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stephanienward I miss my cats #pathetic

HeirJones @LAKE_COBAIN I missed most of the game but he put cats in position to win on those last 3 plays

PurpleWhalez The awkward moment when my class discuss "purplewhales" and "cats," and "wendy".. @emzoist were you laughing?!

kabukibois dogs+ wagging tail= happy cats+wagging tail= run for your life someone getting maimed

RachRam_xo Most cats will kill a mouse and leave it for you, my cat however kills it and runs away with it #selfishbastard

sweetathajuice RT @rellfrum71st: Dese cats gon have to murder me.. Fuck what dey done verbally

justinedamour When I shock my cats everytime I touch their polarized fur, it's time to pull out the humidifier. #staticelectricity

BetterBombshell @think_sweet Hahaha. Yours do it too? Not all of my cats have been like this, but at least one other. Crazies.

DigOutTheDeal #3: Novartis Capstar Flea Treatment Green Tabs for Dogs and Cats 25 Pounds or Over, 6 Tablets: Novartis Capstar ... http://t.co/xkxrOf9D

LeahdinahIZe Cute Kiss Cute Running Shoes Cute Kitty Cats Cute Valentines Day Dresses Cute Foot Tatto http://t.co/N67Shmyx pictures of cute baby dogs

GeorgeRamos15 I fuckin hate cats bruh. They're just like women..... Sneaky.

WassupRedBone__ and when cats be poppin game I don't hear what they sayin boo when you out there in the world, I'm still your girl

Ljacks20 @quentyoung yea I feel u...I know cats they mainly play gospel but they can play...I lay percussion tracks to if u eva need me...lol

bunnysfats At first it's drizzling, now it's raining cats and dogs.

amitgupta_lnct RT @abhi_bol: Peeps who were worried about Cats n Dogs on Diwali, any tweets from them about Goats on Eid. Their heart has started to bleed or not ???


Why do cats come to visit my two spayed female cats? by pezbemine Q: I have two female cats; they are both spayed. Every once in awhile it seems like every cat in the neighborhood comes to visit them. One of our cats, Kitty, also gets in the habit of peeing on things inside the house during this time. She doesn't do anything else that makes it seem like she's in heat. Even though they're spayed, might one of them be attracting other cats? Is Kitty marking her territory? Any suggestions? I can deal with the cat visits but not the peeing.

A: she is probs just marking her terriotory./... are u sure kitty is spayed?????? because every once in a while cats come into season and all that cats are all over them

Are some cats never able to tolerate a second cat in the home? by olivia p Q: I have tried twice to bring a second cat into the home. My 9 year old cat, Katy will become depressed and urinate on shoes and throw rugs every time. I end up finding a home for the second cat and after a week or so Katy returns to her old self, using litter box and wanting affection. My question is, are there some cats that will never tolerate another cat in the home?

A: Yes. First thing is that a week isn't enough time for a 9 year old cat to adjust to a newbie. Most cats, when placed with new pets, act out, usually because of stress. And, then, after some time, it slows down, and they go back to normal. But, there are some cats that never adjust. My cat adjusted to another cat, but they both never really interacted with each other. Once I brought a kitten into the hosue, he spent 4 years HATING him. Never adjusted to him. So, yes. Some cats wont adjust, but you need to give it a bit longer then a week.

How many cats do you think a person can have before people start to question their mental health? by Bluebeard's Wife Q: I think if you have up to 5-6 cats and you live in a large house, that's ok. I think it's ok to have even 10 cats, if they are mostly outside cats and you live in a rural area. But what about 10 cats in a small apartment? Or 20 cats? Or 100 cats?

A: You really make me laugh sometimes. I have four and I think mine's questionable. I live in a small house. I once knew a woman with about 20 cats, but she was an old woman and they were her life - she took good care of them. They were lucky cats. edit - Boo, you can't have a pet if you never talk to them and let them answer, come on!

My cats started peeing outside the box and now pee anywhere in my basement. How can I stop this? by Ashley G Q: I moved in with my mother and her cat, along with my two cats. Things were fine in the beginning but now the cats just pee anywhere they want to in my basement. I have three cat boxes, one for each cat and we clean them everyday. I cleaned them once and immediately after, the cat pooped in the middle of the floor anyway. Its driving us crazy and any advice on how to change their behavior would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A: Your cats may be ill or perhaps need to be spayed or neutered. Improper elimination is often a symptom of a medical problem. Usually it's a urinary infection and easily treated. These conditions are PAINFUL. So off to the vet! Litter box problems are very frustrating for all.....human and feline. Here's a link that you might find helpful: http://www.absolutelycats.com/22LitterBox.html Here's a link to Cat Attract Kitty Litter. Many have had success with this product: http://www.preciouscat.com/ Good Luck!

How do Cats and Dogs know which is cat food and which is dog food? by Aneleh Q: I have 2 cats and three dogs. One night, I ran out of cat food (the dry type) and my cats were hungry. So since I had dog food only and the shops were closed, I gave them dog kibbles. They're more or less of the same shape and size and are made of the same ingredients - chicken. My cats took a nibble and refused the rest of the bowl, preferring to go hungry than eat dog food. The next day, i got them a fresh pack of made-for-cats kibbles and they immediately dived in and ate up. How come my cats knew what I gave them wasn't cat food? I also know of dogs that won't eat cat food for the long run (not mine though, cos they're pigs and will eat anything). It would be good if a pet food manufacturer can answer this question. Is there some special ingredient you put in cat and dog food that makes cats and dogs know which kibbles is who's? Also, nowadays, dogs are eating fish too - like salmon. You can't say it's the ingredient. How come they know the difference?

A: They know, especially dogs. If you leave the cat food bowl on the floor the dog will go after it before it goes for the dog food. Cat food is higher quality ingredients than dog food, and dogs know this because after they try cat food they think it tastes better. Cats usually won't eat the dog food if it is on the floor because of the same reasons. They know the cat food tastes better as well. Here is a solution to keep the dog from eating the cat's food. Put the cat food bowl up on the counter top where the dog can't reach it. Only the cat can jump up there, and the cat won't go near the dogs food bowl on the floor.

CaTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Appaloosa girl! Q: Why do cats get big after they've been fixed!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!

A: I'm assuming you mean fatter by "big". This is because the decrease of hormones sort of messes up the way their systems are originally supposed to work. I can't get technical, I really don't know, but it is just like the reason for them to stop spraying or becoming more docile. One relation I can think of is when women (human) get menopause, they decrease in estrogen, and commonly gain weight because the metbolism slows.

CaTs ????? by izzy_makes_u_dizzy! Q: k, have you ever heard people say "cats have nine lifes" or "cats always with land on their paws" I always wonder if these two things are true? and well my question is, is this true and why or its not true and why. (please don't answer b/c you think but b/c you know!)

A: cats do seem to have multiple lives in certain situations, but obviously if it gets hit by a car its dead. some time in the 90's they did a cruel research on the feet thing and as long as they have enough time to figure out what's going on then yes they do land on their feet. Sometimes when they are playing they'll land on their side, but for the most part yes they do land on their paws

CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Megg Renee Q: please give me a link of the cutest cats you know because my hamster died on may 2nd 2009 and my mom said i could get a cat after all this swine flu crap is over so please show me some really cute kittens for me! thanxxx. the animals can catch they swine flu because it is air borne

A: Sorry your hamster died. I would check your local shelters. There are plenty of cats and kittens in need of homes there. http://www.petfinder.com/ has where you can look at local cats in your area that need homes. Most are in shelters. Also, try http://adoptions.petsmart.com/. This site is very similar to Petfinder.com, but you can enter more information on what you are looking for. You can also check your local PetSmart. Most of their pets are from shelters.

Cats !?!!?!? by Noname Q: Does anyone know why cats like to lick on and bite pictures? i was looking through some old pictures today and my cat would not get away she kept trying to lick them, anyone know why?

A: I had a cat years ago that was obsessed with licking pictures. It must be the chemicals on the paper or the smooth surface.

cats????????? by taco Q: i am thinking of getting a new kittin in a few months. what type of cats dont shed? thanks for youre help, .~. taco.~.

A: hmm...idk!............... yea, probballly a Hzirless one...=\

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