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Chris moyles

Chris Moyles to leave Radio 1 breakfast show
Greg James tipped to take over as station's longest-serving presenter announces he will depart in September. By Mark Sweney.

Chris Moyles announces he'll quit Radio One Breakfast show in September…
Chris Moyles announces he'll quit Radio One Breakfast show in September…

Chris Moyles has to wear a fat suit for stage role after losing FIVE stone in ...
The roly-poly DJ has shed more than five stone in recent months, ending up looking virtually unrecognisable from his former self.

Chris Moyles To Take On A Fat Suit For Jesus Christ Superstar
Radio 1 is an international phenomenon. Just go down to the beaches of Miami and you'll see how much love the Americans have for UK's Radio.

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RaktoniCanary [email protected]: Chris Moyles announces he will leave @BBCR1 breakfast show at end of September http://t.co/XQk3iX83 #Moyles” hallelujah

ladybexx84 RT @MattandDavid: It's an end of an era and a sad, sad day to hear Radio 1's Chris Moyles is to leave the show. Time for me to find a new station.

SyrupySam Well now Chris Moyles is leaving, there isn't much reason for me to listen to @BBCR1 anymore!

Babygirl_EPB @scott_mills You all have your place & #Moyles is firmly at the breakfast show helm,who needs tea & toast when you have Chris & Team @BBCR1

CatAMcC RT @emmaaloftting: If Chris Moyles is leaving then Scott Mills has to take over the breakfast show or I won't listen to Radio 1 anymore

SamHoad RT @simonansell: Expect to see Harry Redknapp interviewed in his car on SSN later denying rumours he's taking over from Chris Moyles at R1

GazbSAFC Thank fuck the Chris Moyles show is leaving Radio One. Might actually hear some tunes on a morning now rather than that cunt banging on!

sipsoul Chris Moyles to leave BBC Radio 1 breakfast show later this year – @BBCBreaking - world uk politics weather... http://t.co/qnnyHm0L

EllieSharples That awkward moment when you realise that you'll have to listen to Radio 2 because Chris Moyles was the only reason you listened to Radio 1

Kitkatie89 So Chris Moyles is leaving Radio 1 - not as disappointed as I thought I would be altho it is still the end of an era!

njcronshaw RT @paddypower: It's the end of an ear-ache...Chris Moyles is leaving the Radio One breakfast show!

chrismaxnufc1 RT @BBCBreaking: Chris Moyles announces he will leave @BBCR1 breakfast show at end of September http://t.co/Th9nOYmF #Moyles

hannahmillerrr Chris Moyles leaving Radio 1, brilliant news!

pidg89 Buzzing Chris Moyles has left radio one might hear some music on my way to work instead of the rubbish he chats!


Anyone know the song used in the Barack Obama Song on Radio 1's Chris Moyles Show? by Steffi Q:

A: its KSF by Kasabian

Chris moyles podcast directory/back catalouge? by aceripper1 Q: Anyone know where I can get these from? I know that you can get the back catalouge for the adam and joe show podcast, so there must be a moylesy one out there somewhere

A: try the following websites http://chrismoyles.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=10312 http://mefeedia.com/feeds/8459/best-of-chris-moyles http://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail?pid=20240 jd

Chris Moyles replacement, January 2014: Is your money on Laura Whitmore? by Q:

A: Yes

what was the song used in the chris moyles advert? by D Q: Check out the vid from u tube and tell me what the song is called http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XRz1At32b8&feature=related

A: it's called dirty harry by the gorillaz :)

Did anyone else hear Chris Moyles this morning? Am I the only person that doesn't like him? by Helen A Q: My husband insists on setting the alarm clock to Radio 1 so every morning I have to wake up to the grating sound of Chris Moyles voice. I am an American and moved over here for my husband, and I sometimes am scared to open my mouth afraid that people will judge me because our country is run by the worlds dumbest ape. For the first time in years I woke up this morning proud to be an American because I voted for Obama. I often here Chris Moyles make fun of Americans (not that I actually mind a jab here and there from an intelligent comedian) and this morning he actually asked his staff if "McCain is now Vice President?," because he didn't understand how this all works. Then someone said very matter of factly that Joe Lieberman (not Joe Biden) was now the new Vice President. I wanted to rip my hair out. I know that there are plenty of smart people in this country, and I also know that there are people that could care less about American politics because they aren't American like me, but how did someone like that end up so successful? Does he even read a newspaper or watch the news... ever!? He offends me, I don't think he's funny, and I think he's stupid and mean... which is the worst combination. My husband seems to think I'm being silly because he thinks he's funny. I just don't understand how he can make fun of us if he doesn't even understand the simple fundamentals of our country. It really hurts to know people are listening to him. I guess what I'm getting at is, despite his popularity, does EVERYONE like this guy or am I not alone in thinking he's kind of a pig?

A: joe lieberman is a slag & a dork in i do not like him seiryklav

The music chart and Chris Moyles...? by echidna24 Q: Hi everyone. In England, Chris Moyles of Radio 1 morning show is trying to get a Billie Piper song into the top 40 of the charts by Sunday. Its quite funny, but I'm not sure if its really the right thing to do. What about all the poor artists who might be pushed out of the charts by his old song? Maybe WE should have a song-of-the-week we want in the charts... so, everyone on Y!A downloads it. I'm sure it'd work! I vote for.... "Barbie Girl" by Aqua =P

A: It is funny, and it also shows how the charts can be manipulated by a good marketing campaign; Chris is simply using the mechanics in place to entertain his listeners (and maybe get a bit silly with Billie?). Besides, the pop chart is increasingly irrelevant now that people can seek out new music through peer-led forums and recommendations for similar tunes. Matto http://www.barefootinvestments.com

BBC Radio 1 chris Moyles? by golden honey Q: Heyy i moved to Australia from the uk about a year ago and as silly as it sounds i miss the radio at home! i actually hate the radio in australia, everything is the same, the same music played and the same humour. Chris moyles is so much better than any of the people on radio here. anyone agree?!

A: I actually discovered him recently, he is quite funny. I believe yo can get him on iTunes thru the BBC. Or at BBC radio. Although I'm not familiar with Australian radio, I can tell you he's funnier than a lot of US jocks.

Does anybody know chris moyles xbox 360 gamertag? by gooner jay Q: This is for xbox 360 live. he talks about it on Radio 1

A: I heard two different ones so if I was you I would try them both: 1. Bob EB 2. CMoyles1 good luck ;0

Song by Chris Moyles? by Kirsty H Q: Chris Moyles sung a christmas song beautifully on the radio during last december. Does anyone know what song it was?

A: NO sorry!

Number for Chris Moyles Show...? by Wendy Testiburger Q: whats the number for the chris moyles show to txt in? how much does it cost?

A: Never heard of it myself. But perhaps the link below will help

Why is Chris Moyles broadcasting his show from america? by LaddyD Q: Why is he there? i thought the cheering in cinemas was true, i went america a long time ago and watched some movie and ye they were cheering and stuff. Think it was about dragons

A: i was listening to him this morning. he was on holiday there right? maybe its a promotion thing for the show

Chris Moyles - Annoying or not? by Ashley Beauchamp OFFICIAL Q: Is Chris Moyles just annoying or is he really quite funny. Im undecided.

A: i think he is funny, but only with other people, he couldnt do stand up or anything, but i certainly couldnt live with him cos he would be annoying if i had to listen to him for more than an hour!!

is chris moyles theeeeee man? by Willie C Q: chris moyles on bbc radio 1 is the man funny funny funny great at music choice and his imageination is crazy, is there ne better djs

A: Yes, Chirs is pretty funny sometimes!

Who misses Chris Moyles? by Galaxy Q: I hate it when Chris Moyles and his team go on holiday, Scott Mills just doesn't compare!

A: I do, bus journeys to work just aren't the same without him! I love you.

Chris Moyles Show Backing Music ? by thunder_tiger_20 Q: recently on the chris moyles show chris has been playing some very 'summery' music & it has been driving me mad trying to find it! anyone know what it is ?? you can here it here... http://sites.google.com/site/musicfiles2/musicfiles/NanaWindow.mp3?attredirects=0

A: If know one can answer you, e-mail the producers and ask.

Is Laura Whitmore going to replace Chris Moyles on Radio 1 in 2014? by Q:

A: What?? I'm still mourning the loss of Mark and Lard. WTF are they playing at?!?

What were the songs Chris Moyles sang on Friday Night on the X Factor? by Christine S Q: What were the two songs DJ Chris Moyles from BBC Radio 1 sang on Friday night 2nd June 06 on the ITV show X Factor

A: Otis Redding's Hard to Handle and Wonderwall by Oasis

Should Ben Shephard present Radio 1's breakfast show instead of Chris Moyles? by Q:

A: i vote yes

Anyone know why Chris Moyles and Longman have fallen out? by James M Q: I come back from being away, listen to the show and Liam off Big Brother asks about Longman, and Moyles tries to to change the subject, implying it's awkward. Is there something I've missed?

A: You could go to their message board and I'll bet the topic is under discussion. You have to register and I didn't want to do that, but there's no reason you can't. I'm sure it's free and no obligations. It's just you're there and I'm in the States. There were still pix of him on the website, so who knows? Usually if there's an untoward problem, all mention and photos come off the website - it's one of the first things they do. -a guy named duh

Chris Moyles show brass band? by Q: On the Chris Moyles show they have a feature where brass bands play versions of songs. There's a good one that they play a lot which I think they said is from Russia. Its got no words so I cant look up the lyrics Does anyone know what song it is?

A: I would email the Chris Moyles show and ask them. they are pretty responsive to listeners questions.

Stupid I know but is Chris Moyles' new book his second? by Lo H Q: It's called 'a difficult second book', but if so what's his first- I can't find it anywhere

A: His first book was his autobiography; it's entitled "The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story Of One Man And His Mouth". Here's a link with more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Moyles#Autobiography

What was the year on Radio 1's golden hour with Chris Moyles this morning? by soft69uk Q:

A: Christopher Moyles (born 22 February 1974 in Leeds) is an English broadcaster, author and DJ, who currently presents The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1, and his own show on Channel 4, Chris Moyles Quiz Night. Presented his first show on Radio 1 on 28 July 1997, hosting the 4-7am Early Breakfast show Moyles's listener count continued to increase each week, which led to him winning a gold Sony Radio Award in 2006 for best entertainment show. On 12 May 2008 The Chris Moyles Breakfast Show won its second Sony radio gold award for 'best breakfast show'. It has since been reported that Moyles is to agree a one year extension to his contract, taking him to July 2010. There was a rumor that the BBC was going to drop him, or that he was leaving.

How come no one has answered my other q on Chris moyles ?? by C Q: I cant believe that the big brother people have put Chris Moyles on such a widely watched show . he is openly racist on his radio one show . such a useful fella to have on tv ....NOT

A: dont like the show

Do you think Laura Whitmore will succeed Chris Moyles on the Radio 1 breakfast show? by Q:

A: Noooooooooooo...God help us all if she does.

anyone else love chris moyles and comedy dave? by Q: Iv been glued to the radio and tv watching and listening to them doing the longest ever radio show. Hats off to them both for raising soooooooooooo much money. Well done :-)

A: yes they are both amazing,they did the 52 hrs and raised over 2 million,i think they are the greatest..

What chance is there of Scott Mills replacing Chris Moyles on Radio 1's breakfast show? by Q:

A: Hopefully...no chance.

Whats the new film that Chris Moyles was talking about this morning? by smash92 Q: This morning (30th Janurary) Chris Moyles was talking about a film coming into the cinema soon. What is it called? Its filmed with a cam-corder, and the trailer is a group of people at a party then theres an earthquakey kind of thing....they go outside and a meteor type thing is coming towards them....its the statue of liberty's head!

A: Cloverfield http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1060277/

Should Kirk Northcross replace Chris Moyles if he leaves Radio 1? by Q:

A: Yes

Should Laura Whitmore replace Chris Moyles on Radio 1 breakfast? by Q:

A: He definitely should be replaced....but not by her.Things would be even worse.

If Radio 1 really want Chris Moyles to leave some day, why don't they just get Laura Whitmore from MTV? by Q: to replace him when his time comes?

A: Because they have no lcue what they can do!

Will Ben Shephard present the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show when Chris Moyles leaves? by Q:

A: yes

Laura Whitmore vs Scott Mills: who would you prefer to see take over from Chris Moyles on BBC R1? by Q: Laura is a presenter on MTV as was Zane Lowe so I think joining Radio 1 wouldn't do her much harm.

A: Scott Mills

Was anyone listening to the Chris Moyles show on Radio 1 this morning? by Queenie Q: I was just wondering if you know what Dave's Tedious Link was! I don't know what the song name was :-(

A: wasnt it-HERE COMES THE HOT STEPPER??? canr remember the band name...i cant stop watching chris and dave,they r great...

Anybody know the breed of the horse in the Chris Moyles ad? by Q: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/hello/ -- That's the advert. The horse is so gorgeous, and I really want to find out! I did think that it could be an Andalusian or something similar... Anyone have any guesses? Thank youu x

A: Looks more like an Andy than a Lipizzan.. Andalusian: http://www.allfordmustangs.com/photopost/data/3226/medium/andalusian.jpg Lipizzaner: http://www.lipizzaneraustralia.org/pics/iDSC00025.GIF See how the Andy has thicker mane, is stronger built, and has more of a flat head? The Lipizzan is more "typey" to me, with a much thinner mane. They'll usually have more facial features. So my best guess is Andalusian. And yes, it is beautiful. =)

Do you think Chris Moyles will make it to the top of Killamangiro? by Shannon. Q: lol?

A: is he trying to climb it, or is he in a car driving up it

Who sings the Chris Moyles cheesy songs? by breakfast at barney's ♡ Q: In the morning at the start of each show there is a cheesy song about the day, who sings them? The jingle?

A: Katie Richard, Chris' *official* jingle singer http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/photos/chrismoyles/3051/5 ~ Don ~

am i th only one who thinks chris moyles is a load of crap? by Q: i listen to radio 6 coz it plays music most the time and theres no adverts. so why when radio 1 is on in the morning do they play about 4 tracks per hour and i have to lsten to chris retarded moyles talk rubbish for the rest of the time. i dont find him funny..

A: He's OK. Would much rather have Laura Whitmore do his show though, she is class!

Need help to name backing music track on The chris Moyles show.? by haggard_wisdom Q: There is a backing music track played behind the australian grand prix advert on radio 1 on the chris moyles show, it starts off quiet and then a distorted guitar intro...any idea on the artist/track name?

A: I searched through all my sources and could not find the answer. You will have to e-mail Chris He seems like a nice guy and I bet he would answer you. Website for the Monday to Friday breakfast show on BBC Radio 1 with Moyles. www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chrismoyles - Cached * Have a Good Day * ~ Don ~

whats the bit at the start of chris moyles song? by Q: The song called my parody album has a classical part at the very beginning....does anyone know the name of the song? Thanks : )

A: The song is Bank Holiday (Monday?) by Stereophonics - it might be a different mix though, because the only ones I've heard are quite rocky. Having said that, they use a lot of program music on that station, so either music that isn't released to the general pulic (only used for broadcasting) or it may have been written for the album - but it sounds like it could be a different mix of the song. Hope this helps.

What iPhone guitar application has chris moyles been using on his radio show? by Q:

A: I believe it's just called Guitar. http://www.frontierdesign.com/Guitar/

Does anybody know where I can find the Radio 1, Chris Moyles Show parody of single ladies? by Lauren B Q: It is the normal song with Beyonce singing but it has an extremely annoying whistling tune in the background.. please help! i have looked on youtube but cant find it.. could u please paste a link??

A: try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GE-l4gfiCM8

Who would be a better replacement for Chris Moyles on Breakfast: Scott Mills or Laura Whitmore? by Q: Edith Bowman and Zane Lowe are ex-MTV presenters, so wouldn't it be cool if BBC hired Laura as one of their DJs?

A: None pf them...Pete Tong's the only decent dj on that awful radio station.

Is there any way I can watch Chris Moyles' alternative commentary of the NZ vs Slovakia match? by Carebear Q: I was at work when it was on and would really like to watch/listen to it. I'm assuming it's not on iPlayer, but is there any other way I can see it now? Thanks.

A: There are highlights at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p008cvx6. Try that :)

What was the name of the app reviewed on the Chris Moyles show on Monday? by Meeks Q: It guesses the name of a celebrity which youre thinking of.

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akinator Akinator App.

how can i watch the chris moyles alternative commentary on my freeview tv? by Q: i keep pressing the red button but it doesnt work - it jus says world cup live (which is jus the normal commentary) and world cup highlights which havnt got any highlights yet. how do i get to the commentary?

A: I can't get it to work either. When I click on ger-esp audio it goes to channel 301 but there are no options to change the commentary.

What is the classical music that chris moyles plays on radio one in the morning? by Raaachel Q: Recently 7.20am he's been playing classical music, does anyone know the name of the piece of music I'm talking about?

A: The music is called 'Clair de Lune' and was composed by Claude Debussy and according to wikipedia is part of the 'Suite bergamasque'.

What did Chris Moyles that was so offensive to Plan B? by Q: I heard that he really p*ssed him off with what he said, that's why he won't go on The Chris Moyles Show

A: He said that they should have been aborted

How to listen to Chris Moyles football commentary? by LDN Q: You can listen to Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave giving commentary on the England game later today via http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/chrismoyles/ How do I listen to this since I'm outside the UK?

A: They will not be doing commentary later for the England game. I just watched Germany's game with their commentary. They were very funny but said they will be in a pub later, getting drunk and watching the game.

why was darren criss not on chris moyles show this morning? by Q: i heard a rumour that darren criss and chris colfer(blaine and kurt from glee) were going to be on radio 1 with chris moyles this morning, but i just got olly murs. why werent they on!

A: I know! I was so gutted! Apparently Chris and Darren never actually confirmed their interview. But yeah, on Monday I saw these pictures of Chris in LAX, so I kind of realised that the interview had been cancelled. But Darren was in the UK! I totally got his autograph on Wednesday. Best day ever. Cutest thing ever, though. Apparently Darren refused to do the interview without Chris. CrissColfer is SO on.

CHRIS mOYLES!!!? by MissMexicanMaxime Q: here's the deal - chris moyles said he would marry me when I was at his book-signing, has he said this to anyone else?

A: He said it to me, and then I actually married him, so I hope he said it before we got married, or he's got some explaining to do.

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