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HappyTailsRescu Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl 6 reactors, 3 melt downs & almost 8 months daily toxins http://t.co/ennt5sh5

artificial_doll @nekokarashi ふむ オススメなのはShadow of Chernobylだけど、19$なんだよなー

nandakandakanta RT @AndreasDiego: http://t.co/FH2eDew4 チェルノブイリの放射能汚染で、子供たちに免疫の低下をきたしており、チェルノブイリ・エイズと呼んで、悲劇的な状況を作り出している。福島でも似たような症状が現れ始め、福島エイズと呼ばれ始めている。11/5FukusimaDiary

AndreasDiego http://t.co/FH2eDew4 チェルノブイリの放射能汚染で、子供たちに免疫の低下をきたしており、チェルノブイリ・エイズと呼んで、悲劇的な状況を作り出している。福島でも似たような症状が現れ始め、福島エイズと呼ばれ始めている。11/5FukusimaDiary

evamoralesguido RT @mathiaschu: - Abuelita, qué ojos tan grandes, qué nariz tan grande y qué boca tan grande - Pendejo, no soy tu abuela y no jodas que estas en Chernobyl

tesla133 Don't want another Chernobyl catastrophe in Japan? Try the Nikola Tesla Secret and get free energy. http://t.co/8Uns5oxi

marihuas Esta foto se llama "La angustia del ocaso en Chernobyl" #yasoyartista http://t.co/bXxKWVK6

aoshingo "Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People" http://t.co/GkmPIZ6w ...everybody should read the Yablokov chernobyl book

MPG23 #MWReload "Chernobyl, christmas for the bad guys".

tesla133 Don't want another Chernobyl catastrophe in Japan? Try the Nikola Tesla Secret and get free energy. http://t.co/WunPEtsy

JunishaDama RT @Phoenix_D11: Remember the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor failure? It was the Phoenix's hot breath that acted as a catalyst. He apologised, however. @Detour11

HackerNewsFP Revitalization of the chernobyl zone. http://t.co/MhWjBNN2

roebuck_ 'You look like Chernobyl' *mitten hi5*

1script #web [OT] Google Gmail Support forums: The Kook in Question posts here often! Some here may enjoy his Chernobyl ... http://t.co/LchxyCK9

tesla133 Don't want another Chernobyl catastrophe in Japan? Try the Nikola Tesla Secret and get free energy. http://t.co/yhaQXtL6


What is a good mini demonstration for an oral report on Chernobyl/nuclear reactors? by Ann Q: I have an oral presentation on nuclear reactors and Chernobyl, but I need a demonstration or activity for the class... any suggestions? it should take about 5 min max? For example, one person's report on the refraction of light included a laser beam being shown into a crystal.

A: Make simple steam turbine with an Erlenmeyer flask and some tubing. The steam can turn a little pinwheel or something. Of course, you should consider using an electric burner as a heat source rather than plutonium or uranium.

Will you please recommend the best books about Chernobyl/The Chernobyl disaster? by Julep Q: I saw a tiny bit about Chernobyl on TV the other day and my interest is piqued. I'd love to get reccommendations on books about the incident itself, the aftermath up till now, and personal stories too. I searched Amazon, I know there are LOTS of books out there, I just would like to hear about the ones YOU have read and whether or not you reccommend them! Thank you!

A: The Worst Accident in the World: Chernobyl: The End of the Nuclear Dream, 1986 by Nigel Hawkes et al., The Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster, 1988 by David R. Marples Chernobyl : catastrophe and consequences Berlin ; New York : Springer ; Chichester, UK : Published in association with Praxis Pub., ©2005 by Jim T Smith; Nicholas A Beresford

How or why is Chernobyl still affected by radiation and Hiroshima isnt? by Judi R Q: Wondering why Chernobyl is still suffering from the affects of radiation and Hiroshima's levels of radiation were back to normal fairly quickly?

A: The Chernobyl disaster had about 400 times the radioactive fallout of Hiroshima and was a steam explosion (when water fails to cool the reactor core and instead gets boiled and the reactor itself "explodes"). This pushed radiation into the atmosphere and was spread by winds over a massively large area. The Chernobyl power plant was also encased in cement afterwards to lock radiative materials underground so it can't spread anymore but unfortunately it can't "fade away" either. As a result, there are leaks in the cement and Chernobyl is still very dangerous. Plus, after the bombing of Japan people did continue to suffer terrible sicknesses and radiation poisoning for decades. http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/chernobyl/inf07.html Also, the people in this Y!A know quite a bit about Chernobyl: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080602081531AA3TFxo

How far was the Chernobyl disaster blast radius? by Rockstar '56 Q: I am researching nuclear energy for a science project and I wanted to discuss the Chernobyl disaster. How far was the blast radius? What countries did the blast span through? How far did the radioactive materials travel?

A: Not more than a few dozen meters. This was not an explosion like an atom bomb. The reactor blew up, spraying radioactive chunks and graphite on the roof of the building and the surrounding grass and parking lot. A lot more radioactive particles and dust sprayed for many kilometers. Even farther distances were because of winds. Sweden had radiation detectors that first signaled to the world that some radioactive materials had been released.

How has the Chernobyl disaster effected the people around the nuclear reactors health? by Emmah Q: For school, I have to write a speech on the effects the Chernobyl disater had on peoples/animal health. Please Help...Thanks

A: Ranking as one of the greatest industrial accidents of all time, the Chernobyl' disaster and its impact on the course of Soviet events can scarcely be exaggerated. No one can predict what will finally be the exact number of human victims. Thirty- one lives were lost immediately. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Russians, and Belorussians had to abandon entire cities and settlements within the thirty-kilometer zone of extreme contamination. Estimates vary, but it is likely that some 3 million people, more than 2 million in Belarus' alone, are still living in contaminated areas. The city of Chernobyl' is still inhabited by almost 10,000 people. Billions of rubles have been spent, and billions more will be needed to relocate communities and decontaminate the rich farmland.

Is it possible to go to Chernobyl today or is there still a hazardous environment? by Dane Sullivan Q: So as most of us know, a huge earthquake hit Japan yesterday. Which created a huge tsunami. And now people are worried that a disaster at a nuclear plant can happen. So this made me think about Chernobyl. Which was the city were an explosion happened on a nuclear plant, and the whole city had to be evacuated. I know that people still don't live there, but is it safe to go to Chernobyl or is there still radiation in the atmosphere? I'm not planning to go there i am just wondering :)

A: The city is called Prypiat, and yes, you can visit. The radiation levels are still higher than normal, bt not dangerously so. YOu need a permit to enter the area, but it's not hard to get. Several tourist companies run tours.

I am doing a paper on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and i need to know what the original start up cost was? by [email protected] Q: I am doing a paper about Chernobyl and i need to know the following: initial start up costs, feasibility, and economic and environmental benefits. I have been looking for over 3 hours for the costs. Any help would be amazing!

A: this is an interesting site, with some previously classified info remember, the plant was build during the cold war, by a very secretive soviet union. plans were kept secret, costs were kept secret, and put into many different budgets (the USA and most modern countries like Britain, France, and Germany do this also). http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/chernobyl/inf07.html here is some declassified cia stuff. nobody knows what it really cost to build. http://www.faqs.org/cia/docs/19/0000498800/THE-CHERNOBYL%27-ACCIDENT-SOCIAL-AND-POLITICAL-IMPLICATIONS-%28SOV-87-10078X%29.html https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol48no2/article01.html

How could Chernobyl be the fourth trumpet and the oil wells being lit on fire the fifth trumpet? by world Q: During the Gulf war that is. II now the fifth trumpet and its time frame as it sent waves of fire throughout my soul, as for the Chernobyl I don't now. Why would the time frame be so short and so much time has elapsed since then? I now your crazzy go on your meds. Some people no better!

A: Try This: http://www.redmoonrising.com/EndofDays/book.htm

chernobyl??????????????????????? by Bryce W Q: Is it like a ghost town now? Can people visit it?

A: Easy! http://www.katamarantour.com/index.php?p=exctoursu&lang=eng&pp=18 http://www.outdoorukraine.com/content/view/448/lang,en/ http://turi100.net/hottourinfo/?tour_id=88062 (rus)

Chernobyl?????? by Shirley B Q: I am trying to write a 7 page paper on Chernobyl. My only problem is i cant find a good argument for the paper, that is not obvious. If anyone could help me I would appreciate it. Thanks

A: You could talk about how the disaster helped improve safety requirements for nuclear plants or how the disaster put a halt on construction of nuclear reactors in general. It also might be interesting to look at the environmental impact from an economical sense. Argue whose fault it was? the government, plant workers, the construction workers on the project.

Brilliant Greenpeace video on Chernobyl Chernobyl Decay and Deformed Best Chernobyl Documentary 2006 The Battle of Chernobyl (HQ) 1hr 32min 1 clip The Chernobyl disaster - the severe days Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster - Surviving Disaster (BBC Documentary series) - Part 1 Chernobyl Inside the Chernobyl Reactor Chernobyl 2006 Chernobyl Fallout 25: Pripyat. Poste Restante Seconds From Disaster - S01E07 - Meltdown In Chernobyl Victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. / Vitimas do Acidente nuclear de Chernobyl. Chernobyl disaster incident PART 1 Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone (part 1) Inside The Sarcophagus Pt5 Chernobil - Chernobyl Chernobyl's Radioactive Wolves Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, Original Report: April 30, 1986 Chernobyl & Pripyat 2007 Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo Inside Chernobyl 'Fukushima plutonium leak comparable to Chernobyl disaster' Chernobyl: 25 years later Chernobyl disaster (Ukraine 1986) part 1 of 10 History Repeating? Fears Fukushima may turn into Chernobyl Chernobyl: 23 years later Japan's Chernobyl? Radiation pressure fears at Fukushima plant 'Fukushima nuke crisis - Chernobyl on steroids' Chernobyl's Children - Belarus Fallout - Chernobyl 25 years later - Photoessay by Robert Knoth Children of Chernobyl - 49min. documentary Busby: Can't seal Fukushima like Chernobyl - it all goes into sea Surviving Disaster Chernobyl 28 days later chernobyl Chernobyl: A Million Casualties liquidators of chernobyl It happened in ... Chernobyl - 23 Jun 08 - Part 1 Annya's story - a Chernobyl legacy NOVA - Inside Chernobyl's Sarcophagus part 1 Metro News 6 April, 1986 Chernobyl disaster NOVA Back to Chernobyl part 1 Interview - Dr. Alexey Yablokov - Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe The Children Beyond Chernobyl, Part 1/7 FARMER: Chernobyl disaster zone to bear fruit after fallout Revisiting Chernobyl: A Nuclear Disaster Site of Epic Proportions Scion A/V Presents: Municipal Waste 'Wolves of Chernobyl' Chernobyl Chernobyl scars remain It's official: Fukushima now a new Chernobyl as radiation rises to max Life After People - Chernobyl Chernobyl 4 ever - part 1
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