the Star Spangled banner. what else is there? can you please help me? i would like if there were old patriotic songs as well as new versions of it. or anything that can relate to the topic. thanks a lot!

constitution day? by xoxo Q: what does constitution day recognize? please&thankyou.

A: In the US, Constitution Day celebrates the US Constitution, the document upon which our government was founded.

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