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Chris herren

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BillGeorge3 Former Boston Celtics guard Chris Herren to visit Pembroke Jan. 23 http://t.co/NmQjhSfY

SandraFrazier3 Chris Herren interview http://t.co/bihnEuAP

Ernest_Bryan Former Boston Celtics guard Chris Herren to visit Pembroke Jan. 23 http://t.co/gzPxKIAs

Shannon_Lee2 Chris Herren interview http://t.co/AXSjg7KS

JeanneStevenson Former Boston Celtics guard Chris Herren to visit Pembroke Jan. 23 http://t.co/rzMEoHZC

Super_Keyword "chris herren" Youtube video and Twitter's think. http://t.co/QFhoRxjQ #Super_Word

CelebrityNews69 Chris Herren News http://t.co/IQ2pBUK3

Kimberly_Watts Chris Herren interview http://t.co/6PlZTAKr

Ernest_Bryan Chris Herren interview http://t.co/f7ckAXIF

Shannon_Lee2 Ex-Celtic Chris Herren preaches drug dangers at Whitman-Hanson http://t.co/XqQUJkVv

JeanneStevenson 5 Things: Former Celtic Chris Herren, Softball and Qigong http://t.co/blgQpGaK

DJ_Busta About dis dude named chris herren dat played b-ball

nyamekye2000 RT @D_Wattt: Chris Herren's story is inspiring.

avalancheradio Home from airport, unwinding, then stumbled on Unguarded, Chris Herren story. Fascinating, sad, uplifting, disturbing, and inspiring. Wow.

PolaBur Unguarded with Chris Herren gets me everytime.


What do you think of this idea for a kids TV movie? by christophera1981 Q: I have an idea for a kid's TV movie, which is as below; The following idea is based on the school found in this link; http://www.homelifeprincipal.com/Library/SchoolPrivate.htm The members of T.A.S.K. (kids and teachers) are re-uniting after years of separation. They go to their old clubhouse and reminisce about old times. Unfortunately, political problems arise. A greedy developer wants to demolish the whole neighbourhood and set up a casino. The members protest and soon end up in jail. Now, they must escape and stop the demolition of one of Toronto's, oldest neighbourhoods and they must evade the law and corruption to do it. The following are members of T.A.S.K. Chris Assaf (former correctional officer turned drug addict now jobless) Sarah Cobley (Now a waitress) Shawna Newton (Now a retail store worker) Mrs. Farb (Now an administrative worker in the Canadian armed forces) Mrs. Gross (now runs a teaching supply store) Jeffrey Gross (Now a film student) Jeffrey Craig (Now works at a coffee shop) Shawn Wallace (now a telemarketer) Gregor Kastrin (now a computers university student in Slovenia) Evrum Delen (Now a painter) Rachel Jacobs (Now a waitress) Eric Olson (Security Guard) Ruth Ford (A student in a bible college) Benjamin Fuerstein (A student in a game designer course) Saul Asoyuf (A soldier in the Israeli army on shore leave) John L'Hereux (A warehouse worker) Jimmy Green (A student in a prodigious university) Sandra McArel (An educational assistant) Michael herren, Jr. (A guy that works at Fed-Ex)

A: Uh, evading 'law and corruption' isn't a kid's movie idea, at all.

what did you think of the chris herren doc? by mass hole! Q: How good was it? Lived about like 20 minutes away from his house growing up. What Whitey Bulger was to Boston Mafia was his local HS legend for Boston HS Sports. Herren was my childhood idol behind Drew Bledsoe and it was hard to see his name in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. For those of you that don't know who he is, he was the next great white bball player out of Mass, played for Tark at Fresno State, got drafted by the Celtics and then pissed it all away.

A: I found it really interesting. I didn't know about him until I watched the documentary. I was really surprised by the shit he did. Thankfully he has changed.

Was Chris Herren a good NBA player? by yankeelvr779 Q: Just finished watching the documentary on espn..they made him look like a star but he didn't play long in the NBA..was that because of the knee injury or was he simply not that good?

A: It was probably because of the knee injury and yeah, he was pretty good.

What happend to Chris Herren after his 2004 drug charge? by freebird Q:

A: well this was all i really found on the guy http://media.www.bcheights.com/media/storage/paper144/news/2006/12/04/Sports/Hoop-Dreams.Deferred.The.Sad.Tale.Of.Chris.Herren-2520461-page2.shtml

Who is the football player in Chris Herren's book? by Q:

A: Dunno. I need a link or reference in order to answer this.

Last I heard Chris Herren was playing basketball over in Iran. Does anyone know where he is now? by Celticgreen Q: I remember reading that article last year somewhere, but was wondering if hes still playing professionaly somewhere

A: In December 2004, Herren was charged with possession of heroin and driving under the influence with a revoked license in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot in Portsmouth, RI. its the last i have heard from him.

What ever happened to basketball player Chris Herren? by freebird Q:

A: Good question, talented but troubled player.

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