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Coffee rings

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mikemcconville A splodge of blue paint and coffee cup rings... Infant school art? No, posters for the London Olympics! http://t.co/8S6ODWNJ #MailOnline

BorisWatch RT @politic_animal: #R4Today earlier described the Olympic posters as 'splashes of blue paint and some coffee rings'. Coincidentally, that's also Boris' legacy.

politic_animal #R4Today earlier described the Olympic posters as 'splashes of blue paint and some coffee rings'. Coincidentally, that's also Boris' legacy.

davidndrake @ComeDrawWithAmy @typejunky the best one is the coffee stain Olympic rings. the rest are bad.

Jackbkx Noritake Atlantique #9344 Coffee Pot: Coffee Pot - White Wavy Concentric Rings On Tan Rim - Platinum Trim - Made... http://t.co/htuTUN4T

DanInnes My favourite London 2012 #Olympic poster is the RachelWhiteread coffee rings, followed by #AntheaHamilton's Divers

Jacobyte969 A splodge of blue paint and coffee cup rings... Infant school art? No, posters for the London Olympics! http://t.co/SOOmSopd

westlawns @London2012 Olympic & Paralympic posters http://t.co/jdV4Qk1U I like the coffee cup rings one!

jezmineblossom Had super rings & coffee for breakfast, power nap kejap and KLCC later.. Taking 2 days break from work..

wonderstranger making coffee then I need to have a cigarette and after that I could read lord of the rings

0namesleft New Listing! rustic Christmas tags, dove, vintage sepia coffee stained, napkin rings, set o... http://t.co/6ptY9Y1R Come check it out :)

ginaiscool Overheard in the coffee shop 'I got my ass handed to me in Lord of the Rings trivia last night'...uh umm I'ma go now

tfb62 @torchyboy the one of all the rings looks like they'd put their coffee cup down accidentally.

auxiliofaux Photoset: Coffee Rings and Cigarettes A Dab At Symmetry http://t.co/1Mkg7MHd

DevonMara #defintionofsexy Women with super tiny forearms holding white coffee cups from Starbucks with the little brown recyclable rings ... lord.


of coffee and beet rings..... why ? by wizard Q: ever notice that if you spill black coffee on a counter the out side of the ring is always more cocentrated than the interior.... same thing with beet juice...i always have wondered why ? concentrated is correct spelling.. sorry

A: Coffee and juices are mixtures of water and small particles that give the mix flavor. When you spill a liquid on an irregular surface like a tabletop, it spreads out until some imperfection on the surface halts further expansion. The liquid then begins to evaporate at the puddle's thinnest point, the edge. You would think that the puddle would then contract, but the liquid can't overcome gravity, which made it spread out in the first place. Therefore, the solution and the particles flow from the center of the puddle to the edges to replenish what's evaporated. As more of the water evaporates, it deposits the dissolved solids on the edge of the puddle rather than the center. Some scientists at the University of Chicago figured this out and published a paper in the journal "Nature."

how 2 get water rings off of coffee table.any home remedies? by kim d Q:

A: Water Ring Removal from Wood Furniture If possible, remove water rings from wood furniture while they┬┤re fresh by rubbing with a soft cloth. If water rings are set, you can apply an oil-based furniture polish. There are several other techniques you can try. You can apply mayonnaise liberally over the water ring and leave overnight, then wipe off with a soft dry cloth the next day. You can also try appling a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and baking soda to a damp cloth, then rub the stain lightly. Another technique is to apply a paste of cooking oil and salt, wait 15 minutes, then wipe off and polish as usual. Good Luck! :)

I have an inexpensive "formica" type coffee table with stains from rings from drinks . How do I remove them? by walter k Q:

A: On Formica some fruit drink, tea and coffee stains can be difficult to remove, as can glass rings, water marks and fingerprints. You would want to try A thorough cleaning with a mild detergent or a household cleaner and soft bristle brush. You can also try pouring rubbing alcohol on the area and then letting it stand a minute. Then apply chlorine bleach directly to the stain and let that stand a minute. Rinse with clean water. Also try a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Let stand a minute and then rinse. Hope this helps!

Can you tell me anything about the dark rings inside of ceramic coffee mugs? by LindaLou Q: When I take my coffee cups from the dishwasher they have dark circles inside. What is that? Is it toxic? Has the coating worn off by the coffee? Should I throw the mugs away or are they safe to drink from? The mugs are clean, no coffee stains. If the porousness question were true, wouldn't it be equally distributed? The rings are black/gray not brown like coffee. I think there's something else going on. And I'm not looking to change my coffee drinking habits. I suspect the lines I'm talking about would be present in the cups of tea drinkers as well.

A: Those dark rings in your coffee cups exactly match the ones on the lining of your stomach. Presuming you drink the same coffee.

How can I bring a marble table that has lost its shine, and has coffee cup "rings" on it, back to its shiny, b by Samantha R Q:

A: Marble that has lost it's shine can be livened up by a commercial marble cleaner and polish. Tin oxide (putty powder) can be used to polished ethced or dulled surfaces. You rub this on with a damp cloth, folding and refolding to clean the damp areas. Then use an electric polisher to buff the surface. To remove the coffee cup stains: Use a napkin, blotter, paper towel or facial tissue to make a poultice. Dampen with 20% peroxide (which is hair bleaching strength) and a few drops of ammonia. Leave the poultice on the stain for a long period (approximately 24 hours or longer if needed). You can use plastic wrap to cover it to keep it damp. You may need to repeat the process if the first poultice does not finish the job. Hope this helps!

Are your best friends those you lend books to and they return with coffee cup rings and crumbs inside? by Made From Embryonic Stem Cells Q: The books, that is.

A: My best friends are those who keep the books forever, crumple the book jackets, or put the book jackets on wrong. Friends like that are hard to come by.

Are your best friends those you lend books to and they get returned with coffee cup rings on their covers? by Made From Embryonic Stem Cells Q: And to show how much you love them, you don't utter a word of annoyance?

A: Well I've given up lending good books. I have no problem with loaning them lesser books, but the last time I leant a valuable art book to my best friend, it never came back. She swears she gave it back to me but she didn't. I don't think it was deliberate, and I don't know what happened to it, but I was really cut. I've since replaced it and put a note inside it that it is a replacement copy and the purchase date, so if she sees it she'll know it wasn't the copy I Ient her. They've been out of print for years. I let it go because she is important to me and I think it was accidental, but I don't loan out valuable books anymore. I collect antique books and as you seem to be a fellow bibliophile , it's an opporunity to show off. My pride and joy is a huge and very beautiful calf bound volume of The History of Edward III printed in 1688. It's my pride and joy and has original etchings etc in it. Just showing off . :o)

How do I remove rings/stains on my hardwood coffee table? by clairehair21 Q: I bought a beautiful sheesham indian hardwood coffee table last month and my husband has already managed to get rings on it from a cafetiere and spilt coffee. is there anyhitng I can do to get rid of these without having to resort to costly professionals? I hope someone can help!

A: The ring is caused by water that seeps through the finish and doesn't evaporate. Try rubbing alcohol over the area and let it stand. It evaporates faster than water. When it mixes with the water, it will hasten the evaporation. If one application doesn't do it, add it again. It should eventually evaporate the water. good luck

How can I get the coffee rings out of a white coffee cup ? by Eugene G Q:

A: You can try putting white vinegar in it and letting it soak over night. Otherwise abit of bleach in water in it and letting that stand over night.

How do I get rid of rings on my Coffee tabel? by It's Dickey Q: Ok, I didnt listen to dear o'l mom and now there are 4 rings on my coffee tabel. How do I get rid of them?

A: Since no one has answered yet... I'll tell you something I read somewhere a while ago... Rub a layer of mayo on the rings and let overnight dry then wipe off

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