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Justin Bieber nabbed for going 80 mph in his gaudy chrome Fisker Karma
The pop singer was cited for speeding while attempting to flee paparazzi on the 101 Freeway.

Hands-on: Offline Google Docs makes a better Chromebook
Now that version 20 of the Chrome browser has been released and Chrome OS 20 is also available, a key app update to Google Drive enables offline Google Docs editing and writing, a feature I sorely missed when I reviewed the system. Now it's here ...

App of the Week: Google Chrome Finally Available for iPhone
App: Google Chrome Platform: iPhone, iPad Website: App Store Cost: Free With all the upgrades to iOS over the years, one thing that has...

Good bye, Google Chrome!
It looks like its time to say good bye to Google Chrome. Periodically, it just start rendering Web pages blank. I found a cure that works sometimes – grab the corner of the window and start slowly resizing it. You might get lucky and find the size that ...

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RhiannaStyles1D Using Bing on Google chrome. That's right. I'm bad-ass.

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Juan_TheMan Google Chrome

kakakubest ブックマーク整理するのにChromeより便利なライフリスト。PC自体にブックマークを保存するからお気に入りがネット上に晒される心配もなし!Firefoxで使ってもいいかも! http://t.co/RgE3EgP3

Voooooodka pergunta que não quer calar: a maria rita usa ou não usa o navegador google chrome?? ~acho q não né gente

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rokka_chrome RT @ut_an: 偏差値すらないとか人間としてどうなの

Jenniferrh043 Brass Elegans... http://t.co/LIrRvaIa

venditoruk http://t.co/JzanSu3s Fragma Ceiling 6 Light Black Chrome

WiwiekBasiran Yuk, Main Lego di Google Chrome http://t.co/Et0GpOYm #WIBFacilitatorNews

taylormunozz i'm using internet explorer right now because it's been faster than google chrome and i'm crying tears of blood just using it omg #imsinning

maxticket Can't recover my @usairways frequent flyer number, the site's broken in Chrome, and their recovery form asks more questions than my bank.

applebizz @top @free @apps Chrome - Google, Inc.: Browse fast with Chrome, now available on your iPhone, iPod touch and iP... http://t.co/XJPZV4IX

chrome_tpbot 3時はおやつの時間だね。紅茶とクッキーで、一休みしよう?


How can i remove scratches from the chrome part of my ipod touch? by Indisputably Dispensable Q: Ok, i bought the new iPod touch 4g yesterday and almost immediately i saw a tiny centimeter long scratch on the beautiful chrome finish. This scratch is driving me mad and i need to know how to remove it. Should i go to the apple store and return it and buy another one? Help.

A: metal polish,

Whats the difference between firefox, google chrome, and internet explorer? by ace Q: I've always had internet explorer and I never used anything else. What can google chrome and firefox do that internet explorer cant?

A: 1) The ECMAScript interpreters are different. IE crawls on complex Javascript. Firefox is much faster. Chrome is faster still. 2) Firefox is much more secure than IE, handles popups better, etc. 3) IE renders sites differently than most other browsers. What this means is that if the person writing the site doesn't write special code for IE (many web developers don't), what you see in IE isn't what the developer wants you to see. 4) IE is more "in your face". If it hits code it can't handle it stops. If you have debugging enabled it pops up a debugging window. Firefox just ignores the error, makes any assumptions that appear logical, and carries on. Usually you don't even know that there's been an error. 5) If you want to add things to the browser, IE has a few add-ons. Firefox has thousands. Download both Firefox and Chrome and see how they work.

How can I keep my chrome shiny and protected? by Mandy Q: I have chrome wheels and a chrome grill...what can I do to keep them shiny and protected? Also, is it okay to use window cleaner on the chrome (considering the amount of heat the grill takes on)? Thanks so much for your answers!

A: Any good chrome cleaner from the auto parts store will work. Mothers chrome cleaner is real good. Windo cleaner wo'nt harm the chrome.

How to change chrome truck accessories to black? by Q: I have a 2010 sierra with Chrome door handles and chrome mirrors, how could I change those to black? How much would it cost?

A: 1. Remove them, have them powder coated, reinstall them. 2. Call a shop in your area that does powder coating. 1a. Tape them off a spray them with spray paint. 2a. $4.95

How do you write a Google Chrome extension that displays only a web page? by Kobi T. Q: I would like to make an extension for Chrome that displays a certain webpage when you click on it? How can I do so? Thanks in advance!

A: You need an API for your website: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/API This is how to write the extension for flickr website: http://code.google.com/chrome/extensions/getstarted.html

How can I unstick my google chrome from the lower right hand corner? by Q: When I turn on my google chrome only a small portion of my home page shows. I have tried using the arrow and sliding it to full screen but it won't move. The section in the upper right is blocked so I am unable to enlarge screen at that point either. Thanks for your help and tech support.

A: Have you tried ctrl and +/- ? If I understood your problem correctly.

How can you chrome a motorcycle engine that isn't already? by Q: I just bought a chopper and the only thing not chrome or painted is the engine. Can i take it apart and send in the jugs for chroming? Whill there be heat issues as its air cooled? Any price estimates?

A: You really don't want to chrome the jugs because of heat dissipation.As an alternative you might think about having the fins diamond cut.It adds a lot of flash to an engine. http://www.diamond-heads.com/

How to stop my google chrome from defaulting yahoo search everytime I shut down? by Tiffany T Q: I really like using google, but every time I shut down, even though I change the default, and even remove the option of Yahoo!, I still end up getting yahoo search defaulted the next time I go onto google chrome. Please help?

A: try reinstall back the browser. then you go to wrench icon at the top right of the browser. then choose option. there at basics tab you can see homepage. you can change which website do you want to go if you open your browser or use the new tab page. type this on google omnibox => chrome://settings/browser

What is the difference between chrome and metal? by sexylatina0321 Q: I bought a dining set, and the chairs have chrome, but it looks like metal, what is the difference?

A: Chrome is a coating on metal. It can be thick or thin, but it can chip. Metal can't.

How do I transfer my bookmarks from google chrome to another computer? by Q: Hi, I would like to know how I would go about transferring the bookmarks at my Google chrome browser, to another computer,( Where I also use Google chrome). I am really confused. Please do help me. If could please lay out a step by step guide, as I am not very astute at these matters. Thank you :-)

A: go to the "wrench menu" in chrome and select "set up sync" log in into your google account (you need agoogle account for this) and that's really all you need to do, because with this your bookmarks, browser themes and settings will be transferred to your google account. if you want to use the settings transferred to your google account just do the set up sync again on each computer you're using here they explain it with more details http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=165139

How do i get Google Chrome to remember my Email but not my password? by Q: Okay so google chrome use to do this for facebook, hotmail, and usernames for other websites but its not doing it anymore and i dont know what i did wrong. I've been trying to fix it but its not working. I dont want it to remember my password but also dot want to have to type a long email everytime i wanna check facebook or my hotmail.

A: Is this your own personal computer or are you using a family computer? If it's yours it doesn't matter what Chrome saves. No one can see your data if it's password protected. If it's not, you're out of luck. Make sure you delete your web history to prevent anyone from going into your accounts.

How do i prevent google chrome from being blocked by my firewall? by Q: I am not sure how, but i stopped google chrome from being used. I have looked around on my computer, but i can't come up with anything.

A: Go into the firewall program and add it as an exception

How can I keep my chrome rims from decaying? by diversecity624 Q: Out of the set of 4, the two that I cleaned are rotting and the chrome is peeling. The dirtier ones are ok but how can I stop the corrossion, what can I use to protect them?

A: Never use anything other than a mild wash and a good rinse. Anything else will eat the finish off it. Polish and waxes are designed for automotive clearcoat protection. The plastic covering the chrome on the rim will discolor from brake heat, and brake dust.

What do you call the chrome piece on the side of a 1958 chevy brookwood? by ohshadupp Q: I'm looking for the chrome parts that go on the side of a 1958 chevy brookwood, but I can't think of what they are called. All of the 1958 wagon models have this piece as well. Any help?

A: Generically, it's side trim or side chrome. Specifically, there is trim/chrome for the fender, door, quarter panel, rocker, and a small piece between the doors. Yeoman, Brookwood, and Nomad didn't all have the same amount of trim on the side, so I think you are talking about the rocker panel since you say they all have it.

How can a slightly scratched chrome rim be fixed? by alotaibi1987 Q: The rim does not have a dent or deep gash in it, just a slight scratch on the edge of the lip. Is there any way I can fix this myself such as some kind of chrome touchup or do I need to have it re-dipped? If it must be re-dipped approximately how much would it cost and where can it be done in Houston, TX?

A: some polishes can actually fill in small scratches....go to google and type in meguiars car wax and go to the site, they might have exactly what you are looking for...as far as re-dipping the rim, it seems a little extreme for just a small scratch. Try putting more than one coat of wax on there and buff it out each time and i bet that will work just fine. Good luck with that!

How to put google chrome in the Process list of cheat engine? by Q: I dont know how. I clicked the process list and explorer.exe, services.exe only shows up .theres no chrome. But my google chrome is opened. How will I put the chrome in the process list cause it wont show up ?

A: See if you can find it in the Window List

How do I get google chrome on to a flash drive and on to a different computer? by Q: I can't access internet explorer, on my laptop and I am trying to download google chrome from my pc to my flash drive to my laptop. I have a dell windows 7 laptop if that helps. Verizon fios wi-fi too. internet explorer is the only browser i have, so i can't download it on my laptop.

A: You go to the start button (In the bottom left corner) and click "Computer". Then you go to "NAME(C:)" Go into "Program Files" (Or Program Files (x86)) and find the folder. Its either Google or Google Chrome. Then copy that to your flashdrive. There should be a file in the folder called google chrome.exe or something. It ends with .exe, that is google chrome.

How do I disable Google Chrome from saving my searches in the address bar? by AlexT Q: When I use the address bar to search for things, it saves all the searches within there. No matter how much history I delete, it still appears? How do I disable this setting and clear all Google search history in Chrome?

A: when chrome window is open press ctrl+shift+delete then set "Obliterate the following items from" to the beginning of time and tick whatever you want to delete then click clear browsing data :) If you don't want chrome to save tour searches then just use incognito window.

How do i make downloads on Google Chrome like downloads on internet explorer? by Q: Chrome is my main browser, but i don't like the way you download things on it. I love the way internet explorer downloads things. So i was wondering if there was an extension or anything that could make downloads on Google Chrome, more like downloads on internet explorer?

A: what i say is that just to download like how it is i don't think you can switch how you download so its just going to hace to stay like that

How do you remove scratch marks from chrome? by Faceman Q: I accidently used the wrong kind of polish for my Chrome rims. (Metal polish instead of Chrome polish) Stupid, I know. Now one rim has all these scratch marks and swirls, barely noticable and thinner than hair strands. Is there a way to remove them like a polish or something, or is that perminant? Thank you.

A: get 000 steel wool at the hardware store and try that, it will take out fine scratches on glass and really makes chrome look like new.

How do I remove spray paint from chrome trim on muscle car? by ksi Q: My brother and I are restoring a '67 Impala and when trying to paint over some rust spots on the car, he accidentally got spray paint (black) on the chrome trim. I am trying to find out the best way to clean it off without damaging anything. Would it be the same for painted chrome trim, silver, or anything else of the like? I've heard of WD40, acetone, also the Magic Erasure. Any tips? Has it worked for you? Thank you all so much for the time and help!

A: Got a 68 Impala custom, I use this trick all the time. Get a can of brakekleen (brake parts cleaner - red can) Its important to spray it on the rag and not the car. A couple of wipes and it will take anything off. You can just buy it at walmart, about $4 .

How do you get chrome off tiles? by Matt S Q: Whilst trying to fit in a shower door that was too big, a couple of tiles got chrome on them. What would be the best way to remove the marks, noting that we have allready tried cif and mr muscle.

A: If you left chrome on the tiles, you left some nice sratches on the tiles as well, depending on if you tiles are painted or not, you may be able to use some acetone, I think that would be your best bet.

What's the difference between Google Chrome and Chromium? by Rat Salad Q: Is Chromium a different browser or the same as Chrome? If they are different, what are the advantages/disadvantages of Chromium over Chrome? Which one is better?

A: They are essentially the same thing. Google Chrome is the end product designed for everyday use. Chromium is an opensource project to develop the code that runs Google Chrome. One thing to note, Google Chrome releases obtained via Google officially should be stable whereas code from the Chromium project is cutting edge and likely to be buggy. If you want a browsing experience that isn't riddled with bugs, go for Google Chrome. If you enjoy browser crashes and Flash memory and CPU usage being through the roof, you clearly need the bleeding edge untested code direct from the chromium project.

How can I restore/clean the aluminum/chrome of the frame of a shower stall? by Nate Q: I do not know whether the frame is made of aluminum or chrome; however, I have a feeling it's chrome. It has a matte finish and the shower doors are sliding doors. On the bottom of the frame, it looks like the metal has been corroded or rusted.. I tried scrubbing it off and using different cleaners; however, I was not successful. I am not sure if it is just limescale or if it is corrosion. Does anyone have a solution to this without having to get a new frame? Thanks!

A: It's polished aluminum. If it were chromed it would be steel undernearth and the edges would rust where it was cut. Is it reddish? Then it is rust, If it's gray or greenish, it's aluminum. Use steel wool soap pads to clean the frame.

What is the google chrome keyboard shortcut to open the extension menu? by Q: For Google Chrome, I know ctrl-J opens up the download menu. What is the shortcut to open the extension menu?

A: Sorry this shortcut is for office use only.

How to restore Google Chrome new tab? With the frequently visited websites and junk? by Q: So, used to when I would open a new tab in Chrome it would have my background theme with a bunch of boxes with my frequently visited websites. Not anymore. Now it's just a blank page that says FunDial. I accidentally downloaded something. Oopsie daisy. But I uninstalled it and it's still displaying. How can I restore my previous settings? It was much cuter the other way.

A: Wrench icon>Tools>Extensions>remove anything with the word fun.

How do I stop Chrome from turning my pasted characters into caps? by intoxicatedz Q: Whenever I copy and paste something while using Google Chrome, it turns all of my characters into caps. This usually messes up a lot of my coding on websites. How do I turn this off? Is it possible to turn it off?

How to paint chrome on black shinny plastic? by Nicky Q: So I am considering getting one of those digital picture frames for someone on my list, and I can't find any cheap chrome frames. Her house decor is all purple, silver, etc. So I was thinking that maybe I could purchase a black one I found that is inexpensive and paint chrome on it. How would I go about doing this and what is a good type of paint that would give it a nice chrome look on plastic? Thanks for any help!

A: Chrome plating is a process that requires the right base, and involves the use of toxic chemicals and electrical charge. (I used to work in risk managment for a compnay that did plating work) Spray paint will only give you a "silver" painted finish. Keep the frame black . . . and chances are if they have any problems with it, you won't have voided the warranty by painting it. And the chances of paint damaging it are pretty good. . . .

What are good video editing programs with chrome green screen overlay? by sportygirl Q: I would like to find a good video editing progam that has chrome green screen with overlay. I have roxio 9.0 but i don't think it has chrome overlay. If it does can you let me know how you do it.

A: I'm pretty sure you can do this with Sony Vegas, which you can get a fully functional trial of at www.sony.com In addition, you can download the complete instructions for the program on that site as well. It's not the easiest editor to work with, but it's definitely one of the most powerful ones out there. Who knows? It may do everything you want it to do for you. Good luck.

How do I get rid of Google chrome FIFA extension? by Q: I installed an extension for google chrome which displays the colours of your favourite FIFA team. But now that the finals are over I want to remove this and have my browser back to normal. Is there a way of doing this without uninstalling and re-installing chrome? Also it is nowhere in the extensions page like every other extension I've installed, so I dont know how to get rid of it.

A: Just press on tthe settings icon and there u can see an option Extensions option click on that and u can c all the extensions that you are using in chrome then find out your FIFA extension and click on uninstall thats it. Now you browser old look will be back :) :)

How to import history from firefox to chrome? by siLenT_kiLLer16 Q: Here's the problem, I cant open the firefox and I need the list of the site that I went, in other words the history, so I downloaded another browser, and that's CHROME. I tried importing from chrome but it doesn't work, what should i do? I already did that jatin deswal.

A: 1- open your chrome 2- under close button you will see 'customize and control google chrome' option 3- then click on option 4- click on personal stuff 5- click 'import data from other browser' 6- select history check box 7- select firefox 8- click on import .

Why chrome is not loading Yahoo or Y!A always it shows a white page in vista enterprise? by Q: I am using chrome but when i open Y!A it doesn't load page it shows a white page and this problem is only occurring in vista enterprise.When i change window to XP professional chrome start working great.

A: I use Vista and Chrome was really glitchy for me, so got rid of it and went back to my fav, Firefox, great little program.

How do I set Chrome to download files from a site into a specific folder? by Solid Snake Q: I know how to change the default download location and all, but I usually download lots of wallpapers from one site and have a specific folder for them. How do I set Google Chrome so that it downloads all of the files from that one site into a folder different from others?

A: Hey there! I'm not sure if you can set it so that a specific site can save into a specific folder. BUT! You can change the download location of Google Chrome, To do this, 1. Click on the spanner (the tool shaped thing) near the top right of Google Chrome 2. Go to "Options" 3. Then go to the "Under the Hood" tab. 4. Scroll down until you see the "Downloads" settings. 5. Then press "Browse" and select the folder to save the files in. So next time you download something, it will automatically save it into THAT folder. Cheers! and Merry Christmas! :D

How do I get my computer to only use google chrome? by Q: I recently switched to google chrome because my internet explorer stopped working. It doesn't respond at all. When I click on links it opens the links with internet explorer (which slows my google chrome internet down because internet explorer isn't responding). Should I set google chrome as my default browser? What should I do?

A: Dig all that malware out of your pc. Then learn how to browse the net safely and stop downloading all that funky freeware.

What should be used to clean chrome rims? by D Marie Q: I just bought a used car with chrome rims. They appear tarnished and have a dull bronze film on them. I assume break dust and grime. I tried some chrome polish but it didn't do much, it seems that I should clean them before I try and polish them. What is the best product to use? They are slightly pitted and I am guessing that is permanent, but would like them to look as nice as they can. Thanks in advance.

A: Chrome doesnt tarnish... so... that would tell me you have polished aluminum wheels... the only time chrome would pit is if its starting to rust... polish aluminum wheels will have pits from the casting... so my guess is you dont have chrome wheels, but polished aluminum, which are better in the sense that they wont ever rust and need rechroming, but require much more maintenance. Chrome is a very hard metal, and contact with flying debri wont cause them to pit, but instead chip... and pit and a chip are very different. a pit will look like someone took a an ice pick and hit the wheels, with chrome wheels, you would have straight sided chips in it.. so a pits sides would look like ~ but a chip would look like -. you should clean aluminum wheels with brillo pads. and then polish them with simichrome (any metal polish will work, simichrome is my favorite). If this is really bothering you and you dont mind spending the money, you can polish the wheels, then have them clearcoated at any body shop. It will require much less maintenance, and you wont be able to tell that they are clear coated.. but the cost is around $250-350. I just learned about clearcoating aluminum with a project of mine. After polishing them, you need to get in there with a toothbrush, soap and water and clean all the polish up, or the clear coat will 'orange peal'. So after that story, im definetly going to say that you have polished aluminum wheels because chrome doesnt tarnish.

How do I measure chrome-plated surface's quality? Is there a (digital) tool for it? by hartonson Q: I'm working in a decorative chrome-plating industry, not (hard-chrome). I usually take service job of chrome-plating banquet chairs, wheel rims, mufflers, etc. Sometimes, the chrome-plating result is not as stable/constant in quality or satisfactory as I had expected (not shiny enough or not rust-resistant enough). So I need something to measure the quality by putting up a standard, which I hope that this measurement tool (if any) would help me.

A: My understanding of plating is some what limited but usually defects stem from dirt and contamination, either initially on the part to plated or in the solutions used. Cleanliness of the item can be evaluated by washing the part with denatured alcohol and doing a particle count using a microscope. Plating and wash solution need maintained to appropriate levels. The smoothness of the finish can be measured with a surf gage, something like a Pocket Surf or Hummel. Reflectivity could be measured but I am not aware of any products. Light sources would have to be controlled. My guess it would be laser based. The thickness of the plating can be made with a digital thickness gage, or measuring before and after plating. Seems like an Ultra Sonic thickness gage could also be used. Usually coloration is done with sample comparison coupons.

What are the chrome things that keep your trunk from popping by speakers? by Q: My friend has some on his car, they are like two chrome strips and he said they keep his trunk from popping, he forgot what they are called. Does anyone know?

What is the safest way to clean/polish the chrome legs on a kitchen table? by atricky123 Q: We have aquired possesion of a chrome leg, chrome trim, melamine top 50's style table. The chrome legs are dirty from sitting so long. What is the best and safest way to clean them up and make them shine again? Any ideas on the top??

A: use WD-40. just spray it on and clean with a paper towel. works great on crome.

How do I fix a chrome bumper/fender with small flaking areas of rust? by BillyBen Q: I have a chrome fender and right below my license plate are some areas of flaking rust. Its getting progressively worse but I believe there is still time that I can do something. I am not looking for an exact chrome match or total perfection. I'm just trying to prevent further rust. Is it possible/plausible to remove the flaked areas and to fill the area up with some sort of filler, sand and prime? Thank you in advance.

A: G'day mate, the rust on your fender will indeed keep on spreading if you don't do anything about it, the trick is to neutralise it , so it'll stop the chemical process that causes the rust. Get yourself a wire brush, & get rid of the flakey stuff that's already there, & paint a rust converter over the rusty bits to kill it.

What is the difference between chrome and polished stainless steel? by Q: Im dropping some money into my Jeep Wranlger on some chrome accents outside. Some things have Polished Stainless Steel as the only option besides chrome. They look pretty similar to me. But Im not sure cause its a picture. Is there a difference on look between the two and can you intermatch and have no one notice? or is it a big difference in appearence? or are they just the same thing? haha anything helps.

A: Chrome plating tends to be cheaper. It's just a thin layer on the outside of the part, like paint. Because of this chrome plating tends to be brittle and gets chips and scratches in it over time. Stainless steel is not as shiny as chrome plating. The appearance lies somewhere between shiny chrome plating and dull aluminum. To point, stainless steel is just steel that has about 20% chrome mixed into it which prevents most rust. Stainless steel is far better at maintaining it's appearance over time scratches and dents don't faze it. If it gets some rust spots in it, just buy some stainless steel polish and buff the rust out Stainless steel items will far outlast the life of your car, so chrome plating may be more practical if your car is a used vehicle. Stainless will look reasonably good after you park your car in the middle of a field for 50 years.

How can i get Google Chrome to just play online videos and not download them? by barry h Q: Hi,im just wondering is there any way to get google chrome to just play a selected video without downloading it.I recently swapped to chrome from internet explorer which would always just play a video and not download them too,any advice is much appreciated.

A: Sorry but what are you taking about? Every single piece of information you receive from the internet is downloaded.

What company sells the replacement chrome on the doors around the windows of the 1974 nova? by sebusters2000 Q: I have a 1974 nova that i need to replace the chrome around the door window. Most paint the chrome, I need mine replaced. I need to know of a company that has these direct replacements.

A: Classic Industries. They have catalogs just for Nova's (nice cars!). Yahoo search will take you right to their website. You can search a catalog online. Good Luck!

How can I keep multiple instances of chrome from starting up and slowing down my computer? by tabooist Q: Once in a while my computer slows down significantly and when I go to the task manager, I find out it's because there are about 7 or 8 instances of Google Chrome open under "Processes" despite the fact that I only have one Google Chrome window open at the moment, as seen under the "Applications" tab. All of these instances of chrome end up taking up tons of memory and slowing down my computer. How can I keep this from happening?

A: Uninstall chrome and use firefox 3.5

How come my google chrome will not allow me to access a particular website? by etevie Q: I decided to use Google Chrome intead of IE9, but Chrome will not allow me to access one of my business websites I need. Any suggestions why it will not go to that website?

A: Its a difference of how Google Chrome and IE are designed and view websites. IE doesn't follow accepted protocol sometimes. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/fx/

How do you download chrome onto your computer? by Leo Q: I had chrome on my computer and then I took it to geek squad and they took everything off of it. I would like to have chrome back onto ,my computer because I liked it. Please help!

A: Go onto internet explorer(or whatever your default browser is), go to google and search up google chrome download and just click on the link and download.

How to keep the chrome on my truck clean during winter? by Q: Dont call me a girl or anything, its just the chrome is the best part of the truck. It is the rims bumper and fender. It snowed today and i drove and now my truck is filthy and chrome is dirty. Should I wait till the snow is melted and do it once the salt has gone, or wash it right now? Or should I just say screw it and do it after the winter?

A: Clean them up as soon as you can use some Eagle One never dull to get them nice and shinning then wax the hell out of them with a high quality carnauba wax. You may have to do this a few time this winter but it will keep them looking brand new.

What is the difference in chrome baseball/football cards and regular baseball/football cards? by Shane M Q: My dad had bought me a Stephen Strasburg rookie Bowman Chrome card and hadn't known it was Chrome. Mylittle brother had gotten the regular SStrasbourgcard in a ffreakcoincidence. But isn't the Chrome worth more or something? Just wondering. Thanks!

A: Yes, the chrome is worth a few dollars more

How to measure reflectivity in a chrome-plated surface? Is there a specific tool for it? by hartonson Q: I'm working in a decorative chrome-plating industry, not (hard-chrome). I usually take service job of chrome-plating banquet chairs, wheel rims, mufflers, etc. Sometimes, the chrome-plating result is not as stable/constant in quality or satisfactory as I had expected (not shiny enough or not rust-resistant enough). So I need something to measure the quality by putting up a standard, which I hope that this measurement tool (if any) would help me.

A: Refractogramator. I just put one on ebay.

chrome......? by RICO Q: i got little small scraches on my chrome inside and outside of the car.....how can i fix this? polish maybe?

A: Theres no way to really fixing it Thats a huge problem with chrome.

Chrome?????? by Aaron T Q: I have a 1966 Galaxie 500 and some of the chrome bumpers have surface rust on them. I can get it all off with aluminum foil but the chrome still doesnt look like its good. Like, is there anyway or thing I can do to touch up the chrome without getting re-chromed?

A: Once the chrome has started to break down, you really don't have any choice. Have you tried angle hair or .000 steel wool with polishing compound? I've used this in the past with very good results. Follow this with a good quality wax.

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