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No_Holding_Back SAT this mornin. Im bout to have the colleges lining up after these scores drop. ; ) #np Future- Watch Dis

Karlanlt Working Title (Institutional Use - Colleges/Universities): So, what do you do? I'm a doctor. I'm a lawyer. I'm... http://t.co/r2dwDJ9Z

LytecMedical http://t.co/QbZNnQ6U: Top colleges and universities with medical - http://t.co/QquhYlrU

EpicSportsFan College basketball season set to start as NBA remains in holding pattern: The NBA season is on hold and seems as... http://t.co/PSzxeNMS

school_money Online Tutoring For Online College Students - Online Colleges http://t.co/kl5h40wC

BallerGeist College basketball season set to start as NBA remains in holding pattern http://t.co/7VKzuUUX

JasonGrieve RT @WeejeeLearning: Online Courses Offer Learning 24 Hours a Day; some Community Colleges Open Midnight Classes on Campus http://t.co/1tNo9olH

mikeHydraulics @Mary_Paoletti not so sure slapping down DII schools is the way yo go- real colleges, real money.

lashykai @SophiaCheah dont u just love whatsapp, now we can chat btwn colleges for free, its ze best

ChckDaddyTaylor RT @Call_MeMaryJane: Im starting to feel the pressure of being a junior. Colleges actually look at these grades and its no time to be slacking.

usa_loan Photography Colleges – New York Institute of Photograph: Photography Colleges – New York Institute of Photograph... http://t.co/z6Stuzr0

a2j1874 SoonerNation: Five storylines for No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas A&M Aggies - ESPN http://t.co/ZO8RYcsK

JOLOcutee @maeblahblah @theCupidity di ko alam kung pati sa colleges nyo wala ring pasok sa 8. :)) bsta kami official na


aimddaindia 10 percent disease: medical colleges built on govt money in karnataka- director posts are auctioned for 5 crores.RGUHS,BLORE VC ALL corrupt


What colleges in Wisconsin offer programs for radiology and ultrasound tech? by Da Barbie Q: Im going for 4 year college and want to do both radiology and ultrasound. And i would like to know which colleges in wisconsin offer that. So i would like to know as many colleges in wisconsin that have both.

What colleges are best fit for a horse person? by Ada Q: I will be applying to colleges this school year and i currently live in houston, texas. I am open to going anywhere across the country. I have always had my eye on the west but the winters are a little weary. I ride english and will be bringing my horse to college with me. Im interested in western too with experience. Owning some ranches in wyoming i just fell in love with the lifestyle. I think the rural areas are the most beautiful.Any sugestions of particular colleges or states i would like? Thanks!

A: findley, lake erie college, hollins. Even state schools like university of kentucky and ohio state have horse programs. just do internet searches for colleges with equestrian teams, vet programs, or whatever else you are interested in. if you go on one website you can narrow your search down to size of school, location, majors, presence of clubs, and so on. If i remember correctly its affiliated with the SAT. I can look and find it for you. will edit when i do.

What colleges are there in michigan that have veterinarian medicine classes? by Miyanna123 Q: I am 14 and going into high school next year and I want to go to a nice college in the future but I want to be a veterinarian. What colleges are there in Michigan that has veterinary medicine? I want to try and choose a college now so I can prepare for it.

A: Michigan State has the only accredited veterinary medicine program in Michigan. In the meantime, see if you can get experience working with animals.

Hi, can colleges find out if I apply during gap year by keeping a deferred admission to a particular college? by Gampu Q: I want to apply to other colleges in USA, UK and Australia by keeping a deferred admission to one college in USA. Is this illegal? Will I be caught?Can the colleges find out that I already have deferred admission?

A: Don't know.Sorry

How do people transfer Colleges while on bad standing with current College? by SF kid Q: i went to comm. college for 2 years with almost a 3.0, then transferred to a California State University and got disqualified because of bad grades (i was sick, didn't withdrawl). almost all colleges i want to apply to say i need to be in good standing with your current college. can i only send my community college grades and act like i never transferred. or will they find out or is that ok?

A: They would definitely find out, and that is certainly NOT okay. You may be aiming too high. I'm sorry to say it, but having a fairly low GPA and being disqualified at the junior level (most schools won't disqualify you after just one semester - you usually get put on probation and have another chance, so if you were disqualified, I have to assume that you either did poorly for more than just one semester, or that you did SO poorly that there was no question of your being able to handle the work) just doesn't leave you with many options. You will probably need to apply to a less-selective private university or college at this point. This is how I would approach it. First of all, I'd find colleges which are more likely to accept you (those with enrollment problems are most likely to stretch their standards). Then I'd ask for a meeting with someone in the admissions office. Explain your illness to them (unless you were seriously ill, though, it will be hard to explain why you didn't withdraw). Get references from people who know you well and who know that you are capable of doing much better than you did at the CSU and can attest to that. Hope that a personal intervention from your admissions counselor will help. I would also think about going into a major very different from the one you were in before. Doing the same thing at which you failed badly again might be seen as beating your head against the wall repeatedly. If you change directions, there is more hope that you could do better next time. Good luck!

Do colleges care if you have transferred from a 4-year college to a community college? by John Q: I am a sophomore at 4-year college right now and don't like the school. I want to fininsh off this coming semester so I can transfer to a community college since it's cheaper. I plan on taking the next semester at a cc. And then when I become a junior, I'm going to another 4-year college to graduate. Will the colleges I will be applying next year wonder why I started out as a student at a 4-year college but then decided to transfer over to a community colleges?

A: theyll probably ask... because inquiring minds (and nosy minds) want to know but its know big deal... heck I did the same thing ... the first university was too much money for me(I was out of state) so I went back in state to attend a community college and I received my associates after that I went to a 4 year university and I received my bachelor I was only there for 10 month because I recieved majority of my credits from the first university and the community college

COLLEGEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????? by GollyMissMolly Q: im looking for colleges in america that have majors in either of these studies: world affairs, international relations, peace studies, or anything pertaining to the world. thanks

A: Go to princeton review. Use their college search function. To keep in mind: some schools, like mine, have a poli sci major with specialization in things like IR that would never show up in search. Good luck!

COLLEGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by rachel202 Q: what colleges are good for communicationssss? i i like syracuse.. any good?

A: Syracuse's Newhouse school is one of the best in the country. The other top programs are at Northwestern, Missouri, George Washington, UN Chapel Hill, Boston University, Vanderbilt, Indiana U Bloomington, USC, Wake Forest, NYU, and UT Austin

Colleges???????????? by Wheninrome Q: Okie Dokie guys, I want to considering doing something along the lines of veterinary practice. Equine. I do not want to do surgery and stuff but more like lameness and how to make them feel and preform better etc. So here's my question.One : Who knows what this would be called? and Two : Who knows some good colleges anywhere in the usa? Thanks

A: I'm not sure but I believe a certified Vet Tech would be able to do what you want to do.you can google vet colleges and get the one closest to you home.Good luck.

colleges?? by kaymay09 Q: I'm very interested in science and medicine and I'm wondering what colleges in the north east have good programs for students planning to major in this field? Sorry that my question isn't super specific, but I'm not quite sure what I want to major in, I just know I want to do something in medicine. Or pharmacy. Or something else, I'm really not too sure...

A: You weren't very specific about what field you want to go in. For nursing, Columbia University School of Nursing is probably the best in the country. For science, MIT (of course). Boston College is certainly no slouch either. Ditto for Columbia (their med school is also top notch - I know a couple of graduates from there who are outstanding doctors in their respective fields). Of course, all the schools listed above are expensive (Columbia is Ivy League; Boston College is private and MIT speaks for itself). If you are looking for a great state school, try SUNY (State University of New York; different chapters all over the state and all good), Rutgers (my sister and her husband both went there - the science programs are fantastic). Boston University is also great. Ditto University of Mass. at Amherst. Good luck!!

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