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Christina ricci

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prahok_sauce SOME FACTS ABOUT ME: I've had crushes on 2 celebrities in my life. 1: Christina Ricci 2: Sum1 so famously spoilt, not gonna mention the name

birdbirdflyaway OMG GUYS IT'S CHRISTINA RICCI #GreysAnatomy

Forpicasa1Sexy Christina Ricci Bikini Photos (Miami Beach) #celebrities http://t.co/LYDuxLkM

Pedro_Andretti Christina ricci love her some black men in dis movie

Pedro_Andretti He messed up a good thing wit dis woman in here tryna help christina ricci

mcasab RT @espectaculosmx: Aaron Díaz actuará en serie con Christina Ricci http://t.co/GaTk38Oe

celebstown Christina ricci full frontal http://t.co/4xMvqufm

sarah_shamah Tonight my sister asked Christina Ricci if she was bitter that her TV show got canceled. #prettymuchyeah

indiebyrd What does Thora Birch & Christina Ricci have in common? They both got ghost kisses as kids! How cool is that!

1DELIZIOSO Watching Addams Family. Christina Ricci is still a little girl in this movie! :)

NEO_BAHAMUTH @AmbarVioletta doble DM Christina Ricci :)

celebstown Christina ricci official http://t.co/IGlk5ljN

mybestrecipes Casper Movie (KAT & CASPER); Christina Ricci & Devon Sawa: No description… plus size bridal lingerie http://t.co/3xI8Jps2

modelsvideo lingerie Casper Movie (KAT & CASPER); Christina Ricci & Devon Sawa: No description… plus size bridal lingerie http://t.co/ZnzIyq3Z

carrieharris89 Christina Ricci was the Kristen Stewart of the 90's. #epiphanies


Did christina ricci used to give off a bisexual vibe to you? by Ashley T Q: when she was a bit younger I used to fancy her like crazy because I'm bi and she just gave off this vibe to me. Anyone else get this with her?

A: Not to me, but my ex used to like her, and she used to like girls, but now married with kids. Hahaha, I said good day.

How many movies did Christina Ricci play Wednesday addams? by alvinrox Q: i have seen one of the movies with her in it and i am just starting to get into the addams family. are there any more movies with her in it?

A: two 2

Why have so many movies starred Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp opposite eachother? by Q: I'm just curious because I noticed they play characters that are eachother love interest in a lot of movies, but it's always seemed to me that it was a little creepy because she looks WAY too young for him and he looks WAY too old for her. I just find it a little distrubing to cast them as a couple.

A: Directers seem to notice the chemistery between them, Christina Ricci has been in only one Tim Burton movie with Johnny: Sleepy Hollow. Johnny and Christina are also very good friends. :)

What is the name of the Christina Ricci movie where she throws the folding chair onto the casket? by Bethany J Q: She is at a funeral and everyone is taking a flower from bouquets and gently tossing them on the casket as it's lowered into the ground. She takes her folding chair and throws it on top the casket. What movie is this? I just love her. She has got to be one of the best actresses!

A: The Opposite of Sex (1998)

In the movie "Black Snake Moan" what's the name of the rap song playing when Christina Ricci is wasted? by Get off me ho Q: In the movie "Black Snake Moan" there's a rap song playing in the background when Christina Ricci's character (Rae) is walking around drunk and has football gear on in her underwear. It sounds like David Banner. Can anyone please tell me what the name of it is and who it's by, please? Thanks.

A: I have a feeling it's Hate On by Al Kapone, but can't find it on youtube. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0462200/soundtrack

where can i find the ice storm with christina ricci full on the internet? by SEAMstressed Q: where can i find the ice storm with christina ricci full on the internet? with decent quality?

A: I know that you can download it off of www.thepiratebay.org but I don't know if you can watch it anywhere. I've never seen it on any of the free movies sites. If you have a Netflix account with the streaming option, you can watch it online there. The cheapest accounts with that option are only about 5$ a month.

What are your favorite movies starring or costarring Christina Ricci? by M. Bison Q: I gotta go with The Opposite of Sex as my favorite movie starring Christina Ricci. Truly was a very entertaining and engaging film.

A: Don't know which is my favorite but I've seen her in The Ice Storm, The Laramie Project, Cursed, and Prozac Nation. I haven't seen any others, but from the ones I have seen, I would say The Laramie Project or The Ice Storm. Cursed is a silly werewolf movie that isn't even remotely scary and Prozac Nation was too depressing to get through.

How did Christina Ricci lose her weight? by jackibear Q: I just watched Black Snake Moan and Christina Ricci's body is amazing!!! She has lost so much weight and really toned up. I'm about her height but have never been able to acheive a body as toned and lean as hers, any advice?

A: She has a lot of money and can afford a personal chef, nutritionist, and trainer. The last time I saw her she was positively skeletal - which is not healthy. If you can't get your own trainer, you can probably 'rent' one for a few sessions from a local gym. They'll help you get started on a routine. Ask your doctor about a recommendations for a nutritionist - you can probably find one through the local health board, school, or work. Sit down with them and talk about your food intake, expectations, activity, and resources for recipes. Good luck!

Christina Ricci? by John Redcorn Q: Has anyone seen the previews for Penelope? Christina Ricci has a pig face but they dont show it in the preview because she's wearing a scarf that covers her nose. Anyone know where I can see a pic of her with the pig face? She's one of my favorite actresses, so please help me out!! They're [producers] trying to cover it up until the movie comes out. I kinda want to see what she looks like. In the previews, they show her walk in to a room, and a few guys jump out the window. Check out the trailer!!! It's funny!!!

A: like I said before - do a simple search online. I know I saw the pic somewhere a few month's back. Here - took all of two seconds http://www.ricci-queenofrebels.com/CRMovie_Pics/Penelope/PNLPromo_0038.jpg

christina ricci? by mahoffman_cards Q: does anyone know where i can find sexy pictures of christina ricci?

A: You can find some good pictures in these links http://www.allsexycelebs.com/pics/christina_ricci/ http://www.entwagon.com/celeb/Christina_Ricci/gal2.html

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