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College baseball

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Why is college baseball teams allowed to use the besr Nike bat and not a bbcor bat? by Dudeski Q: A lot of college baseball teams are using the red besr nike bat when I thought you were only allowed to use a bbcor bat? Can someone explain.

A: the red nike is a bbcor bat but nike doesnt sell it

When does the college baseball World Series start? by Tommy Q: Yesterday I was watching the softball regionals and was wondering when the college baseball world series would start.

A: The opening celebrations start June 12th, so the actual games start June 13th.

Why is college baseball so obviously the best college sport? by Hickhouse Q: All anyone is talking about today is how great the sport is. Just look at its champion, they say. I of course feel it to, but I don't understand why I feel it. Please explain how and why college baseball dominates all other college sports.

A: I can't believe I'm saying this, being that I am the No. 1 College Football Fan, but last night I realized college baseball is even better. I don't know why either. Those gamecocks are magical though. I hope the college football season hurries up and starts so it will hurry up and end and I can watch college baseball again.

How to become a college baseball recruiter? by Devin Q: I am very interested in becoming a recruiter for a college baseball team for my future career. I am still in college and playing baseball at the University level but I see myself wanting to become a college baseball recruiter, it just really interests me. If you have any info about how to become a recruiter that would be great! Thank you

A: A scout or a recruiter would not be a full time job... This kind of job goes to people connected to the game, like friends or ex teammates of the Head Coach or the Athletic Director. If you didn't play even low level pro ball...or have very good friends within the game, there is no opening there.

How should i prepare for college baseball tryouts in 4 weeks? by Taylor Q: I've been playing my whole life and am confident in my skills. I just want some opinions from people who have college baseball experience. I want to know which aspects to focus on. The school im trying out for is a DII school.

A: If your a pitcher long toss, throw pens. Fielder take ground balls, and hit in the cage, outfielder practice hitting cut off men. Just do what you do and increase the reps Run sprints, long distance HUSTLE when always when your there!

How to join in a college baseball team on spring? by Portgas-D-Ace Q: My intention is to enter in a Junior College on January (Spring term), I'm a baseball player and I wanted to know if there are possibility to be part of a baseball team counting that the season will start on february. Does anybody know something about it? Please answer, thank you very much.

A: Yes, you can be a part of a junior college baseball team in the spring. Depending on what school it is ... most junior college baseball teams participate in a fall league too. Try and get involved with that asap. It is a great opportunity to show the coach your abilities and it will get you ready for the spring. All you need to do is contact the head coach and let him know that you want to play on the team next spring but wanted to know first if he had a fall league team. Good luck!

What major should i go into to become a college baseball coach? by Hunter Q: I play baseball in high school and am confident i can play D2 or junior college baseball. I know i want to coach college baseball after i get out of college but im not sure what the nessisary steps are to reach my dream.

A: Any major will do, as long as you are involved with the sport at the college level. I know several men with the same goal as yours. The are majoring in Sports Management. With the goal of coaching at the collegiate level in mind, once you are involved with the college team, look at post-grad work as an assistant. This will give you valuable experience and give you exposure.

college baseball? by yoon_jae_sp Q: i live in canada and im 14 years old i want to play college baseball in U.S since baseball is not big in canada if its possible i want like a scholarship if i want to go to college in U.S do i have to write SAT? and what do the scouts in U.S looking for? there are a lot of divisions in college is division 1 the best division?

A: Yes, Division 1 is the best. Scouts are looking for good ballplayers. I'm not sure if taking the SAT would be needed, but taking them certainly would not hurt your chances.

College Baseball? by jumanji Q: I will be entering college as a freshmen and I want to play some form of baseball. Although I am a pinch-hitter, and do not play a position in the field, do I have a shot at playing in college? What about DH'ing?

A: Well I just finished my first year of college baseball. I tried out ad made the team as a pitcher. My advice to you is go try out at a position you feel comfortable at and play your best there. Then you will beable to show the coaches your swing. Once you find a position just work hard to get better and you will be suprised how better you got. As a pitcher at the beginning of the season i only threw 91-94 mph, and now i throw 96-98, good luck

College baseball ? by ~SomervilleBoy617~ Q: I am a Junior now in high school (16 years old.) I want to further my baseball career by playing College baseball and take a shot at the Major Leagues. But, if I do not get a scholarship to play at college, can I walk on to a college team like they have at high school ? If so, what are some colleges that do have open tryouts ? I live in Massachusetts by the way. Thanks.

A: You can try that and also if you go to mlb.com they have open tryouts for majors their and i think the minimum age is 15 so they will definitely be able to guide u the right way

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