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Coca cola 600

Kahne captures Coca-Cola 600
Kasey Kahne powered to victory in the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday night, taking NASCAR's longest race for the third time for his first win with Hendrick Motorsports. NASCAR Sprint Cup racing at Dover International Speedway is almost here!

Ambrose falls out of Coca-Cola 600 contention
In this photo provided by Harold Hinson, model and actress Brooklyn Decker, right, tries to fuel a race car during a demonstration before the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 Sprint Cup Series auto race in Concord, NC, Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Ambrose falls out of Coca-Cola 600 contention
By STEVE REED AP CONCORD, NC — Marcos Ambrose started the Coca-Cola 600 on the front row, but a broken left wheel hub cost him a shot at giving owner Richard Petty a victory in NASCAR's longest race Sunday. In this photo provided by Harold Hinson, ...

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bboyer30 Watch the #f1 Monaco Grand Prix, the #Indy500 and the Coca-Cola 600. Today was a good day! Congrats to Webber, Franchitti and Kahne!

dylanhnt @KaseyKahne wins the Coca-Cola 600... Cambron on the verge of spontaneous combustion.

SheilaSensible Kasey Kahne powered to victory in the Coca-Cola 600, taking NASC... http://t.co/dvYOTSc1

EmilyNicole77 Coca Cola 600 :) http://t.co/uTPTxhdE

NewsMagazinNet New: Kasey Kahne wins Coca-Cola 600 for first victory with Hendrick Motorsports http://t.co/WvaGldZf

AlienBoot RT @MarcosAmbrose: I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Coca-Cola 600" http://t.co/uMq9EzD3

RebekahChristi4 coca cola 600 How do I repair this specific? http://t.co/TXxmFihT

davemiller91 RT @MartySmithESPN: .@KaseyKahne wins the Coca-Cola 600... Cambron on the verge of spontaneous combustion.

RachaelNew1 coca cola 600 Where can this move? http://t.co/vdOBlrxF

MarcosAmbrose I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "Coca-Cola 600" http://t.co/uMq9EzD3

BergenDispatch Kahne gulps up Coca-Cola 600 http://t.co/kRt5vguH

HomeRunPhil So @katherinelegge finishes 22nd in the Indy 500 and nobody seemingly cares, yet Danica finishes 30th in Coca Cola 600, and she did good?UGH

Danica_Fans #NASCAR #daytona500 Kasey Kahne claims Coca-Cola 600, NASCAR's longest race -... http://t.co/xY5BRhAd #TeamFollowBack DPNews

DaniellaKersey coca cola 600 Is this true http://t.co/cSKK0xPW


Coca-Cola 600 possible rainout? by 48 MOJO Q: Does anyone else think that NASCAR should start the 600 earlier today because of the rain and storms that are coming to Concord tonight?The weather is clear for the next 4 hours but there is an 80% chance of rain for the race tonight. I don't even think they will be able to get started unless some huge miracle happens.It really sucks because I actually have a race day off for a change and it rains.Just my luck lol.

A: I think that it will be rained out and that NASCAR should have made the race earlier in the day. Now i cant see the race because i got work tomorrow. Sunday is my only semi-free day and rain ruined it.

If you could dedicate a song to a driver for the Coca Cola 600 what song & to who? by fluffy Q: these little tune is for Tony Stewart ! ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5BCaerC8rA

A: GREAT TUNE FLUFFY!!! So, I agree with the artist. But the song I want is, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbcc2cF-uDw&feature=related FOR Kasey Kahne!

does anyone know where coca-cola 600 is taking place? by princepe Q:

A: Coca-cola 600 is a stock car race that takes place annually at Lowe's Motor Raceway in Charlotte, North Carolina.

how much are infield tickets for the coca cola 600? by G Man Q:

A: Not sure, but, here is a link to the Charlotte Motor Speedway ticketing webpage. http://www.charlottemotorspeedway.com/tickets/coca_cola_600/

Kyle Petty had an awsome finish at the Coca Cola 600, do you think he can do it again this weekend? by Chris H Q:

A: I would hope so ,he's The Kings Son !!!!It would be about time!

What your top 10 "TEN" Picks for the Coca-Cola 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????? by hulkhogan79 Q: 1.Kahne 2.Bliss (Repeat!!!!) 3.Johnson 4.Kurt Bush 5.Kyle Busch 6.Gordon 7.Raines 8.Stewart 9.Newman 10.Jr In that order closest to the race results win

A: 1. Kasey Kahne 2. Joey Lagono 3. Brian Vickers 4. Jeff Gordon 5. Kyle Busch 6. Jimmy Johnson 7. Carl Edwards 8. Ryan Newman 9. A. J. Allmendinger 10. Kurt Busch

Why does the ticker say so many laps out of 400, in the coca-cola 600? I thought there was 600? by chevy_muscle_fan Q: Everyone always said, "are you ready for the 600"? But if it's only 400 laps, Daytona beats them by 100. Do they break it up?

A: its because the track is a mile and ahalf long 400 x 1.5 = 600 miles Datona is 2.5 miles long 200 X 2.5 = 500

whos gonna win coca cola 600 Predictions? by tbird1028 Q: who u think will win? why do you think so?

A: Jeff Gordon Will Win,Because The Coca Cola 600 Gave Him His First Career Nascar Sprint Cup Series Win Back In 1994.

Are there any drivers doing both Indy 500 and Coca Cola 600? by Thome, LeBron, Longoria, SJT999 Q: ??????

A: A few years ago they switched the start of the Indy 500 from noon Indianapolis time to 1:00. Since then there's no time to do both races. The first guy to do it was John Andretti back in the mid 90s. After that guys like Tony Stewart and Robby Gordon also ran both races in one day.

I thought the Coca Cola 600 was pretty good, anyone else? by ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q: Kahne look good, Johnson looked good.............

A: It was awesome Stewart crashing on lap 33 made my day!

is there a way to watch the coca cola 600 on the internet? by pinkkandigirl1 Q:

A: if you have speed pass you can go to nascar.com

where i can stream live video of the coca cola 600? by Q: for free?

A: Try http://Justin.TV. Or you could get a link to there directly via http://channelsurfing.net. (Also covers the Nationwide & Camping World Series races).

where can i watch the coca cola 600 online 2day? by mihir p Q:

A: try podcast.com and select your channel

How can I be able to see Kyle Busch on Sat. or Sun. at the Coca Cola 600? by Eric S Q: I can't go inside the track either day :(

A: Go to the ass holes tent by the merchandise trailers. He should be there all day.

who do you think will win Coca Cola 600? by Q: What is your prediction. I thinl it would be Casey Mears at his new race team or the usual like Jimmie Johnson or JEff Gordon maybe even Kyle Busch

A: I was betting on Mark Martin or at the very least a HMS car. Certainly not a MWR car...David Reiutiman...not even close. Anyway...congrats to Rooty Tooty! Go Jr.>>>>

Tonight's Coca-Cola 600. Your thoughts? If so, why or why not? What say you? by Caribou "QUIT" Barbie™ Q: 105 for the #88 The Caution should have been thrown. If NASCAR continues do this, they will lose this fan. And I have done it before. I stopped once and I will again. I just saw the replay. There was debris that went up the track. Everybody saw it. The #31 went 360 degrees around and that ALWAYS brings a caution.

A: still a great race


A: Cup Series qualifying 7 p.m. ET Thursday Live on Speed channel

how much did the winner of the coca cola 600 make yesturday? by gera_vida Q:

A: two litro bottles of coke and a six pack of sprite.

Is T. Stewart & R. Gordon racing BOTH the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 next weekend? by Bethany Q: I know they are for sure racing the 600, but what about the Indy 500? I heard they were racing BOTH.

A: No, it's not possible now since they moved the start time for Indy up an hour, making it impossible for them to get back to Charlotte in time for the 600. What you don't think Penske, would'nt kill for Hornish to be able to pull it off as well.

Who won the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte last night? by Q: I fell asleep due to lack of excitement

A: Uhh........ lets see I think it was Uhh....... the #2 Kurt Bush ?

Where can I find the cheapest Coca Cola 600 tickets? by Ben S Q:

A: http://lowesmotorspeedway.com Packages for all the events are $89 All you can eat and drink tickets are $69 And regular tickets are $39 (All are the base price- better seats cost more!)

who do you think will win the Coca-Cola 600 tonight? by Q: I have a bet on this but don't actually know anything about Nascar

What is the Coca Cola 600 50th Anniversary, trophy worth to some of the NASCAR drivers? by fluffy Q: They did a great job on building the Coca Cola 600 50th Anniversay trophy. 225 pounds with all the past winners names on it, and it's a nice looking trophy. The pride of having that sit in your house would have to be worth quite a bit to some of those drivers. I think it would be enough to make the competition even more heated for the 600. Kasey Kahne looked like he wanted it. I wonder it they're going to get the crew to hoist it up in the air for the winner. There's going to be a battle on the track for that baby. it too yahoo since before the race yesterday (monday morning) to post this question

A: I'm sure there were a lot of drivers who wanted that trophy too bad the race was affected by rain it was going to be a good one

Sprint All-Star or Coca Cola 600? by phunckie Q: What is the better race, the Sprint All-Star Race or the Coca Cola 600?

A: The All Star race is usually more exciting, but the Coke 600 is more racing for your buck. I usually go to both though, Since Charlotte is only a 4.5-5 hour drive. If I had to pick one, I'd go with the 600 though. If you're flying in or driving half way across the country you'll want to see a race that lasts more than 90 minutes.

Coca Cola 600 directions? by Q: I'm going to the Coca Cola 600 on Sunday and I live in Fort Mill off of Doby's Bridge. My mother in law wants to take the lightrail. ugh! So I am on the website trying to figure out what time we need to be there and when it leaves and where it takes you then we would have to take a bus the rest of the way. And what time that bus leave and so on. We need to be at the track at 5:45. Please can anyone help me with this. I need so good directions and information as I am totally lost while in Charlotte. Thanks in advance. :) Thanks everyone! I said we need to be there by 5:45, I plan to be there way earlier. My mother in law wants to take the lightrail, I do not. She can take the lightrail and I'm gonna drive myself. Thanks again!

A: I don't believe there's access anywhere near the track. Your best bet is to get in line and drive to the track. You need to get to the track about 1 oclock if you want to come even close to enjoying everything there. If you only want to show up and go to your seat, then you need to be there about 4 oclock at the latest or you'll miss one of the best prerace shows in Nascar. You only need to get within 4 miles of the track. By then, you'll know where to go because the traffic will be nuts, always is in Concord.

Who will win the Monaco GP, Indy 500, and the Coca Cola 600? by Q: 3 big races in one day. Who are your predictions to who will win these races?

Which drivers have driven both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 in the same year? by Jivo Q: Which ones actually completed all 1100 miles?

A: In 1995 John Andretti finished 6th in the indy and got a DNF in the 600. In 1999 Tony Stewart finished 9th in indy and 4th in the 600, I think. Maybe it was the other way around. In 2000 Robby Gordon finished 6th in indy and got a DNF in the 600. In 2001 Tony Stewart finished 6th in the indy and 3rd in the 600, completing all 1100 miles.

Coca-Cola 600? by Katy L Q: Have tickets for turn 1 @ Coca-cola 600 this coming weekend in Charlotte. Have never been there before. Any pointers on parking and getting in and out of the traffic and the speedway? How early should we be there? Any tips helpful! Thanks

A: Katy, this is what I like to do. Park down by Hooters off the side of the road. Exit 49 off of 85. It's about a 1.5 mile hike to the track, but at the end of the race, you walk back, jump in your car and within 10 mins your back on 85. I normally go to Hooters, eat have a few beers, then make my way through the parking lots finding who is having a good time and join in. It's a ball and you'll love the seats.

Coca-Cola 600 picks? by Shane F Q: Alright let's see your Coca-Cola 600 picks. I'm going to stay neutral even though I would put my money on the same guy every race. Whoever picks the right driver gets picked as best answer. If the same driver is picked multiple times, I guess I'll just see who words it the best.

A: Jeff Gordon.

Whose car wont make the full 600 miles in the Coca Cola 600? by fluffy Q: BonusQuestion: do you think madame lynn wouldn't be such a snarf if she had a boyfriend? suggested category: Family planning/Trauma and psychosis/Snarf

A: Lynn is a good girl. Not many folks around are any better nor that inquisitive. Internet cliques are for people with no outside life. I preach it as I see it. The biggest pet peeve of mine is political correctness. I know for a fact there are a few people around here that say what they say to be accepted. . Ya'all need a chill pill. Oh well! I'll go with Casey Mears. He still sucks! Have a good one Fluff.

Is Bill Elliott racing in the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte Sunday? by Rick31 Q: I heard him say that he would run 12 races in the #21 this year, and I would think this is one of the big races. I could not find an entry list on NASCAR.com

A: Yes, Bill Elliot is on the entry list for the Coca Cola 600.

Anybody with a youtube account can u please put a video of the whole 2008 Coca Cola 600 part by part? by Q: I wanted to see wat happened in the race

A: youtube has a limit on the size of vids.

How many miles would I have to drive from St. Paul, MN, to get to the Coca-Cola 600? by fluffy Q:

A: Approximately 1200 miles if you travel at 65 mph you can make it in around 20 hours. buckle up and get going dude!

Anyone Else excited for the Coca Cola 600 tomorrow night? by unknownguyage19:( Q: GO Jeff Gorgon! Ooops! It is on Sunday night. When I think night race, I'm thinking Saturday.

A: I hear ya, Saturday, Sunday, Wednsday, whenever, Im real ready for the Coca Cola 600!!!!!!!!

Who is going to win this years Coca-Cola 600? by JD Q: I have picked a couple of drivers but i want some of your guys' opinion. Thanks.

A: I'd have to say Kyle and Carl because they have running great but Jimmie Johnson has to be considered as well. It is still Lowe's Motor Speedway and Jimmie's record speaks for itself. The thing to remember with the 600 is it can easily come down to a fuel mileage or pit strategy race and a lot of drivers have gotten their first win there. A lot of times the best car doesn't win that race and it can be a crap shoot. 3 STR8 N 08!!!

What happened to Ryan Newman in the Coca Cola 600 yesterday? by cleveman70 Q: He was doing well, I walked away from the TV for 5 minutes. Next thing I know he was out. Did he crash? Did someone wreck him?

A: his fourth piston went out and hewas running good until then and Kurt b motor just went bye bye

Are you going to watch the Coca Cola 600 this weekend? by fluffy Q: or are you going to record it because you have other plans? suggested category : Food & Drink > Non-Alcoholic Drinks > Captain Morgans Robbie, maybe Rocket will let you come over and pull taffee with her. Unless that's the night you have to give your grandmother a sponge bath : (

A: Gonna be at the cabin. Gonna be watchin' the race fo' sho'.

To all racing fans,which are you looking foward to the most: the Indy 500, Coca-Cola 600, or the Monaco GP? by Derek the awesome Q: I'm asking this in all three major auto racing categories(F1,IRL,and Nascar).Personally I think all three will be great and hopefully I can watch all 3 on sunday. Please give me your opinion!

A: I was planning on asking a question similar to this one, but asking what they were going to watch. AS for me, I'm going to watch all of those. The Coke 600 is probably my favorite (of the choices available). Lots of passing, and a long endurance race!! As for the rest of my Memorial Day weekend.....I plan to go to Farmer City on Friday night for some UMP Late Models, Modifieds, and Sportsman action. Saturday is NASCAR Nationwide series on TV, followed by a trip to Macon Speedway for more UMP LM's. Mods, and sportsman. Sunday, I almost could run to Indy to catch the race, and be home in time for the 600, but if I do that, I'd miss Monaco, so, I'll stay home and watch all 3 on TV. Monday, it's back to Macon for NASCAR night. Kenny Wallace, Ken Schrader, and Kevin Harvick are slated to be there. Tuesday is NTPA Tractor Pulling on RFD-TV. Looks like I'll have a busy (extended) weekend!!!

What Channels will be playing the coca cola 600 and indianapolis 500? by Q:

A: Indianapolis 500 - ABC Coca-Cola 600 - FOX Been that way for years.

What time does the Coca-Cola 600 start? by Bully Q:

A: Green flag waves at 5:48. TV coverage on FOX begins at 5:00 pm.

Did NASCAR Ban Drivers from Driving in BOTH the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 on the same day? by Eich (#14 - Stewart Haas Racing) Q: know it all, Thanks. That makes sense! know it all, Thanks. That makes sense! Scott Johnson, The reason I am asking is because Tony Stewart did it one year, if I'm remembering correctly. Nascar wasn't very happy he did it because he missed the drivers meeting. Just wondering on my part. Jedi, Thanks.

A: no, the IRL just moved the start time of the indy 500 up from noon to 1PM, so now the logistics make it impossible for someone to run both

How any drivers won the All Star Showdown, the All Star and the Coca Cola 600 in the same year? by Q:

A: None. Closest is Kasey kahne who won the fan vote, won the all star race, and then won the coke 600 in 2008.

How come they had to keep push starting Jimmie Johnsons car at the Coca Cola 600? by fluffy Q: did they ever say what was wrong with it?

A: I'm sure it was due to all the rain and moisture. Kyle Busch also had a problem that they figured was due to the rain. Kyle said he was smelling electrical smoke and everyone came to the conclusion that some water probably caused that as well.

When I switched from the Indy 500 to the Coca Cola 600 why did my IQ go down? by ncjay08 Q: I enjoy Nascar and all forms of racing, but I swear I felt myself becoming less intelligent while the Nascar race was on. I have never noticed this before. Is it just me or is there a reason for this occurrence?

A: No it's just you, it probably has been going on for a while and you didn't notice.

What are the odds of Dodge winning in NASCAR in the Coca Cola 600? by fluffy Q: since their outnumbered by 10:1 and they have to race against HMS and JGR and stuff like that? *serious replies only* yeah right!

A: If Kurt can over take Ryan and stay out in clear air I am saying the odds are pretty darn good. More like the race would be 9:1 for 2nd.

How do you think the Coca-Cola 600 will turnout? by A.J. 96 Q: I think it will be pretty interesting this year becuz it was last year. I think we're gonna have a lot of cautions just like last I wonder if they'll break the record again.Tell me do you think this is the most brutal race of the year or what? N-E-1 got any other races that also are?

A: Numbers don't like. Jimmie Johnson is stellar at Lowe's Motor Speedway. He has won the last 4 points races there, and added the All-Star race to his resume Saturday night. This is his track, and he is the man to beat. If he doesn't get caught up in a wreck or have some mechanical issue with his car, he will win the race. I do think that the new surface will cause problems for many of the teams, as was evident in the Nextel Open and the All-star race Saturday night. I don't think their will be as many cautions as there was last year. Goodyear has brought a tire to the race that is harder than anything the drivers have ever run before, and it seems to have alleviated most of the problems the cars might have on the new surface. And on a side note, to the person who tells us to turn to Superbike or F1 for "real" racing, please don't make unfounded unintelligent comments on something you know nothing about. Last time I checked, F1 was dominated by only those teams willing to put hundreds of millions of dollars into their cars and programs. You can have a guy with all the talent in the world who simply can't compete b/c he isn't backed sufficiently in regard to his finances. There is so much more competitiveness involved in NASCAR when you factor in the finite mechanical aspects of the car. And if F1 is so superior to NASCAR, then why can't a road course specialist (F1 or Indy car drivers) outrun NASCAR regulars on road courses such as Infineon or Watkins Glenn and win those races as a handful of such drivers attempt to do on both tracks each time NASCAR runs there?

Is anyone going to try to watch the entire Coca-Cola 600 without doing anything else? by Colonel Reb Q: The only recommended category out of racing Yahoo gave me was Formula 1. What the heck is up with that? It's the longest race of the year. So I wondered if anyone would sit down and watch the whole thing. I have to admit, unless it's constant excitement I won't be one of those people. I'll more than likely have it on the whole time but I won't be actively watching it. Yahoo has mysteriously flipped my details and additional comments. Well looks like with the rain delay people's plans are going to be changed.

A: Yes and I'm not even going to pee !! No coffee or Pepsi lol.

Does anyone want to buy Nascar Coca Cola 600 tickets? by Brandy Q: I have a pair of tickets to the race. I bought them for my husband for his birthday, and now our twins are in the hospital so we can't go. I can't find anywhere to get rid of them. They are great seats. Email me if you are interested.

A: No... sorry ! Maybe a friend can sell them at the track for you guys? Happy Birthday to the hubby....

What car will Dale Jr drive in the Coca-Cola 600? by dbarr_1966 Q: Does anyone know where I can find out which car (Amp or National Guard) Dale Jr. will be driving at Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600 on May 25?

A: #88 UNOFFICIAL 2008 sponsor schedule Feb 9 Bud Shootout/Daytona, National Guard Feb 17 Daytona - AMP Energy Drink Feb 24 California - AMP Energy Drink Mar 2 Las Vegas, National Guard Mar 9 Atlanta - AMP Energy Drink Mar 16 Bristol, National Guard Mar 30 Martinsville - AMP Energy Drink Apr 6 Texas, National Guard Apr 12 Phoenix, National Guard Apr 27 Talladega - AMP Energy Drink May 3 Richmond, National Guard May 10 Darlington - AMP Energy Drink May 17 All-Star Challenge, LMS - Combo of AMP and National Guard May 25 Charlotte, National Guard Jun 1 Dover - AMP Energy Drink Jun 8 Pocono, National Guard Jun 15 Michigan - AMP Energy Drink Jun 22 Infineon - AMP Energy Drink Jun 29 New Hampshire, National Guard Jul 5 Daytona, National Guard Jul 12 Chicagoland - AMP Energy Drink Jul 27 Indianapolis, National Guard Aug 3 Pocono - AMP Energy Drink Aug 10 Watkins Glen, National Guard Aug 17 Michigan, National Guard Aug 23 Bristol - AMP Energy Drink Aug 31 California - AMP Energy Drink Sep 6 Richmond - AMP Energy Drink Sep 14 New Hampshire - AMP Energy Drink Sep 21 Dover, National Guard Sep 28 Kansas, National Guard Oct 5 Talladega - AMP Energy Drink Oct 11 Charlotte - AMP Energy Drink Oct 19 Martinsville - AMP Energy Drink Oct 26 Atlanta, National Guard Nov 2 Texas - AMP Energy Drink Nov 9 Phoenix - AMP Energy Drink Nov 16 Homestead, National Guard

Trying to find a part of this years Coca Cola 600 from Lowe's Motor Speedway? by rsukkrtl i Q: Where can you watch/get a copy of this years Coca Cola 600? I am trying to find Greg Biffle's interview with Dick Bergren before the start of the race.

A: The coke 600 will be re- aired on Speed channel wed noon.

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