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mihstephanie Festa ontem do CNA haha mt daora *-*

NatAlejandrino RT @SGnews: [CNA] S'pore Muslims renew commitment to strengthen families http://t.co/o7yltY5U

michaels_scott Miss Connie, HHA Hero of the Year 2008 http://t.co/VWhWwgCR #HHA #CNA

Miti_Vigliero RT @primocanale: Alluvione Genova: alle imprese danni per 40 milioni di euro: Massimo Giacchetta, presidente del CNA provinciale ... http://t.co/pWa2NGEH

Roo_sieg Me senti uma aberração fazendo meu dever do #CNA outro dia, descobri que eu sabia coisas que eu não fazia ideia que sabia rs

DrCaimaL se pá vou ir no CNA segunda pra fazer uma prova.

primocanale Alluvione Genova: alle imprese danni per 40 milioni di euro: Massimo Giacchetta, presidente del CNA provinciale ... http://t.co/pWa2NGEH

Saditty_Rae RT @MadeaSimons: fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem, yuo aer smrat. rtewete fi yuo aer smrat.

SiIstanAko puro BAKLA pla guests sa GGV. cna Erik Santos, Christian Bautista at ung Khalil na wla nmang talent na nkapasok sa top 3 ng PGT.haha. :DD

EricaMaritn7700 CNA amanhã *------* it's been a long time!

SnapplesIsFresh RT @24_7_Jokes: RT @WeThinkEpic: Yuo konw yuo aer smrat, fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem. rtewete fi yuo aer smrat eonugh...

knx_hea_jobs Check out our job opening for a RN SUPERVISOR- LPN CNA RCA in Knoxville, TN! NHC Farragut #Jobs http://t.co/jSjtXcUj

mingitu If yuo cna rdae tihs. Im tderi of Diogn wtah eryevoen tlsle me to do, tenh mensisg up adn fenelig bda aubot it.

awreqahPgo_ @_nabilahidris eh, sdh.. kaliah! :p haha. sedih? mm, pasal rindu.. kau lah! :( eseh, aku rindu ghazi~ cna kau tau, aku sedih? ikt sedih? :(

FallenAngel4398 RT @RelatableQuote: fi yuo cna raed tihs whit no porlbem, yuo aer smrat. rtewete fi yuo aer smrat.


How much does a CNA make per hour in a hospital? by Jduke Q: I am thinking about taking a dual credit class while in high school that will make me a cna, and I plan on eventually becoming an RN. I was just wondering what exactly a cna does and how much they get paid.

A: a CNA is limited to what he/she can do but their duties are to take Taking a patient's vital signs,clean patient's room,a CNA will help patients into the bathroom and make sure they are safe before leaving them. CNA also help the patient with daily walks to promote good health and recovery of a patient, CNAs also assist patients with daily hygiene,and CNA also help patients feed themselves and they usually make around $10-12 dollars an hour

Where to find CNA jobs in Houston for someone with a certification but no experience? by M S Q: My girlfriend has now called 5 different companies and every single one demands one year experience and not just a CNA certification. Several have already called back and said "please call us back as soon as you get more experience". Where can my girlfriend find CNA jobs and/or internships that do not require one year experience?

A: She might want to try getting in using nursing homes and home health care agencies just search them on the internet and go from there. These places usually have high turnovers and are easier to get into and get that one year she needs while waiting for the truly prosperous jobs. Good luck!

What is the difference between a cna and a certified patient care assistant? by natesgurl2117 Q: Are they the same thing or do I need to be a cna before I can be a pca(patient care assistant)? I live in Ohio, if that matters. Please give me any information you can.

A: i am assuming that both cna and pca are they same thing . i just got a job as a pca in louisville ky and thats was one of the requirements... must have cna exprience but i don't. what it was i have gone to school to be a clinical assistant and i still got hired. to be honest, there is not BIG difference between medical assistant, clinical assistant, PCA, or CNA. they are all pretty much the same except each one can do more than the other or get paid more than the other. but to answer your question specifically... PCA and CNA are pretty much the same but depending on who you are going to be working for and what kind of medical background u you have cause in some cases, you do have to be a CNAb4 becoming a PCA. u get me alittle bit? i kno i may be confusing but i hope this helps at least a little.

What can a CNA do in the pediatric unit in a hospital? by Suzie Q: I am just finishing up my CNA and am really interested in pediatrics. Can anyone who is a RN or equivelant help. I really want to know what kind of things a CNA does with the kids. I have seen some stuff but its all been in the other sections of the hospital. I want to know more about the pediatric unit. Please help.

A: A CNA is basically a second hand to LVN's and RN's. A CNA can transport patients from room to procedures, take blood pressure, help bathe patients, help patients who have limited movement ( getting them in and out of bed to use the restroom), help in the physical care of paitents ( helping the RN turn them so they don't get bed sores). CNA is a helpful support system for a patients overall care in a hospital. In most hospitals there are teams: RN, LVN, CNA as well as a Respiratory Therapist, or any other specialist needed to help the patient get better. CNA is a valuable person to have in a hospital.

What job duties are involved in being a CNA in a hospital rather than a nursing home? by Christy Q: I am currently working in a nursing home as a CNA. I have the opportunity of switching to work in the hospital as a CNA. I am wondering what differences there will be, will it be any more difficult and what are the job duties in the hospital day to day?

A: Personally, I would switch so fast! As for the differences, that depends on where you work, what departments and what hours. I worked as a CNA while going to nursing school. I worked in a lot of different departments in the hospital. That is a large part of what I loved. In the hospital you do a lot more taking of vital signs- most departments do them q 4 hours. In the nursery you spend most of your time feeding babies. You will spend a lot more time running errands, doing paperwork, etc. But, in many, if not most, hospital settings you will do a lot less of one thing, personal care (i.e., baths, bed changes, bedpans, etc.) A lot of it will just depend on which department you are working in. Also, in a lot of hospitals you will need to be flexible. They will need to be able to "float" you to other departments as needed, so you get some variety. At my hospital, they get 50-75 times as many applicants as they have openings for CNAs. And about the turnover is quite low. I work with one lady who has been there for over 25 years! The single largest reason CNAs leave - they become nurses!

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a CNA and why do CNA's find jobs faster? by Matter F Q: A medical Assistant goes to school for 14 months and a CNA goes to school for 6 weeks. But CNA's get all the jobs.

A: I am going to school now to become a medical assistant. MAs usually work in doctors' offices and clinics but can also work in hospitals. As a MA you work right under the doctor. You are able to give injections and draw blood. You can do EKGs and vitals. CNAs are nursing assistants, you usually work in hospitals and nursing homes. You can deliver and pick up food trays, clean up messes, change beds. You don't really have any medical training. CNAs usually get jobs quicker because there is such a high turn over rate, a lot go on and become MAs, LPNs, or RNs. Good luck to you if you chose this type of work.

How do I change my cna from Minnesota to California? by Chelsey S Q: I would like to switch my cna from Minnesota to California. I'm planning on moving to California and would like to be able to continue using my cna.

A: If you already are Licensed, Certified, Registered or State Approved in your own State and want to move to another state, you will need to request reciprocity. This means that you are asking the new state to recognize the approval you received from your home state. Contact the State registry in your home state and request a "Application for Enrollment By Reciprocity". Ask them if you should send the completed form to them or to the state to which you are moving.

How to be accepted into a CNA training class at a nursing home? by Crystal Sunshine Q: I want to be a CNA and a local nursing home offers training classes. A friend applied and didn't get accepted for classes. What are the instructors or CNA themselves looking for when one is applying to be accepted into a CNA training program at a local nursing home?

A: Home working is usually a bit tricky because there are so many rogues who are out to cheat you. I have been working from home recently, I uncovered some brilliant guidance on the website in the box below, now I make a living from Google alone!!

CNA??? :(............? by Q: i have had a terrible time looking for jobs in my area. the restaurants and businesses are not hiring, so i have gotten a CNA job, and the nursing home is giving me a class to recieve the CNA, for free. i was very excited, but today realized i will have to wash old man's little balls, etc. so how am i supposed to deal with this? help? everything except that seems fine to me. i'm a great caring person, but...

A: it is part of the job there is nothing personal about it......... you will be providing care for those who need it the most. you will tell stories, read, laugh and cry with the residents. you will work extremely hard for little pay and some days little thanks.......... you will learn about unconditional love and history from those who lived it........ you have chosen a difficult but extremely rewarding job if you can do it. washing some "old man's little balls, etc." is such a small part of the job. good luck, realize just how important this job is........

cna??????? by AshleyV Q: how old do you have to be a CNA? i heard somewhere you can become a CNA in high school

A: I am a CNA, and the age in FL is 18. In most states you have to pass a written and clinical exam, and in most states it is pretty tough. If I hadn't gone to school for it I don't think I would have made it. If you are still in high school, you might want to consider being a caregiver. Try home health care agencies, they often want someone to be a sitter, companion, caregiver.

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