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Chad Johnson Twitter

Chad Johnson's Twitter thanks fans for support after arrest
Chad Johnson's Twitter account is no longer inactive, as the former NFL wide receiver came out of hiding to not only release a statement, but to thank his fans for their support following his arrest. Since Chad was arrested on Saturday night for ...

Chad Johnson's Twitter abandoned after alleged Evelyn Lozada abuse
Chad Johnson's Twitter page has all but been abandoned since news broke over the weekend that he was arrested on charges of domestic battery for allegedly head-butting his wife Evelyn Lozada. Anyone who follows Chad Johnson on Twitter knows that ...

Chad Johnson was Cheating on Lozada with Boston Woman for Months, Report ...
The alleged mistress tells the publication that the tryst began when Johnson reached out to her on Twitter and wrote her a direct message wanting to wine and dine her. "I Googled him before we met and saw he was engaged,โ€ Shiner told RadarOnline.com.

Chad Johnson's wife files for divorce
His Twitter account, usually a cauldron of activity, has not been active. Also Tuesday, the 911 call reporting the alleged domestic violence incident was made available to the public ... Look on the bright side. Takes your mind off the Kardashians ...

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thechtweets Chad Johnson was Cheating on Lozada with Boston Woman for Months, Report Says - Fox News http://t.co/htnbm4va

thechtweets Watch Chad Johnson Fired by Dolphins on 'Hard Knocks' - Fox News http://t.co/f3a3VPqJ

dejahashmom RT @eonline: Evelyn Lozada Files for Divorce From Chad Johnson After Domestic Spat http://t.co/ckltfO0c

O_thats_V Lol...i met this girl on twitter and she does reality shows and host club parties for $$, imma marry her - chad johnson #fail

MRXTAM [email protected]: Chad Johnson -- LIED TO DOLPHINS in Desperate Attempt to Save Job - http://t.co/JppPiY2B http://t.co/qmyJm3s9โ€

qatmama88 i feel bad for chad johnson aka ochocinco. i watch bball wives and follow both of them on twitter. the headbutt was probably a clash of egos

Pure_Asshole12 RT @MiamiDolphins36: Chad Johnson -- LIED TO DOLPHINS in Desperate Attempt to Save Job - http://t.co/L7NH8nBk http://t.co/hewT6Ers

mediatedivorces After 41 days of marriage, Evelyn Lozada files for divorce from Chad Johnson - Chicago Sun-Times http://t.co/OHHyiyNt

WOW_OMG_LOL Julia Child Ron Palillo Texas A&m Taylor Swift Katy Perry Chad Johnson Twitter Helen Gurley Brown K...

sammypearl @lilduval you know chad Johnson and Evelyn breaking up is serious, he unfollowed her on twitter its officially over

behindnumbers of course he did RT @thefootballgirl According to this report, Chad Johnson met his mistress on Twitter too -- http://t.co/YDNJhtOQ

NitaB_rich RT @TheJasmineRene: Chad Johnson on hardknocks getting cut was sad as shit! Liiike dang..this mans life is in shambles..all cuz he met a hoe on twitter ๐Ÿ˜”


Does anyone else think this is absolutely ridiculous ? by law138 Q: That the NFL allows Chad Johnson to put his self proclaimed nickname on his jersey ? They want to give him problems about his "Twitter" stuff, but they allow his pompous self promotion. Hell, even the announcers are calling him "Chad Ochocinco". Sad thing is that he is talented enough as "Chad Johnson" to get the publicity he wants. He needs no help from the league to be an arrogant azz. Ok, didn't realize he legally changed his name... guess I should have expected something stupid from the moron. Guess Walter Payton should have changed his name to "Sweetness"...oh wait... Walter Payton had class. BTW... Lots of respect he showed the parents who gave him the last name "Johnson"... Class Act

A: He legally changed his name, so it has nothing to do with being pompous. If you change your name, the announcers and fans must respect it, no matter how moronic it is.

Who will the Patriots keep at WR ? by !_DaNnY_! Q: New England added another WR today in Donte Stallworth, How many of their current WR's will make the 53 man roster and who will be cut/traded ? Chad Johnson (Seems confident on twitter that he will be a Patriot next year) Wes Welker Brandon Lloyd Donte Stallworth Anthony Gonzalez Deion Branch Theres also Slater and Underwood, Slater plays special teams but not sure where this leaves underwood. What do you think ? I really hope they bring back Chad apparantly hes amazing in training, i know thats all it is atm but if he can learn the playbook i think he will be really good and have a bounce back year.

A: Wes Welker and Bradon Lloyd are guaranteed to stay. I also think that Gonzalez and Slater will probably stay and that Branch and Johnson are going for sure. It's kinda early to be talking about that now because we have to see how training camp and the preseason play out and how their health is.

Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens... Disaster waiting to happen? by Dave Q: Okay these 2 have been twittering each other like they're little school girls... The battle of egos?????? Omg I can't wait for this season!

A: no man, just two good players playing together, everything else is media trying to convince us that it's going to be a disaster

Is Chad Ochocinco/Johnson unjustly hated? by Q: People think he's a diaster for a team... but why? Is it because he likes to have FUN playing football? For all those who hate/dislike Chad Ochocinco/Johnson, please list a valid reason why. - No serious criminal record... not even a DUI or domestic violence. His "worst offense" was having windows too dark in a car he was driving in... in the daylight - Sometime invites his fans on twitter (up to 200) for a FREE meal at a chosen destination - Palmer was fine with Ochocinco all those years... he demanded out of Cincy the year after T.O was there - Bill Belichick apparently approves of him - Got pissed on by a Lion during a CHARITY EVENT - Never been accused of slouching - Spent $28,000 on gifts for his Patriots teammate before the Super Bowl

A: Because of the 15 yard excessive celebration penalties. Because he made a journal compiling all the cornerbacks that tried to cover him saying 'you cant cover 85' (A lot of them can) Because he handed an official a dollar bill as a joke. Because he inducted himself into the hall of fame Because he changed his name to Ochocinco (Asinine) Because he did all these things without putting up elite stats. Better receivers than him were present at the time he did all this and now, and they just kinda shut up and played the game. He comes across as pretty annoying.

do you like chad johnson? by Q: if you like chad johnson,and you like to twitter,then follow him on twitter his account name is ochonflcinco85

A: It's not Chad Johnson it's Chad Ochocino. He's very specific on that. Plus if i'm going to add an athlete I like I am going to get it off of athletetweets.com Those are all CONFIRMED athletes. I also check on news sites to try to guarentee the confirmation. If Ochocinco had a twitter, it would have been on ESPN because they follow him just like they follow T.O., who does actually have a twitter and tweets quite a bit. By the way... YES... I do like Mr. Ochocinco... If he had a confirmed twitter, I would already have it.

Does anyone else think that Chad Johnson is a wanna-be Mexican? by John Q: Chad Johnson is a wanna-be Mexican. First off, he change his name to "Chad OchoCinco" then he calls him self Esteban, and on twitter he also calls himself "The Black Mexican". Come on Chad, Seriously?

A: his actually half mexican

When and why did Chad Ochocinco delete his twitter? by Q: I just noticed that Chad Johnson deleted his twitter...well at least it says his account doesn't exist. Or maybe he just change his account name, sorry I haven't really been on twitter much so this could have happened a year ago.

A: He changed it from OGOchocinco to just Ochocinco

Chad Johnson getting cut by Miami Dolphins on Hardknocks, Evelyn Divorces him Exclusive Chad Johnson & Evelyn Lozada Fight Chad Johnson Hit Evelyn Lozada? Released from Dolphins Chad Ochocinco arrested for headbutting wife Evelyn Lozada Chad Ochocinco turns to Twitter to locate stolen wallet Chad Ochocinco Hard Knocks: Dolphins sign Evelyn Lozada's fiancee Chad Ochocinco Fan Appreciation Dinner for 200 followers @ Delfini Citta in Beverly Hills Chad Ochocinco Johnson: I'm Still Me Chad Ochocinco Hard Knocks: Dolphins sign Evelyn Lozada's fiancee Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Live Tweets Wedding to Evelyn Lozada Chad Johnson vs. Evelyn Lazado - Headbutt Edition Arenacross - Chad Johnson Interview Chad Ochocinco Cut By New England Patriots - Who Will Sign Ochocinco? Chad 'OchoCinco' Johnson Head-Butting His new Wife Evelyn Lozada! Recap/Parody Hot Topics! NFL Talk: Patriots Release Chad Ochocinco! Where Will He Go? CHAD OCHOCINCO RELEASED BY THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! Chad Johnson Released From The Miami Dolphins! Which Teams Will Be Interested in Ochocinco? Chad Ochocinco Changes Name Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Hits WIFE Evelyn Lozada Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Drama Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence! Miami Dolphins Release Chad Johnson After His Arrest For Domestic Assault! Who Should Pick Up Chad? Brokeback Mountain Chemistry With Players: Chad Ochocinco Speaks Chad Johnson getting Disrespected & Fired by Miami Dolphins on Camera Hardknocks Chad Johnson Head-Butts for Safe Sex BASKETBALL WIVES MIAMI : Jennifer's Ex-Husband, Eric Williams, Goes In on Evelyn on Twitter dear CHAD JOHNSON *woman beater alert* (CHAD OCHOCINCO) Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Head-Butts Evelyn Lozada (Arrested For Domestic Violence) CHAD JOHNSON + 'BASKETBALL WIFE' = CAREER SUICIDE!!! EVELYN LOZADA, INJURIES FROM CHAD JOHNSON HEAD BUTT, LEAKED !!!! NFL Chad OchoCinco Released By Patriots: Good Bye Top Play Montage Chad Johnson was released by the Miami Dolphins ? Chad Ochocinco vs. Keith Mikhail! #WhoHasTheFastestFeet? The Game @thegame vs Chad Johnson @ochocinco have fake fight Evelyn Lozada vs Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Miami Dolphins Chad Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence Chad Johnson Cut By The Miami Dolphins Chad Ochocinco Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence! Chad Ochocinco PETA Twitter Soul Food Free New England Patriots Tom Brady Superbowl New York Giants Samore Chit Chat: Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson & Evelyn Lozado// 'When The Fun Turns Real' Chad Johnson got arrested for putting them paws on Evelyn Lozada Chad Johnson's Football Career Is OVER Miami Dolphins HBO Hard Knocks! Hard Knocks - Chad Johnson! Dolphins release Chad Johnson, ushering out the era of the diva wide receiver Miami Dolphins Release Chad Johnson Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Headbutts Evelyn Lozada, Cut from Miami Dolphins Chad Johnson's career in jeopardy after domestic violence arrest NFL Predictions 2012: Who will have a better year - Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens? This Week in Ocho Cinco - June 18th 2012 NFL: Chad Ochocinco Signs With The Miami Dolphins
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