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Charlotte nc

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jamesfarra Heading down to @AmosSouthend in downtown #Charlotte, NC to work @Yellowcard! Doors @ 7pm, tix @ http://t.co/cC0WlbmQ: http://t.co/wceLJRiV

honeebeegifts RT @SouthEndCLT: Filming for Man v Food at Prices Chicken Coop. #Charlotte #clt #mvf #NC http://t.co/NdQ6Xd3z

Mrs_jcpitcrew @dustinpari you coming near Charlotte NC anytime??? Hubby and I would love to come if u are

CLTFreeStuff #Free #Charlotte Mattress - For Baby Crib (charlotte): Standard size baby crib mattress Ultra-clean, good c... http://t.co/VbOTarUC #NC

AMeLane @trae2K RT @SouthEndCLT Get your Chili On this Sunday! http://t.co/JpwShHe5 #chilicookoff #charlotte #clt #nc

scarlet1958 It's beautiful day in the neighborhood at St Stephens Methodist Church in Charlotte NC.Friendly neighbors are here http://t.co/D8TTyNjQ

chernync RT @CelebsInCLT: RT @SouthEndCLT: Filming for Man v Food at Prices Chicken Coop. #Charlotte #clt #mvf #NC http://t.co/vIAaWUcA

clt_jobs Banquet Sales (Cleveland County, NC) http://t.co/X0UUiDm6

clt_jobs Experienced Waitstaff & Bar Tenders (Shelby, NC) http://t.co/YM0rgvYW

cltfoodtrucks RT @SouthEndCLT: Filming for Man v Food at Prices Chicken Coop. #Charlotte #clt #mvf #NC http://t.co/NdQ6Xd3z

Kevin_AnR_Shine RT @thatGOtoGUY: @YoshikoEnt NICE! Please do 1 in Charlotte, NC or in SC, hope y'all come down soon. People need to get educated by @Kevin_AnR_Shine

MrColby83 My godmother/aunt etc made me listen to gospel music all the way to Charlotte, NC and back.....I almost drove us both off a cliff...torture!

TiaDyches4107 Charlotte NC Modelling jobs http://t.co/3eqCu6Go #Modelling #Charlotte #JobHunting #Jobs #Careers #Job #hiring #NC

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What is a legit debt consolidation company around Charlotte nc? by MATT! Q: I need a company around Charlotte NC who does the whole debt consolidation loan deal. Looking to pile some credit cards and 2 cars together.

Where is the best place to buy pomegranate trees either online OR somewhere around Charlotte NC? by pckrman Q: I've been looking for some pomegranate trees. Does anyone have a place they recommend that I purchase my trees? I am willing to buy it online or somewhere near Charlotte NC. Let me know your opinion! Thanks!

A: Nature Hills Nursery has pomegranate trees for sale online: http://www.naturehills.com/catalog/Fruit_Trees/Pomegranate_Trees.aspx

What are some afterschool activities for a 15 yr old teenager to do in Charlotte, NC? by Paranormal Angel Q: Her mom wants her involved in a daily afterschool activity to keep her out of trouble. What are some daily ones in the charlotte, nc area? It doesn't have to be at the school. It can be an extracurricular activity too. She's interested in dance, music, acrobatics thing, dogs, childcare, and volunteer activities.


who is a good makeup artist in charlotte nc? by Sarah Q: My wedding is coming up soon. Does anyone have a good recommendation on a good professional makeup artist in Charlotte, NC ? Please provide contact or their website. Thanks.

A: Try Lisa. Check her work at www.youtube.com/promuanetwork She also works at a studio at Carolina Place.

what is the best airline to fly on from Charlotte NC to Baltimore MD? by jedisara29 Q: I need you tell me am I allowed to have a CD player onborad a airplane? I need adivse about staying calm becauae I am scared to get back on a airplane after 9/11. I live in Davidson North Carolina that is 30 mintues from The airport in Charlotte NC. Am I allowed to have a laptop onboard the airplane? I also needed to ask you am I allowed to have a star wars lightsaber onboard a airplane? PLEASE HELP ME TO STAY CALM ON THE AIRPLANE! I am going to Baltimore in June with my mom and dad.

A: US Airways has a hub in Charlotte so I would think they would have the most frequent flights to Baltimore. I think a CD player should be allowed on board. You might not be able to use it during take-off and landing. Ask the flight attendant. The Star Wars light saber I would keep packed in your checked-in luggage unless it fits in your carry-on bag. Just as a reminder, flying is the safest form of transportation. Hopefully the day you fly out will be sunny because during storms the flight can get a bit turbulent. If you like roller coasters, turbulence is a little like being on a roller coaster. To stay calm, try reading or talking to someone. Keep your seat belt on at all times. Read the safety information and listen to the flight attendant during the safety demonstrations. Even though I am not scared of flying, I count the number of rows to the nearest exits in case something happens. So far nothing has which is good. I do hope your flight will be uneventful. That is usually what the airlines strive for.

How much to pay for shingles replacement in Charlotte NC? by ignorante necesito ayuda Q: I live in Charlotte NC, I need to replace about 60 Square feet of shingles. I will buy the materials, all I need is labor hand.

A: The shingles should be about $75p/sq for 3-tab, and $95 for composition/dimensional (30yr) shingles. If you are planning on supervising the work yourself, your best bet for labor hands is to go talk to the reps at the shingle supplier you are purchasing from. If you aren't purchasing for a supplier and are planning on using Home Depot ot Lowe's, still stop by a roofing supply house to see if they can point you toward qualified labor hands. if you are looking for a contractor to do the whole job, your probably looking at about $75-$100p/sq. if the job is only lay new shingles over the existing roof. If you're looking to have shingles removed first add about $50-$60 p/sq. You can save some serious cash if you know roofing and just hire experienced roofing hands, and supervise them.

What is the best suburb of Charlotte, NC to raise a family? by wickedness_one Q: I am taking a job in Charlotte, NC and would like to know where are the best places to live with a family within 45 minute commute of Charlotte? Looking for safe, good schools & family activites. Any advise welcome!

A: Nowhere not a safe place at all!!! Rock Hill SC is nice

charlotte nc? by terriarendt Q: where's the best place in Charlotte for a haircut and highlights? I've tried Carmen Carmen and Harmony salon with no luck. Yes, Charlotte, NC.

A: I would try : Varji Varji (704)333-1957 991 E Morehead, Charlotte, NC OR haircolorxperts (Dilworth) (704)369-7979 1710 Kenilworth Avenue (Kenilworth Commons), Charlotte, NC

Charlotte,NC? by devildog1048 Q: anyone live in or around charlotte nc ?

A: I am from Charlotte NC, up by the University, you know where everyone gets shot.

Charlotte, NC? by Danielle Q: I'm going to Charlotte, NC for the first time in January and I was wondering does it snow there??

A: Hi Danielle, On average, Charlotte receives about 1105.3 mm (43.52 in) of precipitation annually, including some winter snow and more frequent ice-storms due to its inland location. I found this at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlotte%2C_NC#Geography_and_climate This is a weather site for you to keep an eye on Charlotte: http://www.wunderground.com/US/NC/Charlotte.html

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