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Cliff lee

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TJWoodkey RT @WoodenKey: Lamike and DAT >>>>>> "@daveuscfan: Marquise Lee & Robert Woods > Cliff Harris"

SportsRogerM Cliff Lee Made the Right Choice http://t.co/izA70bKG #Sports

NYST_Nick IBN had the Russell Martin signing, Cliff Lee not going to the Yankees, Brad Richards to the Rangers & more. #IncarceratedBobIBNFam

dimenorsk8 o kirk se sente culpado pela morte do cliff lee até hoje .

Ubirajara_Jr66 Eu disse que arrumaria uma frase... "And in spirit in our hearts, Mr. Cliff Lee Burton" - James Hetfield

Ubirajara_Jr66 "And in spirit in our hearts, Mr. Cliff Lee Burton" - James Hetfield

WoodenKey Lamike and DAT >>>>>> "@daveuscfan: Marquise Lee & Robert Woods > Cliff Harris"

daveuscfan Marquise Lee & Robert Woods > Cliff Harris

T_CONTSU Lee van Cliff - It Ave Fi Cork! ( Channel One 1982 ) http://t.co/aDEDvN9l

RJBPHILLY So Philly has managed to bring back AI, Jim Thome, Cliff Lee, etc, etc.

johnnydough_ [email protected]_: @PDC_Prizzy @johnnydough_ Cliff Lee we dun pitched threw da whole game! Word 2 my bro Johnny dido Propaine”

JBBookworm @xochristinaxo @FrankKlose Phillies sign Cliff Lee! oh wait ...

Callowhill_Hak RT @calliflo_: @PDC_Prizzy @johnnydough_ Cliff Lee we dun pitched threw da whole game! Word 2 my bro Johnny dido Propaine

calliflo_ @PDC_Prizzy @johnnydough_ Cliff Lee we dun pitched threw da whole game! Word 2 my bro Johnny dido Propaine

MikeAScotto Jim Thome is the latest player to reunite with the #Phillies a la Cliff Lee.


Are the Phillies kicking themselves for letting Cliff Lee go? by MARSHALL Q: I know Cliff Lee was having a some trouble recently, but you have to believe that he's the kind of pitcher who can be overwhelmingly dominating in the playoffs. He proved it a few days ago against the Yankees. I think the Phillies could have afforded both Lee and Halladay.

A: Oh definitely! You can never have enough pitching much less of the Cliff Lee caliber.

Should the Mets trade for cliff lee or roy oswalt and what batter should they trade for? by Mets Rule Q: Plz also put how much better it would make the Mets. I was thinking that they should trade for Abury Huff. I looked at cliff lee stats and it showed that he only had one amazing season and sucked the rest of the seasons.

A: I would think they should get Cliff Lee, he did have a Cy Young season last year, and he had a slow start this year, but perhaps if he moved to the NL, he would do a heck of a lot better. Then I think they should trade for Adam Dunn or Matt Holliday. Other than David Wright, the Mets have absolutely no one right now. When and if Reyes gets back, he will do decent, but I think they should go after dunn or holliday, or heck even Juan Pierre, he deserves a starting spot.

How many World Series rings does Cliff Lee have? by Kave Dast Q: With the great Cliff Lee being in the news as of late and talking smack about the Yankees I was wondering how many rings he has? You know since he is so high and mighty and young maybe one of you can tell me how many rings he has? Also I know he made it to the World Series last year. But how did he do? Did he dominate and get those rings? Just wondering. Thanks in advance. I'm not talking about how many he potentially could win. He has to play 162 games first before he can even make the playoffs. Don't count your eggs before they hatch.

A: Of course he has a ring, he got one when he married that pig of a wife Also Edik, that second loss in 2009 was not domination by Cliff Lee, it was more of AJ Burnett falling apart. Plus I think pitchers would rather go to a team with a great Lineup over a team with a great rotation. Yeah the Phillies got some great pitching, but they have a weak and battered line up. Also, the Yankees have been getting younger and younger. This year, you will see a younger catcher (Montero, Romine, or even Martin instead of Jorge who will be DHing) and a younger pitching rotation (Ivan Nova, Prior, Garcia, and Colon are all younger than Pettitte. And some of them are younger than Vazquez).

Do you think Cliff Lee asked to pitch Game 4 on short rest and Ron Washington said no? by butterfly lilac Q: Or do you think Cliff Lee didn't ask because he's saving himself for the Yankees. My question is, what are the Rangers saving him for? It'll be highly unlikely that they'll resign him.

A: I don't think Cliff Lee did anything, i don't think he is saving himself, i think he is trying to win a World Series. Who says he's going to the Yankees anyway? he could stay a Ranger. It looks like the same thing Charlie Manuel did with Halladay and it turned out to be a mistake. It'll go to probably six games, but the Giants will win it.

What are Cliff Lee's chances of becoming a Cub next year? by Patrick L Q: If the Cubs can trade off Lee Fukudome and Lilly before the deadline this year, could this free up some money for them to go after Cliff Lee? I mean let's face it with Zambrano's problems they don't have an ace in the rotation Dempster is an innings eater but not an ace. I think the Cubs could afford Lee if they could get rid of the contracts of D Lee Fukudome and Lilly?

A: The Cubs would love to have Cliff Lee, but he's not coming here even if they do manage to "free up some money". D. Lee and Lilly are both free agents at the end of the year, so they won't be on the 2011 payroll anyway. Fukudome has one year left, but you will not be able to trade him unless you take back a bad contract in return. Maybe the Cubs come out slightly ahead in the deal financially (like they did in the Bradley for Silva trade), but most of the money of that contract will still be on the books for 2011. Plus you still have Soriano, Ramirez, Zambrano, Dempster, and Silva for 2011, which means the payroll is still going to be one of the highest in the game. Cliff Lee will probably be looking for something in the 6 years $100 million range, and I just cannot see the Cubs committing to that kind of money for that long of time with all of those other big contracts all ready on the books. Plus this year the Cubs problem has been hitting and bullpen, so if they're going to spend big it should be on a new first baseman or a few new middle relief pitchers.

Why does everyone think Cliff Lee will be a Yankee? by Machinehead Q: As a Yankees fan I'd love to find Cliff Lee under the tree this holiday season, but I think Santa will end up stuck in the chimney. Suppose the Rangers go all the way. Why would he come to the Yankees when he could play for the World Champions? Furthermore, having been on four teams in two seasons, why would he choose to pack up and move again?

A: I agree with you. I would love to see Cliff Lee come to the Yankees but i don't see it happening. With the Rangers going to the world series, i think they will be able to pay him enough money and he will stay there. And New York is just gonna have to suck it up and find us a better pitcher. Because CC ain't the best. Just sayin. (:

Can getting Cliff Lee help out the upstart and underrated NY Yankees? by 2Jacq Q: On espn this morning, they are reporting that the Yankees are considering getting Cliff Lee from the Mariners before the trade deadline. Wouldn't this be awesome? The Yankees have such a low payroll it would be nice to see them actually try to buy a player and make themselves better. The competitive balance in the AL East is awesome. New York has to do what they can to keep up with Baltimore!

A: I just hope the NFL doesn't end up like baseball. I'm a Raiders fan so if they let teams spend freely, being from Oakland they'd have absolutely no chance against the Giants, Jets, Redskins, Patriots etc... I feel for fans of teams like the Royals, Pirates, Twins, A's etc....I mean if you add $130 million to their payroll you'd still be short of the Yankees...and imagine the all-stars they could get for that cash! Yeah the Yankees aren't cheating by doing this but they really kill the fun of the game for a lot of people.

What are the chances the Phillies of getting Cliff Lee? by A.C Q: The Phillies need something and Cliff Lee is that something . What do you think the chances of the Phillies retaining Cliff Lee is? And if they get Cliff how do you think he'd get him and who would they trade him for?

A: Well considering the Phillies shipped him out for Doc Halladay, I wouldn't think too much into it. They already traded their farm for him last year, why should they do it again. Plus, if I was Cliff Lee, I wouldnt want to sign with the same organization that shipped me to boondock Seattle to play with bums like MIlton Bradley.

Why are people so impatient for Cliff Lee to make a decision? by Wind Rider Q: It's really funny hearing people complain that Cliff Lee isn't deciding "fast enough" for them. I don't expect someone to make a decision determining what they are going to be doing for the next seven years, in just few weeks. I think Cliff Lee is being smart and really thinking things through about where he wants to spend his time. Why are people so impatient for Cliff Lee to make a decision? Why are they so mad that he isn't impulsive?

A: Because this is the age of instant everything, messaging, texting, cell phones, ... People have no patience any more. Funny thing is they're all worked up over Lee making the decision. Then he'll make it and it will be a hot thing for a few hours. Then everyone moves on to the next thing and analyzes that to death...

Has Cliff Lee disgraced baseball and himself by refusing the honor of becoming a New York Yankee? by Q: Doesn't he know anything about the history of the Yankees? About the legacy of the Yankees and their overriding importance to the game of baseball? By not choosing the Yankees Cliff Lee revealed just how little he knows about the history of baseball and what it means to be a Yankee. By disrespecting the greatest franchise in baseball, Cliff Lee has disrespected the game itself.

A: It is unlikely that "FANS" were an issue for Cliff Lee. He obviously would NOT have signed with Philly if he was looking for nice fans. They have proven themselves as animals repeatedly over the last few years. This decision is location and comfort based. It is refreshing to see a player not decide by money alone. Hopefully when the Phils meet they Yanks in the World Series, Mrs Lee will watch from home.

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