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Claude monet

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Olympiagfy The Station at Saint Lazare By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's The Station at Saint Lazare bus... http://t.co/es3ROiEK

Carlottafuz Gladiolas By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's Gladiolas business card case. This sleek and mode... http://t.co/s94dO0p3

hovermano RT @oranspitio: Painted by professional artists brushstroke-by-brushstroke with attention to all details http://t.co/a8mM4NKI

Lavonav09 Water Lilies Water Landscape 3 By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's Water Lilies Water Landscape... http://t.co/RnhusbFM

Loretagzy Seine Basin Near Argenteuil By Claude Monet Money Clip: Seine Basin Near Argenteuil by Claude Monet is among one... http://t.co/eRGxlR3W

WeatherOnMars I can't definitively prove it, but I'm fairly sure this entire room is filled with paintings by Claude Monet.

Fannierkg Claude Monet (Great Artists): Impressionism created illusion by capturing the effects of light on form. Of all t... http://t.co/LNu0ZwGw

Elsyjtq Repos Sous Les Lilas 1872 By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's Repos Sous Les Lilas 1872 busines... http://t.co/oFL1k4YI

Olimpiaphp Seine Basin Near Argenteuil By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's Seine Basin Near Argenteuil bus... http://t.co/tUxkgLzB

justme_claudine Waiting for @HeyIamBug. (@ Lycee Claude Monet) http://t.co/cvUwRrEN

Marthavtx Rocky Peaks at the Belle Ile By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's Rocky Peaks at the Belle Ile b... http://t.co/Pjw0JDul

foreverteacher Biography of Claude #Monet: http://t.co/pR2zYJXZ

AmzDeSale #Amazon #Deals : Wandbild Bild auf Leinwand Beruehmte Maler Claude Monet "Waterlilies: Morning" Bilder fertig ge... http://t.co/IbgqBD6q

maryro357 Beautiful Riverscape Impressionism Pastel Painting Signed Claude Monet.1903 http://t.co/LbolneFq

Shemekahr11 The Station at Saint Lazare By Claude Monet Business Card Holder: Claude Monet's The Station at Saint Lazare bus... http://t.co/TTBPghXN


How did Claude Monet's lifestyle reflect and challenge bourgeois notions of propriety? by chanti Q: Claude Monet 1840-1926

A: Well, Monet did not follow a "respectable" path to becoming an artist, for one thing. He did not want to attend a standard art school, which might have fed him into a conventional "academic" art career, and when the official art world rejected the style that he and his friends were pursuing, they simply went their own way and exhibited independently. Not only the styles they used, but also the subjects they were examining were often considered inappropriate and sometimes indecorous, though Monet was not accused of this to the extent that, say, Manet was. In addition, Monet and his model Camille had their first child before they married, something quite scandalous at the time though less so within avant-garde artistic circles. However, I think you need to read biographies of Monet, online and in books. I've given you one site below:

When paintings such as La Grenouillière by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet were first exhibited in the by lilliam r Q: When paintings such as La Grenouillière by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet were first exhibited in the late-nineteenth century in Paris, they were regarded by many spectators as unfinished, crude, and ugly. Those spectators failed to understand that A. aesthetic standards change with time and place. B. standards of beauty are both modern and universal. C. visual art should be beautiful, or at least realistic, and preferably both. D. aesthetic interest is directly related to the artist's technical skills.

A: A

what is a good research topic for water lilies by claude monet? by dejaboo Q: i have to write a term paper on claude monet's water lilies. i have to write five pages about the stupid paintings and i need something that interesting to draw out the paper. what should i research what should i even talk about? i need help!

A: You should talk about how Monet painted in his favorite spots and at different times of the day to get the right light. tie in the waterlillies

where can i find detailed information on a painting by claude monet? by Candy M Q: I need to find out more information about a painting done by claude monet called "vase of poppies" i am trying to find out more about when, where, and why it was painted. its for a paper for school. i have search around the internet but i only get the pricing, where its located now, and what year it was located.

A: Your best bet is to either contact an art historian or go to your local library and try to find a book on his specific works. This will be a difficult painting to find information on because it is not as well known.

How much does a Claude Monet lithograph go for? by ♫miss lily丰 Q: I have a Claude Monet lithograph of "Parc Monceau, 1876". It is 2 feet, 1 1/2 inches in height and 2 feet, 9 inches in width. It has a nice frame andit's in excellent condition. I paid 24.00 for it. Can I resell it for more? How much does it cost in an art store?

A: I'm not sure how much it goes for in an art store, but it is in excellent condition, you could probably sell it for more. It's worth a shot. :)

Is there a book containing the complete works of Claude Monet? by B G Q: Is there a book that contains photographs of most or all of Claude Monet's paintings, for a reasonable price?

A: I'm sure it doesn't have ALL of Claude Monet's paintings, but http://www.eastonpressbooks.com/leather/product.asp?code=1239 Easton press has a 448 page coffee table book of paintings by him. Their books are beautiful AND expensive! Amazon http://amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_b/102-8687713-2087336?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=claude+monet%27s+pictures&x=0&y=0 has a bunch of books with selected works by Claude Monet.

How do you know if you have a reproduction of a claude monet painting? by tweety Q: I bought a claude monet painting from a garage sale years ago for $2. To know if it's worth money I first ned to know if it's a reprodution or the real deal. it's the Claude Monet water lilies 1908 painting.

A: Is it an actual painting, or is it a print on paper? Of course, it is not one of the original paintings by Monet (he painted 3 different versions of water lillies). The originals are (1) hanging in the home of a private collector (2) in the Art Institue of Chicago, and (3) in Orangerie, Paris. You can look very closely at the piece to determine if it is a printed paper made to look like a painting on canvas, or an actual canvas with paint on it. If you do have a canvas with paint on it, it may be worth around $150 - see this website where oil reproductions are sold: http://globalwholesaleart.com/index.php?artists_id=59

What art media and techniques is Claude Monet known to have used? by inquisitive241 Q: Also did Claude Monet create land/cityscapes, abstracts, or non-objectives? What seems to be Claude Monets favorite subject matter?

A: Monet painted landscapes, cityscapes (only a few of those, though) and people. He seemed to particularly enjoy painting women and landscapes. He was an impressionist and painted mainly with oil paints and canvas, using very characteristic small strokes and dabs of paint. Many of his paintings transmit a tranquil, soft feeling to the beholder because of this. He generally didn't use strongly contrasting colors or very strong colors, either. (but he did use the latter occasionally).

claude monet? by weseemedtheperfectsong Q: does anyone know the medium (the materials used to create the work) of claude monet's piece: the seine at giverny, morning mists?

A: Yes, it was oil on canvas. Here are the details from the North Carolina Museum of Art where the painting is on display. Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926) The Seine at Giverny, Morning Mists, 1897 Oil on canvas, 35 x 36 in. (88.9 x 91.4 cm.) Purchased with funds from the North Carolina Art Society (Robert F. Phifer Bequest) and the Sarah Graham Kenan Foundation, 75.24.1 The Morning on the Seine series is different from the exuberant Impression of his sunset from Etretat; here the color range is more limited and the brushwork is thinner and softer, creating a more subtle texture. This version shows the view early enough in the morning for the fog to obscure detail and color. Versions painted later in the day have more intense green or lavender tones and more distinctly visible trees. The effect is of calm and quiet, appropriate for the subject and for the mood of the artist at that time in his life.

Claude Monet? by ~!Lindsay!~ Q: Did Claude Monet paint the picture of the man painting near mountains? What is the name of this painting?

A: it was called bob in ohio

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