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Cell phone jammer

Man who admitted jamming cell phones: 'A lot of people are extremely loud'
Eric says he doesn't want to hear people talking on their cell phones in public. “It's still pretty irritating and quite frankly it's pretty rude,” said Eric. Eric says he's firing up a cell phone jammer that he bought online to shut down conversations ...

Is The Philly Cellphone Jammer A Hero Or A Jerk?
"How dare you decide that I can't speak to somebody or I can't use my cellphone?" asks one passenger who spotted the man using the jammer on her way to work. "He's blatantly holding this device that looks like a walkie-talkie with four very thick ...

Phone jammers: “subscriber out of coverage”
Russia's Ministry of Communications plans to use cell phone jammers to block all phone signals in theaters, schools, churches and other public places. Officials state that whether or not to install this device will be decided by the premises management ...

Congress urged to allow cellphone 'jammers'
Senate Resolution 858 comes as Georgia corrections officials confiscated more than 8700 illegal cellphones last year and said cellphone smuggling was the most pressing problem they faced. Existing technology called "jammers" can block cellphone signals ...

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LoLSmyleyFace “This commuter bought a jammer and became a cell phone vigilante: http://t.co/oRZak19t” Marijuana is also illegal wtf?!

Papitain @donaldsonkyle @jojosequeira LOL http://t.co/uDGKnjvY you know, i don't feel bad that he's doing this at all.

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About cell phone jammer? by Q: anyone knows about cell phone signal jammer, is it illegal to buy one?Does anyone know anything about cell phone jammers? I'd like to get one for my classroom. Kids are nor supposed to use cell phones in the building (landline phones are in every room in case of emergency). The kids still sneak phones in and try calling or texting on the sly. I've got a website http://www.jamerall.com for help.Has anybody worked with these? Am i doing the right thing then?

A: also called a yapper zapper phone jammer I would check out http://www.yapperzapper.com

what is a cell phone jammer?, how its working? by Reji V Q: how it is helping us? good qulities bad qualities

A: A cell phone jammer is a device which completely disrupts the communication by a mobile phone and its good quality is that it is used for the security of the high profile politicians security and the bad quality is that it is very difficult to use a mobile and many more side effects are there.

cell phone jammer? by Hammond, of Texas Q: has anyone gotten a cell phone jammer? i believe they are illegal. but i would like to know for educational purposes only. I see these people. http://www.c-guard.com/ i read that a local theater owner put one of thoes in. are there other brands? have people used them? wouldn't it be fun to rig one up in the car. and watch people drop their calls. it stops cell phone coverage in a specific area.

A: Your belief is correct. Jamming communications is against the law in the United State of America. There is only ONE exception to that. They may be used in medical facilities ONLY, because the reception of cell phone interference can disrupt the use of medical devices. Devices that may be keeping someone ALIVE. The poster ahead of me that works at verizon... I'm impressed. Why? Because I'm the merely the tech specialist at the Wal-Mart in Rohnert Park, CA. I actually sell HIS verizon phones. I just recently went to a verizon conference in napa county. You guys are releasing a great line up of phones. However, I just now lost a bit of confidence in verizon based on this verizon employee. Why? Because: In the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and many other countries, blocking cell-phone services (as well as any other electronic transmissions) is against the law. In the United States, cell-phone jamming is covered under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits people from "willfully or maliciously interfering with the radio communications of any station licensed or authorized" to operate. In fact, the "manufacture, importation, sale or offer for sale, including advertising, of devices designed to block or jam wireless transmissions is prohibited" as well. Check it out here: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/cell-phone-jammer5.htm Note the verizon employee. Don't post assumptions.

Cell Phone Jammer !!!? by firoz m Q: Please ........ Can Some one tell me how to make a cell phone Jammer ?????.... I'm a student of electronic's engineering.... and would like to work on a project...... I want to have a complete guide of making a cell phone jammer ...... please help......... Thanx in advance.....

A: figure out the band cells transmit in, make a simple transmitter that has decent wattage in that band, it should overpower cell transmissions close by, therefore 'Jamming" them...it would only work close by, unless you had huge wattage from the transmitter...

Can we use cell phone jammer.? by Daym S Q: while searching i find www.cell-phone-jammers.com after detailed study of cell phone jammer that block signal i found amazing so can we used it for personal use.?

A: Such a device would be illegal in the UK. Probably the same in most countries

anti radio-cell phone jammer? by benjammincramer Q: I am a high school student, and texting via cell phone has become an increased problem to the faculty, and they may be installing a radio jammer which would render all cell phones within the building useless. Is there any device that I could purchase to prevent my signal being blocked, or a way that I could use my phone anyway? thank you very much,and plaease understand I ask not to allow myself to text in class, but for emergency purposes only.

A: This kind of device yet to come.

Are cell phone jammers illegal in schools? by Q: I have a friend who is a public school teacher(middle school). And there are too many students using their cell phones in there class(which are not allowed). Hes thinking of getting a cellphone jammer to shut off their cellphones in school, so they wont be distracted. Is this illegal?

Cell Phone Jammer - where to get one.? by Camirra Q: Do cell phone jammers really work? And can anyone recommend a ligit, reliable website where I can buy one? One of the biggest pet peeves is cell phone usage in a movie theater. If I can get one of these - I'll never have to worry about another jerk yakking or texting on his phone during a movie!

Where can i buy a cheap but effective cell phone jammer? by jimmy T Q:

A: Saw one on http://Atlanta.craigslist.org for 150- Dollars and never saw one before that!

Where can I buy a cell phone jammer if I live in the USA? by SillSaladin Q:

A: You can't legally.

I already bought a cell phone jammer. Do you think it's a wrong to block the signals on annoying people?? by Dr. Mazzy Q: I bought a portable cell phone jammer GTP1000 from www.grandtrades.net & it works perfectly well. I no longer have to listen to all the annoying discussions people make at a the movies & at last I can have some peace of mind & enjoyment at a restaurant. I only use it with people who keep talking too long. As well as lectures where I don't have to listen to a phone ring every few seconds. I believe it's my right to simply stop annoying people within a few feet from me as long as they lack the common courtesy it's as if I'm protecting my personal space from intruders who pay no attention to others. And to those people concerned about emergency calls etc. I believe if someone wants to make an emergency call, he can simply walk away a few meters (from the range of the jammer) & the signal will be fine. Ofcourse if it's a general emergency I will be turning off the jammer. I need other people's feedback on this issue. :)

A: I talk on my cell phone A LOT, darn free mobile to mobile, but I also observe basic manners. When I am around other people, when I walk into a store and never during check-out. If people can't be courteous while using the cell phone then by all means shut them down!! I for one do not want to hear about some lady's kid having bowel movements or whatever else people feel they must speak about in public. And while I have ring-tones on my phone I always put my phone on VIBE while in public. And cell-phone users please turn the earpiece volume up on your phone, just because you can't hear the other person doesn't mean that they can't hear you, so DO NOT talk loudly into your phone.

Where can I purchase a cell phone jammer? by doofus Q:

A: You can get a TRJ-89 jammer from Antenna System & Supplies Inc. It carries its own electrical generator and can block cellular communications in a 5-mile (8-km) radius.

where to buy cell phone jammer? by Q: where to buy cell phone jammer?i want to buy one for meeting,dose anyone have an idea?

A: There are a lot of different providers of cell phone jammers in the world. But the best and most reliable suppliers among all I know are Jammer Store and Cellphone Jammers. There you can find huge selection of signal blockers to make a choice and purchase exactly what you need.

are cell phone jammers illegal in the us? by Cris W Q: I'm in the US and my teacher uses a cellphone jammer in my highschool. Is that illegal? I heard the FCC banned cell phone jammers. Is it illegal for a teacher to use them?

A: I think only federal agencies are permitted to use aforementioned devices,definetely not civilians.

Ever wish you could carry a concealed cell phone jammer? by Nasty Mcdirty Q: I do at work every day

A: Yes, lol. I've been standing in line at stores and someone's phone goes off, makes me jump and I want to shove the thing...down their throats. Then there's the women with the Bluetooth set concealed under their hair and you think they're talking to you and the other idiots talking and driving and...Yes definitely ; )

how can i make a cell phone jammer? by First Nameave W Q: i own a small zen/massage parlor and it should be quit here but cell phones whal here all the time i need to jam cell phone calls only for the wating room it like 40feet by 80feet i can make my own if i have the plans helphelphelp

A: A cell phone is just a radio. If you jam the frequencies on which cell phones work, then you have jammed the phones. However, as both a tech support rep for a large cellular company AND as an amateur ("ham") radio operator, I can tell you that what you're talking about is illegal, and I would not advise you to try it; what you're proposing is a violation of federal law.

How do I prove that it is unconstitutional to outlaw cell phone jammers in schools? by Q: I have a school assignment in which i need to argue to a mock supreme court my case. The case consists of two siblings who sued a public school for installing a cell phone jammer. Since jammers are, in fact, illegal, my partner and I need to argue that the law is unconstitutional. Any ideas where i could find back up in the constitution? We have and still are searching frantically.

A: From Wikipedia: United States: Cell phone blocking devices are used by federal officials under certain circumstances. Privacy rights of property owners may affect the policy and application of law within buildings. The FCC may issue a permit that waivers the law for private use. For radio communications, it is illegal to operate, manufacture, import, or offer for sale, including advertising (Communications Act of 1934).[8] Blocking radio communications in public can carry fines of up to $11,000 or imprisonment of up to one year.[9] The Homeland Security Act of 2002 may override the Communications Act of 1934

Cell Phone Jammers? How much does a small one cost, and would you use one even though they are illegal? by ghost Q: I've heard you can get a $10,000 fine in some areas for using them. A small cell phone jammer sounds exciting to use on a city bus or at the public library. It seems like the perfect way to regain peace again from cell phone users. Comments? No, they can be purchased online from Asia, or England.

A: The FCC who controls the Airwaves in the US does not have the resources to track down every cell jammer in the US. But be aware that when you jam a cell phone you are also jamming the emergency bands in the area so you ,if caught would be in trouble with the City, County State and Federal Public Safety Organizations. To find your jammier, by the way, the FCC would have to have a tracking truck in the area at th time that you are jamming signals. In regards t penalties be ready to start at $11,000.00 but as I said that they are hard to track if you don't keep them on for long periods with a range of 8 -10 Meters it would be hard to track a jammer unless it was known what type of vehicle was being used, what the person looked like and they were right there when you turned it on. From what I can see is the Position of a cell jamming device is not illegal but it's use is. As for buying Jammers try http://www.direct-gadget.com/Scripts/openExtra.asp?extra=13 or just Google cell phone Jammers As the use I too would love to use a jammer to shut down the cell phones of users who talk or text all the time. I think that it is rude of them to do it Also Unsafe.

cell phone jammer are illegal in USA? by Dave Q: cell phone jammer are illegal in USA? i was going to buy one off a web for $40 its comeing straight from china just wanted to know if it is illegal...

A: yes

Does anyone else own a cell phone jammer? by Hänk Q: Sure they're illegal, but they're oh so much fun.

A: Hank Hill owning something illegal?? What happened to the patriotic law abiding American citizen we all love??

disable cell phone jammer??? How? by browneyedqt352 Q: we have a cell phone jammer around our whole school. hhow do i disable it? at least on my phone its att how do i get mhider?

A: jamming the jammer... unfortunately that is not possible ( well, locate the source of the jamming and unplug it. ) I'd definitely bring up the safety issue of not having cell capabilites on school grounds. How would a paramedic speak with a doctor, how could someone call the police in case of emergency ( fire ) where the phone lines are down? I'd pull my children out of that school, due to safety concerns. No doubt the school has cell phone usage concerns, but education ( mostly through parents and reinforced at school ) is the best policy in teaching children etiquette( cell phone usage being a small part ). Good luck.

I bought a Cell Phone Jammer, will i be fined? by Q: I bought it, not knowing that it is illegal, and UPS says they cant stop it. Plus the seller says they can't stop it since it is in transit. So, it will come here, regardless. Will customs fine me, or just confiscate it?

A: You won't get fined unless you actually try to use it. If you try to use it, then you are subject to a fine of up to $11,000 or one year in jail. Customs cannot fine you, they may confiscate it, or it may make it all the way through. It depends who you ordered it from.

Is it possible for an illegal cell phone service jammer to break a phone? by kelly [suzuki]™ Q: My teacher used it for a lab in class and right after my phone started acting up and now my battery is completely obliterated. It won't charge no matter what. I've plugged it in and it says it's charging but it's not. It's a $200 phone so I'm pretty angry right now.

Where can I buy a cell phone jammer? by DNCsucks Q: It really annoying commuting on the Long Island Rail Road with people yakking about their problems.

A: Just get an mp3 player and listen to music instead. It costs less and I agree is infinitely less fun than yanking chains, but I'm pretty sure if you jammed cell phones you would jam an important call, like maybe the one between the driver and the switch operator. Not cool, that.

How do you triangulate a cell phone jammer? by Brad Q:

A: Check in their FAQ. http://www.cellphoneforum.info/faq/

Cell Phone Jammer at School Illegal? by Mustardz Q: I goto a school in Ohio and they have a cell phone jammer which is illegal. Can I call the FCC and report this to them to get the school fined?

A: Cell phone jammers aren't illegal. Why would they be? Public schools have existed for hundreds of years without the need for cell phones. You're there to learn...not to text your BFF about the super cutey sitting next to you. And if there was an emergency at home...you're parents could get a hold of you by calling the school...just like my parents did when I was in school.

I shipped an illegal item! What shoudl I do? (cell phone jammer)? by Q: I accidently shipped a cell phone jammer to a customer in the United States. I tried to cancel it, but my supplier says it shipped today via EMS. Is there anyway I can cancel this and stop it from making it here? I have already refunded the customer via paypal. How much trouble will I get into if I cant stop this package from reaching the states?

A: You aren't violating the law by doing that...it isn't illegal where you live...it's the recipient's problem

Where can I purchase a government grade level cell phone jammer? by Q:

A: If you can afford one, there's a hundred other things you'd probably rather spend that kind of money on.

Are there any laws against operating a cell phone jammer in a school classroom? by Miles M Q:

A: The federal government source link I posted below basically states: "The operation of transmitters designed to jam or block wireless communications is a violation of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended ("Act")." and "Fines for a first offense can range as high as $11,000 for each violation or imprisonment for up to one year, and the device used may also be seized and forfeited to the U.S. government." This law applies everywhere in the USA and its territories, including school classrooms. If you are a student, you could also get suspended or expelled. If you are a teacher, you could also get suspended or fired. .

Would a cell phone jammer defeat Lo-jack tracking systems? by Q: Hypothetically speaking.

A: Lo-jack systems do not use a cell phone, so NO is the answer. .

Is it possible to detect a cell phone jammer? by pao Q: Is there any way to tell if if my cellular signal is being blocked by someone using a personal/handheld jamming device? If so, would it be possible to trace the interference to its source? I am referring not to the fixed-location types used legitimately by movie theaters and restaurants, but rather the pocket-size ones used by smug, self-important, yet socially crippled cowards who like to assume that everyone else in the world is an obstinate jerk, therefore entitling them to unilaterally control when, where and for how long others converse. This, without even bothering to politely ask the "offenders" to take the call outside.

A: Is there such a hand held device, I've seen some of the larger fixed versions from japan. Wish I could get one of those. I just noticed in the advertising section of this page = Cell Phone Jammers Pocket sized or high powered Cell Phone Jammers and cell... www.spymodex.com

How to vary the jamming area(radius of jamming) in cell phone jammer? by Q:

A: You do know this is illegal? more power, a directional antenna, and changing the frequency range all will increase the range. .

Where can I buy a cell phone jammer, to block the signal? by Enlightenme! Q: I am a teacher and am able to block the signal of students' cell phones to prevent them from using them in my class. So I am wondering where I can buy them and how much they are? I live in Northern Calif. Thanks

A: You can buy it from http://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&keywords=cell%20phone%20jammer&tag=189-20&index=blended&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

Can you use a wireless router as a cell phone jammer? by Q: Just curious. I think it's and 800mhz frequency. Can a wireless router do this?

A: No. Older-style cellphones are/were 800MHz but most now in use aren't. Guess what? Neither is your wireless router.

What defeats a 210W cell phone jammer? So I can call Police and prevent secret things from happening to me? by Silly BaBy505 Q: Is there any equipment I can buy to keep my lifeline active?

A: Get a life

Is it possible to buy a cell phone jammer? by Q: Would electronic stores carry them? Do you get them online? What sort of range do they have? I really want one for the next time I go to the movies!

A: Not legally. If you want to subject yourself to the harsh penalties associated with misuse of allocated frequencies, you *may* be able to find plans on the internet. Don

Is it illegal to buy a cell phone jammer and where is the best place to buy one? by Glen W Q: I know it is illegal to use in the US, but I want one for a science experiment.

A: An EMP resonator does the same thing, if you know a master electrician you can have them make one, or buy it from a catalogue.

Are Cell Phone Jammer Allowed In School? by Swagga Q: Alright heres the scoop I got to vo-tec in Scranton, PA and I was wondering if it is legal for them to install a cell phone jammer in school? They just put one up and from what i've heard its illegal unless they get a permit from the FCC which from what I have heard is quite hard to do. Just wondering if anyone has any info they could leave me?

A: Wow, thanks for the scoop. Yes, it is legal. And it is not hard to get a permit if you are a school. Put down the cell phone and do your school work.

Is it fun to bring a cell phone jammer into crowded stores or malls or other places and shut down people's cel? by Poyzin Q: shut down people's cell phones and make them STFU for once? Is that not one of life's rare and pure and happiest of moments?

A: Yes it is fun. My friend had an illegal car jammer and when he would turn it on every phone for 150 yards would be disconnected. Unfortunately it stopped working on newer phones. I thing everywhere should block people from calling and disturbing others except in designated phone areas. They can put it with the smokers.

What is a Cell Phone Jammer ? by . Q: What is a Cell Phone Jammer ? What does it do ? What is its Purpose ?

A: a device that scrambles cell phone signals so that phones cannot be used in its vicinity

Is it legal to own a cell phone jammer? by The Divided States Q: I got one from a friend of mine who works at a movie theatre. It has about a 150ft radius. My neighbors have been complaining that their cell phones don't always work when they're at home. They're getting suspicious. Is it legal to own this thing? I've seen them on the Internet for sale in Europe.

A: Depends on where you are!!!!!!!!!!

I want to make a Cell Phone Jammer? by Keegan McCarthy Q: I want to make a cell phone jammer, I am only going to be using this in my house, not for illegal purposes. I want to make it from starch something like the model on the Lady Ada site.

A: You could be breaking the law, take care with the signal strength.

Cell phone jammer's are illegal and my teacher got one, how would i turn them in? by thomassmccauley Q: Cell phones jammer's are illegal and my teacher got one, how would i turn them in because he has it turned on before class even starts and during class changes and also during lunch. I am afraid that something will come up and either i can't get a hold of my parent's or or they can't get a hold of me. Oh and where not allowed to use the school phones unless it practically a life or death situation.

A: tell the local police

Is a cell phone jammer and a cell phone blocker the same thing? by alastrione Q: Also if service is being blocked or jammed would it just appear as if the cell wasn't getting a signal? Thanks in advance.

A: Yes, it would simply appear as if your service is not available/no coverage. Please note that these devices are illegal and if you suspect someone has one and is using it, you should contact the Federal Communications Commission, as it is a serious federal crime.

is it illegal to have a cell phone jammer at work place? by Q: is it illegal to have a cell phone jammer at your work place blocking all cell phones that come in and which makes them have no service

A: If you're interfering with your company's cellular reception and depriving them of service, yes, that could be a legal problem for you...more than likely civil.

Is there a way to home make a cell phone jammer? by Bradley C Q: My electronics teacher built or bought a cell phone jammer. I was wanting to get pay back by building a cell phone jammer and putting it under her mini van. Is there anyway to make a cell phone jammer? if possible is there a way you could supply me with a mobile jammer design, and a regular one? Please i would really like to get pay back!!

A: I looked hard and did not find much because of the next paragraph. Cellular phone jammers are generally considered illegal by the FCC, as it effects the communications of emergency personnel who use the same frequency as cell phones for much of their communications, as well as using cell phones themselves. However, prisons, schools and city governments have campaigned to allow use of jammers to keep people from cheating in class, to keep cabbies and limo drivers concentrated on the road and to restrict prisoners from using smuggled cell phones. http://www.ehow.com/way_5462879_homemade-cell-phone-signal-jammer.html Brouse around on the source links below. Wingman

How do you detect a cell phone jammer? by Brad Q: My company is under attack from cell phone jammers so the people can gain an advantage by not using cell phones. Are there any inexpensive products that I could use to detect which persons are using these illegal devices? I can't say exactly what our business is, but its kinda like being at the stock market...tons of guys on cell phones. If you have a jammer, you can kill the phone calls and cause people to loose sales, hence my concern.

A: Call law enforcement. The reason being is that if you need to make a 911 call and yuor signal is being put in a dead zone.. there are serious implications.... The FCC in the United States has outlawed the sale and use of jammers because they can in theory interfere with emergency communications between police and rescue personnel, aid in criminal activity as well as disrupt medical equipment like pacemakers. Even though jammers are illegal, it will be pretty difficult for the FCC to catch them. Triangulating the exact position of someone with a jammer will require some fancy hi-tech tracking gear and several personnel. However if they do get busted using a cell phone jammer, be prepared for a possible $11,000 fine. Remember, jammers are mainly intended for military or government use. So if they are using it in your area.... they have full right to do so... so you might want to see if local enforcement, military, government..etc etc is in the area using it by contacting them before you create a shitstorm you have to take through the chain of command.. I would try law enforcement first... and what do you mean "your company is under attack ... so people can gain an advantage by not using cell phones" Maybe contact the FCC ... actually... they'll be all over it

Is there any way you can get around a cell phone jammer at school? by northsidecheer09 Q: my school is putting in a cell phone jammer at school this fall, and i was wondering if there was any way at all that you could get around it! i would love to know if anyone knows please tell me!!!! it would help out all of my friends to!!! :) thanx!

A: Just drop out, then you can use your cell phone all day long. Besides, it sounds like school isn't doing you any good anyways.

In place of a cell phone jammer, is there anything else I'm able to do? by Ghidorah Q: So i play trivia each week and the number of people who use their phones to look up answers is ridiculous. I looked into getting a cell phone jammer, but its illegal in the US, i think. Anyone have any suggestions?

A: If you control the space where your group meets, you could shield the entire area from RF reception. The procedure isn't trivial. Don

How can you counter a cell phone jammer? by Q: Is there a device which can make your cell phone "immune" to jamming? Is there a device which can locate a cell phone jammer? Thanks in advance.

A: VoIP (using the internet, Skype) is immune to signal jammers. This is because they don't use radio signals to communicate. But, you need WiFi for that option. It also depends on the type of signal jammer. Regular jammers will only block one frequency, while high quality jammers can block many frequencies at once. In the case that they are using a low-quality/regular jammer, you could use a quad-band cell phone (can operate on different frequencies). Most jammers can't cover 2G and 3G bands (2G and 3G are completely separate bands). So using a 3G (or maybe even 4G, sprint) could work.

Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer Cell Phone Jammer - Disconnect Calls! The Cell Phone Jammer Story RCJ40 D 5 band cell phone jammer, gps, wifi, 3G blocker.mp4 How to Stop Cell Phone Abusers Portable Mobile Phone Jammer Cell Phone Jammer David Schwartz, ESQ.- Cell Phone Jammers Cell Phone Jammers : High Power Portable Signal Jammer for Cell Phone (CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G) Cell Phone Jammer Kit 2G 3G Cell Phone Signal Blocker 60M Unboxing of Silencer - Full Spectrum Cellphone Jammer WTI's Mobile Blocker / cell phone jammer demonstration Video - as seen on FOX 11 news Dealextreme Cell Phone Jammer Spectrum Analyzer Test Sam Brown Talks about Cell Phone Jammer Mobile Phone / Cell Phone Jammer Prank On Unsuspecting Person Handy Cell Phone Jammer From LightInTheBox Antenna Systems & Solutions, Inc. -WTTW (cell phone jammers) Mini Cell Phone Jammer A cell phone jammer is a fun thing. 5 Minutes With Harold Feld: 'The Prison Problem: Cell Phone Jammers and Shrimp Scampi' Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammer With Built-in Antenna - Easy To Block Phone Signal Mobile Phone Jammer - GSM Jammers Portable Cell Phone Jammer From LightInTheBox cell mobile phone jammer story Cell Phone Jammer - GIKI - Project Cell Phone Jammers : 5 Antenna Cell Phone Jammer with Remote Control (3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS) PSP HACK CELL PHONE JAMMER Cell Phone Jammer In Action Portable GPS and Cell Phone Jammer review High Power (45W) indoor Cell phone Jammers - 100m Shielding Range 10051 - cell phone jammers Cell Phone Jammers by International Spy Shop Cell Phone Jammers: 6 Antenna Cell Phone GPS WiFi Jammer +Remote Control Cell Phone Jammers : High Power Portable GPS and Mobile Phone Jammer(CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G) Cell Phone Jammers : 3G GSM CDMA Broad Spectrum Mobile Phone Signal Jammer 2012 New cell phone jammers 10W CTS.VPX http://www.ctstechnologys.com Cell Phone Jammers : Portable Cell Phone & GPSL1 Jammer -15m Shielding Range Cell Phone Jammers : Portable Mini Mobile Signal Jammer (GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G/TD-SCDMA) Hidden Cell Phone Jammer How To CTS Cell phone jammer,GPS Jammer/blocker A TESTIMONIAL for our cell phone jammer GPS/Cellphone Jammer or WIFI jammer (immobilizer, Disabler) UHF/VHF Jammers : 6 Antenna VHF, UHF, cell phone jammer (3G, GSM, CDMA, DCS) ACT G-100 Low Power Mobile Phone Jammer Unit How to find high power Mobile Phone Jammers. Cell phone jammer!!! Antenna Systems & Solutions, Inc. on Fox (cell phone jammers $47.71 AU - $33.00 US. Portable GPS + Mobile Phone Jammer 10 Meter Range 1ST SHOPPING CHANNEL Cell Phone Jammer DIY: tunable RF and cellular phone jammer
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