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What company should I write on for my 10 page final paper? by Smooches.... Q: In Chapter 9 we will address the issue of managerial strategic planning, to include SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and Porter’s model of five strategic forces affecting industry competition. The assignment for your project is to analyze environmental factors (internal and external) facing a business of your choice that is a publicly traded entity. Assume that you have been appointed by the CEO of the company to present to the board of directors an overview of the current state of the company, and to identify the three most important factors that will affect the firm in the next five years. Choose a company or industry that interests you. The following are a list of potential factors you may choose to consider. The list is by no means all inclusive: •competition •energy •government regulations •international trade •interest rates •technology •social changes •supply of labor

A: Choose the defunct Countrywide Financial

What company installs and maintains the big screens on 42nd Street Times Square? by nycaquarius1977 Q: I want to be a Home Theater Installer or a Electronic Installer and I would love to be part of the company that installs these screens. Does anyone know any of the companies, or any other companies that I be interested in?

A: There are many. http://www.cri.com/ http://www.divsystems.com/index.html

If you own a company and the company pays home office rent, does the company have to 1099 the owner? by gisbize Q: If you own a company and the company pays home office rent, does the company have to 1099 the owner? In other words, I assume the office rent is rent exp to the company and the monies rec'd by the owner is rental income. How is the rental home rent income classified on the personal tax return.

A: The company would need to send the owner a 1099-misc for any rents paid to them if the owner is not incorporated. For example, if the owner is an individual, an LLC, or a partnership, they will need to send them a 1099 for the amount of rent paid to them as it is income. If the owner is an incorporated company, they do not need to do this. Regardless of the owner, the company will report it as rental expense on their tax return Since you are asking how the income is classified on a personal tax return, I assume its an individual you are asking about. They would report it on Schedule C of the 1040 as rent income. I hope that makes sense. Good luck.

How does the founder of a successful company instantly become super rich? by idiocracy69 Q: Let's say I start a company from the ground up, then soon it becomes a multi-million dollar company. Now, even though I started it, all of the money is in the company. This happens all of the time, so do those founders just take lots of money from the company since they started it, or is most of it tied up in the company, and they are just rich because they own the company, and the money is technically theirs? I could start a business that became a billion dollar business, but as a CEO, I could just have the company pay me a $hitty $20,000 a year salary, then I wouldn't get rich until I sold the company. But you don't really see that happening.

A: The founder of a successful company become super rich on paper but not on cash flow. Now, if the founder sells additional stock to other shareholder, then you can actually take some of the money for personal use. Most of the time, business people try to increase the value of their company's stock by improving the company's performance (profitability). Once you take the company public, you can make a lot of money. When you create a company, you can get a significant number of shares approved, and later you can sell them via an IPO (initial public offering).

What happens to employees when a small company is bought-out by a much larger company? by tentoes Q: What happens to the employees of the smaller company? The small company is very successful, but a much larger company buys it. Do the employees of the smaller company get a payoff, or only the founder(s) of the small company? Small company = >25ppl Large Company = several hundred I know that every deal is different, I'm just wondering if there is any "typical" proceedure.

A: The least that can happen is that the bigger company will simply start to receive the revenues generated by the company they've purchased. That and maybe the sign on the building and the letterhead logos would change. The most that can happen is the big company acquires patents, production or service techniques, capital equipment used for production or services, and they let all the small company's employees go. This can happen when a big company is simply trying to get rid of a competitor, or attempting to "purchase" market share. Generally, it's somewhere in the middle - after all, the employees of the smaller company know how to do the work, so why upset the process?

What happens to a company's stock options when the company is acquired by either a private or public company? by Todd S Q: In other words, if I buy a call option that expires in January 2010, and the company is aquired before that time, what happens to my right to buy shares in the acquired company? Am I compensated for the call option at the time of the acquisition? If so, at what price? Does my option (and right)disappear? If the acquiring company is a publicly held company, I assume that the options just convert to an equivalent stock option in the acquiring company. Is this correct?

A: <<>> For exchange traded options the contracts are adjusted to make the underlying be the same thing the owner of 100 shares of the stock received. <<>> Example 1: If the shares were bought out for $87 per share your call option would be converted to make the underlying $8,700. This means if your call had a strike price above $87 it would effectively become worthless, but if it had a strke price below $87 it would effectively become worth a fixed amount. If the stirke price was $65 it would be worth $2,200 but you would have to exercise the option to receive the money. <<>> It is correct if the owner of 100 shares of the acquired company received shares of the acquiring company. Example 2: If the buyout gave the owners of the acquired company 0.48 shares of the new company for each share of the old company in the buyout, the underlying for the option would be adjusted from 100 shares of the acquired company to 48 shares of the acquiring company. For examples of contract adjustments from past acquisitions, see http://www.cboe.com/tradtool/contracts.aspx

What kind of company can a young adult start? by edward_helb Q: I have a company I wanna start with little or no capital. Its a major company that has other companies under it.I want there to be a music part of the company for artists/singers, another part for productions like filming and shows. The last part of the company will deal with technology like web and graphic design. Can someone please help give ideas on how to start my own company and find talent to promote and sponsor? I also wanna know if this kind of company is good to start while in school rather than after?

A: look in to the company called Rain it is a great business for any age rainnutrition.com email me if you have any questions [email protected]

What is a company that purchases other companies called? by Mark Jergens Q: Hi. What would you call a company that buys other companies. For example, I want to start my own company that buys and builds internet assets/companies (websites). What type of company am I? What do you call a company that buys other companies?

A: Holding company, parent company, investment holding company...

Is it legal for one company to hire another companies?When original company feels that new company is stealing? by JDB538 Q: Said there is a employee of company who is well known for his job in the community. A new company moves into town that does the same thing. They hired the well known employee from out from under the original company. The original company believes they are losing business to the new company because they took their well known employee. Are there any legal actions that the original company can take against the new company? I am writing a paper for a legal business class and I am struggling.

A: If the employee has signed a non-compete agreement, they would have cause to sue. Otherwise, it is unlikely there would be a cause for action.

company???? by countrychica318 Q: who is the pokemon company owned by? does anyone know if i can get a hold of them?

A: check the link below for the contact info

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