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Clint eastwood

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RoohAcyolle Photoset: Joe & Nick Jonas (LACMA Art + Film Gala honoring Clint Eastwood & John Baldessari presented by... http://t.co/ruGlKStT

esker3 RT @rzrachelzoe: @LACMA event tonight was perfection! Stevie Wonder to end a night of Clint Eastwood and Leonardo D. In a stunning setting was beyond! XoRZ

Celebrity_newsn Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood! http://t.co/r69UA9kg

sandrabullocla Sandra Bullock May Star Alongside Clint Eastwood In Trouble With The Curve - Cinema Blend

iAmYayanCruz Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood! (Just Jared) http://t.co/G8UIhIEZ

Kali_Umanti Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood!: Zac Efron suits up on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gal... http://t.co/mN6YnOXR

fermin771009 RT @zoesaldana: Honoring the amazing & talented Clint Eastwood tonight at the @LACMA Art & Film Gala - ZS

sagall Buenos días! Vamos a por el domingo! ;-) RT @Frases_De_Cine_ "El mañana no está asegurado para nadie" ~ Clint Eastwood (Poder absoluto)

shirt125 [email protected]: Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood!: Zac Efron suits up on the red carpet at the… http://t.co/ZHJGFZbR” he IS hot..

shelshebrown RT @JustJared: Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood!: Zac Efron suits up on the red carpet at the… http://t.co/62X1kaDb

Lylaeuw Clint Eastwood - Hero (Absolute Power / Heartbreak Ridge / A Perfect World): Whether your hero comes as a ex-con... http://t.co/sdzccfKU

zanessaetal8 RT @CelebSightings: RIGHT NOW: Zac Efron chats at Clint Eastwood gala. Reese Witherspoon, Leo Dicaprio, Uma Thurman http://t.co/iWkm5iyR

zanessaetal8 RT @ZacEfron_News: The event that Zac is attending is the LACMA Art + Film Gala Honoring Clint Eastwood And John Baldessari Presented By Gucci

PatriciaJ_Smith Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood!: Zac Efron suits up on the red carpet at the LACMA Art + Film Gal... http://t.co/LgkoVJjP

LinniNewman Zac Efron: LACMA Gala to Honor Clint Eastwood! http://t.co/TY6HNBhW


What is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie? by Ringo Fan (Over 40 in America) Q: I have several Clint Eastwood movies in my collection. Magnum Force. The Enforcer.Bloodwork. I got the Bridges of Madison County because my ex wife liked it but it is disappointing to see an entire movie with Clint not killing anyone. Go ahead, punk What is your favorite Clint Eastwood movie?

A: Unforgiven was a great movie.

What do you think of Clint Eastwood doing one last western? by Tony Q: You think he can pull it off? it would be great to see a great last one just for good ol time sakes... Like a story of an old man that people can disrespect but yet he is the best gunslinger that ever lived...idk something related to it...If he did a last movie, What do you think would make a great story using the great Clint Eastwood?

A: your idea souds pretty bomb........although it's kind of a cliche story to have someone disrespected and under show everyone....but if i wanted to watch another western it would be what you described.... however, i am also afraid that a movie like that might damage his reputation if it doesn't turn out great despite high expectations.

What is the perfect name for a Clint Eastwood based cereal? by Trey Q: I am creating a cereal advertising campaign for a class, my cereal is centered around Clint Eastwood, I need a snappy title.

A: The Cereal With No Name? The Good, the Bad, and the Crunchy? Fistful of Wheaties?

Which hollywood actress had a famous quote on the style of Clint Eastwood's direction by comparing him? by Alisha B Q: Its about Clint eastwood's state of mind.The actress compared him to a pregnant lady for Clint is ecstatic when he conceives the story and starts directing.At a later stage Clint just wants to finish his movie .Please tell me the exact quote and which actress said it and when?

A: emma watson said im the best yell

What kind of cigar did clint eastwood smoke in a fist? by Nathan Q: What kind of cigar did clint eastwood smoke in a fistful of dollars? Can one still be purchased?

A: Its just a cheroot and they are still available

What are the best Clint Eastwood movies about the wild west? by firas1994 Q: I never saw any of Clint Eastwood's movies about the wild west, so what are the best ones that I should watch?

A: Unforgiven Two Mules for Sister Sara High Plaines Drifter The Outlaw Josie Wales

What was the Clint Eastwood movie where he's rescued by a group of school girls and is accidentally poisoned? by Sarah Q: My husband is looking for this movie where (it's around revolutionary war times) and Clint Eastwood is wounded, and rescued by a group of young girls who try to save him, but in the end one accidentally poisons him with poisonous mushrooms. Anyone heard of it?

A: "The Beguiled"(1971) It's during the US Civil War. PLOT SUMMARY:"During the civil war, injured Yankee soldier, John McBurney is rescued on the verge of death by a teenage girl from a southern boarding school. She manages to get him back to the school, and at first the all-female staff and pupils are scared. As he starts to recover, one by one he charms them and the atmosphere becomes filled with jealousy and deceit."

What kind of hat does Clint Eastwood wear in the Man with No Name Trilogy? by Aphelion05 Q: I'd like to know what specifically they call the styling of hat that Clint Eastwood wears as the Man with No Name in all three of the Sergio Leone classics. A search of "Cowboy Hat" doesn't really help.

A: Its literally called a cowboy hat but its unofficially called a Stetson, referring to the famous manufacturer. Its also been called the "Boss of the Plains"

Clint Eastwood? by aerosmith4ever1963 Q: What is best movie directed by Clint Eastwood my pick would be Million Dollar Baby or Unforgiven! Also pick your favorite Eastwood movie mine is The Outlaw Josey Wales and Dirty Harry!

A: Unforgiven... his best and my favorite.

clint eastwood? by tom5251972 Q: i like clint eastwood too. which of his movies was the best. i really liked dirty harry and a fist full of dollars.

A: Dirty Harry was one of my favorites!!!

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