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Compound Miter Saw

Why Every DIYer Needs a Thickness Planer
It's definitely not a tool you wanna buy before a compound miter saw, or even a table saw. But once you've learned what it can do, or get one into your garage and basement, you'll wonder, “How did I ever do without this?” Read any fine woodworking ...

Help sought in solving Missoula burglaries
Melotz Trucking and Northwest Tower on Summit Drive were entered and over $15000 worth of goods were taken including a Rigid PR 210 Press tool and adapters, Stihl TS 400 "CutQuik" concreat saw, Stihl MS 290 chainsaw, Delta circular compound miter saw ...

Police: 34-Year-Old Bristol Man Arrested
A compound miter saw valued at $200 was stolen from a truck parked on Peppermint Road in Levittown police said. The date and time of the theft are unknown. It was reported at 9 am on Jan. 5. Someone threw a rock and broke a front bay window at a ...

Haledon police blotter
The victim reported two Dewalt screw guns and chargers, a sawzall and a 12-inch compound power miter saw were missing from the site, with an estimated value of $900. On Dec. 25, Richardo Williamson, 54, of Paterson, was arrested on charges of ...

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who makes the best compound miter saw? by lmcbirch Q:

A: I would have to go with a, DeWalt heavy-duty 12" double-beval sliding compound miter saw , it will make ANY job simple! $679.00 at Lowe's

Questions regarding compound miter saws? by peter b Q: i have a dewalt 12in cpd sliding miter saw. I am cutting lap joints at the end of a 2 x 4. With the height stop in place, i am doing like 10 cuts continuous without stopping the motor, will i burn the motor out if i run it too long for a period of time?

A: That particular model of saw is often used commercially... Let the blade do the work... don't try to rush the cut. Keep a sharp blade in the saw, and I believe you can expect many years of use out of it. Have Fun

I need to cut a 75 degree angle, but my compound miter saw only go's to 45 degrees? by J S Q: How does this work. Do I invert and cut the 15 degree... I Its for a corner brace on the inside corners of a row boat. I used my sliding T bevel, to get the looking down angle, for the corner ( left to right or horizontal angle ) but then there is the angle in the walls of the boat. That slight angle that is up to down or vertical angle as the walls of the boat chamfor.. Thankyou

A: So you've got the look-down angle and you can cut a piece of scrap to check that that's right, then you scribe top and bottom on your scrap with a 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch inset so you can see what angle you need from top to bottom? This is the 75 degree that you are talking about? If so then, when you invert (assuming the top and bottom faces are parallel) you still have a 75 degree angled cut don't you? Why not just cut for the look-down, offer it up and scribe then hand-plane?

live outside spokane where can i find a 12" ryobi compound miter saw? by Kasey05 Q:

A: Home Depot. As far as I know, they are the exclusive distributor these days.

Why is my miter saw blade not cutting? by Brooke L Q: My Ryobi compound miter saw stop cutting when it hits the piece of wood I want to cut. The blade actually stops turning, but the motor keeps running. Any ideas?

A: The saw blade is held in place by a friction type nut. If you hit something to hard, the blade will lock, the the motor will keep running. You tried to cut too much, to soon. Tighten the nut, and start again using only a little pressure. Also check to see if your blade is damaged or warn.

what do I set my miter saw at cutting crown molding? by mike s Q: I have a delta 8 1/4 inch compound miter saw. What do I set the angles at if I want to cut some 3 inch crown molding laying flat on the table? go lick your aunt Idas underarms

A: set the angle at 33.9, the miter at 31.6. the miter will switch left to right for inside cuts, outside cuts. left cuts and right cuts. the angle will stay at the same spot for all cuts. try a few sample pieces first and you'll see what I mean. remember DONT readjust the angle. also, when installing, always start at the corners and twist the pieces for a tight fit

I'm putting new moulding throughout my house. Is it worth purchasing a miter saw and electric hammer? by JMan Q: I want to put in new borders and possibly crown moulding in my 2000 sq. ft. house. I have already tried t putting in borders in my master bedroom using a miter box and hand saw but the cuts for the most part were very uneven even with the best of care. The nailing was also a pain. I'm now considering purchasing a cheap compound miter saw (see Harbor Freight Tools - they have a cheap one for $40) and possibly some kind of electric or air hammer. 1. Is the miter saw worth it, or should I get a table saw which may have more long-term uses? 2. What's a good option for some kind of electric hammer? I prefer not to get into buying an air compressor, mostly due to the lack of storage space, so what options exist? Please let me know of any specific products post links to web sites where I can get these at a low price. Thanks a ton!

A: Just rent the tools you will need.

How do I set miter saw for inside corner over angled doorway? by Jim B Q: Installing Crown Molding in room with angled entrance. I figure 140 deg. from wall to wall. I'm having difficulty understanding this cut using compound miter saw. I see it as an inside corner. Thanks for any suggestions.

A: cut the side of a cereal packet until it fits, fold it so the sides that have been on the wall are touching each other and set your saw from it.

12" Bosch miter saw on a Ridged portable work stand? by pit Q: Im installing my 12" Bosch sliding compound miter saw on a Ridged portable work stand. Im sceptical about using the whinny mounting screws that Ridgid supplies to hold saw in place. Does anyone have this kind of set up, and give some advise.

A: There is little stress on screws /bolts . You are just putting pressure on handle while saw dose work . As long as its tight you are fine. We use a sliding compound miter saw at work and use some planks and horses. And screw down with dry wall screw.(most saws have 3/16 th-1/4 hole so they are not worried about it.) In 20 yrs none has come loose or broke. As long as tight its fine. Its a stability thing But for a buck make yourself happy and get some heavier ones.

Do you have any tips regarding using a sliding miter saw? by honest tea Q: I bought a sliding compound miter saw to cut laminate flooring. I have experience with power tools, but not a miter saw. I've read the manual and will get used to operating it before plugging it in, but wondered if anyone has any useful tips regarding use of the saw (and laying easy-clic flooring). Thanks!

A: Everyone seems to be giving you safety tips but I will try to give you a few helpful tips 1. when cutting a pencil mark cut it bigger then move the piece closer until you cut the mark. 2. after you make your cut leave the wood in place and the saw blade down until the blade stops spinning 3. If making multiple cuts of the same length you can nail a stop block or some other sort of stopper making it easier. Measure once cut twenty times. 4 when cutting your piece start close to you and push toward the back to make the cut. 5 when cutting a thick piece of material make your cuts in layers don't cut all the way through, make several passes. 6 a dull blade causes chipping of the material. I could go on and on, when you start working with the saw you will find your own tricks of the trade. Good Luck Moskie 257

where can i get a replacement washer (one that goes next to the blade) for a delta 10" compound miter saw? ? by ronni t Q: i could also use another copy of the manual...

A: Black and Decker factory service center. If you can find one locally, you can buy across the counter and save on shipping charges for an inexpensive part. (They now own Porter-Cable, Delta, formerly of Pentair, and DeWalt)

why does a compound miter saw have a 33.9 degree stop? by Glenn D Q:

A: When you are cutting Crown Molding with a compound cut instead of upside down and backwards, the saw must be set at weird angles. I always cut my Crown upside down and backward, so the 33.9 degree stop is an annoyance, since I can't cut a 40 degree angle with my miter saw. I don't know what angle you set the bevel to when you have the saw set for a miter of 33.9, but I believe that with the right bevel and a miter of 33.9 you will achieve the proper cut for a 90 degree corner. I found a site that lists the angles for a 90 degree corner, miter =33.85, bevel = 31.62

Ryobi Compound Miter saw blade repacement directions or instructions? by RPM 300 Q:

A: For almost all miter saws, you change the blade as follows: 0. DISCONNECT POWER. 1. Disconnect the gaurd and prop it up. Wear gloves if needed to keep from getting cut. 2. Use a pair of locking vice grips to keep the blade from moving. Lock them onto the incumbent blade. 3. Determine what is needed to unscrew the holding bolt. Often a socked wrench will do it. THE KEY HERE IS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO TURN IT CLOCK-WISE to REMOVE IT. This is counter-intuitive, but not counter-clockwise which you would normally do to loosen something. 4. Remove old blade. Install New. Of course, you will be turning COUNTER-CLOCKWISE to tighten the new blade. 5. Tighten well. If you strip the blade holding mechanism, discard the saw. You want to avoid having the blade come loose during use as it will KILLthose in its path. Good luck.

compound miter saw or Table saw? by damian l Q: we just bought our first home, so i have a brand new garage to feel with all the tools i have ever dreamed of. we lived in an apartment for years, so all i have is a tool box with the basic things to get. don't get me wrong i love my power drill, socket wench and stud finder, but its time to move up with the big dogs. so to mark this new occasion my wife has decided to get me the first piece. so heres the question. For the DIY, first time home buyer, what is the better tool to have first. Table saw, or Compound miter saw?

A: I agree with the shop smith recomendation..I know a friend has one also from the 1950's and still going..you can plane wood, have a table saw, a mitre saw, a lathe, a drill press, and many mnay other options..here are some on e bay for bidding that look good..make sure to get one that has all the attachments like some here..I seen one that is just the basic motor and frame..do not get that one..for you will have to buy all of the attachments seperately and cost alot..I see some with all the bells and whistles here at the 5 and 600 doallar range..Check the sellers ratings out and thier amount of sells they have before considering..they have feedback links here on every item for sell..heres some links... http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_nkwZshopQ20smithQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZR40QQ_mdoZ The above are for bid..You can e mail the seller for a buy now price.. Here is one with a "buy it now" option if you don't want to bid..make sure you see the shipping info on any of these items...some or "pick up only".... http://cgi.ebay.com/Shopsmith-woodworking-system-will-ship_W0QQitemZ120293204226QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item120293204226&_trkparms=72%3A552%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 The seller on the one above has a 100% positive feedback

Do I need a larger compound miter saw for my 5 1/2 high crown moulding? by jamie2341 Q: I have a 10 inch compound miter saw which also doesnt have the feature of pulling up for cutting tall mouldings. I have tried to cut my 5 1/2 high crown moulding by holding the moulding flush on both the wall angle and the spring angle against the wall of the miter saw. Problem is the moulding is too tall and doesnt fit under the saw blade. What do I need to do? Is there another way to go around this. I have spent the entire weekend trying to fix this problem. My husband I am are barely speaking because we are soooooooooooooo frustrated with this. Do I need a larger compound miter saw or can I lie the moulding flat and do it another way. By the way... my compound miter saw only bevels to the left, and not to the right.

A: I am a carpenter. Rent a 12" compound miter saw. I don't recomend the slide compound as it is more dangerous for the un experienced. Now for the cut. There are a couple of ways to cut crown. I prefer to hold the crown against the fence as if it were the wall and ceiling. The vetrical fence is your wall and the horizontal fence is your ceiling. So when you are looking at the crown in the saw it is upside down, And sitting against the fences just like it would be when installed. Now if you are making a left cope, you will be cutting the right end of the molding at a 45 degree angle. Then use your coping saw. If this does not make sense to you, Hire a carpenter. I hope this helps

how do I raise the blade on my taskforce 10 inch compound miter saw? by Q:

A: On most miter saws there is usually a small bar that slides horizontally to hold a miter saw down for storage. Just push the blade down and search the top and back side of the frame for a piece that is in the way.

Compound Miter Saw: Hitachi or Skil? by JBerry Q: Hi all-- My husband has put a compound miter saw on his Christmas list. Of course, I know ZERO about tools in general, much less a miter saw. There are two such saws that are in my price range and have good ratings. However, they have different features so I would really appreciate some advice from all you handy men/women out there! :) Here are the options--these are from www.lowes.com since they seemed to have better variety and better brands/ prices than Home Depot. I'll include item and model #s in case you want to look them up: 1) Hitatchi 10-inch Compound Miter Saw w/ Laser Item #: 40806, model #: C10FCH2 Price: $149.99 2) Skil Heavy-Duty 10-inch Single Bevel Laser Compound Miter Saw Item #: 26170, Model #: M3800-01 Price: $159.99 I have no idea what a 'single bevel' is (Skil saw has, Hitach doesn't), so I don't know if it would be good or bad to have. Anyway, I would very much appreciate any advice on which of these would be the better gift. Thank you!:)

A: First question would be how often would the saw get used? If the saw would only be used periodically from doing home or hobby stuff then I would go with one less expensive. But if you want a straight answer, consumer reports rates the Hitachi #: C10FCH2 3rd on the list of miter saws, the Rigid and Dewalt are 1st and 2nd, the Skill doesn't even rate. If he doesn't have a table saw yet, I would get one of those instead. I am sure you can find one around the price you paying for your miter saw. I bought one and wish I would have bought the table saw first, would have used it more that the miter saw. God bless and Good luck.

how do you release the blade on a compound sliding miter saw? by irvine Q:

A: First unplug the saw. Look on the back of the saw for a button or metal tab you can push that will lock the blade in place. If you find it push it while you loosen the nut. Caution: Some saw blade nuts loosen clockwise while others loosen counter clockwise. If you do not have the button or tab take a large screwdriver and put it in the teeth and then careful remove the nut. A pair of vise-grips clamped on the blade will also do the same thing. I suggest being very careful not to hurt yourself if you have never removed or replaced a saw blade before.

how to change blade in a 10" craftsman compound miter saw? by Dave Q: cant find the manual and when i goto loosen the bolt holding it in place, the blade spins, and the locking mechanism doesnt seem to stick and hold it in place. is there another way....or is this even the correct way? it seems that im actually making it tighter....

A: The bolt will have reversed threads, Righty-loosey, lefty-tighty. You can use a block of wood to 'jam' the blade still if the lock is broke.

why does the blade on my compound miter saw stop in the middle of cutting? by lilredak Q:

A: Most power saws have a 'breaker' built into them that temporarily cuts off the current when too much power is being drawn for too long. This is a safety feature that prevents burning out the motor and it resets either after a couple of minutes or a reset button is pressed. If the blade just stops but is still trying to turn you have stalled the motor. In either case, the solution is easy; you are trying to cut too fast for the power rating of the motor. Cut a little slower and let the saw do the work, not your arm.

whats the best compound miter saw for the money? less than (less than$220)? by highcap10 Q: looking for a saw that has a laser, bevels both ways, and possibly slides but thats very unlikely for that much money. 10" if it slides, 12" if not.

A: i know that your looking to save money, but sometimes, you just need to spend a little extra and get something that will get the job done right. if you look on the page below, the saw on the top of the list... we have that one in my wood shop class. it works great and we havent had any problems with it. however, the dw718 definitly looks like a fine machine.

Renting a Compound Miter Saw? by Dylan L Q: I was wondering what if any stores would rent you a compound miter saw by the day?

A: Yes, you can rent them by the day. Do your math, though. If you need it for any more than a day or so you may be better off buying an inexpensive ($100 or so) one. That way you won't be rushed or incur additional charges if something goes wrong. If you don't have a use for it after one job you can always sell it on Craig's List. You might recapture most of your money.

Where can I find a case for a Dewalt 12in compound miter saw model number DW718? by techhut Q:

A: curly is right

where can i find plans to build a jig for cutting crown moulding on a compound miter saw? by flh79wv Q:

A: The jig is already on your saw. It's called the degree scale. DeWalt saws have arrows at 33.9 degrees, etc. (don't do residential anymore, so I can't remember the numbers). You hold the crown vertically against the fence, put the miter on 45 degrees and the bevel on whichever arrow/tit works for that size molding. That's if your going to cope it, of course, which is the right way to do it. The other way is to 'bed' the molding on the miter saw base and fence, upside down, and set both angles to 45. The base is the ceiling and the fence is the wall. Cut it so that the point of the miter cut is on the back of the molding, like an inside corner, then use the profile as a guide to cope it back the other way. You can clamp a board to the base so that every piece sits the same way when you cut it. The reason that coping is better is because wood contracts longitudinally. If you just 45 both pieces, both of them will contract away from each other in winter. Coping allows one board to pass behind the other, so when it contracts, it doesn't leave any gap. That reduces the contraction gap by half. (only one board shrinks away from the other) Edit: When bedding the molding, it may not sit equally on the base and the fence. It just depends on the style of molding. Some sit more on the wall than the ceiling. Just cut a one foot piece off and hold it on the saw and see how the flats on the back sit. They should both be sitting flat on their surfaces. (it's the 1/2" or so flat part that touches the wall or ceiling). Use that same one foot piece to mark a straight line on the wall, too. Set it in one corner like it's going to go and mark the bottom of it. Do the same at the other end and snap a chalk line (use blue chalk, not red). The surfaces are never straight or flat, but you want to make your molding as straight as possible (you don't want it to follow humps and dips in the ceiling.) Nail it to the wall first (a few feet at a time), and then nail it to the ceiling. Don't force it into any 'low' spots (valleys), or you will see a wave when its done. The whole point of crown molding is to hide these valleys, so dont accentuate them by pushing it up into them. Just caulk it and you'll never see it.

what angles do you use on a compound miter saw to do an octagonal room? by monaco_fl Q:

A: cut a 22.5 degree angle and butt it up to a 25degree angle. it should work.

How doe I replace a compound miter saw blade on a skill saw? by acmaxwell7723 Q:

A: use a wrench to remove the bolt holding the blade on(be carefull, bolt may have reversed threds) and replace with a blade of the same diameter, an expensive blade isnt a bad idea, a high quality blade can make a world of difference after you replace it, remember to never stand in line with the blade when you first start it(just in case)

Which compound miter saw should i got with? by bpchevyguy Q: Looking for a decent compound miter saw , but not sure which one? Harbor frieght : chicago electric 10" sliding compound miter saw 129.99 Chicago electric 10" compound saw 79.99 Sears : Craftsman 7 1/2 " sliding compound saw 169.99 -40.00= 129.99 Craftsman 10" 15a compound saw 129.99 Craftsman 10" compound miter 149.99 craftsman 10" compound miter with universal stand 149.99-20.11=129.88 Leaning towards the craftsman with the stand or the 71/2 " slider but also like the 10" slider at harbor freight.Dont even know what 15A means? anyone can help with that one? finishing my basement so mostly for trim but want to get a decent one for future use.

A: The best quality you can afford. I am a tradesman so quality tools are important. The lesser the quality the less accurate and the more likely you are to have trouble with them. My Favourite manufacturers are makita and Hitachi. DeWalt are O.K. but found them to be a lot heavier weight wise compared to similar tools.

does anyone know a site where you can view and buy parts for a chicago electric compound miter saw? by squizz_21 Q: all of the websites i have found have only mainstream name brand parts. i bought the saw on ebay not realizing the base portion was badly damaged. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Harbor freight does sell parts. Their phone number is (800) 444-3353 . You most have the model no.

I lost my key to a 10" miter compound saw what do I do? by johnny c Q: Hello I have a 10" Bench miter compound saw but I lost the key that I need for it to work what do I do??

A: stick a small screw driver in the hole and flip the switch...a small stub of wood left in the hole will do the same thing as the key...

what is the best 12-in sliding compound miter saw? by j2b4o Q: Im in the market and my biggest concern is fit and finish . I do custom trim, cabinets, doors, exc.. my old dewalt is on its way out and I dont like the new dewalts that I have seen and tried. Im thinking, makita, ridgid, or maybe bosch. I need something that can cut consistent accurate miters. any suggestions from experience would be great. thanks for your time.

A: Most saws with reputable names will work if you maintain the accuracy. My preference is DeWalt only because there is a DeWalt store nearby (and I don't have to deal with Home Despot for things like crown stops, etc. In my opinion, all saws are good, laser or not, but consider moreover the blade you purchase. Especially in fine carpentry, melamine, trim, etc. A $ 25 cross cut blade on a $ 800 saw does worse than a $100 blade on a BD 10" saw. Again, only if it is accurately aligned.

How do I change a Delta Shopmaster compound miter saw blade? by sevenseas Q:

A: Unscrew the arbor nut, take off the washer and the blade, put new blade on (make sure it's facing the correct way, teeth facing you on top) put washer back on, screw arbor nut back on (make sure it's tight).

I am cutting small trim with compound miter saw. I kicked back a few pieces today that chipped the throat ? by Evan W Q: I am concerned about all of this kick back, since I have a lot of trim, show molding etc to cut. I know the blade clears the throat at +45, 0, and -45 without wood. At the store they said using 100 tooth blade, and only cutting the pieces with the extra to my left would help, but then I can't flip the piece and use the same angle. HELP!!! I'm afraid to use the saw again

A: small bits are dangerous make a large L shaped piece of wood for the small trim to fit against (bottom and back) so its fully supported. make this the full width of the saw bed ie right across the blade saw through slowly and go just into the sacrificial piece ie dont cut all the way through the big L shaped bit or use a manual mitre saw, nobex type ~ £90

Where do I set my compound miter chop saw at for crown moulding? by ODrisk Q: I have a Ryobi 12 inch chop saw with compound angle settings. I want to know the angles to set the saw at for corner cuts on crown moulding with a standard angle of 42 degrees. I have heard there are charts for the compound settings based on the angle of the moulding.

A: Crown molding is cut with the molding upside down from the way it would be installed at the ceiling level. Use standard 45 and 90 degree cuts. The key is to first place a piece of the crown molding on the wall and the ceiling and make a very light mark on the wall where the bottom of the molding rests. Now measure down from the ceiling to the mark. This measurement is then used to set your molding for correct angle on the saw. In other words, the crown molding must set against the saw table at the same angle as it would on the wall...only upside down. Good luck!

How to fix the slight wobble with inaccurate cut on my 12" Dewalt compound MITER SAW. (DW718). Has new blade by keithezy Q: anyone know what parts to replace to fix the problem? its causing a small area of my angled cuts to be shaved off. I have replaced blade. I can only think of maybe replacing the shaft or bearings, but not sure. any help is appreciated.

A: You pretty much answered your own Q. Certainly it's not the blade itself, if in fact it's attached properly. Dewalt is a respected brand for it's purpose, but what I enjoy most about the brand is their service centers, and ease of getting info from the company. Just my 2 "sense"

Metal cutting with Sliding Compound Miter Saw- Can it be done? by Anyjay Q: I'm thinking of buying a Sliding Compound Miter Saw for carpentry, but just wondered if I fit it with a metal cutting blade (like Carbide) will I damage my mitre with hot metal shavings, will the speed be right? etc

A: Absolutely not. Carbide is 10 times harder than steel, but also very brittle and will come off of the blade like shrapnel if you try to cut steel with it. To cut steel you either need a carborundum disc on a cut off saw, or a metal saw that uses slow speed, lots of torque, a constant supply of coolant, and special blades that are made of hardened steel that can have new teeth ground onto them when they get dull. A miter saw is meant for wood and some plastics and is simply too fast for steel. It would grab as soon as you touched it to the metal and throw it violently in an unexpected direction. However, you can cut aluminum with a miter saw and I've done it a lot, but you need special blades for that, too. They typically have a negative rake, meaning that the teeth tilt slightly backwards and cut with a slicing motion rather than a chewing one. Aluminum is also prone to gumming up things when it is machined so the blades are designed to resist it. I've cut up to 3/4" thick aluminum on a table saw with no problems other than the smoking hot, razor sharp chips that come off of it. Any time you cut any sort of metal, you have to exercise extreme caution and use all of your safety equipment, like goggles, face shields, ear protection, etc.

Can a metal cutting blade be used on a 10'' compound miter saw? by Q: i need to cut angles in round metal tubing precisely and accurately is it safe to use a compound miter saw or should i stick with a chop saw?

A: In answer to your question NO! Do not try this as the compound mitre saw is way to fast for cutting metal tubing. It's far safer to use the chop saw. If you aim to cut tubing on a regular basis then purchase the correct type of saw. Keep safe and keep your fingers.

Which is the best brand of compound miter saw for a custom wood craftsman? by Spreading Good News! Q:

A: I like dewalt

What is the best medium to lower priced compound miter saw? It is for home use, but don't want junk.? by allcurledup53 Q:

A: I would go with de walt, they go for from $300 to $600, but they will last forever if you take care of them. Whatever you choose try to get at lest a 10" blade, otherwise the saw will not cut clear through a lot of stuff with one pass and will not have enough power for tough jobs.

Seized Electric Motor from a Compound Miter Saw? by Caleb Q: I'm trying to fix a chop saw for my father and the electric motor is seized. It's a Rigid and the repair shop won't touch it because I don't have the original receipt...? The motor won't turn and I've tried putting it in a vice and trying to turn/loosen shaft with vice grips. Any hope of fixing this? A new motor is about 300 bucks.

A: I suspect the bearing froze up and has to be removed and replaced. No easy job. This requires having the right tools (bearing puller). The shaft may have been damaged when the bearing went. If that's the case, too expensive to repair. Look around for a used motor ass'y. Get in touch with the business where you purchased it and explain you don't have the original receipt. They may make you a copy by back-tracking or give you a letter acknowledging your purchase. Did you pay with a credit card, debit or check? If so, then that is proof enough of your purchase to the manager.

what to look for when purchasing a 12" sliding compound miter saw? by scott581798 Q: doing a comparitive analysis between different brands. want to know what factors are important to people when purchasing, besides cost.

A: Make sure that the saw has 2 rails for sliding, not just 1. The ability to bevel in both directions is a great feature. Look at how far in each direction the saw will swing for miters. Most have at least 50 degrees now. Lasers are a ridiculous option. Use the tip of the blade to line up your cut. Buy a good blade. The ones that come with the saw are good for framing, but horrible for finish work. Do not buy a thin kerf blade. At 12", they will wander all over the place, ruining your piece. My recommendations for brand: Hitachi (the best slider on the market), Makita, Milwaukee. Ridgid is not bad, but not great. DeWalt is junk. Don't waste your money. EDIT: The quality of DeWalt has deteriorated horribly over the last 10 years. Their saws, drills, etc. were excellent when they were Black & Decker Industrial. Once they decided to market themselves as DeWalt, they must have figured that name recognition was all that mattered. Other companies were improving quality, they didn't. Their miter saws were never any good. They're very flimsy, usually inaccurate, unless you work for a contractor that will let you spend 2 hours tweaking it, and just plain poor quality. If you don't have to lug it around, try a head-to-head comparison between a DeWalt DW705 and a Porter-Cable 3802. You'll be amazed.

Is there any way to calibrate my compound miter saw? by Kurt Q: I was using it a couple days ago and it was cutting perfectly. Now i go out yesterday and somehow its cutting a few degrees off of what it should be. Can it be fixed?

A: it is very easy to figure out what's wrong. first take a square and with he saw unplugged roll back the guard and pull the saw blade parallel with the square standing . if you don't understand, put a square up against the fence where the blade cuts. you are checking to see if the tilt ocompoundund movement is off 90*. 9 times out of 10 it is. that'shats fine or it is not a compound mite saw do the same square but laying down flat against the fence and check it against the blade on the right and the left. if one is good and one is not you have to move the fence to make it square, this is a file with photos----http://www.thegundersens.com/diy/projects/mitersawtuneup.pdf

How do I get a good dust collection system going for a compound sliding miter saw? by s0ul_exp0sed Q: I have a Dewalt DW718 compound sliding miter saw. There is a dust collection vent with an adapter piece at the end to tie into a vaccum system. When I hook my shop-vac up, its gets some of the saw dust, but quite a bit hits the throat of the saw, causing it to spring forward and sideways all over the place. I noticed that there is a bolt holding the dust collection tube in place. Does shifting the tube into the right position make a difference? Thanks-

A: I have to agree with answer 1. Certainly a more powerful shop vac/exhaust system would work also, and usually found in commercial shops. If you've assembled to instructions and have the space; the "Funnel" idea is extremely effective. I made mine out of Luan initially and not ROUND. It was a box in effect, with larger opening closer to the discharge. The only way I can analogize the look of it is a Pyramid with the top cut off. At the back end the collection hose fits to the box. I suspect I'd be more concerned however in what you describe as spring forward and sideways all over the place. Steven Wolf

My compound miter saw motor exploded. Why would an electric motor blow-up? by Bill P Q: I was using the saw when all of the sudden it sounded like a gun. The motor blew-up and shot metal and plastic into my leg. I would like to isolate why this occurred. Is it my electric power or the saw?

A: probably the carbon brushes inside wore out and the spring behind them came out and caused a short circuit or fell into the fan blades. or something else broke off or fell into the motor from outside and damaged the motor cooling fan in turn causing more bits to break off and fly out very unlikely to be the power supply

Where can I find a craftsman compound miter saw model 137 212520 operating manual on the internet? by Sel Q: I tried Google but as far as i went, no luck. My dad needs it for his saw i guess. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

A: call sears, they made it

Which compound miter saw should I purchase?? by Lena Q: I am looking to buy a compound miter saw with a laser for my boyfriend for christmas. Any idea what features I should look for? I don't have a ton of money to spend. I am hoping to find one for less than a hundred on sale. Are there any brands that I should stay away from? Anything else I should know before I shop? I know most of his tools are Ryobi... He works in computers, and so this would have nothing to do with his profession. It would just be for hobbies and such....

A: If you only have $100 to spend then its best to quit looking now. Even used compound miter saws are more expensive than that. But if you wanted to get him a good one then spend your money an a new DeWalt 12" compund miter saw. I just bought a new one and it set me back $980 ($630 for the saw, $200 for the DeWalt stand, $60 for the laser plus tax) Your man will be alot happier with DeWalt than any other brand, if taken care of the saw will outlast him. As far as I am concerened DeWalt is the only brand on the market, Their costumer sevice is second to none and their tools will take an ungodly amount of abuse.

how to lock genesis sliding compound miter saw bevel lock? by llazyiest Q: I have a 10" genesis slide compound laser miter saw that I'm just finishing setting up. I was trying to lock the bevel at 0 with the bevel lock at the rear of the unit. The manual isn't overly clear on how the lock works.. I've tried turning it a few turns one way and nothing happens.. standing looking at it from front to rear i was turning it to my right. Is this the right direction? Am I missing something in how the locking mechanism works? Thanks.

A: Turn the handle clockwise. ( the handle that you use to set the bevel to zero ) it should screw in to tighten and screw out to loosen.

Compound miter saw stopped working all of a sudden? by Lisa W Q: I have a craftsman 10" compound mitre saw that just stopped working. I have replaced the brushes thinking that was the problem, but it is still not getting any power. Any other solutions???

A: Bad switch. Loose or broken wire connection. Burned-out motor. Test the wire with a meter to see where power is getting, troubleshoot up from where you know you have power.

need to know where the serial number is on my hitachi compound miter saw? by Ashley Girl <3 Q: Hi i just got a Hitachi slide compound miter saw model # C12RSH and cant find the serial number on it anyone know where it is?

A: either talons answer or on the underside of the saw on the cutting table

How do I learn how to use a compound miter saw? by abetterway7 Q: I need to do some casing/baseboard trim work and build a deck. I have never used a compound miter saw. Where would be the best place to learn while I have all 10 of my fingers? Thanks.

A: fourteen years in const. I have heard all the answers but the instruction manual answer is the dumbest one yet. If you have an electric saw this will be easy.Place your caseing flat and angle your table to forty-five deg.,this is called a miter cut.Placeing your base cove flat on the fence angle your table again to forty-five, this cut is called a bevel.All your corners will be out cuts,meaning you start in the face of the board angeled towards the back corner.If you are using a manual saw,follow all the same directions but watch your slots usally they are not labeled for degrees so be sure to use the forty-five slot. The best answer I ver got...practice!

What makes a compound miter saw "compound"? by Joseph M Q: I am considering buying a miter saw but I'm not sure that I understand what a "compound" miter saw is. Does compound mean that the blade tilts left to right as well as moving left to right on the base? If so, does that mean that a "miter saw" does not tilt? I am looking at the Delta Shopmaster MS-265. On one listing it is stated as being a miter saw, and on another listing it is called a compound saw - hence my confusion.

A: A compound miter saw will cut angle and bevel at the same time. But does not bevel left or right. Only left. A double bevel compound miter saw will however bevel in either direction. If you plan on using this saw (the delta) only in "DIY", you will be ok. If you plan on using it daily you will be badly disappointed. It is not user friendly, the trigger is designed for right handed use only. I have had and used many different miter saws, My choice is "Dewalt 12" double bevel" a little more pricey but well worth the extra. FYI You do not need a compound miter saw for crown, as stated in the 1st persons answer.

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