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Delta to invest $100 million in Brazil's Gol
A Brazilian airline Gol aircraft (top) prepares to land at Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo July 11, 2011. (Reuters) - Delta Air Lines (DAL.N) will invest $100 million in Brazil's Gol Linhas Aereas (GOLL4.SA)(GOL.N) to increase access to Latin America's ...

Aeroviários iniciam greve no Aeroporto de Congonhas
O Sindicato dos Aeroviários de São Paulo iniciou uma greve às 4h desta quinta-feira no Aeroporto de Congonhas, na zona sul de São Paulo. O presidente do sindicato está circulando pelo terminal explicando os motivos da paralisação. ...

Man had 2kg of coke in stomach
The 44-year-old was arrested at Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo as he attempted to catch a flight to Senegal, in West Africa. X-rays of the man's belly showed 89 capsules of the class A drug — each weighing just under an ounce. ...

Thales wins São Paulo CBTC contract
The line will have 14 stations and will run from Morumbi on Line 9 via an interchange with an extension to Line 5, currently under construction, and Congonhas Airport to São Judas on Line 1. It is expected to carry 250000 passengers a day. ...

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andreforesti Oportunismo barato! Todo ano! Ng faz nada RT @Estadao Aeroviários começam greve em SP e fazem protesto no Congonhas http://t.co/AM0XN76i

migueldaoud Aeroviários começam greve em São Paulo e fazem protesto no Aeroporto de Congonhas

RafaelSoutoo Congonhas nos TT's? Ah tah... Aeroporto de Congonhas!

ValtuirJunior RT @Estadao: Aeroviários começam greve em São Paulo e fazem protesto no Aeroporto de Congonhas http://t.co/WxK9rsel

MaVerano Hoje o bicho vai pegar. Cc @PauloVerano RT @g1 Aeroviários fazem manifestação no aeroporto de Congonhas http://t.co/XCibHDZ3

Estadao Está no Aeroporto de Congonhas ou conhece alguém que está e foi prejudicado pela greve dos aeroviários? Faça seu relato aqui ou mande foto

Giu_Sprada FERROU RT @Estadao Aeroviários começam greve em São Paulo e fazem protesto no Aeroporto de Congonhas http://t.co/UqeSbzvm

laydmaxix Congonhas nos TTs socooooooooooooorro

MarianaBelem RT @fredlessa: Todas as tvs no saguao d Congonhas, alguns aeroviarios do lado d fora do aero, mas a situacao é aparentemente tranquila. #Greve

valeriooficial G1 - Aeroviários fazem manifestação no aeroporto de Congonhas - notícias em São Paulo http://t.co/3jCDTSnx via @g1

FernandoGuelfi Ai estamos em Congonhas

lagartixadriana RT @Estadao: Aeroviários começam greve em São Paulo e fazem protesto no Aeroporto de Congonhas http://t.co/WxK9rsel

gabimoliveira2 RT @Raianny: Até assustei com Congonhas nos TT's.

_tarta RT @Estadao: Aeroviários começam greve em São Paulo e fazem protesto no Aeroporto de Congonhas http://t.co/WxK9rsel


----> You have fear to fly for Brazil? by Mendonça Q: In this month,a big accident it happened with a Airbus A-320 of TAM airliners,in Congonhas Regional Airport,where 191 peoples died . After five days,various flights from Miami and Toronto they had returned for these cities.

A: Actually, because of the recent accident there I feel it's actually safer to fly there than some other places. The controllers are really on their toes at that airport now . . that's why they've turned some flights away. They simply are not taking any chances. So, yes, I would fly there with no qualms. (I'm actually going there Thursday) I am confident that if the landing conditions are not absolutely perfect my crew (along with the ATC controllers) will not attempt to land there.

Is Boeing system better than Airbus, i.e., man x computer, to pilot or not to pilot the aircraft? by hayabusa Q: Is that being proven now with this A330 missing Rio-Paris flight ??? We had in Congonhas, São Paulo, Brazil, a similar problem, i.e., the computer had the final word, and then the crash .................

A: The problem with the missing flight has not been established, so there is absolutely no basis for speculation about Boeing/Airbus differences based on that flight alone. In general, I prefer Boeing, because it uses less automation. The manufacturer has always hesitated to move towards fly-by-wire for civilian transports, whereas Airbus has always rushed to replace pilot functions with computers. I have worked with computers extensively, and I do not trust them (or more specifically, I trust computers, but I don't trust the software that human beings write for them). The eagerness of Airbus to turn everything over to computers with minimal research and without the test of time is the main reason why I prefer to avoid their aircraft. As I have often said, in a Boeing aircraft, the pilot flies the plane, and in an Airbus, the plane is flown by engineers at their desks in France. Airbus designs aircraft for airlines; Boeing designs aircraft for pilots. Boeing's philosophy is that the pilot is the final authority, and if he tries to do something that is outside the aircraft's specifications, he should be warned, but still be allowed to do it. Airbus' philosophy is that the pilot is just an attendant, and must not be allowed to do anything that the engineers at their desks in France have decided is inappropriate, no matter what the situation. Which philosophy do you prefer? I prefer Boeing's viewpoint. But none of this has anything to do with the current missing A330 issue. We have no idea what happened there, and unless the aircraft wreckage is located with the flight recorders (a difficult task in the deep ocean), we may never know. Even with modern technology, the ocean is still a big place, and things that disappear over the ocean are often gone forever.

In Brazil. How can I transport my self from Santuos Dumont airport to Congonhas airport. Are there shutles? by alejandrofuentes Q:

A: You need to FLY! Santos Dumont Airport (IATA: SDU, ICAO: SBRJ) serves Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is the city's second major airport behind the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão International Airport. The Airport is destinated mainly for premium traffic and formerly international. Santos Dumont Airport is located only 2 km from the city's downtown. The name of the airport honours aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont. Currently, it is administered by Infraero. Starting from late 2004, the airport handles only flights to Congonhas-São Paulo International Airport and smaller regional flights Congonhas/São Paulo Airport or Congonhas Airport (IATA: CGH, ICAO: SBSP) is one of São Paulo's three commercial airports, situated 8 kilometres from the city downtown at Avenida Washington Luís s/n° - Campo Belo. It is administered by Infraero and, as of 2005, was the busiest airport in Brazil with 17,500,000 passengers passing through it. You can take ANY "ponte aereo" or "air shuttle" via Varig and/or TAM Flights every 15 minutes and 1 hour flight! see: http://www.kayak.com/s/flights.jsp?searchid=ge65pmkzVYui73OEEiev&completed=true If not regular bus, from downtown Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo!

Pousos e decolagens CGH - SBSP Congonhas em HD AEROPORTO DE CONGONHAS.MOVIE 05/03/2011 Congonhas Noseview Takeoff TAM A319 AVIÕES POUSANDO EM CONGONHAS - vários ângulos impressionante Pouso Congonhas - TAM A320 Pouso em Congonhas sob Condições Adversas CONGONHAS - VIRACOPOS A320 landing at 17R of São Paulo Congonhas airport Sunset in Congonhas - Landing in the Endless City (June 8th, 2011) Decolagem de Congonhas JJ3039 TAM TAM A319 Cockpit Landing in São Paulo Congonhas SBSP Aeroporto de Congonhas, remota Congonhas do Campo Visão diferente - Congonhas encravado no meio de prédios - FULL HD Day/Night - New Congonhas 2011 Comparison (FSX - HD) Alaskan - Realisation / Congonhas VOR/DME ARC Runway 35L Approach at Congonhas Airport (SBSP) Pouso em Congonhas TAM JJ 3707 Cessna Citation X Landing at Congonhas AIRBUS 318 CONGONHAS Insegurança em Congonhas depois do acidente com avião da TAM Landing in São Paulo-Congonhas Airport Decolagem em Congonhas POUSO CONGONHAS 17R DIURNO Falcon 2000 Landing @ SBSP-Congonhas FSX Congonhas(SBSP) p/ Galeão(SBGL) Varig 737-300 PT. 2 Pouso em Congonhas Learjet Landing Congonhas :: FSX - Congonhas to Avare - EagleSoft Cessna Citation CJ1 POUSO NOTURNO CONGONHAS - BOEING 737-300 Pouso em Congonhas Gol 1097 Never Shout Never em Congonhas 25/08/11 - Aprendendo Palavrões Voo GOL 1343: Pouso em Congonhas 16/07/2007 Avianca A319 - Pouso em Congonhas Arremetida Quase na Pista em Congonhas TAM A319 - Landing in Congonhas 737-800 GOL cmt CEZAR PULSCHEN POUSO CONGONHAS DETALHADO NO COCKPIT Aviões deteriorados começam a ser desmontados no aeroporto de Congonhas em São Paulo Pouso 737 em Congonhas - Cabine Boeing 737 decolando do aeroporto de Congonhas pra Londrina - 08-07-11 PR-MAL pousando em Congonhas (CGH) Acha que pousar em Congonhas é perigoso ??? TAM 3054 crashing at Congonhas Airport at Sao Paulo - 17th J Basilica Senhor Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, Congonhas-MG.avi Copa Internacional de Mountain Bike - Congonhas/2011 CHEGADA NO AEROPORTO DE CONGONHAS Pouso GOL em congonhas show Gabriel Lener em congonhas - MG 23.07.2011 TAM Cargo | TV TAM Nas Nuvens Joelho de Porco 2005 - Aeroporto de Congonhas
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