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Channel 3 news

LIVE Coverage: Channel 3 News special edition
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Channel 3 to launch apps for programmes, fan club
The broadcaster of TV Channel 3 plans to develop mobile applications for its popular TV programmes to attract younger audiences and serve strong fan-club demand. The move aims to tap the popularity of online media where companies set up new marketing ...

Channel Surfer: Tonight's TV
On PBS, a slew of blues masters give a "Red, White and Blues" concert on "In Performance at the White House" (8 pm, cable channel 3). Legends like BB King and Booker T. Washington jam with Mick Jagger and others influenced by the blues, and they even ...

BREAKING NEWS: 4 Students Shot At Ohio High School
AP Update 9:30 ET [Video from Channel 3 News Cleveland]: CHARDON, Ohio — A teenager opened fire in the cafeteria at a suburban Cleveland high school Monday, killing one student and wounding four others before he was chased from the building by a ...

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KTNV Programming note: Starting a week from today, watch Action News Live @ 3:30 followed by Judge Judy @ 4, every weekday on Channel 13.

726ryuji RT @jcast_news: “一次産業を「かっこよくて」「感動があって」「稼げる」3K産業にしたい!”と考える宮治勇輔さんが出演中。美味しい豚の飼育の仕方。 ( #jcast_news live at http://t.co/KlgLffAk)

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ShesKERI NAS! RT @400life Clue #3 Recorded a track which criticized a news channel for its biased views against rappers #CameoSat #400LIFE Guess Who!

400life Clue #3: Recorded a track which criticized a news channel for its biased views against rappers #CameoSaturday #400LIFE Guess Who!


Are you cynical about americans other than yourself? by Answerer Q: A lot of Americans are cynical about americans not including themselves. I heard Tucker Carlson say soemthing like, "Am I insterested in what Paris Hilton is doing? No, but apparantly Americans are, 20 million viewers blah blah I'm retarded..." I still think America is great and is made up of great people. I mean we like to watch TV, and the elitest media chastises us for watching crap. But what are we to do when every channel is crap? All 3 news channels obsessively covered Paris Hilton, how do you avoid it if you want to see the news?

A: agreed she is everywhere so there is no way to avoid her they all say that she isn't news but she is the first thing reported every night on tv

who is more reliable, local news weathermen or the weather channel? by jamn Q: Weather channel says my area will get 3-6 inches of snow, while my local weatherman says 8-12. Who the hell do I believe?

A: Perhaps you would be best ignoring both, and going to the National Weather Service, who combine the expertise of the Weather channel with the locality of the local weatherman. Their site is located at http://www.weather.gov

Which 24 Hour Cable Network Has More Hispanics, The Fox News Channel Or MSNBC? by Q: I can name 5 Hispanics who work for the Fox News Channel and they are 1.Juan Williams (He Is of Panamanian descent} 2.Julie Banderas 3.Geraldo Rivera 4.Alicia Acuna 5.Kimberly Guilfoyle (Even though she has an Irish sounding last name, she is half Puerto Rican on her mother's side)

A: another installment of totally useless information edit: at least i answered your stupid question thumbs down?hahahahahahahahahahahah

What is the difference between results and conclutions for your science fair? by Angel56545 Q: my title is Which network has the most accurte forcast and it was news channel 3 so what will the conclucion be and the results

A: Usually , it goes: Theory (idea you want to test) Method(how you test theory) Results (observed data) Conclusion(These results show that...) So in your case that might be: Theory: One Network has the most accurate forecast Method(what you did, e.g. I watched these networks forecasts for a period of 2 weeks) Results( could perhaps be shown in a table e.g. Network Forecast Actual Weather shown against the relevant dates (the results will show only the collected data, not your ideas) Conclusion: As the results table shows Network A made x correct forecasts. Your science tutors should have provided you with this format before now! M : )

Citizens of Las Vegas, what do you think about this new proposal among citizens to make us a "sanctuary city" by Ivana Cracker Q: for illegal immigrants? It was on the Channel 3 News website and on the news that some people here want to start doing that. Do you think it will be better or worse for our town? I sure as hell know how I feel, but I'll keep that to myself for now.

A: I'm not from Vegas but I visit. Creating "sanctuary" cities is a bad idea. For one thing it is against federal law to do so. Plus it really hinders law enforcement for crimes committed by illegals. It is back firing all over the country. I hope it doesn't go through

why can i get digital channels sky 3 Dave and sky news e4+1 but not any other aerial has been upgraded? by ad l Q:

A: Free view use transponders like sky some transmit on high power and some are transmitted on low power i can only imagine the channels you are receiving are transmitted on high power and the others low power thats why you cant receive them whats your post code search for your local tv transmitter on google and search channel output

How come nintendo updated only certain channels on the wii and not all of them? by Q: Upgraded channels from Nintendo on the wii like 1).Internet Channel 2).Netflix 3).everybody votes channel 4).check mii out channel 5).photo shop 1.1 Channels that weren't upgraded from nintendi 1). Mii channel 2).news channel 3.forecast channel How come nintendo only upgraded those 5 and not the other 3>?

A: because they don't see the need to or they have nothing new to add to them as well as they dnt need fixing

What if TV still only offered 3 channels? by Michelle Q: Back in the old days , TV didn't have all these channels we have now. They only had like 3 or 4 channels...and most of those were news channels. What if today TV was still like that? Just a bunch of news and maybe MAYBE one kid show or movie. I don't think you guys understood my question. What I meant was ... TV only SHOWED NEWS AND MAYBE ONE KID SHOW OR MOVIE. NO FOX , DISCOVERY CHANNEL OR ANY OTHER SHOW LIKE THAT. Eh...oh well.

A: They need to do that NOW. Do you know how smart and productive these dumb @$$ kids would be?

Can we do with a few less news channels? by Nikki Q: CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Headline, CSNBC, PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC...& each city has its own 3 news channels, & local & Al Jazeera & Bloomberg & BBC & every other country in the world - all covering the same thing. AND they time their commercials to be at the same time, so its not worth it to switch. And you don't get news, you get spin & personality! I know, I know...I don't have to watch. Poor excuse. Especially when CNN, for example, made a deal with Saddam. Remember? Yeah, that's fair & balanced. In case you missed it: http://www.honestreporting.com/articles/critiques/CNNs_Iraqi_Cover-Up.asp And the thing about Bush (no Bush fan) that got Rather fired? Damning news with no checking! & CNN on & on about McCain's (no fan here, either) shoes? Please. What other deals don't we know about. How much collusion is there in the news industry?

A: Worse than the number of channels is the 24 hour channel phenomenon. Channels struggling to cover major incidents resort to speculation and reporting hearsay and gossip just to find something to fill the time. If there are not enough big stories then they will find a minor one to sensationalise until they can justify covering it for hours on end. I recommend getting the news by paper or podcast, in one 30-60 minute hit, so that the journalist has had time to digest, understand and check their story, before sharing it. And if you don't know about incidents that happened on the other side of world until 12 or even 24 hours later, will that really be such a disaster?

I just heard on Channel 3 Jeremiah Wright is now running for President? by Bob Q: Just released, watch news clip, Obama's former pastor. http://www.thelopezfamilyonline.com/play.php?first=Jeremiah&last=Wright Why would he be doing it now, to get back at Obama?

A: Okay. Good for you. You forgot to ask a question...

Is there any way to delete the photo, news, and weather channel off of the Wii? by P Willy Style Q: I want to create more space for my virtual console games, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get rid of those 3 useless channels... thanks!!

A: No. In case you didn't realize, press + and you should be able to get more channels.

I was on the news NBC bay area, but it was in the morning i messed it, what can i do????????? by Sonita Q: I was on the news, 6:30 AM in the morning but i missed it, its not online, so do you think it will air again? it was nbc local news channel 3 comcast whats the chance that it will air tonight?

A: call NBC and see what they tell you. Maybe they can email you the clip? Good question!!!!! I'd like to know the answer too.

who are the 3 broadcast network news anchors? by shanab Q: also, what broadcast networks present the news? what cable networks are categorized as "news channels"?

A: msnbc, cnn, fox are the main news channels on cable. And some journalist are keith olberman, robin maede and anderson copper

Does it concern you that the 3 largest advertisers on your News Station are the following? by rabble rouser Q: 1. Petroleum interests (Shell, BP, Auto Industry) 2. Insurance Companies (Aetna, Humana, Signa) 3. Pharmaceutical Companies (Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline) Now - ask yourself which candidate is likely to be smeared the most on your news channel of choice? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_by_assertion Everbrook - Which country do they provide good jobs in? Because it certainly isn't the USA...

A: Corporations own the media and depend on the advertisers to fund the media. Take an anti corporate stance and the media might just decide months and months in advance that you don't have a chance in the primaries. Notice that the Democratic race was a Clinton-Obama race, with very little mention of John Edwards even though Sen. Edwards is a close third in terms of popular support. If you want a president that will fight for ordinary working Americans, then choose the candidate that the Corporate Media most fears.

i bought a sony bravia HDTV and it has decimals in the channel numbers. what does that mean? by jojo Q: for instance, discovery channel is channel 111.3, and KRON 4 news channel is channel 4.2 etc.... Is this specific to HDTV, to the service provider, or to Sonys or what?

A: The DECIMAL numbers are your DIGITAL TV signals..... Digital is NOISE FREE signals..... Point 1 is the HD signal Point 2 , 3 and 4 are the Digital Standard Definition channels -- all of these send out a 480P signal instead of a 1080i signal. They're clean, they're sharp....but they aren't 1080....

samantha mcbreairty birthday on wfsb news at noon for november 24th 2006? by [email protected] Q: i want to announce it on the channel 3 news in hartfort connecticut today at noon..wfsb news here

A: if it isa slow newsday they might carry it.

How do I watch a tv show in high definiton? by gr8dog Q: I have an HDTV (not HD Ready), but I don't know how to watch a show being broadcast in high definition. Channel 3 News says it is being broadcast in high definition on channel 3.1 and when I go to that channel it says there is no signal.

A: It sounds like you need an HD antenna. This should bring the HD broadcasts across the airwaves for your TV to pick up. _ _ _

Do you pay attention to George Bush when he's on all 3 24hr. news channels giving a speech like right now? by kimbenni Q: Or do you find something else to watch immediately?

A: Well, considering the fact that he uses the same words and phrases to try to drill into your head that he is doing a good job, I feel that since I have listened to it once I need not listen to it again. But, I must admit sometimes I can't help but watch because you just know he is going to do/say something more comical than anything else you can find to watch on other channels.

What happend to Kris Posman of WWMT Channel 3 in Kalamazoo MI? by J*A*K*C Q: I just recently noticed she's gone, it's been pretty recent because I watch the news and there's some guy in her place, Just wanted to know if anyone that lives in the same area noticed that too. Thanks.

A: She took a job as chief meteorologist at a station somewhere in Georgia.

Name 3 news channels or stations that are farther to the left than democracy now! & say why they are leftist? by the_anarchist_opposition Q: Its utterly impossible for a channel to be unbiased, if one claims to be, like Fox, it is pure lies. Your not looking deap enough if you say 75% of the people in media are liberal, because that doesn't really matter, what truely matters is the question "is the media free" if the answer is yes, then what you say does apply, but if the answer is no, you need to look at who owns the media, which in most cases, is big corporations, which will fall under the catagory of conservative William I agree with you about Fox, and those terms, when you can actually define them properly, are meaningful, when I look at the political spectrum, i don't see it in 1 dimmention (the typical left and right spectrum) I see it in 2 dimmention and realize that it is probably more complicated than that in reality. Yes, limbaugh is a convicted fellon, but you left out that he was anti drug and said "Lock away drug users and throw away the key" until he was put in prison, guess what for? drug use! great to know, right?


Minister is saying this on the news tonight? by zapzap Q: OMG a minister said "I wish Obama would die of brain cancer today"!!!! I can't believe I heard this. News tonight channel 3 at 11:00 ....I don't like Obama but WOW these are some pretty powerful words coming from a minister.

A: That is a little bit stronger statement than I would like to hear.

Is uploading from a news channel onto YouTube a copyright violation? by Daniel H Q: If I post a 3 minute segment of an old Fox News, am I infringing any copyrights?

A: Yes that is, as this is a copyright infringement violation and it's illegal under federal law. This can warrant the termination of your Youtube account without any warning whatsoever. Here's more information on what I'm saying: Respect copyright. Only upload videos that you made or that you are authorized to use. This means don't upload videos you didn't make, or use content in your videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without necessary authorizations. Read our Copyright Tips for more information. and, Copyright When you create something original, you own the copyright for it. Likewise, when other people create content, they may have a copyright to it. As a creative community, it’s essential that everyone on YouTube respect the copyrights of others. If you’re not sure if something will violate someone’s copyright, the safest thing to do is to create something completely original, with images and audio you’ve created. If it’s all yours you never have to worry about copyright—you own it. If you’ve recorded something from a DVD, videotaped your TV screen, or downloaded a video online, don’t post it unless you have permission.

Does anyone know Gary Carbo in Los Angeles? He was on the channel 7 news re the Airbus? by Regina Q: He used to work for Latham & Watkins. He knows Angela, Regina, Karen, and Reggie. I saw him on the channel 7 news on 3-19-07.

A: Yes, or not realy knew him but of him, yeah.

What happen on 3/13/09 in los angeles on 92nd street zip code 90002 in came out in the 13 channel news? by Arsenia♥ Q: These happen around 8:00 through 12:00 and it happen in south central L.a on 92nd street and next to the blue rail train it came out on the channel 13 news but I didn't get to see it all all I know is that it was a subject that had invaded a house I was worry because I live 1 block away triedd looking it up on the Myfoxla.com website but the website didn't have any information about it does anyone watch the news and knows what its about?

A: In your local newspaper there should be a police blog regarding all 9-11 calls. Also the newspaper may have a website and you could read further into the incident.

does anyone know who's the hostess of E! channel e-news about 2-3 yrs ago, a very beautiful girl's name? thank by LAlala Q:

A: whatever

What is your favorite news channel? 1.) MSNBC 2.) FOXNEWS or 3.) CNN.? by medicineman867 Q: Don't be afraid to tell me why your choice is what it is...

A: CNN, because it really covers news in a real analytical way. to get the full picture i watch cnn and then Al Jazeera.

Does anyone know on what Comcast channel 3-D ESPN is broadcasted? by Dr_BENTINI Q: I have heard the news that ESPN has launched 3-D broadcast on Comcast and Direct-TV. It was also announced that some of the 2010 World Soccer Cup games will be broadcasted in 3-D. Is it going to be on a different channel? If yes, what Comcast channel is it? Do I need a new Comcast box to watch 3D ESPN or is 3D TV sufficient? Thanks!

Most popular news channel ? by JustPeachy !!! Q: I get the following 3 news channels on my basic cable TV. Which one is the most popular / has the highest ratings ? Where did you find your information ? Fox News Channel CNN News CNN Headline News

A: FOX O'Reilly's show has been the highest rated show on cable for 7 years in a row. They also have the most balanced audience. According to a recent Pew study, their viewers are pretty evenly split. About 33% are Democrats, 39% are Republicans, and the rest are independents. They often have higher numbers of viewers than the other cable networks COMBINED and sometimes beat the broadcast networks. CNN's numbers are somewhat skewed because they are used in public places like airports and lobbies of public buildings.

Did anyone see the embarrassing news blooper on Channel 3? by 434234 Q: http://break.com/index/very-embarassing-news-graphic-blooper.html

A: I wouldn't say it was that embarrassing.

What Channel is Galaxy News Radio in Fallout 3? by John Smith Q: I think it says on one of the slides while the game is loading.

A: GNR - your PIPboy will automotically pick it up if you are in range. Check the PIPBoy under the data tab.

News Channel 3 West Michigan Anchor Arrested!? by Q: Was Kate Tillotson really arrested? I NEED TO KNOW IF ITS TRUE! lol i hope its not because i like her alot.... also, did Ron Boyd really leave because of Jeff Varner? if anyone knows these answers i would appreciate it if you tell me! thanks A BUNCH! Love you all!

A: Yep...and yep....wasn't a lot of news locally tonight so Katie volunteered (on basis that she'd get TOP anchor position on early parole for good behaviour loyalty to countr..pany) - Ron left cos Jeff was such a liar but I think he'll be back when he gets de powwah. http://imagesjournal.com/2003/reviews/bruce/

Does anyone know where I could find the News Channel 3 Video footage of the 2009 Zombie Walk [Memphis, TN]? by Q: 4/24/09 <--- event date Some of my friends were in this... and I can't seem to find it anywhere. But if someone happens to know where I can find it... please tell me! I would really like to see them... Thank you!

A: youtube

what is the top 3 news channel in the world? by shiro Q:

A: CNN and BBC seem to be the most prevalent. http://www.cnn.com/ http://www.bbc.co.uk EDIT:- Al Jazeera has become quiet popular, particularly in Arab/Muslim regions. http://english.aljazeera.net/English

how can i find an old news broadcast from a tv station, news channel 3 on april 26th 2004 in norfolk va? by Q:

A: A few ideas: 1. Contact the TV news station. They would likely keep an archives of their old broadcasts. Ask if you could view it or purchase a copy. 2. Post a request on craigslist.org. Especially if the newscast was on something people cared about locally, someone may have recorded it. 3. Also check youtube and the bit torrenting websites.

i need help finding olivia from channel 3 news? by lulu_264497 Q: i need to now where i can send her a picture but i don't now where i meet her today its just that i thought i would be nice to send her something for the holidays

A: Goto http://www.yahoo.com and type in channel 3 news. It would help if you knew the call letters of that specific station. There is one in Cleveland that is WKYC. Once you find the right one, click on the link then look for an address. You can then send the item to Olivia XXXX c/o Channel 3 then the address.

What is the website for channel 3 news? W.E.A.R. CHANNEL3 NEWS? by delintab Q:

A: wear.com should do it.

what is the .com address for the wise guy on channel 3 news in the mourning.? by john s Q:

A: Likely you could find something out by doing a search of the name of the station, usually there will be a website found that has contact info listed.

I looking for these thing I saw on channel 3 news in Va and they were gasoline pills and I can not find them? by poist1386 Q: They were 10 pills for $20

A: Keep your $20

Do you prefer Channel one or Channel 3 News? by ★☆W.a.b.b.y✿❀ Q: =] Ian- Thanks (*sarcasm*)...

A: wab i prefer to watch 3 news, however i hate the way 3 tabliod everything, eg - they dont say "after the break we have images of sonny bill eating his weetbix".....they say "when we come back we will show you the surprising thing sonny bill eats for breakfast".............or "after the break find out what obama siad to key on the telephone" anyway, having working in TV a bit i find the padding Tv3 and /Tv1 do to fill up the hour quite borring..................they shoot "stories" during the week, then because staff, reporters and camera operator numbers are less in the weekend they screen these "news" stories on saturday and sunday nights as if they are news when really they are more current events...........

Channel 3 news Arizona? by lost 1 Q: Don't watch 3 much but when I have I don't see Tara anymore. Did she quit or take another job or just plain get the ax? I liked it better when Brad was on and who was the other guy how use to do clips about what was going on in Arizona during that week. Oh well guess I just need to stick with Fox Not into the liberal news media Pepper

A: She said that she left on perfect terms with the station - and the decision was completely hers and had been coming for quite a while. She said she is staying in the Phoenix area. I miss Brad as well, and I think the other guy you are referring to is Dan Davis. He still does a local show that airs on Channel 12 called AAA Presents Highroads where he visits different Arizona locations.

Does any one know what happened to Rachel Lutzger on channel 3 news in CT? she was the traffic girl.? by ike Q:

A: Rachel Lutzker's Return Rachel Lutzker, who disappeared so abruptly last week from her traffic reports on WFSB Channel 3, popped up just as suddenly Monday as a makeshift entertainment reporter on Fox 61 News. She’s been hired as part of a new morning show on Fox 61 that’s to start next year, but she’s been put to work already on WTIC only scheduled news slot at 10 p.m. She’s still employed by Clear Channel Total Traffic Network, and as such will still provide morning road reports for radio stations WWYZ, Country 92.5 FM; WKSS, Kiss 95.7 FM; WPHH, 104one FM, which recently changed from urban hip-hop to alternative oldies; WPOP, better known as ESPN Radio 1410 AM as well WHCN The River 105.9 FM, where Lutzker will continue to serve as evening host.

When was Patti Kirkpatrick (Phoenix, channel 3 news) born? by interested_02 Q: Just wondering when she was born. I can't seem to find it on the web anywhere. Does anyone have a link that may help?

A: According to the article below she's about 50 since she was 49 at the time of this article. So roughly 1956. Well-grounded anchor Channel 3 veteran lacks pretense, dislikes spotlight Randy Cordova The Arizona Republic May. 9, 2005 12:00 AM The tradition surrounding most early evening news programs is to present a pair of anchors, usually a man and a woman. Patti Kirkpatrick is a notable exception, going solo on Channel 3 (KTVK) for two hours each weeknight. "Generally, the thinking is if someone doesn't like one anchor, they will like the other one," says KTVK news director Scott Diener, explaining the concept of anchor teams. "You get two chances to capture the viewers." advertisement Kirkpatrick doesn't get that opportunity; the duty falls entirely on her shoulders. But the strategy works: In the February Nielsen household ratings, Kirkpatrick's Good Evening Arizona outpaced the competition. "When you think about all the people that she goes up against in that time, she still comes out Number 1," Diener says. "She has such a great history in the community." Kirkpatrick, 49, isn't one to blithely talk about her achievements; it isn't in her nature. "It's really an ensemble cast," she says of the program, which includes weatherman Royal Norman and sportscaster Mike Chamberlin. "I'm sort of the traffic cop. Everyone makes such a big contribution, I don't feel like I'm out there on my own." Kirkpatrick presumably likes being part of a team. Though she loves her job and the news business, she has no burning desire to be the center of attention. "I think of myself as the reluctant anchor," she says. "But people who come to know me ask me what I'm doing in television news because I never wanted to be in the spotlight." She even thinks that aversion to fame may be one reason she has made such a name for herself. "I think that sort of liability of not being real outgoing and loving the spotlight has served me well," she says, resting in her central Phoenix home. "I think people know that. They sense that, with me, what they see is what they get." Diener agrees. "It's a strange thing," he says. "She can go on the air and literally be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. If she interacts with the public, she's wonderful, and she laughs and she signs autographs. But deep down inside, she is a little bit shy." It wasn't Kirkpatrick's intention to land in broadcast news. She graduated from Principia College in Elsah, Ill. She was going to be a print reporter, but a professor pointed her toward radio. On a dare, she wound up at a private broadcasting school, then moved through different markets as a TV reporter. "Things just fell into place," she says. "You hear about people who have had terrible experiences, but I've had nothing but wonderful experiences where I've gone." Kirkpatrick came to the Valley to work at Channel 12 (KPNX), where she worked for six years. She went to Channel 3 in 1991, where she was cast in a situation in which she broke the mold. She co-anchored the news with Heidi Foglesong, the first female news team in the Valley. "We were the 'chicks at 6,' " Kirkpatrick remembers with a laugh. "That was pretty wild." For someone who likes a low-key presence, the buzz surrounding the pairing of the two women was a bit overpowering, including rumors that the two didn't get along. "The big question was 'Do Heidi and Patti really like each other?' " recalls Foglesong, now with KTAR-AM (620). "People wanted us to have a big Dynasty catfight on the air. I'm Linda Evans, she's Joan Collins, that type of thing." Instead, the two wound up being fast friends. "We are very close," Foglesong says. "She's definitely more the bookworm type and I'm probably the one who is more the extrovert, but we get along great. She's very astute, definitely blunt and honest, and a loyal friend." That friendship led to occasional giggle fits on the air. Foglesong remembers once when they were reporting on the Phoenix Suns and Chicago Bulls during the NBA playoffs in 1993. "It was an unprofessional moment," she says. "We were on the air live and we both lost it. We couldn't recover. "I'm the kind, if something strikes me as funny, I start laughing. And that's when Patti would struggle." Probably the only struggle for Kirkpatrick these days is keeping all balls in the air. She's been married for a year and a half to Jay Fradkin, an attorney, whom she met three years ago on a blind date at Postino in Phoenix. "I liked him right away," she says with a smile. "I thought I'd be there for an hour, and I didn't get home until 10 that night. I had my baby-sitter stay late." She brought to the marriage a 10-year-old daughter; her husband has a daughter, 14, and a son, 17. "With blended families, the possibilities are endless for horror stories," she says. "But ours has been as good as it gets. It's not The Brady Bunch, but it's pretty close. It's all good people who want good things, and it works." But a family and a demanding job don't leave a lot of time for other things. "I used to do things like biking and hiking, but not anymore. With kids and a job and all the running around, I don't have time for anything else." However, she sounds contented. Kirkpatrick grew up in a Navy family, so she is used to moving around. She estimates that she's lived in 30 houses. But she thinks Phoenix will be her last home, even after the job ends someday. "Oh, I don't like to think about (the job ending)," she says with a giggle. "As much as we'd like to think otherwise, I probably won't be the female Kent Dana, where I'm on the air into my 60s, unless things radically change in the business, which doesn't seem likely." She knows it's not common to see older women in the anchor chair, and she doesn't expect to set a precedent. "But basically, I'll ride this as long as I can because I love being in news. It's in my blood." And as for the fame part? "Well, that I won't miss," she says, giggling again. "You get a big pimple on your face, and it's like, 'Oh, great!' " Reach the reporter at (602) 444-8849.

what happened to marty velasco hames on channel 3 news in phoenix az? by justwin7 Q:

A: I think she was replaced by Olivia Fierro sometime back in 2006, if I'm not mistaken.

what are the differences between PBS news programs, BBC news, channel 3 news and CNN? by JACKIE Q:

A: BBC news is from a British company...the others aren't so lucky!

Cleveland Channel 3 News...? by ........ :] Q: Who are the newscasters for Clevland, Ohio's channel 3 news?

A: Romona Robinson Tim White Kim Wheeler John Anderson Jeff Maynor Lydia Esparra Scott Newell Barbara Gauthier

Wear Pensacola Channel 3 News ###-####? by bobobrocks Q: im a pensacola floridian and their is a lice infestation in most elementry schools so im trying to contact channel 3 news and pensacola news journal if you could please help it would be appriciated

A: Why do you not just look up their telephone number, call them, and speak to their news department.

What happened to Tonya Dickerson of WBTV channel 3 news? by Q:

A: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/09/04/1668420/tonia-bendickson-signs-off-channel.html

am i gonna be on channel 3 news? by briana! Q: at my mall channel 3 was there and they were video taping somone and i popped up in the shot saying OMG! am i on channel 3 news right now?? and the guy was like yeah you just ruined my shot all pissy sounding.. hahah it was yesterday so do you think their gonna cut me out cuz they did video tape me! and what time do u think ill prob be on if they videotaped it yesterday

A: LMFAO i hope you are.

How do I say "this is channel 3 news" in Spanish? by Mercedes Q: All I know is "canal tres"

A: estas son las noticias de canal tres

On Thursday when channel 3 news were at the mall for black Friday? by yeah! Q: Brad perry was in a eye wear store what was it called?

A: Big Lots.

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