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CES 2013: 7 dirty little secrets about the year's biggest tech show
Each January, geeks from around the world descend upon Vegas to seek out the hottest new tech toys and trends of the months ahead. The electronics ecosystem has changed a lot since CES began, though, and while the show still offers its share of shiny ...

CES 2013: Samsung Shows Smart TV, Ultra HDTV
Samsung has rolled up to CES 2013 with more gadgets and tech than you thought possible. The South Korean company took center stage at the annual tech show this afternoon to unveil everything from TVs to cameras, home audio gear, laptops and more.

CES 2013: Huawei Challenges Samsung With 'World's Biggest Smartphone'
Huawei, the Chinese phone maker that is fighting to gain traction in the United States with its low-cost handsets, took a few pot shots at Samsung on Monday at CES 2013, announcing a device that pushed the definition of “phone” itself. The company ...

CES 2013: Dish adds Sling to Hopper DVR
Satellite TV provider Dish Network is doubling down on its legally edgy bet on a powerful new digital video recorder. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday, Dish announced an updated Hopper DVR that not only can record a full week of ...

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ludmillaguiar cês tão dmssss emmmm garotada

Noticiasdot CES 2013: Dos contenidos a la vez en el conjunto de la televisión | Gadgetmania http://t.co/RJJu68Zg

i_kzm I'm at 2013 CES (Las Vegas, NV) w/ 33 others http://t.co/2GIH55n2

MatNoon CES 2103: Toyota Unveils a Lexus that Drives Itself | MIT Technology Review http://t.co/b0tvOf4S

DanielDiDecu CES: Samsung Reveals ‘Floating’ 85-inch 4K TV - IGN: http://t.co/tYrDoUbo via @IGN

AguilaKelly RT @ClamsyIvoiro: Ces gens qui fouilles dans le téléphone portable des autres mais qui refuse catégoriguement qu'on fouille dans leur téléphone portable <<<<<

Nathan_pcs Na CES, uma das maiores feiras de tecnologia do mundo, a Intel anunciou uma série de novidades para melhorar a s... http://t.co/iTQAPZH6

Christelleuh Je suis mal, je veux pas y aller en cours taleur. À croire que ça s'aggrave ces maux..

Irapuanmacedo Sharp anuncia maior televisão LED HDTV do mundo na CES 2013 http://t.co/9xRuoXu4

LUISSHHH "@fayerwayer: CES 2013: Samsung presenta su pantalla 4K de 85 pulgadas http://t.co/PD29hVMz"ahora se pueden ver los videos de gopro @realpai

adamblenford @skynewsniall You mean you're not falling for the spin? What are you even doing at CES then?

therealCStrip RT @CNETNews: Samsung: The Galaxy S3 is the world's best selling smartphone, with 30 million sold (live blog) http://t.co/Od36n8Ee #CES #2013CES

underlineny RT @upupbabegetup: Antes vocês me davam nojo agora cês me dão muita MUITA preguiça. :(

jessmisener help tech journalists should the earbuds i got at target be giving me mild electrical ear shocks please advise #ces

dropzdead @fumigs Intel anuncia novos chips para celulares e tablets: Na CES, uma das maiores feiras de tecnologia do mund... http://t.co/Z8pnxH05


Which HDTV tuner card is the one that records up to 4 chanels in HD? by Elias B Q: I was watching the video of CES 2010, and they were talking about windows media center being able to record up to 4 HD chanels at a time. Is this a special tuner card, or is it the program and any tuner card can do the same?

A: The card you're referring to is the Ceton Quad CableCard Tuner. It works only with Media Center, and requires a CableCard from your Cable company to operate.

What are the different broadcasting issues in the Philippines? by Rendell Q: news and issues about the practice of broadcasting in the Philippines. Such as what happened to Ces Drilon and etc.

A: The Office of the President is responsible for managing the government’s policy toward the press, but freedom of speech and freedom of the press are enshrined in the 1987 constitution. Although independent observers credit the government with respecting freedom of the press in general, the government has been criticized for failing to investigate thoroughly summary killings of journalists and for subjecting journalists to harassment and surveillance. The most widely read newspapers are the Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Manila Times, and Business World. In 2004 the country had 225 television stations, 369 AM radio broadcast stations, 583 FM radio broadcast stations, and 5 shortwave stations. Although some media outlets, such as IBC (television) and the Philippine Broadcasting Service (radio), are government-run, most outlets are privately owned. Much media ownership is concentrated in the hands of prominent families and businesses. Consequently, some reports tend to be one-sided presentations favoring special interests. The privately owned press also tends toward sensationalism at times.

My daughter is having problems rounding numbers in French? by Kelly C Q: I'm helping my daughter with her math she is having problems with rounding nombres in French. This is what is is saying: Arrondis ces nombres au dixieme pres. A) 8,62 B) 38,097 The teacher has a red dot under 6 in a) and a dot under 0 in b). I'm English and to my tenths would be 6 in a) and 9 in b). Is there a mistake or is French different? Can somebody explain?

A: 8.6 38.1

Is this very simple french sentence grammatically correct? by Ed Q: Ce sont mes plus vieux amis. I saw this in a textbook, and someone please explain why it is not ces sont mes plus vieux amis?

A: I agree with Maya. "ces" means "these/those" and is demonstrative adjective e.g "Ces maisons(-là) sont belles" = these houses are beautiful.

How does a 14-year old get employment that involves commercial electric? by Da Divino Q: I wish to earn a good amount of money for a 14-year old, and I wish to learn some experiences involving technology, engineering, etc. Also, I wish to see the CES. Any suggestions? :)

A: you don't! you cant legally work until your 15-16. The liability on a 14 year old punk would be enormous!

Does Anybody have any idea when the sleek by 50 cent headphones are supposed to come out? by Edan Bachar Q: they were introduced at CES 2010 but i dont know when they are being put on the market. can anyone help me out? please dont answer check google.

A: Yeah April.....follow me on Twitter ......http://twitter.com/#!/sleekby5O And you can purchase yours here once it's out ........SLEEKBY50HEADPHONES.COM coming Soon

Why LG’s OLED TV is considered as the best in the OLED TV segment? by Jordan Q: Both Samsung and LG introduced their OLED TV in the CES 2012 but LG was most favored by the media and consumers.

A: LG is using white oled display technology in its TV that gives deep blacks and brighter picture. And LG’s oled TV is the thinnest oled TV. That’s why it is better than Samsung oled TV.

Trying to remove the lock mechanism from the CES lock housing on the door.? by Tiye Q: Still can't remove the lock mech. from a CES lock housing, even after removing the central screw found on the edge of the door. I believe the swinging cam, doesn't rotate far enough, in either direction to allow for it to align for easy removal, Does someone know the correct answer?

A: a mallet and crowbar

Does anybody know when the new Sony Vaio laptops will be released? by Dan Q: I know Sony just debuted the new 3D F-series at CES. I am interested in purchasing a new laptop and don't want to get last years model if a new one is being released soon. Thanks!

A: The Sony Vaio 3D F-series laptops were supposed to be released at the end of February 2011 but due to the Intel Sandy Bridge chipset design flaw Sony has withheld the release date until Intel corrects and fixes the flaw.

Should i buy a macbook pro now or wait a few weeks? by George Q: I've been thinking of buying a macbook pro but i dont if the new generation of them will come out soon. I've heard that apple will announce the new macbook airs at the 2012 CES but not of the macbook pro. Is this true? And if not, when will they come out? Cuz i dont mind waiting a few months in order to get the newer ones.

How to make business product flyer? by HELP ME PLZ Q: Hello. I am going to be distributing fliers at CES at Vegas. How could I make a formal product flyer? Would appreciate if someone could give me the basic outlines. Thanks in advance.

A: The most successful ones have the least words. You only have about 3 seconds to grab someone's interest. Then the flyer goes in the trash. So make it clear what you are selling and make your contact info easy to read. Everyone at CES gets flooded with flyers so don't worry about the formal layout. Just the title at the top of what you offer. A picture that is clear. The price so people don't have to guess. Your phone number..

How do you say it in french? (Ca, ce, cet, cette, ces???) i dont get them? by [email protected] Q: How do you say it in french? (Ca, ce, cet, cette, ces???) i dont get them?

A: These are demonstrative adjectives. Ce is used when the noun is masculine. Ce canard (this/that duck) Cette is used when the noun is feminine. Cette fleur (this/that flower) Cet is for masculine nouns that start with a VOWEL SOUND. That includes h. Cet imper (this/that raincoat) Ces is used when the noun is plural. Ces poissons (these/those fish) Hope I helped!(: Cliffsnotes and about.com might also help you!

How many of you think that in 2012 Smart TVs would be affordable? by Juan Q: I wonder if I could afford the 2012 LG ultra smart TV. I saw reviews on CES that LG had unveiled its largest 84” ultra definition smart 3d TV. Any idea about its cost?

A: The 84" LG set will most likely be priced similarly to the LG OLED TV. I am pretty sure it will be priced around 9-10 thousand USD. If you check out the hardcore TV forums like AVS forums, the consensus seems to be around that figure there.

Is this french reply to this question gramatically correct? by jamie Q: Tu est sportif? Oui, je dirais que je suis sportif. Je fait du vélo et je joue au basket .Tous les memes, je ne faire pas ces sports-là souvent. Je préfère jouer au jeux-vidéos au jouer les sports.

A: Well, first it would be "tu es sportif?" or "es-tu sportif". Then the first two sentences are correct but the third one doesn't mean anything: "tous les mêmes" shouldn't be used in this sentence since it would mean " all the same". "je ne faire pas ces sports là souvent" : here you forgot to conjugate the verb "faire" so it would be "je ne fais pas ces sports là souvent" but we wouldn't use the verb "faire" to talk about sports but "pratiquer". "Je préfère jouer aux jeux vidéo plutôt que de faire du sport" : if what you meant was "I prefer playing video games instead of doing sports" then you should translate "instead of" by "au lieu de" or "plutôt que" (this one would be more appropriate) I hope it'll help,

What are some of the media malpractice in the Philippines? by Rendell Q: Give some issues about the improper use of media or broadcasting in the Philippines. Such as what happened to Ces Drilon and etc. or the way broadcasters use broadcasting in an improper way or malpractice.

A: before , the media used to brand all terrorist or lawless activities to the muslims. Now that some islamic group notified that any media that incorporates muslims and terrorism as synonymous would face a lawsuit.

When does apple usually announce new laptops? by MB3019 Q: I am deciding whether or not to buy my self my first Mac soon. Seeing that this is Apple, I was just wondering when do they usually announce new updates to their lines. I know that September is usually the iPod and the iPhones are usually in the spring. Some one told me they usually announce new laptops at CES in January. I dont give a crap about the "Apple Tablet" ... I just want to know if I should hold out till January or should I be okay. Thanks!

A: This should help... Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ .

How much more would you pay for a lighter, thinner flat panel HDTV? by trentrockport Q: I'm hearing about some very expen$$$$$$$ive flat panel HDTV's coming out of the CES. They're talking about this being the next big thing in HDTV. My point of view aside, how much would *you* be willing to spend to cut the thickness and weight of a flat panel television in half? Please include the diagonal screen size you've got in mind and any other relevant information. Thanks!

A: Nothing really. At least not for the improvements they are talking about. Cut it thickness from 2 feet to 6", yes. Cut the weight from 200 lbs to 80 lbs, yes. But cut from 3" to 1" or 80" to 40"? Couldn't care less.

What kind of job is in the "consumer electronics industry"? by Bill Q: I want to attend CES next year but its only available to people that are part of the consumer electronics industry. What does that mean? Is working at the apple store or best buy count?

What are the fundamental distinctions between Samsung’s and LG’s OLED display technologies? by Edgardo Q: Both are using the same technology but there are some fundamental distinctions which make one of them better than other, that’s why LG won the 'Best HDTV' and 'Best of Show' at CES 2012. Someone elaborate for me please.

A: Unlike other manufacturers who are using only RGB colors, LG has used White OLED in the production of their OLED TV to make their color display and contrast better than the other brands. That’s why their TV is better than the Samsung and won them many awards in the show.

What is the stabilizer that always stays leveled? by Isaias Osorio Q: I can't remember what it was called. I saw one at CES where the guy has a camera mounted on the one-hand stabilizer and no matter how he tilted it stayed flat(leveled) on the rig. What is it called?

A: They're called "steadicams".

How old do you have to be to attend Consumer Electronics Show? by Jack A Q: I want to bring my 13-year old children with me to CES and I was wondering if that was allowed.They are very interested in Consumer Elcetronics and would be really sad if they didnt let my boys in.

A: Children under 16 cannot attend - it is a trade show for people in the industry. See this FAQ page: http://www.cesweb.org/faq/generalFAQs.asp You'll need to scroll down to the Registration and Badges section.

Is it possible to change the graphics card on the Sony VAIO CW series laptop? by heyyowassupBOI Q: I am looking to buy the CW series but, after CES, it only offer the 256MB graphics instead of the before-offered 512 MB card. Would it be possible to change this at a later date if I felt the need to? Thanks in advance.

A: It can be very difficult or sometimes impossible to change a video card on a laptop.

What is the kind of television called which allows people to watch two things at the same time using glasses? by jib jabber 2 Q: So I remember a while back there wheres some kind of special type of Television they were showing at CES. A kind of like tv where it displays two screens one telelvision,but if you put on these glasses shaders block out one screen so each person has a screen to their seleves. Just was wondering if anyone knew what this was called.

A: I don't know but it sounds ridiculous. It would require that the TV have 2 tuners and that is quite unusual. Even TVs that have PiP (Picture in Picture) require a separate tuner from another device like a VCR or Cable box with built in dual tuners. Obviously, this idea didn't take on. If it had, it would likely come with a bucket of chicken!

Is it wise to take up both Civil Engineering and Geology? What are the job opportunities if I did so? by Can I Moon You? Q: It's not a double degree course but I believe I'm allowed to do so. I wanted the job obligations of both CEs and Geologists. If not Geology then I'll probably take up Materials Engineering.

A: Geotechnical engineering requires good bg of geology but not extensive , so if u r with heavy bg in geo & civil u will be a precious gem in the oil industry coz they need civil eng. too

Can you tell me where to find a list of the descendants of Charles Erskine Scott Wood? by World Traveler Q: CES Wood (1852-1944) was a radical lawyer, poet and soldier who lived in Portland Oregon for much of his life, although he was back east and down in California as well. I am trying to compile a list of his children, his children's children, and his great grandchildren with relevant dates. Special emphasis on the line descending from his son Erskine and Erskine's son Erskine Biddle Wood. Any help appreciated.

A: I can provide an obit for ERSKINE BIDDLE WOOD died May 15, 2001, which includes his survivors. Email me if you want that text.

What are the chances google will unveil a new Nexus tablet at CES 13? by Teddy Obrecht Q: I'm debating buying the nexus 10 currently, but am not sure whether to wait till after CES

A: I don't see a new Nexus tablet. I don't think that will happen until May at the Google Developed conference. There might be new Tablets, and Google might show some things they are working on. But the Nexus 10 will get those updates anyways.

can i use my visa screen certificate to apply for nclex in illinois? by jaimee Q: I checked the BON requirements in Illinois and it states that in lieu of CES, i can use cgfns certificate and visa screen certificate. However, since it has been several years since the retrogression thing started, my certificates expired last year. I'm not sure if i can use them to apply for the nclex. Should i renew first?

A: I'm trying to reach the BON by phone and that's making me feel sick to my stomach. CGFNS is the worst service in the history of mankind since Adam and Eve. My CES was done in 2008 and now I have to do it all over again and pay these assholes $335. My visa screen is being done as well and I don't know if Illinois requires both or either one. Being one country makes you feel that it should be one nursing license, but that's how they can rip people off.

What Day Will The Verizon iPhone be Announced? by Q: The way it is right now, it looks as if the Verizon iPhone will be announced at some point during the 2011 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this upcoming weekend. Does anyone know as to which day (Thursday-Sunday) it could be announced? Is there a certain day Apple announces new products or a day where Verizon announces it's new products? Thanks.

A: No one (Except Apple) knows the exact date of the release (if it actually is being released). However, it is a VERY slim chance it is going to be released at the CES since Apple hasn't made an appearence at the show for quite some years now and Verizon is showcasing the 4G phones mainly. It would also steal Verizon's thunder if Apple announced the iPhone at the same time. However, it will probably be around middle Jan. if it is announced because I'd imagine Verizon would want to get past the 30 day phone return policy so Androids aren't flooding in. UPDATE: like others said 1/11/11 at 11:00 xD is a Verizon event that they sent exclusive invintations to apple journalists and ethusists. People that are normally not invited were invited and Gizmodo was not invited although they claim to be on friendly terms with Verizon which leads to the conclusion its going to be about the iPhone since why else would they not be since Steve Jobs is still holding a grudge against them meaning it involves apple? The rumors are that the release date will be Feb 3.

What can computer engineers do that electrical engineers can't? by Gray Pickney Q: I am a junior in high school and am looking at majors. I would like to work for a computer hardware company (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) one day. I was wondering what advantages would be present for CE majors vs EE. I see actually see more job postings for EE. Do CEs exclusively work on things like microprocessors? I dont get the difference. Thanks in advance!

A: The difference really depends on the school you go to, and there is quite a bit of overlap between the two fields. In general, CEs deal more with computer hardware/software than EEs. The EEs do more with circuits and electronics. For the companies you listed, it would be mostly EEs designing the chips that make up their product lines. Even the professors at Universities have trouble differentiating the two fields. In practice, you still may find EEs writing code and CEs designing chips. EE is a bit more respected degree in industry. You can get an EE degree, but take a lot of the CE electives in college. That way you would understand the circuits/electronics (with your EE classes) and the computer architecture (with your CE classes).

What is a good place in Las Vegas for video game and tech freaks? by Chris Q: I heard CES is usually on early in the year, but was wondering if there are any stores, conventions, arcades, etc, that are dedicated to this stuff.

A: CES is just for guys in suits to try to figure out how to market Blu-Ray to people who don't even have HDTVs yet. The real tech freaks go to DefCon in the summer, although that is for serious cybersecurity stuff, not gaming. http://defcon.org/

Should I buy Nexus 10 right now, or wait till after CES 13 to buy a tablet? by Teddy Obrecht Q: Considering buying Nexus 10 right now, but don't know whether google will come out with a new line at CES 13 / a better tablet will entice me.

A: I would buy the Nexus 10 now I like it and it is a very nice unit...

Is a Civil Engineer certified to do work similar to an Architect? by Bill Bobby Q: Can CEs design houses? I am interested in being either an Architect or a Civil Engineer and not sure what I can and can't do.

A: Architects focus more on aethetics, flow and user interfaces, CEs focus more on structure and integrity. For education, architects are heavy into art and design with a smattering of math and engineering, engineers are just the opposite. You can't complete any major construction project without both. When you talk about design firms, you're talking about "A/E firms". As in "Architect/Engineer". Different professions, but very intertwined. I suspect (although don't quote me on this) you could design a house for yourself if you wanted to without an architecht's license (although you wouldn't be able to sell your designs without one). However, anything that gets built is going to need an engineer's stamp to pass inspection.

Who is in charge of making sure everything is set up at conventions (ex: E3,CES, etc)? by apohulk Q: Also who is in charge of setting up the booths? for example take CES, is there a company who is hired by the convention center, or does each company have their own people to set up? I'm doing a bunch of research on major type conventions and trade shows, and I'm having trouble sifting through the information. Any insight on the inner workings, or people i can get in contact with(especially in the NY area) would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance

A: The main responsibility is the organizer Take for example CES which usually has its convention in the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES people work with the LVCC on the arrangement, logistics, organization of the venue. Typically, venues can provide: - food (whether concession stands, unlimited coffee, sit down lunch, etc) - antenna and sound systems, local, cable and closed circuit television audio recording rooms (maybe available at a nominal fee) - registration services operated on a fee basis; - badges and badge holders available upon request. Everything else the organizer (e.g. CES) will arrange for it such as booths, schedule, etc. That's why most of these conference organizers hire event planners who will take care of all the details You can start by looking at the convention center websites and find out what these convention services offer

Can I apply Alpha Brain wave frequencies to a CES device? by Mason Q: I'm building a Cranial electrotherapy stimulation Device and, was wanted to know if I could apply the Concepts of a Dreamachine to get Alpha wave Patterns using the CES device. I also have a Couple of friends that are Epileptic and can't use a Dreamachine; If I am able to create the same effects with the CES would the electronic pulse bypass their risk of seizure?

A: CES is not respectable science; however if you really want to play with it you should be aware of the risk. Making a good electrical connection to your head involves risk of serious injury, brain damage or death. Particularly if mains operated equipment is used. Bearing this in mind, the circuits here (link) if correctly built and used should be electrically safe, provided they are operated from a small 9V battery and no earths are present. As to use with epileptics I cant say.

What do you think of the Ces Crus solo mixtapes? by Rezzy Q: What do Ces Cru fans think of Godemis and Ubiquitous' solo mixtapes, The Deevil and Matter Don't Money? I personally like The Deevil better, but it ain't as good as the two together on the Playground. And what are your favorite tracks off either tape? Deevil: 13 MDM: Double Helix

A: not really all that great but it ws o.k

Are there any electronic/video game conventions (like E3 or CES) that come to Massachusetts or anywhere near? by ♥ Girls of War ♥ Q: I always wanted to attend something like that. Of course E3 and CES are way too far away for me to attend, but those are just examples. I want to go to conventions or tradeshows that have exhibits of anything electronic or videogame related. I would especially love it if it were near the Boston, MA region. Thanks for any findings! :)

A: NY city has them, Canada has them, and Boston has one that comes every 3 years i think......

Besides CES and Macworld, are there any other big technology conferences in the US? by ziad.mokhtar Q: Besides CES and Macworld, are there any other big technology conferences in the US?

A: SIGGRAPH for graphics and CEDIA is getting bigger every year

Does CES have a business class / enterprise level counterpart show? by Micki Q: I know the CES is the Consumer Electronics Show which displays computers aimed at consumers and small business. Is there a show for business class or enterprise level computers of this sort?

A: It probably does.

Does the California Board of Nursing require a CES report for international nurses? by carla Q: I am a Filipino nurse currently working for a private hospital in the Philippines. I am on my way to sending my application to the Board of Nursing so I can be a Californian nurse. After approval of my application, I will register to NCLEX to get take the exam. Does California Board of Nursing require a CES report in order for us international nurses to be approved of a legal working status/immigration status? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question.God bless.

A: It is not required, but highly recommended

When do the HDTVs from CES 2011 come out? by shadowcman Q: When do the HDTVs that were shown at CES 2011 in January come out this year? Do they come out late Spring or Early summer? I'm not talking about any brand in particular, just in general. Thanks.

A: Anytime between Spring and end of August.

Where can I get a 2011 CES recap? by Tevin E Q: I am looking for a recap/updates about CES 2011. I am interested mostly in the upcoming mobile phones. Is there a website that has all of the phone that were released at CES 2011? Is there a place I can watch the entire CES event online? Basically i am looking for a website that has all of the updated information about what to expect (as far as mobile phones) for 2011.

A: Call the phone company

How would I get into the CES 2010 show in Las Vegas? by Rob Q: I will be in Las Vegas during the time of the CES show. I would really like to attend but can't seem to find anything about how to get in (if I can...). Anyone have the know-how? Thanx!!

A: The International CES show is a trade only event. That doen't necessarily mean that you can't create your own credentials such as business cards and instantly become a participant in the industry. You've missed the October deadline for free tickets but not the advanced registration. The links below and browsing the cesweb.org site should answer most of your questions. Don

What is the song Ces soirées-là's english counterpart? by Brian Q: I keep hearing that the song Ces soirées-là is based off an english song? Is this true and if so, what song?

A: Four Seasons - December 1963 What A Night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPIQQBHPNtg&feature=related

in french what's the difference between ce/ces and cet/cette? by ~Delila~ Q: I know ca (with the soft c) means that, and I think both ce/ces and cet/cette mean this but im not sure. if so, what is the difference in usage?

A: ce = this -- applied to a masculine singular noun (Ce livre) ces = these -- applied to plural masculine OR feminine nouns (Ces livres OR ces maisons) cet = this -- applied to a mascuone singular noun starting with a vowel or an unpronounced h (Cet homme OR Cet animal) cette = this ---applied to a singular feminine noun (Cette femme)

Does the HTC Thunderbolt run the new version of HTC Sense that was unveiled at CES? by Wynn Q: HTC recently announced a new version of HTC Sense at CES. I want to buy a new thunderbolt but i'm not sure I want to if it is running a older version of Sense. Please and Thank You!

A: no, it will run the latest version of HTC sense, if you rooting it, you might be able to downgrade it.

Which product made LG won some prestigious award at the recent CES 2012? by Irving Q: LG was awarded with “best HDTV” and “best of show” at CES this year by the CNET but I still don’t know which product made them won these awards.

A: LG won the award for its 55 inch OLED TV which is just 4mm thick.

How much are the ticket cost for the CES 2010? by Rick Q: How much is the ticket cost for general public in the CES 2010 in las vegas?

A: I got mine for free by applying before Oct 7. I think they are $100 now and $200 at the door. But this is for people in the industry, This is a closed show and members of the general public are not supposed to be let in. They only want people in the trade. That is why it is called a "Trade Show" Where all of us in the trade find out all the items that will be hot next fall. And we also a see a lot that don't make it. Like about 3 years ago, someone had tiny fridges that looked like an old fashioned Coke machine. It held one soda can so you could have a cold soda at your desk. The trouble was that it would had to have sold for $39.99 and at another display Hauer fro China had bar fridges that would also retail for $39.99 that would hold 2 six packs and a TV Dinner.

How do I get into CES 2013 as a vendor? by Haptic Unlimited Q: I have a new company and would like to debut our new product at CES in Vegas in January but I'm not sure if registration is over already or if it hasn't even started yet. Any help would be great!

What was the product that LG and Samsung introduced in the recent CES 2012? by Tanner Q: In the recent CES 2012 Samsung and LG brought up one product that created a lot of hype in the show. However, I was not able to get all the information.

How can I get invited to CES? by Brian B Q: For years, I have heard about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and have salivated over the idea of getting to see the latest and greatest offerings. However, as many of you know, attendance at CES is by invitation only. I don't work in the consumer electronics industry, but I am a small business owner (solo attorney). Is there any way anyone can think of for me to get an invite to CES?

A: International CES is not open to the general public. You must be in the consumer electronics industry to be eligible to attend the show. Our attendees are made up of more than 140,000 individuals including manufacturers, retailers, content providers and creators, broadband developers, installers, engineers, corporate buyers, government leaders, financial analysts and the media—representing the United States, Canada, Mexico and more than 130 other countries. All attendees must be at least 16 years of age. Two forms of identification are required on-site (one photo ID and one proof of business affiliation/business card). ok here what i think you should do say your the it manager for what ever the name of your business is. ces is so much fun im 17 i went last year and will be going again this year. so if you need any more help on getting in ask me i got it figure out

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