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dpasamonte i can't recall if chick fil a opens at 6am or 630am. hmmm. the website doesn't tell me their hours. i'm craving a chicken biscuit with honey

ymtim @xsamantharae @jessikaleighhh I'd kill for some chick fil a right meow

Mr_Ambition_20 I think imma wait up till 6:30 n go get chick fil a breakfast then go to bed lol

cantreshxlmt3 DanaKristen blasphemy! Chick fil a is the best!nGnv

xsamantharae Weird server dude at the 24 hour Chick-Fil-A just told me I had really soft hands when handing me my Sprite. He loved @jessikaleighhh and I!

almandjoy89 Wow I have woken up way too early (@ Chick-fil-A) http://t.co/NiOl2BhU

spadlinamvy4 Chick-fil-a sounds good is fuck right now.hungryWXbE

shwagestyKL 7 minutes till my dunk ass can get me some chick fil a #alcholicproblems

zzzzimonwhite where can i get a "deep emotional blockage" removed in LA? Chick-Fil-A?

Von_Jackson Chick-fil-a on sunset for the first time. What's the best combo? http://t.co/578OqBjT

JayWinters23 Late nite Chick. Fil-a that is http://t.co/5kJDuQoS

TheRealKiyana I'm hungry.... Forced to eat 2 chocolate chip cookies... In the am I will defin. Be at somebody's chick fil a or panera

RileyCooper15 I'm at Chick-fil-A w/ @bethyak http://t.co/5i5w3IG5

MelloYello_92 Chick Fil a opens in less than an hour

VirginiaPlaces Another mention for Chick-Fil-A: http://t.co/nM7TeuSP - RT @Lesha_BiteMe I'm swiping hella chick fil a tomorrow simply because I need to ...


What are the emails for Chick Fil A and all the pizza resturaunts? by Gg Q: What are the emails for Chick Fil A, Pappa John's, Lil Ceasars, Domino's and Pizza hut? The Email that you can send suggestions to... I checked their websites before I asked the question and they didnt have any contact info.

A: I would go to each of their websites and click on "contact us" and see if that works for you.

Chick-Fil-A??? by ... Q: What is it like working there?? Do you like it? Is it hard or easy?? (if you don't work there or haven't worked there please don't answer this question)

A: I know the owner of a few of them in Georgia... and it's a good place to work if you want to do fast food. They actually pay pretty well (for a fast food place) and their food is really good. :)

CHICK-FIL-A???????????????????????????????????? by James Q: Im fifteen,and homeschooled i live in hendersonville tennesse.If any one knows where one is that will hire me then sweet.

A: I used to be a manager at the one in Rivergate mall, and they hire at 15. Plus the are pretty slow there so you don't have to do a lot of work. You should drive down there and put in an application. Good Luck! Chick-Fil-A is a great place to work!

Chick-fil-a? by cardinalfanusa Q: Does anyone know where I can find information regarding the total # of employees with Chick0fil-a restaurants? Please don't give me a link to their corporate website, it's not listed there.

A: Why don't you call the corporate number from the website and ask. I know they would be happy to assist you. As for they are a Christian (JesusChrist Believer Boss) Operated Organization. Stay safe and sweet.

chick-fil-A :)? by buttons93 Q: ok sooo i love chick-fil-A(specially ther waffle fries) and i want to know who would pick chick-fil-A over any other fast food ..if u do: tell me why u like it so much....... if u dont: tell me why not and wat other place u like better :) thankss chick-fil-A is alot healthier becuase its low in fat compared to other fast food places.. ther fries are only 350 ..150 from fat ..unlike mcdonalds which are like 800 and 650 from fat ...i still like mcdonalds though lol

A: I like chick-fil-a, but there isn't one near where I live. So I just go to Arby's instead.

Chick-Fil-a.........??? by I♥MN Q: i just moved to north carolina and i was wondering how old do you have to be to work at Chick-Fil-a in High Point,NC or Greensboro,NC????

A: at least 16 in most places.

chick-fil-a? by lindsay_nicole2011 Q: has anyone ever worked at chick-fil-a, or places like that, if so what is fun or did u dred goin 2 work everyday?

A: I have worked in food service for a number of years, mainly McDonald's. I worked at Chick-Fil-A for two weeks as a manager and HATED it! However, I disliked it because I am not religious at all, and I feel like I was discriminated to some extent because of it. They will terminate you on the spot if you swear (even if it's an innocent slip-up). For the most part though, with any restaurant job, how much you enjoy your job is based on the people you work with. Think about restaurants you eat at regularly - do the employees have good attitudes and seem happy to work there? If so, you will probably be happy working there also. If they have negative attitudes, they will just bring you down to that level.

Chick Fil-A? by pastelifesaver Q: What does Chick-fil-A put on thier chicken sandwiches & chicken nuggets that make them so darn good. I'm guessing it's in the breading, and it just beats any other chicken sandwich that I've ever had and I know several people that will say the same thing. It's probably a big secret, just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks!

A: I agree they do have the best chicken sandwiches. I guess though that if youre named after a chicken you better produce. Just like the Waffle House, you wouldn't go there if the waffles were nasty. Now look what you've done, I want a chicken on wheat and waffle fries, with a cold lemonade.

Chick fil a? by mem Q: Whenever I get a chick fil a chicken sandwich, I bite into the middle and there's always that piece that is chewy and gross! What is it? Is it like a vein or something, it really grosses me out, so now I no longer eat their chicken sandwiches. It's not only at chick fil a either, it's at a lot of places...

A: Yes, it's a piece of cartilage that they should be removing. I don't eat their sandwiches anymore either. Matter of fact, I don't ever order a chicken breast sandwich anywhere because I am VERY picky about how my chicken is cleaned and trimmed.

Chick-fil-A? by Shiver_Bee Q: Hi, I'm fifteen and I'm looking for some ways to earn money. I can't mow or baby sit, which I would do on the spot, but I live in an apartment and no kids are around. Then I found out about Chick-Fil-A. Is it true you can work there when you are fifteen? I'm volunteering at many places, our zoo, animal shelter, and a cat haven. From experience, are Chick-Fil-A's hours flexible? Plus I have school. So any tips, advice, or experience with Chick-Fil-A? Thanks!! : )

A: Depending on your state's labor laws. I am an assistant manager at Chick-Fil-A. We do personally hire 15 year olds, we currently employ 2. I know that at my Chick-Fil-A we are very flexible on hours, and in fact have a few people that only work twice a week, one girls for about 3months only worked on Saturdays. It all depends on that particular unit. However, if you are a good strong individual with great interpersonal and communication skills, we will hire. We seem to have problems finding enough GOOD workers. Forgot to mention that I personally was hired at 15. Check your state labor laws for working permits and etc though. I live in Florida, and we don't require any permits.

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