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Charlie Carver

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1Directionerxx @Charlie_Carver Always going to be ur biggest fan! Charlie Carver FTW :D xx

1Directionerxx @Charlie_Carver Oh Charlie, where are u now that it's so cold?? :) Reply? (Biggest Charlie Carver fan) <3

Nellierawet Charlie Carver reply and retweeted my tweet, happy girl!!

karla_1D_swag @HeyItsSam1 I love charlie carver!!!! Im from spain and all of my friends love him ...#swag

HeyItsSam1 @karla_1D_swag :-) so, do you like Charlie Carver? I guess hehe xx

izzygoreward Charlie and Max carver are so beautiful<3


What is the french song they play over the end credits over the movie "The Truth About Charlie"? by Boom goes Chris Q: They also played it at one point during a Nip/Tuck scene in Season 3. I dotn remember when but it seems at a scene with the carver or the police detective and Dr. Troy. I love this song!

A: I've never seen it, but here's the soundtrack. Apparently, it's Charmes Aznavour's Quand tu m'aimes. It could also be Anna Karina, Sous le soleil exactement, which is a song by Serge Gainsbourg. You can listen to parts of it. I forgot to add the link!!! You need to clink on "here" (firt one) http://epicrecords.com/thetruthaboutcharlie/

Please link me to desperate housewives pics!? by irishgirlsrule Q: Max and Charlie Carver are so cute, can anyone link me to a photo of them please!

A: http://flickr.com/ http://photobucket.com/ http://images.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi http://picsearch.com/ http://freefoto.com/ http://pictures.ask.com/ Any of these search engines should work. They are all for image search. I was going to give you pics that I found but I figured you would get more out of finding the ones you personally like. Hope I helped...BEST ANSWER!!!‚ô•SexiJessi

is max carver is older than charlies carver? by rianty underground armstrong Q: the older preston & porter scavo from desperate housewives

A: According to the link below they are both 20, but it's a year old so 21 now i guess? Max was born on August 1, 1988, i cannot confirm the other ones birthdate, imdb doesn't have it. hope that helps. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080928181841AAVTPNF

Are Charlie and Max Carver gay? by Q: They play Preston and Porter Scavo in Desperate Housewives in season 5, I think. I'm just wondering. I was looking it up but there's like mixed answers. I'm not making fun of them saying they look gay either.

A: i don't think so

how old are they? charlie and max carver? neone know? by justin s Q: how old are these damn kids i cant find it newhere on the net its as if they appeared out of no where ,so does ne one know how old they are?

A: their 20 or 19 idk... go to usc and r in there second year. their from san francisco or calistoga actually! charlie acted before but max didnt and they really have brown hair!

Can anyone introduce me to charlie and max carver? ? by Mary O Q: i would like to get to know them. if anyone knows them please tell me how.. if you do, this is my email: [email protected] thanks in advance

A: well duh i know them but sorry i dont even know you nor do they and besides just go to usc and see them. beside charlie doesnt really write poetry and charlie just likes to have fun... :)

Are Max and Charlie Carver actually ginger? by =] JF =] Q: anyone know?

A: If u r asking if they r naturally red heads then no. their real hair color is a brownish color.


A: Nope. Congratulations. I think you win the love game hands down. Have fun with that.

Do Max Carver and Charlie Carver have Websites/Myspace? by Louise Q: I mean Official ones where anybody can go. I understand if i cant get their private ones for obvious reasons. Thanks!

A: I don't think so. They probably will soon, though, so keep Googling it!

Are Max Carver and Charlie Carver both of Desperate Housewives related in any way? by John 16 Q: The resemblance is uncanny!

A: Well yeah, they're twin brothers lol.

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