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Charleston sc

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MsPhD26 The Best Daily Deals in Charleston, SC: $10 to Spend on Food, Drink, and Ice Cream Treats http://t.co/TewvoxLt

lgrayb02 Getting my oil changed and then heading off on my 12 hour trip to charleston, sc. I can't wait to b there!

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NicWWEOGSignGuy On the big bird to charleston, SC. Here's to a good relaxing time. Gotta find a local gym to keep the pump up!! Oh and...

TheDigitelRSS Wire: 2 legislators want SC home invasion bill renamed 'Allison's Law' - Charleston Post Courier: http://t.co/mE0csIYo

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CondoLuxuryCst New Luxury Condo in Isle Of Palms, SC: $1,075,000, 6 Bed 6 Bath 3787 SqFt Single Family Residence http://t.co/oVzssIT4

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What city would be better for a 29 year-old single teacher - Charleston, SC or Hilton Head? by doglover Q: My fiance is thinking about leaving me and if he does I need to move on with my life. I currently live in Chicago (yuck) but my parents live in Bluffton, SC. I would love to live near the ocean, have a good teaching job (high school English) and be around other singles in a fun, upbeat town. Any suggestions on Charleston vs Hilton Head? Thank you!!

A: Charleston, SC. I go to Charleston frequently and I want to confirm to you that, between these two, Charleston is definitely the best choice. But check out the schools thoroughly before you sign up. If you want a real challenge, the Charleston City School District wants you ! There are also several good private schools and some good suburban schools. There is a magnet school within the City system that sound interesting, and the public high school on Daniel Island is quite good. These are all high schools to which I am referring. Socially, Charleston is a blast. There is a lot of culture. Theatre and music are very big. The people are nice. It is an upbeat town, active lifestyle. The ocean is about 10-15 miles away, if you live in the city proper, but it is possible to actually live at or close to the beach. Same situation as the schools, do your homework before you decide where to live. I personally prefer downtown, but that's personal. It depends somewhat upon where you decide to work. There are alot of options. PS, Blue Bicycle Books is a nice used bookstore downtown on King St. The owner of the shop is an author and he also teaches English in the City School District at Burke High. He might be a good person to talk with.

What to do/see on road trip between Washington DC to Charleston, SC? by cwlindly Q: I'm taking my family on a road trip with the first stop being Washington DC, and will be heading down to Charleston, SC. I wanted to take 2 to 3 days to get down to Charleston, but don't know where we should stop. I know there's lots to see in between the two locations, but am not familiar. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (I will have 2 young children with me 5yrs and 3 yrs.)

A: The best place to stop is South of the Border. Your kids will love it!! You can not go to Charleston from DC unless you stop there. There are not too many other major stops, but there are many, many places that advertise on billboards, including South of the Border. There are also a few outlet malls along the way, such as Carolina Premium Outlet - they have the best stores to buy shoes, especially, as well as other items, including toys. Also suggest in Lumberton, NC a park for kids called Jerry Giles Park, off exit 20. Myrtle Beach is a bit off the road - you would need some time for that, but maybe on the way back you can stop there.

How can I find a place to play volleyball in Charleston, SC? by More than just Common Sense Q: I have searched for this and found the following which aren't what I am looking for. Charleston Sports & Social Club Charleston Beach Volleyball & Social Club Meet-ups I would like to play some semi-competitive outdoor/indoor volleyball in the Charleston, SC. Thanks for any tips/advice.

A: Find an open area, like a gym, or go to a beach if there is one where you live.

What are some good restaurants in Charleston, SC, that are unique to the city and not terribly expensive? by Jamie Q: I'm going to Charleston, SC, this weekend. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I definitely want to eat some great food and have some drinks. Lunch and dinner on Saturday, and maybe brunch on Sunday. Thanks!

A: I would recommend Pougan's Porch in downtown for some good southern cooking, Charleston Carb House for some wonderful and fresh seafood, and Locklear's Beach City grill out at the pier on Folly Beach. Finally if you are into sushi you should try Tsunami.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Charleston, SC to the Atlantic City area of NJ? by lady_bugs162 Q: Hi, I'm going to be traveling alone from, Charleston, SC to Atlantic City, NJ and was looking for the cheapest way to travel? Also maybe the safest way too since I will be traveling alone. This will be my first time traveling this great of a distance by myself so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

A: The safest? There is none these days, though flying has a lower rate of accidents, but then you are going to pay a high price for tickets. Driving would be your cheapest way. It will be approx. 14 hours maybe less to travel that. Just stop along the way to take a rest several times. :-)

What wine does the Market St Winery, Charleston SC use in their blended Christmas beverage? by lori Q: My daughter was at a tasting in Charleston SC last Christmas. She said the wine was heated and mixed with brandy and would like to know what wine they used.

A: Looked at their website and there is no mention of a Christmas Beverage at all so maybe the withdrew it.

What do you call the area in Charleston SC near the market where all the little stores are packed together? by Norwell Q: What do you call the area in Charleston SC near the market where all the little stores are packed together? Is it downtown Charleston or something? I'm looking for a reasonably priced home near this but I don't know what to search for. Like- What is a house address near this or something? Like a street? Or just help me find a house? I found out the market's on the Meeting Street or something.

A: 1) The Market. The Market lies between N & S Market on the North and South, and Meeting St. & East Bay Street on the East and West. 2) Yes, the Market is in Downtown Charleston. Downtown Charleston refers to the peninsula. 3) There's not going to be a reasonably priced home in downtown Charleston, I'm afraid, but you can probably find apartments and carriage houses to rent on Church St., Meeting St., East Bay St., Anson St., King St., Coming St., Smith St., Beaufain St., and Rutledge Avenue.

What to do in Charleston SC when the weather is bad? by Justin Mueller Q: Im on vacation here in Charleston SC, the weather is nasty today, looking for something fun to do indoors. I went to the aquarium already but dont want to waste my last day here sitting in the hotel room.

A: Hi! I live in the Charleston area- sorry you have to be visiting during such dreary weather. It is usually beautiful, especially this time of year! I see this was posted hours ago- I hope you got out and experienced something. The museum is quite interesting, the market is atleast covered so you could enjoy that during bad weather and there are several historic homes (indoors) that you could have toured. A lot of the Yorktown is indoors as well. If you are still here now consider asking the concierge and/or front desk for some suggestions as to what you could do this evening.

charleston, sc? by anastasia_beaverhausen Q: i'm thinking of going to charleston, sc next week. i'm 18, and i'd be traveling alone. is charleston safe? would i be ok to go alone, or is it a bit shady. thanks!

A: mt. pleasant is safe... downtown is fine but not at night!! .. theres really bad parts.. so if youre there at night stay on the good parts.->like around king street and that end

Charleston, SC? by country_girlz Q: I am traveling to Charleston, SC this weekend (27-29). Does anyone have any good suggestions for couples things to do, as I may be there with my boyfriend. I prefer nice cheap things. It has been a while since the last time I was there and can't remember much. I know he likes the beach at night as well as I do. Also, I will be busy working on a service project with my AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps team during the day on Saturday. It is the last project that we will complete there as the campus is closing down. Please help...I can't remember cheap places to eat, and cheap and fun things to do.

A: Well for unexpensive restaurants you can go to some nice places in James Island/Folly Rd. I prefer that area bc that is where I live. Hopefully 8-10 dollars is in your range. Also, downtown is ten min. away so on Saturday downtown is a great place to enjoy the scene and drinks. maybe this will help... http://charleston.citysearch.com/search?&flavor_id=2

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