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ncschistory @woowoo76 nothing quiet about the yelling here but Chloe is snoring nonetheless.

Check_JAY_Out Chloe is a hot mess!!!! http://t.co/aRvM4daU

ross_LLGH_DoDi Chloe made me sad #sadtweet

thebiatchmaster @Mermers_ I am! Just trying to hook Chloe up. lol

lauren_wileyy @ChloeTyler1124 Chloe thank you so much that means a lot (: I love you too babe <3

thinnnMINT Hey honey !RT @Beautiful_Doll: "@thinnnMINT: I should have did this a longgggggggggggg time ago ." ***me too(fist pump) hey chloe!!!!!

Vicky_Truffa RT @EveArellanoD: @Vicky_Truffa :O woooow que lección vicky :( eso era como lo q te decía de Gus con Chloe. que ella era una perro pero el era feliz

youngnrecklessx Guys, the flawless Chloe Rose replied to me.

linekris @huancarlosss É chato quando nossos personagens favoritos não estão mais ou não aparecem, a Chloe passa boa parte da 10°sumida é um saco! kk

itismyproblem Links for 2008-03-21 [http://t.co/MJa1UNN4]: Chloe Marshall Sweet 16 headed to Miss England 2008 Chloe Marshall o... http://t.co/JouUqGk5

EveArellanoD @Vicky_Truffa :O woooow que lección vicky :( eso era como lo q te decía de Gus con Chloe. que ella era una perro pero el era feliz

BlkBarB19 @missmajorcoynes Lol you spelled her name wrong haha it's Chloe!!! u know my baby too fly LOL

woowoo76 @rldale @ncschistory ha! Poor Chloe. We're having to cheer quietly so we don't startle #babyflynn.

xxHBiCxx_ me , calista - laptop . josh - his phone . caige - psp . devo - ps3 . chloe - ipad . . lol , i just noticed that .

runlikeamug Coins have been flipped, straws drawn, numbers picked and Miss Chloe consulted. I will run. Until I have to quit. Or finish. Dirt is good.


How can i tell the difference between a fake Chloe bag and a real one? by ivy582 Q: I just bought a Large Paddington Chloe bag. Im am certain for the price I paid that it is a knockoff. What are some pointers for me to tell? BTW it is also a darker brown color, which I havent seen any of the online bags in. Otherwise, visually, all the other details of the bag look the same as the pics online

A: Let us say you have a genuine one. If you can't tell the difference between that and a fake then you have been ripped off big time. You should have saved money and bought the fake. .

What can you tell Chloe about the benefits of prepared childbirth classes? by toy200 Q: 1)Chloe is in her 6th month of pregnancy and she isn’t sure if she should take the prepared childbirth classes that are being offered at the local hospital. The class meets for three hours every Monday night for six weeks and that looks like a big time commitment to Chloe.

A: I didn't take a lamaze type course either time I was pregnant....it hurt but I remained calm and just breathed when it felt appropriate. Women know a lot more about their bodies then they think. Childbirth is obviously as old as man and a very natural process. btw, are you speaking in the third person or narrating someone's life?

What Episode of 9 Lives of Chloe King should I get? by Violet Anderson Q: I have an Itunes Gift Card, And I'm not sure which episode of 9 Lives of Chloe King I should get. I have the first one. ANd I'm stumped cause I've never seen a full episode of this show, just bits and pieces. Thanks!

A: Why not watch the episodes first and then decide? You can watch episodes 1-6 for free on the ABC Family website or Hulu. The remaining episodes will be reposted 5 weeks from the original air date, so you will be able to watch those too. If you just pick a random episode to buy without having seen a full episode before, you will only get lost with the storyline.

Fellow Republicans: my good friend Chloe has asked if I can identify the mascara brand Santorum is sporting? by Andy Colter Q: Although Chloe may be understandably deluded into thinking that I have answers to all things fashion-based I do owe it to her to poll my conservative peers to seek Rick's new eye lash enhancer's brand. It is clearly fetching on him and may serve to mute some of that messy anti-gay message he has been known to belch out?

A: It might be that Rick Santorum may be using the same mascara that Robert Smith of the Cure uses as he is really a secret fan of the Cure. He is such a fan that I have persuaded him to do a version of the video "Close to me" which he has managed to get Michele Bachman, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin to play musical instruments in a closet as he is so far in the closet he has been to Narnia. Little do they know that I am a fan of realism so I will have to push them off the cliff, it's for the best he may be a term for a mixture of lube and fecal matter but he is no Robert Smith impersonator.

Can I sell a replica Chloe bag if I state that it is replica? by lagata Q: My friend and I are doing a car boot sale for a friend in need. We have been collecting stuff from friends, and a one donated a Chloe Paddington bag. I did some research, and it's a fake-but a very good one! We'd still love to sell it (Im not a handbag kinda girl...!)-if we put it on ebay stating, very clearly, that it is a replica, are we breaking the law?! Thanks!

A: Even if you know it is a Replica, there are Copyright laws, and it may even be a Counterfeit bag, which would be illegal to sell. Check with Chloe Paddington first, even if it is just an email inquiry and then keep the emails and email answers. Better to be safe than sorry.

What can you tell Chloe about the typical length of labor for a first born child? by toy200 Q: 2)Chloe wonders how long her labor will last. She has heard stories about women whose labors are so short that they have their babies in the back of a car or an elevator.

A: My labor was 16 hours long for my first child. I went to the hospital for a stress test, and at around 10 I asked the nurse if I was having contractions(they werent bad at FIRST!), she told me I was, so I walked around for an hour. After that they gave me the pitosin, and I started having worse and worse contractions. My daughter was finally born at 2 the next afternoon. The short labor could be that its not their first child, so the labor goes faster. Another reason could be that they waited to go to the hospital, or maybe they were just lucky and had a short labor. It is different for all women, some are lucky!

What device does Chloe use in Smallville Absolute Justice that looks like an iPad counter part? by deathb4deny Q: During the scene after they all split up and Oliver is with Hawkman. Chloe is talking to Courtney and you hear incoming message...green arrow and Chloe is holding this gadget that looks like the iPad, but isn't and switches the video to the main monitor. Does anyone know the name of the device or is it just a mere prop used to make it look cool and high tech?

A: most likely a kindle.

What advice can you give Chloe about the steps that she can take toward a healthy baby? by toy200 Q: 4)Chloe is concerned that her baby will not be healthy when it is born. She is wondering if there is anything she can do that will help ensure that her baby will be okay.

A: My advice would be--do your own homework.

What can you tell Chloe about the weight gain during pregnancy? by toy200 Q: 3)Chloe is concerned about the amount of weight that she will gain during pregnancy. She doesn’t want to get “too fat.” She has heard of women who gain only 10 pounds while pregnant and they wear their pre-maternity clothes home from the hospital.

A: Question #1: Who is Chloe? Tell "Chloe" that she shouldn't be too concerned with the weight she gains. I'm not talking about a burger fest at McD's-just make smart choices about she eats. Eat whole grains; fruits, veggies, protein and calcium to ensure a healthy baby and a healthy mom. The women who walk away from the hospital in prematernity clothes are quite rare. Eat healthy, exercise and don't worry about the weight.

♥Chloe???♥? by ♥~Miss_Mitsubishi~♥ Q: Iam trying to figure out how she goes from Lilly's stylist and fashion trainer to supposedly sleeping with cane, living in their apartment and now supposedly pregnant???? What is up with this girl???

A: She is a liar and a schemer and out for her self. She wants Cane and she is going to stop at nothing to try and get him, even if it means being dirty and underhanded about it. She knows Cane doesnt want anything to do with her. Cane and Lilly have been nothing but nice to her and she is treating them like this. She is an evil girl.

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