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healthandfitne3 Bodybuilding Revealed : Muscle Building Club http://t.co/XFbNamaK

naiad7 @DeputyMitchell I like wikispaces for this and recently set up a wiki for our archery club

Spq96cp NEW: Club Penguin New Coloring Page - http://t.co/iN1KGnfT

MRNOMEE RT @Bustamove10: Come party with me each and every Thursday right her at club elite with tob leggo

mameiplus 楽して稼いでいいのです。そして、楽して稼ぐ方法は存在するのです。⇒ http://t.co/ri8m0N1M

cstadlso 楽天、楽天トラベル、ヤフーショッピング、Amazonの合計4ASPに対応した、プロ並のサイトを作れる夢のツールです。⇒ http://t.co/kuC9Jr3V

adamandia_ Who the hell drinks red wine at a club? Not a bottle. Just the cheapest glass available. #livetweetingatwork

CJ_RENEE @Brian_Bee join the club

otodamaheadline 【Cha3Club】本条 お昼ご飯: 今日のお昼ご飯はコレッ!! たこ焼き でも、たこは入ってなくて、お餅入り “お餅焼き” ?? たこ焼き屋さんを見たら、食べたくなって 作りました('-^*)/ ソースとかつけて... http://t.co/gD34M7tJ

kim_lovelace18 Just got in the house from the club it's was str8 tonight

DJJohnnyMambo Why am I still playin music for a drunk club owner!!! I'm gonna slip in a mixtape and bounce out the back door...

PeterC72 RT @celticrumours: "A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and the unemployed." 6th Nov 1887 #Celtic

SAL_akira RT @rootthumm_nuxx: 【超RT★】11/23(祝)@club vijon『TECHROCK FINAL』 [ACT]AFRICAEMO/Paraele Stripes/SAL/uchuu,/nuxx/√thumm [DJ]サカグチマナブ/TAKAYUKi 詳細→http://t.co/yqUxROZh

msamandaaa_wtb I loveeee the weekends, that's when all the hoodrats and bad mothers come to get a different hairstyle to rock at the club, every weekend!!

HAWKINSHARRY94 @MelbourneHeart where is the club shop located?


What club should i use to start my Fifa 08 manager mode? by PMcD Q: i don't wan to be a hugh club like Man U but i also don't want to be a tiny club with bad players. I want to be a decent team with a good amount of money.

A: Take Reading-31/2 star + around 20 million pounds. There are many clubs,depends on what you prefer. Try even Man City or Bolton.

What kind of club should I use when I go Clubbing baby Seals next weekend? by Aspire to greatness Q: Im going to visit friends in Northern Canada and were going to go on a seal clubbing expidition and I'm not sure which kind of club I should get for this. Any suggestions?

A: Fight Club

What club in Moscow had live alligators under the glass dance floor? by Michelle Q: I read this on the internet in a guide and review of Moscow's clubs but it didn't actually say which club exactly. Does anyone know? And is this still going on? If you have a reference that would be great too. Thanks.

A: Such a night club exists. I found a link which entails some information, but exact location is unspecified.

What type of club should I start at my High School? by anonymous Q: I want to start a club that would be appealing to students to join. We already have: Key Club (service club) INTERACT! (service club) Save Darfur Club Urban Arts Club School Spirit Club I want to start a club at my school!

A: tennis club sports club. science club. chess club.

How can I differentiate a photography club from an art club? by gummyworldlover Q: I am eager to make a photography club at my school however are school is really picky about starting clubs. If i go to them I know they we already state that we have a n art club so I should join that club. However the art club deals with more paintings and drawings rather than photography and film. How can I differentiate the two when going to administration?

A: I've been thinking about your question and here's my take on it. Photography is a type of art, however, photography also has a close relationship with science. Specifically light and optics. If you can't convince them that photography isn't distinguished enough from art, perhaps you could convince them that photography is science. Here are some differences between art and photography that may help you. Photography is science based (light and optics). Art is different. Not knowing the chemical composition of your paint won't prohibit you from making a great painting. Art is subjective while photography is (at least partially) objective. What I mean by this is that there are rules and guidelines (i.e. rule of thirds) about photography that make photos not just a matter of opinion. Photos can be technically correct or incorrect. That's all I've got. I really hope you are successful in starting your club. Good Luck!

What to do during a club based on religious discussions and debate? by a;sldkfj Q: My friend and I are thinking of making a new club (yet to be named) at our high school. It will be a religious discussions club, and we were trying to think of ways to make our club thoughtful and fun, while being a little serious (because religion is a serious topic)-- butnot too serious to cause serious, serious debates among the members. However, we could not think of any good ideas, so I was wondering if any of you had creative, thought-provoking activities we could do in our club. What should we do during the club (what activities, how should we organize what we do each week, etc.)? HELP PLEASE.

A: I personally find debates fun and that's what I would expect out of a religion club (I'm an atheist). A good idea for less serious yet more thought provoking debating is to pick an issue and have people choose sides, then each side has to defend the opposite position that they chose, obviously at next week's meeting to have time to prepare. Those kinds of things can be very interesting and force people to think about other points of view. You could do a whole variety of topics with that idea and possibly get some interesting results. You could potentially get members or maybe teachers who would be interested to do short lectures on a religious topic that interests them which could spark discussion (virgin birth, original sin, magnets if you have Mormons, whatever). You know basically every religion related topic will be a serious debate starter (just look at the questions asked here), so I say let the debates happen. It would probably be helpful if you had a teacher as a moderate to keep things under control, that or you would need a clear leader for discussion who people would be willing to listen to.

What strip club is the best place to do amateur night in Los Angeles? by Koko Q: I am looking for a club that let's amateurs do a couple sets on stage and give private dancers. Any have any experience in the LA strip club scene? Advice on which clubs have the best amateur nights?

A: Here is a list of clubs. You should go down the list and see which one is close to you.

What kind of club should I start in my school? by Miranda Q: I want to start a club in my school, but the school basically has ALL of the clubs you can think of. It has newspapers, debate team, many sports clubs, culture clubs, and even things like artistic beads club and harry potter club and the anime club...Any new, interesting ideas that I should consider?

A: fashion club or like radio or something

Club?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Tamara Q: Can I get a ride to the club? I live in shawtyville! HEYYYYYYYYYYY!

A: Yeah, I'll take you. ^_^

club???????? by ♥♥TinaThat...ME♥♥ Q: Im a christian would going to a club be a non-christian thing to do?

A: revelling (out of control partying) is a problem, but just dancing is okay. but when you start drinking, copulating, etc...therein lies the problem

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