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Clark Howard

Clark Howard scam alert!
Scam Alert: Clark Howard warns of con artists offering to pay your utility bills.

Clark Howard: Cut your medical costs by paying with cash
Consumer expert Clark Howard's column appears here each Thursday in conjunction with Deal Spotter, a weekly print section in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ClarkHoward If you're looking to save money on medical bills, you might consider being a cash ...

Clark Howard: The best sunblock isn't the most expensive
Consumer expert Clark Howard's column appears here each Thursday in conjunction with Deal Spotter, a weekly print section in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ClarkHoward Sunscreen doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. One brand that sells for ...

Applying Priceline model to medicine
By Clark Howard, Contributing Writer 10:25 PM Saturday, July 7, 2012. There's a way to save big bucks on medical care, but it may take people into a realm they aren't comfortable with. I love Priceline for saving money on hotels and car rentals. I'm ...

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FoodForThinkers "A baby is born with a need to be loved - and never outgrows it." - Frank Howard Clark #quote

brain21drain "We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. " - Frank Howard Clark

iReaderReview Kindle Classic Fantasy and Horror Writers – HP Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith: In 1970, the ... http://t.co/kzbHh4CW

ilovechabie We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those who don't. - Frank Howard Clark #WatchingEatBulaga :)

HectorCisneros RT @DealSkillet: Clark on scams - Cell phone companies rip you off with 3rd party billing http://t.co/6DmzJZw0

sdowWSVH99 Clark Howard was missing from Evening Express all week. Then, today the co-hosts said he was on vacation. They waited till Friday to say so?

shesCLAUDIA After I retake my SATs & ACTs I'll be ready to apply to my schools ^.^ Howard,Clark,& SCSU&maybe GSU.

bikemonkee @itschrista wow, should have stopped in Boone and I would have bought you Clark Howard beer.

DealSkillet Clark on scams - Cell phone companies rip you off with 3rd party billing http://t.co/6DmzJZw0

debmoosky A policy more important than Life insurance? | http://t.co/rhHt79Lg: People have gotten used to hearing Clark str... http://t.co/ri2rLRPo

bmobini Clark's tips for getting a better night of sleep http://t.co/zcAomgZp via @sharethis

bmobini Cell phone companies rip you off with 3rd party billing http://t.co/hW56qoMI via @sharethis

winniem22 Is #Howard Clark the best / worst golf commentator. Opinions please.

IAMsterdamed Kirsty Howard Clark #workaholics


I heard that to stimulate savings, the Swiss government contributes to their citizens accounts - is this true? by zukajlj Q: I think I heard Clark Howard discussing this, saying that the Swiss goverment would contribute 25% of what is saved. I think this would be something that US government should look into since the savings rate for 2006 hit a low of -1% (as reported by ABC News). They probably shouldn't look at matching contributions here, but they could offer a tax credit based on income as to how much is saved. Anyone agree?

A: There is no "real" saving contributions programm in Switzerland. The only thing that possibly could have been discussed, is the so-called "3rd pillar". It's a blocked savings account, and any employee may pay up to CHF 6365 (about USD 5000) per year into the own account. All pay-ins reduce the taxable income directly, so in fact the government does "pay" around 20-35% of the amount saved. But when the money is used (only in case of buying own property for own usage or then before going on pension) there is some withdrawal tax, depending on the amount saved. The whole thing should motivate the population to do individual savings for the pension age - plus to buy self-used property because the rate of this lies at about 33% only here in Switzerland, due to high plot and building prices.

WHy does WSB 750 AM radio in Atlanta not stream the Georgia Bulldogs pre game show? by Mr. Football Q: They are streaming Clark Howard but when you turn on the actual radio it has the pre game show. How can you get the Georgia Bulldogs pre game show on WSB Radio to stream?

A: It was on espn.

Where can I find fluorescent LED lights? by b_masters1 Q: I was watching Clark Howard on Headline News, and he was talking about the new fluorescent LED lights that were more energy-efficient than regular fluorescents. I have tried to locate said lights with no success. I've tried Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and searched on the computer, but can get no response. Does anyone know where you can purchase this type of light? I realize that fluorescents and LEDs are different. On "Clark Howard," he reported last week that this is a new type of lighting that's most energy-efficient, and it is a fluorescent LED. I am going by what he reported. I have tried to ask a question on his site, but there is limited space, and I haven't been able to get on. Comment-- Used the website suggested, found the lights, and when they say "more expensive," they should mean "ridiculously expensive." Thanks.

A: You may want to try the internet instead of just your computer. Here's a link I found out there: http://www.mexled.com/index.php?&sl=EN ***caution...very expensive

I'm the only person thinking that now is the best time for a third party canidate to step forward and win? by ZORRROOOOO Q: The democrats and republicans have never been this weak. Ron Paul, Hilary Clinton, Wesley Clark, Howard Dean. Come on you think of of a few names. Is America ready for a third party candidate this year?

A: yes there should be a third party candidate

How do columnist and others (radio personalities) find out about travel deals and specials.? by aland411 Q: every newspaper has a columnist who writes about different travel deals on plane tickets, cruises, hotels, etc. Where do they get there information from. I listen to people like clark howard on the radio and he always announces travel specials. How and where does he and others get this type of information from

A: columnists and others find out about travel deals and specials by using the Internet.

What is a Credit Union, and do I have to pay to join them? by krm305 Q: Per Clark Howard, to buy a car is best to join a credit union so you get the loan for a lot less than buying directly through the dealership, and or going to a bank. What exactly is a Credit Union, and how do I Join them?

A: a Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Similar in services offered to a bank, but since it's member-owned, rates on loans and dividends (interest) on savings is usually better than what you can get at a bank. Credit Union members must share a "common bond", so you must share that common bond to join a specific Credit Union. Many started with employers, but there are community credit unions also. There is no fee to join, but you must open a savings (share) account where the "membership share" stays on deposit is not available for you to withdraw or use. Membership share amounts vary from $1 to $25 that I'm aware of.

Who do you trust in investment and financial advise on radio and TV? by I need answers Q: Only persons I really trust would be Dave Ramsey, and Clark Howard. They give sensible advise I think. I don't trust any personal financial advisers, especially on commission.

A: I do like Clark Howard. As far as the rest, trust no one. PBS nightly business news is full of malarkey and brain washing.

What's the cheapest way to call America from Italy via cell phone? by Anonymous Q: Atlanta talk radio host Clark Howard has mentioned that he calls home from abroad for 5.8 cents per minute, but I can't find anything cheaper than 50 cents a minute.

A: Just buy a prepaid phone card and call the U.S. Just use the prepaid card on another phone other then your cell. It'll be cheaper and not expensive.

What is the best plan for home phone & internet service? by elthe3rd Q: I think I heard Clark Howard talking about different phone service plans that are half the cost of Bellsouth or less. I think Vonage, Rocket, and Lingo are a few. My phone bill / internet bill is combined and averages about $95 each month. If you are using a package that has home phone service, long distance calling, and internet for $50 a month or less, please let me know about it.

A: I listen to Clark Howard every day! and so far I'm very lucky with everything he recommends... first I check out what providers are in my area, so I can make a wise decision! http://www.whitefence.com/ I did not bundle any service, because if one don't work out, its easier to fire them! its good to have choices... I had Time-Warner RR or earthlink high-speed Internet..I got earthlink, but TW installed it, so it was cheaper then RR and its the same set-up... as my phone provider I got Packet8....good customer service, they all in California not India! I have it for 15 month now, and never had a problem... http://www.packet8.net/ for overseas calls...I still use onesuite.com http://www.onesuite.com/ I also use yahoo.com to call Europe! http://www.voice.yahoo.com/ as soon as clearwire came to my area, I sing up with them...cheaper then cable high-speed Internet... http://www.clearwire.com/ I had no problem connection my P8 VoIP! I pay 19.95 for 6 month for wi-fi-max fixed, then it goes up to 29.95 I pay 19.95 for VoIP, and got the phones for free, no activation nor shipping charges! watch for special promo...

Politics: If your college choices were Howard U, Berkeley, Cornell, Clark Atlanta and Savannah State and? by Q: Albany State, Which would you chose? If you guys haven't noticed I've been trying to make a decision for next fall where I want to attend school. I'm a very conscious of intellectual progression, intelligent thought, and schools that have historical practices of scholarship and intelligence. Schools that have a history of segregation seem ironic in my opinion. they seem ironic in the sense that they supposed to be facilities of academia and scholarship yet practiced ignorant, unintelligent, and non-scholarly policies like segregation and racism.i.e. Ole Miss, UGA, Emory, Duke, etc.. I feel like I would be learning somewhere that had to catch up with intelligent thought as recently as 50 years ago. Don't mean to be a prude, I'm just weird like this. I'm a white american male. I don't claim to be able to relate to the plight of minorities, I just know right from wrong and I think. "choose" sorry @kano: Howard U has never discriminated based on race. that would contradict the very reason for the school's inception.

A: Including Howard University in a list of schools that 'don't have a history of segregation'? Is that a joke?

Howard vs Spelman or Clark Atlanta? by aaliyah c Q: Hey I'm in the middle oft junior year and I decided its time to get ready for college. My parents have always told me I HAD to go to college and preferable a Hbcu. I wanna be a biology major to become a physical therapist or pharmacist I was wondering which one was better, as far as city life goes and which one is better for a science major also if there or other hbcus or diverse schools with good science programs. I also was wondering would I get more financial aid of I stayed in state. Thanks for your time

A: You would definitely get more financial aid if you stayed in state Clark Atlanta and howard give out scholarships but are costly as well As far as spelman your grades, community service and test scores must be excel above average to get a scholarship or even be accepted And spelman is ranked the top hbcu and we have a great bio program As far as social environments go Atlanta is like a mini NY Also d.c (Howard ) isn't too bad either I hope that this helped ")

Can I get into Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, or Howard University? by Q: I'm a senior in high school(Taking College Prep classes with one Honors) and my current GPA is a 2.8 but when I graduate I'm going to have a 3.03. I volunteered at an Hospital my ninth and tenth grade year(I think I have 100+ hours), I'm currently in FBLA and DECA but do not have an leadership position. My SAT Score(Math and Critical Reading) is -___- (WTF) so I'm taking it again. Don't Be Harsh I know I didn't do my best =/

A: I think you will have the best chance of getting into Clark Atlanta. CAU has a program that accepts SOME incoming freshman that may not have the highest test scores and/or GPA and they place them in a summer program that prepares them for college work. I'm going to be honest and say your chances of getting into Spelman are very slim because some students with the best test scores and GPA don't get accepted to Spelman. I'm not to sure about your chances with Howard.

Is Wesley Clark still planning to see the democratic nomination for the 2008 Election? by THE GUARDIAN OF FOREVER Q: I think a lot could change in terms of the front runners in the democratic party. Six or eight months from now we could be looking at a different race. Obama, Clinton, and Edwards have been impressive, but one or two (or all) of them could easily slip up. Remember Howard Dean? Is Wesley Clark still planning to run? Would you like to see him run?

A: I would like that. A team of Wesley Clark and/or Al Gore or Howard Dean is what this country needs!

Has anyone heard of a company called Howard and Clark Financial? by SDH2011 Q: I have been searching online for a loan when I get a call from this company. They very quickly approved us for a loan, and I started to get worried on how quickly this happened. When I google their name I come up with nothing, they are supposed to based in Hartford, CT. I live in Kentucky so I could not drive the distance to check them out. If anyone that has ever dealt with them could give me some information or if anyone who lives in the area could tell me if they are legit I would really appreciate it. Also the only information I can find about them is on their website that they gave to me when they called. It is www.howardandclarkf.com www.howardclarkf.com, sorry typed it wrong earlier Versie. I have went to the website you posted and I'm still not finding anything. What are you meaning by info on them in tools? I'm defiantly thinking that it is illegal, can someone give me advice on what I should do as them having my name and social? I have not given them any money.

A: If they ask you for money it's a scam. Given that they "quickly approved" you, it pretty much guaranteed to be illegal. Since "Clark Howard" is a financial guy, they presumably are scamming his name to sound legit.

If Dwight Howard and Earl Clark leaves than who would be center? by Miguel J Q: For Orlando Magic

A: There is no way Earl Clark can play center in the NBA. Daniel Orton would be the center

Is my GPA high enough to get into Clark Atlanta university , spelman college and Howard university ? by Q: I'm a junior and I haven't taken the SAT/ACT test or anything yet . I just wanted to know if my GPA is appropriate . I also have 150 comm . service hours , ( probably the only extracurricular activity im going to have , other than a part time job ) is that enough ? My school is really tiny and doesn't have any extracurricular activities other than baseball , softball , and boys soccer ( I'm a female ) . Some of the schools I am thinking about are Clark Atlanta , spelman college , Howard university , prarie view a&m university , university of Florida ( and a few more but that's going to be too much ) . lol , sorry that this paragraph is so long . Thanks in advance . how did I forget , lol ! my GPA is a 3.7 !

why does Dwight howard AKA superman turns into Clark Kent in the playoffs? by Q: i like Dwight and i think he deserves to win the MVP, but is sad to see how tough he is in the Regular season to just play soft in the Playoffs just remember the 2009 finals, the Magic swept lakers in the season series to just get nearly swept by them in the finals, only 1-4 against the lakers in one of the Most boring finals in the nba

A: I don't think he is really that soft in the playoffs. His team is usually overmatched by the time that they get eliminated and I feel like he plays hard no matter what.

How do I change email address on Clark Howards newsletters? by 4263 Q: I don't see a proper catagory to list this under. I didn't see a place to subscribe or unsubscribe.

A: Go to his web page. On the left hand page, go to quick links, then member center. You can sign up or sign in there. I am not a member, so I didn't go any farther. There is probably a place to change your email once you sign in. If the other email address no longer works, just sign up again with the new one.

Do I have a chance at Morehouse, Clark Atlanta,or Howard U? by Mychal O Q: I have a 87 avg[dont know what my gpa is on a 4.0 b/c school goes by different grading system] overall. I'm VP of my senior class,on student council, Pres. of FCCLA, debate team, speech team and science and hopefully this yr I'll be on the math team. Do I have any chance at acceptance and scholarships at these schools? Does anyone know any scholarships to apply for?

A: Absolutely! Apply at all three if the ap fees aren't too much, and take your pick. Good luck on the next step in your education. Study hard, do your best, and you'll go far!

Who in the state of Georgia, like better? Neal Boortz? or Clark Howard?? by iwasjustawanderinman Q: This is just a question for people living in Georgia if you know these people on the radio! If you live outside the Atlanta area and have or have not heard of these people and would/would not like to answer this question poll and give your Honest Opinion on these folks.

A: I'm not familiar with Clark Howard, but Neal Boortz ... A) doesn't have his economics straight with the Fair Tax (replaces one enforcement bureaucracy with another, without repealing the 16th amendment ... ponder the implications of that ....) B) should never label himself a libertarian (he isn't one) btw, I live 5 hours from Atlanta in SC

Is Clark Howard on CNN legit? by Raiden Q:

A: yes. why would you ask?

Please tell me how to enter cnn.com/clark howard to get through? by Q:

A: Latest News updates on IT Channel. Free Newsletter Subscriptions. http://deccanherald.info/

who is richer dave ramsey, or clark howard? by adam s Q:

A: Dave Ramsey.

Did you know me and Clark Howard are twins? by bob saget Q:

What exactly is Clark Howard, politically? by Unafraid Q: What do you think? A Democrat B Republican C Libertarian D Who knows E Liberal F Conservative

A: I know that he is conservative. As a rule, he does not like government interference in our political affairs. He is a strong believer in the free market. He believes in some general guidelines from the government then then a hands-off attitude. He is against universal health care. These are the reasons why I think he is a Republican. I haven't heard him speak much on his views on social issues or the military(other than to always thank vets for their service).

Who makes more sense about Debit Cards...Dave Ramsey or Clark Howard? by J. B Q: Dave says not to use credit cards but debit cards are OK. Clark calls Debit Cards "piece of junk fake Visa and fake Master cards." I think it is funny how they both seem to know a lot about finances but are polar opposites in some areas. I tend to think it is dumb to use a debit card when you can just use a credit card and pay off the full balance each month (after all the money is obviously in your checking account anyway.) What do you think?

A: Credit is a tool to be used properly. Get a rewards card and pay it off in full every month. You are going to buy gas, groceries, etc, you might as well get something back for buying them. One of the best rewards cards is from National City. Credit cards also give you things like extended warranties (I am getting an extended warranty on my new computer this way) and buyer protection. Having a good credit rating through the proper use of credit will also save you money on insurance, because a lot, if not most insurance companies look at your credit report. Good luck.

Howard University VS Clark Atlanta University? by It's me! Q: I've been accepted to both Howard and Clark Atlanta University and i don't know where to go. I know Howard University is a lot more known than CAU but i don't know if i want to be in Washington D.C. My major is Psychology also. I can't decide! Whats the advantages and disadvantages of both of the schools???

A: I attend Howard and it i believe it was the best choice for me. Hu has its ups and downs but so does every school. I don't know much about CAU but i know that Hu is a once in a life time experience. I will be sophomore next year an i look forward to it. Howard is a GREAT school!

Can I get into Clark Atlanta and Howard University? by Q: I have a 24 on my ACT and I have kind of low GPA of 2.6. ( ruined my freshman year and part of sophmore year). I really want to make my family proud being the only grandchild interested in college. I also am involved in the school choir, big brother big sister, diversity club, student council, SAVE, upward bound, volleyball, softball and pep club. What do you think my chances are.???

A: My advice would be to make sure your essay is honest and explain your flaws and plans to become a scholar at either institution. It is possible. Also, make sure you are a pilar in your community and can have creditable reccomendation letters. It is not impossible for Clark. IDK about Howard. Your ACT score will give you a better chance. Stay positive and Im sure you will make your family Proud. Good Luck

What is Clark Howard's email address? by Q: I can't seem to find it on his webpage.

A: he has a contact link - look again.

cnn.com/clark howard? by Q: how do you find the web site for clark howard

A: http://www.cnn.com/CNN/Programs/clark.howard/ http://clarkhoward.com/

Clark Howard Question? by John Q: I just seen on Clark Howard where he took a question from a boy that looked to be a 10-14 maybe a little older. He wanted to get into stocks and Howard asked if he had $100 and told the kid to put that $100 into a stock. It was just on today did anyone see it? I remember Howard telling the boy that he could say "hey I own a piece of that company."

A: Anawalt2000 ("Thomas P") seems to be stuck somewhere in 1970s America when stock ownership was just for bankers & pension funds...there are numerous companies that will allow you to buy small dollar amounts of stock (and even issue you a certificate if you wish), and dozens of very low cost brokerages, too. If the child bought 2 shares of Coca-Cola, for example (from Coca-Cola, and through an adult's account in the form of a "For the Benefit Of" or under the Uniform Gifts to Minors legislation), they will likely grow to be worth $5K or so by the time the nipper retires. If he adds a dollar a day to the account, it'll be worth about half a million by then... That's why Clark is a multi-millionaire and "Thomas P" more-than-likely isn't...

Is Clark Howard a Democrat or Republican? by The Ladies Man Q: He is the Money Man on CNN HLN on Saturdays and Sundays.

A: He works for CNN, right ? Do you know of any Republicans on CNN ? I thought not !

What good advise from Clark Howard have you used? by Anon e Mouse Q: The Clark Howard Show Airs on more than 150 stations across the country.

A: And those stations are not watched by Y!A answerers. Apparently! I tried wiping my windshield with a dryer sheet and I got a smeary blurry windshield. He has an interesting show anyway that isn't seen in SoCal. Gee, sure is lonely around this question. I think I can hear an echo! Nope, it my Great Aunt MarthaBell been gone 19 years! .

who was it that Vivien Leigh didnt get along with on Gone With The Wind: Clark Gable or Leslie Howard? by kelly-love x) Q: Leslie Howard - Ashley Clark Gable - Rhett I've read that she didn't get along w/ Clark or didn't get along w/ Leslie--which one was it and why???

A: It was Clark Gable. They just had two different personalities. Vivien was very lady like and soft-spoken, while Clark was all manly man, player type. He acted like a big shot star. but you still have to love him. hahah also, she did not like kissing him because he had false teeth and smoked. (his breath stunk, that's all i know)

Dwight howard and earl clark for arroyo bradley wafer sasha murphy oneal kg and and second round pick? by Q:

A: NO WAY! We keep Dwight, and get rid of Arenas and Jameer, and a lot of our other players to get Chris Paul and Andre Igoudala.

Looking for Clark Howard's CNN site for free anti-viris and firewall downloads? by tyler3b47 Q: Saw his program this morning and he told to go on to CNN.COM/ClarkHowards site to find firefox protection

A: Don't use that site; you are required to divulge information, and his site uses that to deliver advertising (as revealed in the "Privacy" statement), and who knows what else... Get Firefox right from Mozilla org. Get "NoScript" while you're at it. Zone Alarm is a favorite of many, it's free, and doesn't 'nag' too much after initial installation, but has been getting 'bloated' and recent reviews (some) have been downgrading it's effectiveness evaluations. SPECIAL NOTICE: A recent modification from ZA disables the firewall for "Guest" accounts: which may pose a problem if that user needs Net access. Consider using an alternate firewall (Kerio Personal, freeware, is good) if need be. Kerio/Sunbelt Personal Firewall (free) is good entry level protection; paid version is excellent. Comodo is probably the better of all these, but is strictly for propeller heads, because it will constantly 'nag' about every registry change and internet incoming & outgoing request. And if you're not very technically informed, these are difficult to understand, utterly meaningless... and = a pain in the keester. A list of some available freeware is here: http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/security/fwfirewall.html Look them over and decide which serves your needs and skill level.

If the bulls trade boozer korver and gibson for howard and clark then will the have there big 3? by Q: D rose howard and deng with noah still looked at incase howard or deng injured

A: If the Bulls want Howard the Noah MUST be included. Maybe even Boozer and Deng which isn't so bad because of all the Bulls depth.


A: are you his mommy or what , i don't see a question.

How do you email Clark Howard on CNN a question? by Laura41 Q:

A: On the Clark Howard page on the CNN website, there is a link where you can email him.

Who's the "Clark Howard" (or a popular consumer expert that has a radio show) in Tampa, FL? by Mike Q: Any suggestions on radio show hosts that are like Clark Howard down in Tampa?

A: You can listen to Clark online through the flagship station AM750 WSB. Just go to their website (listed below) and click on the "Listen Live" link at the top. Clark comes on from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM EST Monday thru Friday. You can go to his website and find all stations in Florida that carry his show. Most of them may only carry a portion, or play rebroadcasts at other times. Another consumer advisor similar to Clark Howard is Dave Ramsey. You can listen to archives of his show online, or live from 2 to 5 PM EST. To find a station, you have to provide your e-mail address and zipcode or city and state.


A: ERIVAN JONKER INVESTMENT LOAN AND SERVICE are currently Offering Private,Commercial,Christmas and Personal Loans with very Minimal Interest Rate as Low as 3% within a 1 year to 30 years repayment duration period to any part of the world. We give out loans within the minimum range of $2,000 to the maximum of $500,000,000USD.We are trusted and reliable.contact us through our email on ([email protected])

The Suze Orman Show or the Clark Howard Show? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: Between the Suze Orman Show (CNBC) and the Clark Howard Show (CNN Headline News), which financial show do you prefer watching and why? Between Orman and Howard, I prefer Orman because she understands how money works and knows what the best ways you should invest your money. I especially like the Can I Afford It? part because I do like it when she does not approve what somebody whats to purchase since they are not making a wise financial investment.

A: i agree. i like suze because she understands what is your best option and she adds comedy through her Can i afford it? section. i love that part!

What Identity Theft Protection service did Howard Clark mention on Headline News you could use for free? by Madu.s.a. Q: Anyone see it today?

A: no

What do you think of Clark Howard? by I smell bacon Q: I honestly think the man is speaks without insight or knowledge. I have to tolerate his show due to so many of my coworkers watching him as a ritual, but feel they are being mislead so bad. Comments on cars, education, and technology are NOT his strong suit. When I watch his show I feel like someones just telling me things they just pulled out of a random book or search engine. The one true or helpful advice he does give is already public knowledge or common sense. What do you guys think? I'm not looking for a biased answer either.

A: I think he does a fairly good job of giving out information. It seems his audience needs basic information about common issues, they aren't the very wealthy types that call in to Suze Orman. His callers are average people with average incomes. He does occasionally misspeak about things, but they are minor issues. But, like you, I am well informed on my own, so his advice does seem a little simplistic at times, but let's not forget that many people are just starting out and don't have life experience to fall back on.

Clark Howard, Suze Ormond, or Dave Ramsey for president? by Go with the flow Q: Which one and why? Clark Howard would have the government buying everything from Costco and buying used cars. Dave Ramsey would have a huge envelope system and make a giant snowball plan. Forget global warming. Suze would have everyone making a will and getting term life insurance and putting the max in their 401K's and making gay partnerships the law. Which one would you choose?

A: None of those. I like Donald Trump.

Why does Clark Howard hate debit cards so much? by Q: Which is safer debit cards or credit cards? How can I prevent theft using a debit card?

A: With a debit card, money is removed from your bank account. If there is fraud, you have to wait for the money to be returned. Depending on the bank, it could take months. Also, places like restaurants, gas stations, and hotels run cards and put a hold for a much larger amount. When the final charge goes thru the initial hold is suppose to be removed. This doesn't always happen. With a debit card, that "hold" amount is not available. In either of these cases, your bank account could end up short of funds to cover other checks and debit transactions. You rack up a lot of overdraft fees. With a credit card if you have fraud or a hold, it's just against your line of credit and not actual cash out of your pocket.

Is the Clark Howard Show nationally syndicated? by murphy Q: Is the Clark Howard Show nationally syndicated or is it only on in Georgia?

A: It's nation wide. On all HLN broadcasts. I just watched it this morning here in the SW.

Howard Clark Question he said you could send some kind of letter? by John Q: I was coming back to my living room and heard Clark Howard talking about if you have credit collection agencies harassing you all the time. He said if you don't have the money to spend them that you can send them some kind of letter and they are suppose to leave you alone but, I forget what it was called does anyone know.

A: Its called the "Drop Dead' letter. Basically if you are getting harassing phone calls from a debt collector and can't pay the debt, once you send this letter telling them to stop, they legally can not contact you by phone over a period of time or risk getting sued. It doesn't mean you don't still need to try to pay off the debt it just stops the harassing calls.

clark howard? by Idanis Q: I'm currently paying 60 basis points on my mutual fund investments. Would it be financially wiser for me to invest in a low-fee index fund?

A: Are you asking if Clark Howard will answer you? Ask him. I don't know about paying "basis points" on a mutual fund, I never bother with any fund that I have to pay anything extra for. As for "low-fee" indexes, consider ETFs (exchange traded funds). The only fee is the brokerage for buying them, they trade like shares of common stock, and the costs are usually far, far lower than the fees on almost all mutual funds. You can get into all of the Dow Jones Industrials by buying DIA or all of the S&P500 by buying SPY or the top 100 (by market capitalization: number of shares outstanding times the latest price of the stock) companies on the New York Stock Exchange by buying NY. I put a link for Ishares, Powershares and others like the American Stock Exchange which does the Diamonds trust (DIA) do the same.

Is the Clark Howard show nationally syndicated? by murphy Q: Is the Clark Howard show nationally syndicated? Or is it only played in the state of Georgia.

A: Clark Howard is a nationally syndicated consumer advocate who is heard every day on more than 200 radio stations throughout North America. Listen to the program on your own schedule with our podcasts. http://www.clarkhoward.com/s/podcast/clarkshow/

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