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Chicharito back amongst the goals
Third in Mexico's all-time top scorers' list with 36 goals, Chicharito's last effort for El Tri also came on Brazilian soil, against Japan in last year's FIFA Confederations Cup. Thrown on versus the Croatians by coach Miguel Herrera to try and turn a ...

Javier Hernández Goal Video Today: Chicharito Scores a Header for Mexico ...
Mexico's defender and captain Rafael Marquez (L) celebrates with Mexico's forward Javier Hernandez after Marquez headed his team's first goal during a Group A football match between Croatia and Mexico at the Pernambuco Arena in Recife during the ...

Mexico World Cup 2014 Latest News: Will Chicharito Backup 'Memo' In Goal For ...
Mexico manager Miguel Herrera announced his starting XI at the team's press conference on Sunday and to no one's surprise, Javier “El Chicharito” Hernandez was not named in the staring lineup for the third World Cup game in a row. Herrera is sticking ...

Mexico vs Croatia Video Highlights, Score: Watch Chicharito, Márquez ...
Team-mates celebrate after Mexico's defender Rafael Marquez (not seen) scored his team's first goal during a Group A football match between Croatia and Mexico at the Pernambuco Arena in Recife during the 2014 FIFA World Cup on June 23, 2014.

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Is Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez? by ÑÂŇØ Q: Going To Play Tomorrow With Mexico. BQ: Predict The Score Mexico vs New Zealand? BQ2: What Do You Expect From Mexico In The Gold Cup? BQ3: And For Copa America?

A: No Chicharito will be joining El Tri on Thursday so he won't be playing. BQ: Mexico 2 - 1 New Zealand BQ1: Mexico will win it I'm confident we will have a good tournament. BQ2: Cuartos de final we are playing the best of.Conmebol.

Javier "Chicharito" called up?!!? by ♥LaRojiblanca Q: http://www.mediotiempo.com/futbol/mexico/noticias/2009/09/22/convocatoria-del-tri-para-colombia-llamo-a-jonathan What r your thoughts about Chicharito getting called up? Heheh this is his first time :)

A: I guess hes getting his National Team Cherry popped. =) Hopefully Chicharito is fully recovered by then, if he is..i know he will be a starter alongside cacho. And how did you mention chicharito and not Pato Araujo, imagine. I hope Pato plays cuz i know he will do good.

The Chicharito Deception? by Octavio Q: Why do Mexicans keep saying that Chicharito has scored 20+ goals for Manchester United? The fact is he has not scored that many goals. He has only scored 9 goals in the English Premiere League. Are they delusional? I understand that 9 is a good number since he just started. But everywhere online Mexicans claim he has scored 20+ goals. Even compare him already to Rooney or Ronaldo. Here are the facts, solely in the English Premiere League, Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez has only score 9 goals. What are their next claims, that they've won the World Cup or made it to the semi finals? Head games are just that, games and not reality! Like I said in the EPL solely. I am aware all together he has score 20 goals but I had argument with some Mexican saying he has scored 20+ in the EPL. When it's 13 only in the EPL sorry not 9. Then a bunch of other Mexicans said no it's 20+ goals he has scored for Man U in the EPL. I'm aware I said that too sorry just missed that detail. One guy said he has scored 28 goals then the rest followed behind. Im thinking to myself where are they getting these stats? It's a even 20 which is great but it's not 20+ or 28 nor 24. 20! Yet everywhere I go they seem to think it's 20+ even 30 I read somewhere. Honestly I dont care about Man U. English Premiere is great but dont watch much of it. I catch EPL soccer everyonce in a while now. Use to a lot when Arsenal had Henry. Been watching MLS a lot lately even though it's gradually improving like a slug. But out of loyalty and with hope that U.S. soccer will reach world status. Which it will the markets there and theyre not going to give up all those millions. For that to happen I have to support its market.

A: except, you forget that United don't only play in the English premier league. EDIt: apologies if there's a misunderstanding, but i was under the impression you were referring to his scoring records in all competitions (in general) --> "Why do Mexicans keep saying that Chicharito has scored 20+ goals for Manchester United?" that sounds pretty general to me. ryt... sorry. glad we cleared it up.

Describe Chicharito????????? by Down for my girl <3 Q: this is mine i did it fast can be better C razy H ardcore I nternational C abron H uevos para Jugar A Atletico R apido I Inglaterra T otally O verrated Fabian Dude Blanco is to old Medina is Still not in Europe Magallon well na he is hella good so

A: describing chicharito in 5,4,3,2,1, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he is so fckin good he has that rare talent that makes every one stand up and scream everytime he get the ball

Cubo, better than Chicharito? by ♥★Las Estrellas Aman a Gio★♥ Q: Do you think that Cubo will be the next Chicharito, or will he be better than Chicharito? :-)

A: Of course he will. Chivas has been know to have players with great talent coming from la cantera. First it was Carlos Vela, then Chicharito Hernandez, and now it will be Cubo Torres turn to shine. I'm not sure if he'll be better but he will definitely go to Europe in the future.

Whos better: Chicharito vs Lebron? by ♥LaRojiblanca Q: http://manutd.theoffside.com/manchester-united/chicharito-v-lebron-whos-got-more-impressive-ups.html Haha i found this kind of funny, thought i should share it..Haha BQ: Have you liked the way Chivas has been playing lately? Obviously youll say no, But how do you think they can better? Where do they need to perfect? BQ: Do you like Sanchez? I was pretty impressed at times even though we lost, he did a decent job

A: ahahaahah that is funny but i just noticed how high chicharito can jump that was awsome!! great hops!!! lol i say chicharito!!!lol bq; chivas have benn playing really bad on defence and their midfielders are not distriduting the ball all that great! and the forwards arent doing all that much with the chances that they finnaly do get! bq; hes young but he impressed me on acouple of ocasions! i think mitchel would have blocked one of those goals tho! lol

Chicharito or Welbeck? by Victor Rated R Q: who do you think will be the striker with rooney and why?

A: I think Chicharito because like Wayne said, Chicharito let's him drop back and play on both ends of the field and him and Chicha always stay after practices by themselves to practice and get that tip-tap movement with the ball. I understand Welbeck is a talented striker but there's just something in Chicharito that both Rooney and SAF trust.

Chicharito Hernandez, The Next Mexican icon? by Andres Q: From being a bench warmer..haha..To making GOLAZOS like crazy!!!In my opinion i think he will become the future of Mexico..Not just because im a Chivista but I'm realistic!

A: i still think Raul Nava is Mexico's future, i mean look at the golazo he scored on us chivistas in the first jornada, the dude is 6'2 can run and jump, has technical skill, he is our future forward no doubt, chicharito will be up there with him but he wont be a prolific scorer in my eyes.

Will Chicharito score on Chelsea tomorrow? by Oscar Zavala Q: They play Chelsea who has been outstanding so far this season, Chicharito has already put the ball past Peter Cech twice, one of them was his first goal with Man U I'm sure we remember that face goal lol, and again another time in like less than a minute ! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20121027082932AA9pwXi ^^^Look at Carlos's answer -____-

A: I read that Fergueson said he might put Chicharito as titular after the Champions game that he had. If he is titular, i think he'll definitely score on Chelsea. This should be the line up for tomorrow: Give Man U alot of attack power so Chelsea doesnt feel they can easily go up to attack Man U ----------------De Gea------------------ Rafael--Vidic--Ferdinand--Evra --------------Carrick------------------ Nani-------------------------Valencia ---------------Rooney----------------- ------Chicharito--Van Persie----

do you think chivas really does need chicharito? by miguel sabah fuerzamonarca Q: or can they still play exactly how they used to with him like in the bicentenario cause after theat game i see them struggling again like after chicharito left and when he barely came struggling to win and not being in la liguilla yeah the forwards need to step up because it always seemed like they always depended on chicharito @ aguila yeah kinda

A: Chicharito takes advantage of oppurtunities and has the balls to shoot compared to the youngsters we have. Bofo is slow and only does passes Medina is fast but rarely gets any oppurtunities Arellano is overrated, I remember when he scored vs America, I siad hes gonna be baddass and look at him now, he can rarely score compared to Chicharito Chicharito adds excitement to the games

Chicharito is getting more non mexican fans? by Julio Q: I was on facebook and I was leaving a comment on the Man Utd site. Question was "who will score aginst tottenham". I noticed lots of ppl said chicharito (not just mexican fans) they even call him chico. BQ- is it me or do Berbotov and "chico" make a better team than Berbatov and Rooney?

A: Well yeah especially since most Man U fans are located outside of England. Many people watch them play. Especially since they have players from other Countries.. and those people like the team and Chicharito. Chico? that is lame. not really close to his nickname.. He is Chicharito. Chicha,Lil Pea, and maybe even rito is better than Chico. BQ:Chicharito is good with any player.

Does anybody here hate Chicharito? by i!Moreno_15!i(GHOST Crew) Q: Looks like a lot of people hate him now and talk sh!t about him now. I think he just hit a little slump and people need to give him a break. How do you guys feel about Chicharito? BQ: How tall are you and how much do you weight?

A: He just needs to improve on his ball control thats it.. Chicharito can be one of the worlds deadliest strikers because he has speed and good finish.. all he needs to work on is ball control...Hopefully chicharito improves this season with United and take Welbeck's position away.. i want to see chicharito in the top list of Premiere League top scorers like Rooney..i don't hate him i support him because he is mexican and plus chicharito has alot of haters.. im sure with improvement he will shut them up...

Chicharito vs Dzeko who is better? by Michael Cole Q: Explain Why

A: Chicharito, hands down. the guy's movement inside the penalty box is a nightmare for defenders, but mancini doesn't like to use dzeko and he is a becoming a bench warmer, so his talents are being wasted, after all the guy was the top scorer in bundesliga when he was at wolfsburg.

CHICHARITO.....................................? by F.A.M.E.. LETS GO DODGERS!!!! Q: DO YOU THINK HE'LL EVER BE CALLED FOR EL TRI...? OR REYNOSO?

A: Chicharito nah not right now, maybe later.. about Reynoso you got to be kiddin right???

Who is better, chicharito or Carlos Vela? by Czarcasm Q: Who do you rate higher? BQ: Are you a Proud Mexican?

A: Chicharito is better! :) BQ: Shut up; I was born in USA but a naturalized Mexican 'cause my father is Mexican. Chicharito plays well for Man U and the Mexican national football team.

Could This Be Bad News For Chicharito? by Fidel Castro Q: It Looks like Luis Fabiano is Going to get transferred to Man U which could make it harder for Chicharito to compete with Wayne Rooney and Fabiano and Berbatov and the other forwards that Man U has. Your thoughts?

A: Let's be honest Brazilians never really made a impact on the EPL, thye either go to La Liga or Serie A. i mean look at what happened to Robinho at Man City....... City wasted 40 million Euros on Robinho to make a impact and to be in the top 4 to get a spot in the CL. none of those things happened. Now im not saying that Brazilians are bad but they tend to avoid the English Futbol. Ronaldinho was wanted by Man U before but he turned them down and went to Barcelona. after he left Barca, Man City offered 40 million Euros for him but he turned them down and went to Milan. Fabiano is a good fast players but i really don't know if he could make it in the English Futbol. i mean lets take a look at where all the Brazilians play......... Italy - Ronaldinho, Maicon, Pato, Lucio, Julio Cesar, Baptista, Spain - Kaka, Fabiano, Alves, Maxwell, Marcelo Etc...... see what i mean Brazilians tend to avoid the EPL and wold rather go to Serie A or La Liga. but again if this move was to happend Chicharito would work harder, i mean Fabiano is expected to go and make a impact, while for Chicharito he still has time to get adjusted and there is a reason why Fergusson wants him. remember Fegusson was watching him since last October that means he has had his eye on him for 6 months. Chicharito should not sweat it he just has to work harder and impress Fergie.

So chicharito can shoot outside the box? by Don Ramon Q: Who saw the game? He had a great run in a counter attack and did some fakes and took a nice shot but the goalie got it. Then Nani switched it to him and he took a beautiful shot that the gk blocked. Great game by chicharito. soooooo im saying this as a joke and everyone accuses me of being biased, well just americanistas . America fans are the worse.

A: Chicharito is not the same player he used to be. He is evolving as a striker and is showing that he is more than just a box killer, but he can also make long range shots that can be on target as well has helping in the passing game. Even his dribbling skills are much better than they were 2 years ago. His goals aren't luck either. Although he may not be as athletic, what he lacks in athleticism he makes up for in having a high football IQ. He constantly positions himself along the back line to spread the defense and he instinctively sees the play opening up anticipating the cross or volley his way and right at that moment he utilizes a quick burst to separate from defenders. It is the typical approach that most strikers and poachers use such as Mario Gomes, Klaas Jan Huntelaar, and Miroslav Klose. Chicharito is becoming a pesky little pea, isn't he?

And Chicharito does it again? by Oscar Zavala Q: Shot by Ashley Young rechazo el arquero and the ball went right to Chicharo who was just in between the two defenders, wow what luck ! Well 2013 started off well !

A: He played a great game. Both him and Van Persie seem to have found a rhythm together. I find it amazing how he always positions himself so well on the back line and when he sees that a pass may be coming up to him, almost as if by instinct, he just separates very quickly from the defensive back line and pounces on the pass to get it in. He was called offsides twice for it, but he always seems to make a habit of finding himself at the right place at the right time. Some players rely on their athleticism to be able to make goals, but players like Chicharito happen to use the intellect and instinct to position themselves well and find the net. He's a pesky little pea, isn't he?

Should chicharito be taking the penalties? by Rafael Q: he got lucky with both the Bosnia and el Salvador ones I think Gio should take them

A: It really doesnt matter who takes the penalty if its in a friendly match and if your winning like 4-0, like against el salvador, it doesnt matter heck even the portero can take it. But if your talking about taking One in the knock out stages in confederation or world cup than i dont think it matters as much cause that player will have hella pressure on him. If it in penalties(5 pks each team) than i think chicharito should be 3rd or 4th. But to answer the question regular pk shooter should be Gio or Guardado

Chicharito Hernandez vs. Carlos Vela? by Brandon Q: Whos better

A: skill wise with dribbling,getting past defenders, and shots Vela is better. but being stronger, headers, and finishes Chicharito is better. Overall to me once Carlos Vela returns to his good level he had in 08-09 for sure he will be better than chicharito but right now Chicharito is getting his momentum back berly from being injured as well and is getting playing time in Manchester United. To me Vela is better at the moment he plays every game with Real Sociedad and he has an assist for goal almost every game and he contributes more.

why didnt Chicharito start against RM? by Kris Q:

A: Ferguson thought that RVP and Rooney would of been enough. Honestly I think United could of won the game if they played with all their 11 players. The only thing i see wrong that ferguson did was playing Welbeck instead of Chicharito. He shoulda started with RVP and Chicha.

manchester , wayne rooney... chicharito? by TACO 13 Q: So is Wayne Rooney injury going to benefit Chicharito? Get some more playing time? @nodrog2007 i agree its make or break...... last cHANCE TO PROVE HIMSELF........

A: Well rooney is out for the next 2 months witch means he will miss about 14 times. Chicharito will defintly get more playing time I see him starting some games and coming in as a sub in others. The thing about ferguson is he like results and is not afraid to sit players down like chicharito did with berbatov and then how welback did with chicharito. It really comes down to see when he gets that playing time if he can start scoring again. Plus I really don't think last year was too much of a disaster for chicharito I mean he ended the year with 12 goals to his name after beeing out from to injurys not to mention last year manchester were eliminated from every cup quickly witch ment less games. So don't rule out chicharito just yet.

Did Man Utd win with Chicharito? by CH!VA Fighter AKA Anti-ZIDANE IL MAESTRO DI JUVE Q: BQ Join chat! http://mfstri.chatango.com/

A: Chicharito kinds sucked today. am hopeing he can score on the next game[[;

Chicharito possible Falcao replacement? by Corazon Aguila Q: http://www.record.com.mx/article/chicharito-seria-el-sustituto-de-falcao-en-el-atletico I know not very reliable, but it has been mentioned alot. So i wouldnt be surprised if it did happen. What about you guys? Could he be able to make it there without his MU teammates?

A: I don't trust british press alot. They said Del Nido from Sevilla was in London to sell Negredo when it was completely lies. Plus Falcao denied a move to Chelsea already.. Benitez will be the one to determine if he wants him since he is obsessed with Torres. Unless Liverpool pick him up.. there in desperate need of a striker to partner up with Suarez and they wouldn't surprise if they bid. City wouldn't surprise as well since they said Balotelli will leave in summer and Aguero to a possible move to Real Madrid or Juventus.. City will make alot of changes this summer.. But right now it could happen.. Chicharito could move to Real Madrid or another big club in europe..

Is Chicharito the Manchester United Tony Lopez? by FuerzaAguila Q: They both started off really good and got recognitions from legends. Now they are in the bench and dont even get to play when their team is loosing badly or winning by a lot. I forgot to mention they get front row tickets to their favorite team. I aknolleged they did well in the pass but im talking about the present

A: Chicharito actually made in impact in Man U. Helped them in 2 league championships and 1 final in the champions league. He has 34 goles with Mexico. Tony Lopez hasn't made in impact in America or Mexico. Its like comparing melons (Chicharito) to grapes (Tony Lopez) Man U> America

Is chicharito better then higuain & aguero? by Q: If yes why? If no hoe much longer does he need to b?

A: JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS Higuain honors * La Liga: 2006–07, 2007–08 * Supercopa de España: 2008 Aguero honors Atlético Madrid * UEFA Intertoto Cup (1): 2007 * UEFA Europa League (1): 2009–10 * UEFA Super Cup (1): 2010 [edit] International Argentina * FIFA U-20 World Cup (1): 2005, 2007 * Summer Olympic Games (1): 2008 Individual * FIFA Young Player of the Year (1): 2007 * FIFA U-20 World Cup Top Scorer (1): 2007 * FIFA U-20 World Cup Player of the Tournament (1): 2007 * La Liga Ibero-American Player of the Year (1): 2008 * Don Balón Award (1): 2007–08 * Tuttosport Golden Boy (1): 2007 Chicharito honors Club Guadalajara * Primera División de México (1): Apertura 2006 * InterLiga (1): 2009 Manchester United * FA Community Shield (1): 2010 Individual * Primera División de México Top Scorer (1): Bicentenario 2010 * Winner of the "Balón de Oro" as the best striker in the 2009–10 Primera División de México season also known as the Torneo Bicentenario 2010.

will chicharito ever regain his form? by Ghost Q: will moving to a new club help him get it back

A: I hope those people that call him a "tronco" actually watch him play. I'll be honest though, he doesn't get enough playing time to call him a "good" player in my opinion. He has learned to give good passes and open himself up for a good shot. Some of these things don't matter to the typical Mexican fan because he's remembered as the Chicharito who started with Manchester United. There's no doubt in my mind that he's a very good player that can adapt with any other team unless that other team doesn't have any creative midfielders who could help him open spaces. For the sake of Mexico though, hopefully he regains his form in the World Cup.

FAN POLL : Chicharito or Calderon? by DN (RIP tano) Q:

A: chicharito by far, that guy calderon is not even that great of a player, i think that chicharito will become mexico's future forward ( 9 )

Whos better Chicharito or Esqueda? by ChivaDylan Q: lol remember when this was actually a question and all the wilas would say chicharito is overated haha chicharito is a beast but arellano at his full potencial is better. i know right nd dey got all buthurt for"overrating" him @mario f: dude ur retarded i remember that game nd chicharito did play bad but had a few games playing bad before that so it wasnt mosqura nd chicharo scored vs france argentina netherland nz wtf there all tall!

A: Lmao yup. All the Wilas said Chicharito was overrated. Pero luego Papa gave Mexico 2 gols in the World Cup y ahora they love him more than Esqueda. Lmfao i cant believe they actually compared Chicharito to ese pelo chino. @Mario F, no mames guey estas pendejo ? Do you not remember the Gol he made against NZ? Those guys are tall and Chicharito beat em. Chicharito eats out of nobody hands I dont think its usual for a Mexican forward to say he's scored on Netherlands, France, and Argentina at only 22.

vela or chicharito?? by Q: whos better arsenal's Vela or Man U's Javier "chicharito" Hernandez based on what you've seen in the world cup and vela for the little he's done in Arsenal? Chicharito scored on netherlands, France and Argentina....... Vela scored on italy(buffon)

A: Carlos Vela has done OK at Arsenal when they do choose to play him, but Hernandez has shown some real promise in this world cup for Mexico. Honestly he'll have to prove himself in the years to come but I'd say on potential alone Chicharito can be the better player.

Chicharito in the fifa confederations cup? by Esqueda/ Q: Yay or nay?

A: @Aguilucho..... Not true, Yes Gio and Chicharito will give ratings but right now Peralta is in a better form and the media will want him just like they wanted Chicharito when he signed to United. if he is in poor form and Peralta makes goals then all eyes will be pointed to Peralta. we have seen the Mexican media do this.... last year De Nigris was on form and he also had the media on his eyes but now do they barely talk about him? Gio has talent and i understand Chepo calling him but Barrera? no i don't think so he does not bring in any ratings if that was the case Televisa would flood American players to El Tri since they own America but no Honestly Barrera is not in form and doesn't deserve a call up if he does then he should be used as a Super Sub. But to answer the question..... if Chicharito is in form then yes call him up, but if he is not then no if another players is on form and scoring goals then that player deserves a call up.

Chicharito is now a Manchester Utd starter? by JMTen10 Q: Sir Alex Ferguson announced that chicharito will be a starter now because of his good performences and because Wayne Ronney will be out for atleast 3 weeks What DO you guys think

A: Alright well im happy for javier hernandez for being announced as a starter. But once wayne rooney is back whats gonna happen?? well i have an answer that man u's coach should look in to. Well wayne rooney is one of those strong players that score from outside the 18' and he is a really good on the sides. Chicharito is really fast and he knows how to move around. Chicharito is really good in the box and he is good at moving around and he is more of a point forward (attacking forward not a defensive forward). So when wayne gets back i think they should play together and see what happens. Chicharito would score alot more goals if the mids passed it to him. lately they have been doing that so thats why he has been scoring. He has a great future and he has to take advantage of his skills!! GO MAN U

Vela better than Chicharito? by Pavel@ Динамо Москва Q: Really? Think clearly about this. It all comes down to wins and how much of an impact you provide. Vela may be a better technical player, but Chicharito is the one providing a greater impact for his team. It means nothing being a better technical player if you don't provide the impact your team needs. Sociedad may have won today's game, but throughout the season Vela has not provided enough of an impact to turn around Real Sociedad. Chicharito is a game-changer and without a doubt the best player in the CONCACAF. @Pastes: Didn't Vela have world class players around him at Arsenal? Was he successful around those world class players? Nope, he was an abject failure at Arsenal.

A: Nahhhh!! Chicharito is better.. he can score in any time

Y u do dis Chicharito? by #TodoEsCulpaDeLayún Q: This is the second penalty he has missed playing with Mexico this year, If Panama ties/wins will Chicharo be known as the player that cost us the pass to the world cup? BQ:Will Chicharo score to redeem himself by scoring? BQ2:Would you let Chicharo take penalties if you were Mexico's DT? BQ:Will Chicharo score to redeem himself?

A: I support Chicharito, but I haven't a clue why he was put in to kick the penalty. His niche is scoring goals during play, not scoring on penalty kicks. He is horrible at penalty kicks in both Manchester and Mexico. On that one, I will agree Oribe should have been give the penalty shot. Chicharito is a good player, but not on penalties. BQ: Yes BQ2: No By the way, how is Torrado still being picked to play for Mexico? He is the worst player from Chepo's roster.

MFS: Whose better Marco Fabian or Chicharito? by #Americanista Jose Q:

A: Chicharito is a Striker, Marco Fabian is an Attacking Mid who can also play out wide. You can't really compare a midfielder to a forward. Chicharito is a great player. He hasn't had the best time with the national team 2013, but he's brilliant playing for Man Utd. Marco Fabian is another great player with a very bright future. I hope to see him in Europe playing for a top team, maybe even Champions League because he is that good.

Is Chicharito better then Berbatov? by Mighty-Tea Q:

A: Berba has scored 20 Goals this season, all goals scored in Premier League. Chicharito has scored 14 goals this season (FA, CL and EPL combined). That said, Chicharito is faster than Berba and has better shooting skills on the field. Chicharito can handle the situations better than Berba. Berbatov is not reliable, Chicharito is.

balotelli or chicharito? by Yeezy Q: who is better?

A: Balotelli CAN be better, but it greatly depends on his form, because he is not really consistent. It's either brilliant or worthless (he plays shit... or maybe he plays ok, but then gets a red card). Chicharito is more consistent, is better tactically and does a better job when he is not in possession of the ball, but is less talented. So it's actually gamble vs certainty. It's pretty much a close call to me, so it's going to be decided on the manager, the one who is able to get the most out of the player. Balotelli needs a good motivator, someone he will listen to. If I could choose, I'd still gamble with Balotelli, especially in big matches. It's for sure that I'll pick him vs Spain or Barcelona, because their defense have a problem with strikers who are strong in the air.

Is this article true about chicharito? by Leo2home Q: http://mufclatest.com/chicharito-ready-to-quit-united/

A: I always thought Chicharito never really cared if he got subbed in. He was always perceived to be a team player. This is a bit strange because I don't see Chicharito saying he will quit ManU if he doesnt get any playing time. But we have to just wait and see. The good thing about it is that there are a lot of teams who would love to have Chicharito. Hes a very impact player who gives its team a chance to win whenever hes on the field. We just have to wait and see.

Chicharito has English? by The Xicano Bolivar aka Amerca is Native Land Q: Not true at all, but lets say he'd had English in him -his mother was from Manchester-.But he born in Mexico. What national team would he chose? How big would he been if he was a English man scoring in Mexico? How big would he been in England national team pearing up with Rooney, Defoe. and James Milner. Well lets say he chose england, how the media play a role on his career. And would he even fit in England national team. How would english would use a player like chicharito with the like of Rooney, Defoe. and James Milner. for those haters! Who has scored on FRANCE, ARGENTINA, NETHERLANDS, AND SPAIN national teams in 1 year! he has beat De Jong,Hietinga, Evra, Sagna, BARCA Abidal,Puyol, Masherano, Oh and X MAN U reject Pique and many for.

A: Chicharito was born and raised in Mexico and he is culturally and emotionally linked to Mexico. His lineage on his fathers side includes many greats in Mexico's squad so every one is inclined to believe he would choose Mexico regardless. Don't get your second question, there is no reason to believe he would be bigger if he played in Mexico and was English seeing how he became famous only after United signed him plus great World cup performances. He would have been huge if he played for England. To me he seemed more motivated to play for Mexico then Rooney did for England and never stopped trying to score (He scored when Mexico was down by 3 nil) And has plenty of pace. Rooney doesn't do that great internationally, Defoe isn't even worth talking about. in my opinion having Chicharito and Bent would be a great combo and would trouble defense with their speed. Milner is a flop in my opinion, and if Lampard could play behind the strikers and play as well for England as he does Chelsea then you have a huge attacking force for England.

berbatov VS chicharito aka javier hernandez? by Chunk up the deuce Q: who would you play I would play berbatov just because of the experience

A: I would play Chicharito just because he's better. Berbatov is too casual for my liking. Make him a sub or something and keep Chicharito with Rooney up front. I don't like a player such as Berbatov who has such a poor sense of humour when it comes to taking penalties. Sure, keep him and give him some first team starts but I think Chicharito should get more time.

Has Chicharitos performance surprised anyone else? by Rojiblanco Q: I know its very early to predict anything but he's one of the most consistent chivas players I see, next to Ramon Morales. He looks like what chivas was looking for, a real # 9, now we need a real #10 but Vergara doesn't seem to want to get Bofo back. Anyway, who do you think will this seasons MEXICAN top scorer and top scorer of the apertura?.

A: ummm..Chicharito has made 2 gols in da first two games! well seeing that shows me that hes trying alot better =] im not just saying this because im a chivista but i have a feeling chicharito is gonna surprise everyone =] The top scorer? ryte noe its nestor..but hopefully its chicharito lol

Thoughts On Chelsea Wanting Chicharito? by R.I.P CHUCHO Q: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/1136072/chelsea-make-enquiry-for-man-utd-striker-javier-hernandez?cc=5901

A: Chicharito would definitely get a lot of minutes in Chelsea since they don't really have good strikers on the team, but Manchester United will not sell him. Ferguson made it clear that Hernandez is in the team's plans.

What does "Chicharito" mean? by Jon K Q: The Mexican football (soccer) player Javier Hernandez has the nickname "Chicharito". What does it mean in English?

A: Chicharito means "little pea". the reason he has this nickname is because his father who's name is also javier hernandez and was also on the mexican national team (btw that's a mexican tradition to name the son after the father) was nicknamed "Chicharo" which means "green pea" because he has green eyes. Now, since it's chicharito's turn to shine they gave him that nickname of basically "little green pea." BTW IN SPANISH WHEN YOU PUT "ITO" AT THE END OF SOMETHING IT SIGNIFIES LITTLE OR JUST A MORE CARING WAY TO REFER TO SOMETHING OR SOMEONE. EX: GRANDMA IN SPANISH IS ABUELA BUT MANY CALL THEIR "ABUELA" ABUELITA INSTEAD BECAUSE IT SOUNDS MORE CARING.

Chicharito to fill the void? by Carlos10 Q: I've looked at various English tabloids and they say the signing of chicharito was proof of how they shouldn't have let Tevez go...Also vergara said he's definately gonna play with them but who knows how much. My question is could chicharito fill the void left by Carlitos Tevez? My answer is yes although it's very early but he has all the qualities to make it happen but he just has to trigger them.

A: Carlos Tevez was a good player that should have never left United. Fergusson trusted Berbatov more than Tevez but that was stupid of Fergie, Tevez was the reason West Ham did not get relegated when he was playing with them. Now Fergusson can train Chicharito and make him a better player. he made the move at the right time because he is still young. alot of Rumors pointed Villa at United but again those are just rumors. Villa will not leave Valencia last season both Real and Barca both wanted Villa...... but at the end he stayed at Valencia. now Chicharito has to make the best of it and adapt fast to the English game. if he gets good playing time no doubt he can bench Berbatov. now is Chicharito better than Tevez? no Tevez has more experience but again Chicharito is still young and can become a good player in Man U.

Carlitos Vela or Chicharito Hernandez? by JetBlackNinja Q: Ok, I've seen a lot of people comparing these two recently so which one do you is better, why? I think Vela is way better. Yes chicharito is scoring more, but you can't compare the Mexican league with the EPL.

A: Vela > Chicharito I think it is pretty sad that people will choose club over country. Sorry but if Chicharito was introduced to the EPL he would not have the same success. Different style of play.....would Chicharito adapt??? Ofcourse,,,he is a physical player and would (IMO) do well in the EPL. Right now...it is easy...Vela is the striker for Mexico. Chicharito is the bench player and will more than likely be called up in the upcoming friendlies. Medina, Arrellano...some examples of sucky overhyped players.....lets give Chicharito a chance to grow first. I want Chicharito to be a success...can you imagine Vela and Chicharito up front???? Sick!!! But lets not overhype this kid...I will bet my left nut that this kid will be called up more than once for the friendlies and he will be given a chance. I can see it now for 2014 Juarez, Gio, Jonathan, Guardado, Vela, Chicharito.....you get it. I hope in 4 years we can all say that Chicharito and Vela are equals...that would be great for Mexico...but right now Vela is the go to guy for Mexico.

Did you think Chicharito deserved MVP? by Missy Lisa Q: BQ: Cual fue tu favorito gol? BQ2: What was going through your head when Us scored the second goal?

A: Hell no Javier Hernandez didnt deserve it...Chicharito scored the most goals thus winning the honor for top scorer in this Copa Oro that should of been enough for him & his fans...Giovanni Dos Santos won it in 2009 so somebody else deserves it....Pablo Barerra or Guardado...Barerra didnt miss his one on one shot against Howard like Chicharito or Giovanni or Israel Castro last night....Barrera had colmillo, a lot of heart, skill. la sudo he didnt goal poach...anyone that scores two against USA deserves MVP...Guardado was consistent..when Mexico strikers couldnt score he would...he had a great volley vs Costa Rica and he doesnt fail his one on one shots....I FEEL LIKE BARRERA OR GUARDADO DESERVE IT...THEIR TEAMS GOT REGULATED AND DESCENDED BUT THEY STILL PLAYED GOOD WITH MEXICO...IT WOULD OF BEEN A MORALE BOOSTER & MADE THEM FORGET ABOUT THAT 5HIT. IWANTED BARRERA TO WIN SO HE CAN BE REMEMBERED BY THE FANS & LOVED LIKE CHICHARITO...CHICHARITO ALREADY HAS A LOT OF FANS WHAT WAS THE POINT? BARRERA IS REALLY UNAPPRECIATED BQ: Personally Barrera's 2nd against USA...I hope a lot of Tri fans start appreciating him and buying his jersey...screw the Chicharomania bq2: i wanted talavera to get out cause he reminded me of oswaldo getting scored on by the USA so easliy twice

Peralta>Chicharito no mames? by Brandon Q: He doesnt do crap man and dont say chuy is better than ochoa!!! Ke pedo pinche howard overpowered pelon

A: Peralta is a much complete player than Chicharito just look at the goals Peralta scores and his style of playing. Chicharito's goals have been tap ins which is good aswell but his dribbling is good and all he does is wait for the ball. Peralta can dribble past opponets,score golazos,score tap ins, and sometimes goes down to help recover the ball. Peralta doesn't wait for the ball it's not his style just look at the goal vs Brazil he stole the ball and scored. Where would Chicharito be in the 1st goal vs Brazil probably waiting for the ball to score a tap in. I have nothing against tap in goals or Chicharito but his style in the NT isn't all that great he should improve his dribbling so that he'll be able to get past defenders better. Corona is in better form and is a much better goalie right now than Ochoa. Ochoa is also good but he tends fail in easy shots like against Korea and Colombia. In a WC game Ochoa can't that happen to him. The media also affects Ochoa's performance because the give him so much fame that when commits an error everyone starts bashing on him and his confidence goes down. Corona's experience has helped him become a good goalie in the NT he's become Chepo's 1st choice goalkeeper. I wouldn't be surprised if Ochoa get's moved to 3rd choice goalkeeper since Chepo has more trust in Talavera as well. Overall Corona has learned from his mistakes and look at him now he's in great form he's helped Mexico win a Gold medal. Ochoa needs to have trust on himself also because letting in easy shots means his trust on himself isn't there.

Who is better Chicharito or Messi? by Austin N Q: This picture answers the question: http://postimage.org/image/2vewhglj8/full/ They're the same age. Messi has been playing in Europe longer because he's better.

A: @jetblack you call that other guy stupid for comparing the number of years, to tell you the truth they are a big factor messi was raised through the bracelona youth system and started playing professionally for barcelona a t like sixteen and was a regular starter by the time he was seventeen or so. chicharito wasn't always a regular starter at chivas even though he started when he was about 15. also you go and run your mouth saying messi scored many more goals than chicharito has this year which one of the dumbest things to say since chicharito has made 17 appearances for manchester united and if i'm correct more than half of those he came on as a sub in the last 10-20 minutes of the game/ messi has been a regular starter which means more goal opportunities i'm not saying chicharito is better but give him time to develop more and he will be better.

who is better Chicharito or Torres? by mzingaye w. s Q: i think Hernandez is playing well in his first season at Manchester united.he is good at heading ..but Torres haven't scored yet..i hope he will be back in his best next season..best player..just now

A: Chicharito AND torres have different style in soccer torres knows how to dribble thruogh defenders and has the skills chicharito has an amazing finish both are good players but not great. chicharito is a good player by finishing one second the ball is crossed to no one and then onther second there he is out of no where GOAL. torres looks for the through ball and tries to dribble with his skills and if he cant do it he will pass and try to make a play or a run to beat the player and score so both styles are great for manchester becuase of how they play its great for english style

vela vs chicharito?? by Q: i asked this questions about two month ago and yall said vela, after the world cup what do you think now?

A: any one who thinks vela is better than chicharito is just plain stupid jet black i guess that means true if u think vela is @jetblack-i could care less how i right in the internet buddy ok were talking about soccer here not how to properly right lol pendejo ok and ok man vela is good but not better than chicharito and everyone seems to agree perro lol and tell me how is it that chicharito and vela played around the same amount of time in the world cup with chicharito playing aroun 20-30 minutes more but he was able to score two while vela waisted his chances vela's inconsistincy is what makes javier better than him and its true if vela scored more of those chances he has then i would agree he would be better but he doesnt score his chances and thats what makes javier better he scores and vela doesnt i mean come on vela has 30 caps and 9 goals with la selecion while chicharito has 16 with 9 goals come on vela should have more goals but he doesnt what matters is scoring and javier is scoring while vela isnt alright dude why wernt superstars like messi, ronaldo, rooney any of them why wernt they considered the best in this world cup???? because they didnt score the pple who scored were considered the best like forlan snjieder mueller villa they were considered the best becasue they scored and others u mentioned were considered letdowns man come on scoring is everything its what gives wins and if a player is scoring he is considered the best and this world cup shows it man and idk if u forgot but chicharito had come off of an injuryb himself but he rebounded greatly and whether u like it or not he is our best foward in la selecion no matter what not vela he isnt showing it but chicharito is scoring he is giving us results and thats why he's better

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