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AmaDiagnostic [video] Dr. Daniel A. Beggs, M.D. talks about a Colonoscopy procedure - from the Amarillo Diagnostic Clinic. http://t.co/NUz54v9U

ColonCancerNews Update: See-Through Colonoscopy: reconstructed by Osirix 32bit , macbook 2GB RAM using data:COLONIX pubimage.hcu... http://t.co/3TnnGLCf

aamplitude @DoctorsLounge ACG: better colonoscopy thru Mozart? #Health #Medicine http://t.co/RVA16U2z -- needs more study (more N & other music)

charleskirkham This kid asked me "what's a colonoscopy?" You guys should've seen how quickly my face just lit up.

Birdielva Atlas of Virtual Colonoscopy: Virtual colonoscopy (VC) is a rapidly developing technique that promises to be saf... http://t.co/KAs2UABM

NewsReactions Boerhaave syndrome as a complication of colonoscopy preparation: a case report ... - http://t.co/xfVVIl01

_SexDonAmerica @Brawns_NdBooty mmmm u llookin like u volunteerin for a colonoscopy

fancyshawl48917 RT @Dr_Mark1: RT @realtucsonn8tiv: COLONOSCOPY YOUR MIND PART 1 VOL. http://t.co/7RIWkjAc http://t.co/Mo98ayLg #TucProg #DecolonizeWallStreet

cleansingcolons Colon Cleansing Diet Before Colonoscopy http://t.co/nQ0pCVvU #http://t.co/dl1pLfd6

NewsStories24 Boerhaave syndrome as a complication of colonoscopy preparation: a case report ... - http://t.co/HPzHlet2

Gramakathie RT @Cheeseboy22: :oscopy - How doctors abbreviate colonoscopy. Probably.

Dr_Mark1 RT @realtucsonn8tiv: COLONOSCOPY YOUR MIND PART 1 VOL. http://t.co/7RIWkjAc http://t.co/Mo98ayLg #TucProg #DecolonizeWallStreet

Dbchambe My car is getting a bath and a colonoscopy now!!!

sarahclaudine "Colonoscopy" should never be the subject line of an email.

hutchisme [email protected] so far, the #UNC game plan has all the excitement of a colonoscopy prep.”


How does barium sulfate taste compared to the halflytley stuff they give you for a colonoscopy? by Asking123 Q: I had crohns disease, and I had already had the colonoscopy, and I now need an Upper GI series via barium swallow. The liquid I drank to clear my system before the colonoscopy was disgusting, and I barely was able to drink it all without throwing up. I am now nervous about the barium, and I am wondering how the barium sulfate tastes in comparison to the colonoscopy stuff.

A: I know the colonoscopy stuff taste salty and warm. The Barium has flavors but is really thick. They have chocolate and grape to name a few. It's like a chalky milkshake with some flavor. Also there is far less barium to drink compared to the colonoscopy prep.

What were your symptoms that led to a colonoscopy and what were the results? by No Name Q: I am a 30 year old woman. For the past few months I have had the following symptoms: constipation alternating with diarrhea fatigue lower abdominal pain slight traces of blood on toilet paper after wiping I have an appt for a consultation with a surgeon on Monday. He will be setting me up for a colonoscopy. I was just wondering what were some of your results and symptoms. My grandma had colon cancer and my dad had colon polyps.

A: About 3 years ago my friend, who was 29 at the time, would see blood eveytime she went to teh rest room. After numerous visits with the doctor he had her get a colonoscopy. It ended up being colon cancer, stage 3. She had surgery to remove the cancerous tissue and had radiation and chemo. I am happy to report she is well and has been in remission for almost 2 years. Please dont get freaked out by reading this, you could have IBS too. Good luck.

Colonoscopy on Monday at 2pm when should i start cleansing process? Sunday around noon? by [email protected] Q: I'm going in for first colonoscopy on Monday at 2pm. told to drink gatoerade and miralax mixed. when should I start this procedure? Noon time Sunday? Any other tips or info greatly appreciated.

A: Didn't your Dr. give you instructions for this? Give yourself at least 24 hours. I hope you got the good tasting stuff.

For colonoscopy prep kit what is the difference between Propel Body that says fiber and? by Bowser / Roxie Q: Nutrient enhanced and Propel that says antioxidants and vitamin enhanced? I have to drink 64 ounces in a prep kit for a colonoscopy and want to get the right thing. I can't stand Gatorade and they said to use Propel or Powerade. Any help would be appreciated.

A: Stay away from the Propel with fiber. Fiber adds bulk to the stools; so, it doesn't take a real stretch to figure that is not what you should be doing the day before a colonoscopy.

How long after a colonoscopy does a person normally have diarrhea? by ♥ Loving My Babyboy ;) ♥ Q: My grandma did a colonoscopy which came back good today..she is having severe diarrhea though. Is this normal? For how long does this continue? Is it ok to give her some diarrhea medicine? She had a bowel obstruction about a week ago, but it is now cleared.

A: No this is not normal. She or you need to contact her treating Doctor. With a colonoscopy you are given medication that causes diarrhea to clean the colon. But this clears after a day. A bowel obstruction can cause diarrhea in itself. How long has the diarrhea continued? She would be going into dehydration by now placing her whole body at risk. Please contact her Doctor ASAP.

What is difference between colonoscopy and barium enema? by W A Q: Just had a colonoscopy but now have to have barium enima because colonoscopy would not check everything. Had barium enema several yrs ago and was very simple (done in doctor's office) doctor and nurse. Colonoscopy was done at hospital surgical wing. A bunch of nurses, etc. Much more involved. Same thing for wife a few yrs ago. As an added thoght Is this a scam for goughing insurance? Clarifyy question: why do a colonoscopy that may not answer problems and then do a barium enema. Why not do the barium enema first?

A: No both are valid diagnostic tools.

Can a colonoscopy help detect prostate cancer? by XXXXXXXXXXX Q: My father recently had a colonoscopy. After the colonoscopy, the doctor told him that the prostate was very firm and in good shape. How could he detect this?

A: The doctor sticks their finger inside the rectum when they lubricate the anus prior to the insertion of the colonoscope. At this time the doctor's finger can and should feel the prostate which is just inside the anus. At this time the doctor can determine the size and firmness of the prostate. Explain this to your dad for father's day. He'll be impressed.

How much does a colonoscopy cost for a dog? by D0gLvr Q: My dog has chronic colitis. We have ruled out parasites (done fecal tests) and food allergies (we've done a food trial already). The next step will likely be a colonoscopy from what I'm told. Has anyone had a dog who underwent a colonoscopy - if so, how much did it cost? In the thousands or hundreds of dollars? I'm just curious.

A: It's about three hundred and fifty plus here. Before you do that, have you just considered switching foods? Colitis is an autoimmune problem where the colon swells. I would assume allergies are to blame. Or how about the vet giving a simple round of steroids to see if it clears up. At least then you will know for sure if swelling was involved. Have you done a round of antibiotics just to make sure it isn't a bacterial infection in the colon? You are a good dog owner to consider this. Chronic colitis isn't curable, so you will be dealing with it for the rest of her life if that is the correct diagnosis. You might consider quality of life issues too.

Colonoscopy? by let.me_be_free Q: I have to have a colonoscopy in a week. My doctor said to purchase a bowel cleanser from my local drugstore. Can anyone recommend a good colon cleanser that will empty my bowels? What have you taken prior to having a colonoscopy?

A: Colon Blow

colonoscopy? by lauren c Q: I am having a colonoscopy this week .My dr. is doing one to find out what is causing my cramping and abdominal pain. I have never had one done before (I'm only 25), but am worried--Will I be fully asleep during this or just out of it? I have read that ask people to move positions during this procedure, and wondered how people could move if they're awake. Any advice or info is appreciated. Thanks!

A: you can request sedation, but from personal experience it's TOTALLY NOT NECESSARY. I had mine done with a very tiny amount of Demerol only (and I didn't want that, but the Dr insisted.) Except for about 2-3 seconds of very mild cramping when the Dr went around the transverse colon, the entire procedure was completely painless. I watched the entire thing on the monitor. It was very interesting believe it or not. I even watched the Dr remove and cauterize a polyp..also totally painless. Your colon has no nerve endings, so if you just relax you'll be fine. Should you choose sedation, please DO NOT GO WITH VERSED!!! Versed is an amnesiac that does nothing for pain, the only thing it's good for is to give you memory loss so you won't recall the procedure. This is a very bad drug and should be banned entirely from use on people. I had it once in 1991 for an endoscopy, and I've had anxiety and depression every since. you may want to check out www.versedbusters.com, and www.askapatient.com. about this god-awful drug. You'll be fine, don't worry. Once it's over you'll laugh about how scared you were to go through with it. Feel free to email me if you'd like, and let me know how it went. Best of luck, I'll keep you in my prayers.

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